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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - April 20, 1961, Darmstadt, HesseVolunteer nurses. \ it free no Mev ttm._-., .,.& h crying bpm Itti itally go. To . You 16prvi. Ilia sit ver it Wentile Lound in audio tet conducted by in. A Wlsh Starrie. From i Toffa ii maj words old. Some lines eve Toucher who Sec with Pupil nil Day Don re slim for Eye examinations the one Jiwu illiterate a the i a employed. In this i unit child Paunil a Finger in the direction left right up or Down correspond with the portion of he e. Audio letting i conducted with the us of an Audiometer. The child wean Nerv phone and Liten for various found which he Iduru Lutei with hand it Nali the operator. The Aid of Volunteer in helping nurses conduct tuberculosis test enable More children be tested in it Shorter i Moi children in Grade six through 12 Are Given the Needle lest and children in the Low Grade receive the Patch Tail in order facilitate the expanded pro Frum at Koltun enary school no 1, mrs o Smirke hns been provided with h divided room. One St Cllon Servos Noh office and in equipped with record Chyet chutes and a medical Supply Cabinet. The other Kollon serves As a waiting room and is equipped with cots Tor children waiting or Tho nurse s attention. Because of the annual turnover of Purens teachers pupils mimes and volunteers Case followups Lomell Mea arc quite difficult in order provide the program with continuity current volunteers have been enrolled with tote understanding they will train other interested persons when they Incavo the a a. Maj Morris and Munich nurse agree that if volunteers of the future prove and competent a Tho present group lie program should go on for �. Long time. Goren on Bri North Stuut Vulant Tahle. North north4k j 83 2 a j 7a k q 74 3 West east47654 r 0 9805434qj980 4 ic752 j 2 a 109 8 South 4 a k cd 10 v k q 10 2 4 a 10 3 4 ski the bidding. North East South West 1 4\ pan 142 4 64 pan pm opening a nine o if thought i we nil a mor fre4uenlly of d at no Trump re Taining intr of of Var log Aulta May by employed with equal of text where there i a declared 14 Trump. An i pro Al fld in Raduy h hand the final contract of Nix i Pudovik quite found and against any Normal Bra of the curd should be a virtual there Are numerous Way bid the hand and North must exercise n certain amount of caution. While the void of in a vary attractive future of the hand nevertheless Micro is Dunger that the assets Mif thl n duplication of values if put Lur Huj j Ona have High curd i in the suit a Jun Iii raise 16 three Spud a in Lher of re it Iniel Otilue. It is an idea1 hand with which Milf n Cue Tild a Job Monde it ome a tug of urn proceedings if upon ones Arkind enough or a in that suit tax n u Imp Iii i happens Sointu High cards in blah will realize thai they in pc no he Ucler Merit. West old Cierel open Uio Olno of hours. A Tunney played the the stars and strip piss i feel that Tif my Etc he a Sulci qty go Glov find Usini Liy give 4he Elf tits time Worfe in supervision. Tocce in plenty lot Vlamis or a ask Quost Lons find most Zacheris ai1 willing. Tai _ V. The Lamlin is in le4 Intel Hig it ? harder by 1 n he Long. Run they team much njf6l?, they Bovi Emse Yeii higher Jia ri.dard84if? Wii a Vifor up hour. Of Theta tm6t r., " in a and. Byj letting puff Standard above a the student not the . " if students prepared a mo8t -1b ih4jitwa.ekeds, Frlj --.---., i education is Gritl eco Ari important actor no l Mant of tit Ndreu. But i think son advances Irilli will a Lejk up Sutt Clent physical Adu Catuma it i it How do i go about punch nod in. Italy refund on i Ajlan Gas " Musett Gwo Llna Coupon big Pon should be. To turned in for refund before Leavings you May Auk Lor refund on follow if the upon from bus return them bks tied Liq comptroller will arranged i refund if the Chabiel from Afke return them finance 7480ui 8up i is Alvaro 681 Luggage rack May be shipped on i Hay purchased a car race on the for my car which mouht8? on"ilbfe.,Xibt- Bil it the roof of the Auto. I would Lolita they would a take i the statfi9. Is is thera Tny Porzl turns Nin it it will not fit in Alft Thel Cora. It would Hove be Mouth Tad Nam Kilt in 3 Notko u8aukub Ili Rechwi of Ruck a an author died acc i try in Camuy be authority in Vba bub mag a-�l610, Alec 18. A wok1 of Tiptn Rott Uchto Iii for a Iii in loft on slut i poem lilo Nick Shoutd be Taleni provided by the port for put Ulnic aet shed i w Savoit East the three and South he ten. It All warned too easy until East refused follow tha Trump Load Declarer did not dare establish a. Club trick since cast might vet in with theace an d give it is Par or a 11�i Ruff. South net about ruffing the diamonds in Dummy making Tho a Artevous error of cashing the Ace of diamonds first. After ruffles two cd 1 o m o n d � he Drew the Trumps and found Hli Melf n a hopeless position inc a Lian Hoice a club a or Lack in that butt Hie defense Diamond trick Ruif Lillqu ibis contract should Uvo Boon the Bas Unce of Sam put cloy. South Ali Ould have a Soldo control. Of the Diamond suit the Rico should not Beciri Hood but Lac ton Natl three ruffed in Dummy and Thi Tho Trumps drawn now the opposition can Supoly Given their club i Rick and of return by them will be Jill wit. Or Liam Rickii it huh oni hied or oth twi Al will be Lla for shipment the Poye Rimmen Zwiep mob try Ftp livery of Rov and All la acc Morie and tools in Ita. ,-.,. I la ,. i Reserve retirees \ rey0rllngttoh of applying. War Tui t / 1 univ what further Fri rement Bener fits does a Retiree accrue if upon Ruttur Emen t.,Ai 30 of Ihrol Active service he enters the Active ra4 Borve. ". Purij differ can be advanced on. Thear tred list upon 30 year combo Nind service if a promotion while serving 10 Yea Raas be Viphat in 1 1 tied Roll of a foil o w ror Holinej liaised on the blog ulnar Al Porco Rotl Reu hat. U8ait r e 11 re Tell i regular Syu Rint of door Retler let Ulm no p 11 Luty re Rod list Aiu bit lib u8af Roh Tervo retired Flat May Vivot be assigned Tjody Reserve Poult Lontok Tara 5d, Ait Ivlo Baja a d onto wish norne withheld a Fig replies i of i Latart a one with. Body Huml

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