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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - April 19, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse The stars and staffs april 11 Etnas craters erupt again Sway a Etnas Central Crater broke into explosive action thursday As blood Midi lava cwt used to spill slowly from t new rupture above the vac of the lion on the Barren Side of the ancient for the hamlets on Etna far below the volcanic activity were not in the action of the craters was clearly visible from Milo and located about feet up on the Volcano the lava flow was High them at about both Volcano Nijor North East Crater and Central Crater boomed explosively at a rate of 15 to 20 eruptions a the lava has slowly oozed than feet twisting a Molg Cones of hardened lava thrown up by ancient dec reports 5th april blast in Russ series Washington government said thursday that Russia exploded on tuesday a no weapon which was one of the largest thus far in the current soviet chairman Lewis Strauss of the atomic Energy commission dec said this was the fifth of series a just last saturday he announced that four j Case of violence in the nationwide had been conducted in the demonstrators were carrying Paris strike ends in reeled riots continued from Page 1 guards and firemen broke up the demonstration under showers o tear Gas police Batons am streams of water from High pow ered of the basis of first reports about 80 persons on each Side suffered bruises and bloody noses in the scrap at one to took a violent and Nasty was the Only reported previous 10 Strauss said thursday that the expat Elm was at a site in Asia previously for such this was the Lith test explosion reported by the dec since the russians began test series last Zorta asserts soviets want tests halted London a the soviet Union renewed an Appeal thurs Day for a ban on nuclear weapons tests As a first modest step to Ward ending the atomic arms Valerian Delegate at the firepower subcommittee of the United nations disarmament com Mission meeting told the foreign press Assn an agreement to end the tests would be an practical Ste toward a solution of the whole atomic halting the production of atomic and Hydrogen prohibition of their use and the elimination of these weapons from the Arma ments of with the destruction of existing stockpiles of atomic and Hydrogen Zorin said the soviets want immediately to ban All nuclear weapons production and to destroy exist ing stockpiles of such this was As a so Viet rejection of the latest Amer ican Laid before the five Power group by special assistant to president Eisenhower on disarmament calling for a stoppage of nuclear production after March Larson will fight Usia fund slash Honolulu a Arthur director of the in formation Agency said he will make a Case for the Senate restore the 36 per cent Usia budget Cut passed by the he said plans to develop Case after studying the House Larson offered no comment on a statement made Here by Abraham mutter that Larson is typical of this and too Busy playing politics to do a that Why the Usia budget was said reduction in appropriation requests of billion will begin to Lay a firm fiscal foundation o the time when we can be sufficiently assured that our income will so exceed our expenses us to justify a reasonable tax Cut for every taxpayer while we continue to reduce the governments Eisenhower Drew a careful distinction Between cutting expenditures proposed in the budget and appropriations Eisenhower asked Congress for the first time to give him item veto Power to reject specific congressional with havin g to veto an entire International news serv ice the chief executive said sub Stantial reductions cannot be made in the budget because a Large por Tion of it is required to finance obligations voted in earlier years by he said the remainder of his budget recommendations largely provide National Security and were making possible reduction of million in contingent expenses and a Cut of million for funds previously requested for army procurement and Eisenhower leave for Augusta Holiday Washington Eisenhower left Washington thurs Day for for a golfing the president took off front the Washington Airport aboard the Columbine accompanying the president were Eisenhower and a Small staff of Dulles returns to work Washington Secretary of state John poster Ruddy laced and Jovial after a 10day vacation at his Duck Island re smilingly declined any com ment on his return to to the Airport he said at incubator at pole fails to Hatch eggs a that great South pole incubator Experiment has ended in it Robert Adams of a Navy dentist serving at Little America in the trying to make South pole history by hatching eggs in a homemade he kept the Home folks the report wednesday via Ham was that none of the eggs in several batches Ever some of them developed embryos up to the 13th Day but that was it was the said it just be con banners and placards with various Union demanding higher wages and Shorter members of other unions which joined the Cut in the today walkout did no participate in the demons t ration Many demonstrators arrived on the scene by the supposedly strike bound a preliminary estimate by the transport ministry said the nation ally owned rail system lost about million in Revenue in the two this was the it was the system would have collected in passenger fares and freight service hit while passenger serviced were Only partially freight trains hardly moved at All called by All the Large unions As a 48hour show of the strike Drew to an end at Union official issued reminders to their membership to resume Reg ular a 24hour strike by air France ground Crews halted most of the nationalized airlines flights to England were almost and other planes were Able to leave for South new Stockholm and North Africa As they did parisians marshalled All sorts of motor scooters and bicycles to get to and from the intersections were blocked with record size traffic in the the strike was 60 to 90 per cent effective in halt ing local Tran Schannel serv ices to England again were Dis one train managed to reach Calais from the Interior while other Brit inbound travellers reached the coast aboard two Spe Cial last supper is reenacted t in Jerusalem from Pap t Side of the armistice they know that War May erupt at any As it did Only a few months it was in this atmosphere that bearded greek orthodox patriarch Benedictus wrapped a around his Wall thursday morn ing and humbly Knelt to Wash the feet of 12 bearded clerics in commemoration of washing of his disciples the service was held in the courtyard of holy sepulchre Maroon aa4 Gold dressed in Maroon and Gold the 12 men sat on a raised platform while the As the earthly representative of washed the feet of from a pulpit on the Side of a nearby the Deacon stood under a symbolic Olive Branch and read n scriptural account of the last the scene offered a Ray of Hope and Comfort to thousands of Arab christians who packed the court Yard to watch the the pilgrims gathered thursday the Garden of for an hour in silence in memory of agony on the night of the m f r v f is around a Rock altar in a Grove of aged Olive Good the pilgrims will Sarry heavy wooden crosses along the Way of the procession tracing the Steps of Jesus from his trial to his Cruci Friday evening a statue of Christ will be buried ceremonially in the holy holy thursday mass celebrated in Rome Vatican City a thou Sands gathered thursday night in Peters Basilica for holy thurs Day services com Memora tins christs establishment of the eucharist before his betrayal and death on the pilgrims from Many lands mingled with tourists and romans in the vast Basilica for the Coena Domini lords supper one of its highlights came when a representative of Pope Pius imitating christs Humble act at the last Knelt to Wash the of 12 student the usually bustling rail Yards at Saint Claiare station in Paris Lay Idle is 48hour strike which began wednesday morning tied up traffic All Over the strike halted at Midnight thursday after the show of press photo i gets 5 years for desertion continued or Tow of gently received a letter from Mother in Brooklyn and anxious to after his year the court discounted a plea by who from the american army tit v in april Sals decorated by of French with i he de Ger the maximum penalty in a Case could have been life impels the commander of the where the court martial was he asked that the Deuth penalty Sala in stiffly at the of his capt Ralph i of when verdict was Hammack had claimed that was not mentally when he left the tooth inf while it was in testimony by defense with pictured Sala As a Man who so and cried in action and suffer frequent attacks of fear of the prosecution had that enlisted in the legion because i was Abmd go big lion officer Frank w referring to Solis Ord before his enlistment in army and Usler daring stay in Porter said to believe this mans a Torr to believe a convicted convicted thief Anil a proved Sola testified during the three Day trial that he lived in War Germany under the name Angelo Turco and later fought the without really knowing who i an army medical Board which 1 examined Sulu when he returned voluntarily to the service last year could not whether had suffered in amnesia ribbing ignored by ikes brother from Page i president of Johns there want word said about the budget except to remind that All the expenses have Edgar Dwight asked if my office expenses were i said i Tell because ii Lead moved and didst have any Means of Kysar said he and Milton talked with the president for a Hile before the they have a lesson on How to treat he then waved in Armat the reporters in his if id takers their advice none f you Wouri be Here right he but he added that my Brothers my i can differ on a Friendly basis with no a reporter asked him if his views hat the budget was ridiculously High had it certainly has he actress new floor 5 held up by complaint j new York ins actress j Joan Crawford has been told by a York supreme court Justice hat repairmen working on her duplex apartment must limit their hours to 9 urn to 5 Justice Steuer said u downstairs has a to live without undue and added hat the noise of the workmen who Are laying a floor in miss raw Fords apartment the sensation induced by exposure to a dentists

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