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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - April 19, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse John Dork works of is pure water now they re washing water by Steve a staff writer an engineering professor says the time May come when americans will use reclaimed sewer water for Domestic water is neither created nor destroyed nor is it changed in form it merely be comes dirty and All we have to do is Wash says John the new Mexico a specialist in sanitary says Industry has proved hat it is economical in certain instances to use treated sewer and Only psychological barriers keep it from being a source of water for Ordinary Home our psychological attitudes regarding sewage water for personal use will have to be if we Are to be space trav Elers or live for awhile on a satellite circling the he it seems improbable that we will be Able to carry along the huge amounts of water necessary to our persons on a trip lasting months or even in the absence of other available sup it might be necessary to treat and reuse the same water Many Industry does not have the psychological and Clark says it will readily take the reclaimed As for Domestic he says one thing that would help Knock Down the psycho logical Barrier would be a time then a person have the feeling of drinking the same water for dinner that he had for one method for providing a time lag would be Lagoo Ning for a month or the Lagoon could be a natural Lake or Reservoir or series of Park these bodies of water should have a maximum of Beauty and recreational Public Contact with this water would to a Long Way to prove that it is just like any other water and maybe a lot cleaner than As Long As it is properly treated Between each Clark maintains the same water be used Over and Over although admitting that the psychological Barrier to using washed sewage water for drinking purposes is so High the system is not Likely to be adopted in the near Clark nevertheless Points out the Barrier is after he the water that you drank today May have once been in Cleo Patras swimming Bridge by Jay Becker Are the neither Side and have opened one your partner has responded two what do you now bid with each of the following four hands vaqj93 4aq4 vkq987 4aj4 sjak73 four there can be to doubt at this Point that there is a the Only question being the Best method to smooth the Way toward a possible partners affirmative two club response May be based on As Little As 10 but he of also have considerably although there Are the values Lor a five club hid which is a skua this course is not Cecon bended because it has the of damping hired log partner should be left room to we 14 v investigate Small and grand slam the four club hid permits partner to bid four in Case we can bid four Spades to identify both the Ace and the Diamond this sequence also allows room for a four no Trump Call for three with 18 Points facing partners presumable 10 the no Trump game should be undertaken at the jump to three no Trump stipulates a balanced hand of 18 or More with All undid suits the Diamond even though it is Only part of a is treated As a stopper because if the suit is the King is sure to take a a rebid of two no Trump Over two clubs would show a lesser one containing 16 or 17 High card two Juitt there Are not the values for rebid of two Ttoe hand being one or two Points Short of the required with no club Honor to help pro Mote partners Long and Only 15 High card which is Little More than a the no Trump rebid should be the two Diamond response does not identify to partner any particular amount of it is an ambiguous rebid which May be based on a minimum opening or one with an Ace or More above a two Here the suit in which hand will play Best is in considerable As Well As the level of the final by bidding diamonds and supporting clubs vigorously the excess Over minimum open ing bid will be pictured to part the Singleton Spade will be identified at the same time and May prove to be the key to a slam by John Brj myst Tsarevo Alao ofies the establishment of several Mer Camps for dependent kids from kindergarten at to four commands have one and two week periods ginning in june with a total capacity of 4l32q tint boy scouts have two Camps in Germany and England with a season capacity of the girl scouts will accommodate the grand total of youngsters who Wib participate a activities at the Camps exceeds heft Are listed the locations and periods of and age limits at Camp command laotian Paris i Vacent Heidelberg Jane St grata if room Gokh Jestadt t self a Felon jaw m sos com z la France Jim 717 in addition the boy scouts will sponsor seven on week at Camp from june Cama capacity is boy in Pius Jam will sponsor two one week periods at Camp Shafte Silty 23july girl so Catt in Conns nor Wib Star their so Nurr vacations at cans Bot Nim Grant with oar two Wowk Tomb vow cd king4am Steton we share Camp Mehawk to from Jniya in addition to the Camps Mamy local areas will conduct Day comps and other summer recreational interested personnel Are urged to Volunteer their services to assist in providing As Broad a recreational program As possible to entourage participation in youth additional information wis be supplied by Ata officers at Apo 403 Apo 1st Apo 227 and com Apo boy scout camping information b Ava Teble Fawna Ray executive Apo for information on girl Soet h consult Eleanor Exeva Tiv Apo it p claims Many fans in Scenic Beauty and intricate technical layout have added Fame to the Naivs of Many i Swiss Golf particularly attractive Are those of Sarae Jug Dan and where the gently rolling grounds afford the Only year round golfing a in addition there it some 20 several of which have 18 holes and pars of to to no less than Golf of the Swiss got their Munger in inerrant a each by fran ail Over the War id Cochin Ink their with their Favorini at such famous a snorts As Lansana and p or Davos no less in a position to ill their guests with carefully tended Switzerland is repeatedly a chosen for International the International amateurs match p is to be held in Geneva from aus through it will be Fol Lowed 46 to the open for pros and which if has never failed to attract flocks of t United service organizations so club rooms in Home have j been to larger at via Delia according to Clib director the phone to i tie Mali try address is Apo the cab operates under the auspices o the National Catholic Community i Liss her Ger Arr was ii or to Rome during the to or suffer h n his Pope Pius will a Feivor his easter message and give his Blessing easter sunday noon from Tho Balcony Over main Entrance to Peters no papal audiences will be held on that Thi stars and ships a 14day Vagabond tour of Norway and s is offered for with departures from Frankfurt May the itinerary allows for daytime driving with overnight stops scheduled in Large cities and resort much fun is planned aboard ship while cruising norwegian fjords in the land of the Midnight participants will travel by seven passenger bus through More than Miles of Europe most Scenic the talc covers ail transportation bos and ship hotel a far first and hotels Rose Tesai dinners in capes Hageb and Hamm to Righi Matec guide Sarf in addition to May departure dates Are May june Joly a Ltd further concerning these and other scandinavian Toors May be obtained at special services Toor from safest hotel plan offices in phone 93154 kaisers Stern 7409 Munich 55435 opera 4710 and Rome 4700081 fihe state theater will Stags the International Al music fest fal May 53l Mathis Painter Witt be presented May 541 the Belgrade opera company Wail offer Dott May 11 Ballet May will see Presentat Isott at the Marvel am mandarin my Qorea of the other productions i chide Schlos spark theater of for Naur the it akan opera own Patiry i Verdis Rego and by Wiesbaden festival concert april 1957

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