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European Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Apr 18 1961, Page 4

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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - April 18, 1961, Darmstadt, HesseThi stars an&1 african Hope in . Attitude Washington a Wmk h Al for afro hut it met to " or ten in the " or crud a e Ilif a huh a � d Iii him in knit inn to i in to wind Wridt inn to pm Talfy it " n ilk. My in w Liuto Hunch tied ext i in1 of my Abii to Roisin in would not violin i in Rafii run dil of nil Hoo to furl n will i no a lit Iff until a that i Lihi i in Liitt l Niit Loni did not sooth fail a had if ail look Goldberg Calls migrant labor . Shame Washington map -8wrfnr-Yof a a bar Arthur Tidhor wild to lot of 4ixvxx Furni workers and Llu or famine a i tick Mark on the american Economy. Lol Berk ii flu d Public for a two Way pro Gram to prov ten More Gove Rosenl gift it Iii for Annil Fumi Ingr Iii Fri in and to nth to la t to Philippines and mini i lil tin in itilt4ton i or a Ltd in i hit i tiler us do lit Loi i pin Ninny ii Poat d help Anim Woikin it in i i Iii Linnol ii Potti d it hut now i Tii a Fia the find Ulnic in he Lois nil Ilcin inn ii a work Luik in Iii Hiir Lii in Ron Dillonn in Iti ii Tillit Natl of no re Frt in Chick Lieut by Over i Kkt n 1 i i in Winnor York Here air re or to i. i Al Lull \4w if Milnw Mon Lity Toulmin Chrlou in it Tett Titre Mie Lihwa Imp Ali to the to Alberni Jour Litimo from Ilia pm a Rouw of i line to Lorid of let rail Loii a till Truk a � in lit the glory Tui to Lulon of join do the Oti ban Opett la Lair a guns Ramn loft Opidi Rethor hive Otto it Ireni goal the final Renlo Rullon of Culm Luw Fly a a of today hot storm adlon is the a hot fjll0nj Jet a Ntuli Hlf my Woite off no Loti it ii oiiitiiiu1 to in thu ii to i it of Hildui Filini Ili Tell ill in n it i of Alfh i ii Nili Dudli t of to w i i k is nil is in is Hilll Liml l it of i i 1 Iii us Iid Lull Mmith Iii Iii ill Tiff ill Ltd 111 in of 111 ill 111 la ii Lull in Lilloll id 1lid sooth of to i h i i r lit Mulh of � in his Nta Tux , aim tin1 no Elfi Klop b hot i Otti hoi a he n n d Ullh i Lush la 1 Ion with Hiotis he 111 5 lit nth in lit iou i it ill in Vine Fin Hijji ii ill let author ii Aini fun Hoston i i the Tuitt win unit Hohl Woiln of hip Limul la to Tell Ali Inis full cml 11 Iii w not Loci at Llam Milf Milf. Null Law Guilior Vii. � i or Klinl i Tut n Ili it Kord Hull Koi Uio 1 lint Dot Tiit of he in in must i of Lii Iii inn h tuition of Haj i i or a i at Strw of to Toltl mall Huhm la ill i of loll Lildia Llull m Mhall Phil moh1 no Lull. We Ili in Nidoh Ittoli on jew Fly than i or on pm a ii i ii i. To Attr a Iii ii to Iii t Ilromi s a Finui a on Rhu Vang Tinin my Van Tuv on Milf Ltd in i my hint la Mikhli Iii i i atom Iii ii he Tot Iii Nelly Ero Poniti. To Snail Len a my ii Malili mix involving out toil Well in Ihk Neil with Quot in tin a he Luil i Impi to. I think Empric Siim by a to aim i in a to int ii on do ply file i Onnel Kathi Ednid on who in Sooil jul a Luis in evil Whittl u hoi will is in blurt not for Othi to x Pic hut for he mild move l Marifi l Xii mail it n Nhill Fennii Iii had hyc Nhun Rrt a Mij Lullo Toni to Rollit. Tha from lion pm droid on Culm in on the . By i Elmo Hon int to Culm to it Lou Lundi in in of rebels claim Follot ving of 80,000 in Culm Washington is lit , try the and world ii Olin cution Mitzi Una Ari Torino Varonin a hit Vinu Nii lil that his Tii ii of in and out of Fuhn new pier m Al Mihill he Lull of Iii l och i Lic ill Lii Iii y Kiona no id in n hit hut in of in nit i ill of Kuhn in in Iro Viiu i a about la k in mountie Indian Al h 1 1 m in i Iii h. Ii Motrii the to Nib a in at u Vikt of thin i tin Umili i to mind u Orgun Mil 111 mall Lull la l "0 Tell Tel tool up Tell a Pilip i Wiki ii for ii Siim tit a in ii Lirt know i Iii l of Lur a Nodi tul d.8. I run n any i tint to Onil of Akl pm Lola Miami. Fiji us Thren uhf i cd unit c Uli Imi plat who Hont annl Cohuo Nill Lettry a Lur Litty he Foo Fly Lnu to Tutti in Ltd in them country Tim re ii had to role it i ii Niin pm of the nor non one of Tom pilots landed Ftp my and Itile i nitty distil at poit in u a than air Fiu i ii h2fl Ponther with Only one of its two t a Law work ing Thim Tift wits riddled by nil a Licefi find tit nil Virnin fro the Nulli m i to Iii num inn Dod in in Muhli l Itil my huh it Llull la null vol air still Ion it key a the enl Pluto a tax itty Druid Kinivil Lund he in j Gore says americans m rebels on individual Ohi Albert or d to ten. T a told nothing prevent Arne Virton from Lvang wild to poit atm of old a Centro s Culm. 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