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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - April 17, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseApril m the stars and stripes f . In a Russia soothe to states a missile launcher a British study group intercontinental ballistic missile capacity last year however for varies reasons stemming from Mutual increase Shower the Institute forecast sat Russia and the unite states will be increasingly less willing to risk confrontation with Eaphe taste Lute made use fore casts in its stratum a ryey1967 " a review of the world s military and political status. The review said soviet Anft bal Listic missile abm defences a main modest russian military leaders Are clearly divided Aboutam usefulness arid 1987 abm development was extremely slow. It added in contrast deployment of strategic offensive missiles Wenton at an impressive Pace. Completion of silos begun in previous years brought the icbms Force to 720, doubling the numbers Avail Able at the end of 1968 and Rais ing the soviet Force to almost three quarters the number of its american land based an additional 300 silos were reported to be in various stages of construction at the close of1w7 their completion during the next 12 to 18 months May bring the soviet icbms Force up to numerical parity in launchers wit the United state for the first ume since the Advent of the so Calli missile for the present the review said the russians clearly believe that their answer to any Ameri can abm deployment is to improve their offensive missiles Asher than accelerate their own abm systems ithe Institute noted a continuing Effort by the russians to improve the reach and mobility of jury s verdict leaves woman red faced Miami a the Case was lost ending when a woman juror sneezed and Little re spots broke out on her face. The jury bravely agreed to continue. A verdict on the woman was handed Down by a doctor German measles. Horizontal 1. Persian. Poet 5. Female sheep 8, prepare copy 12. Hoa Frost 13. A Swine 14. Early persian 15. Correcting 17. Froster 18. Girl s name 19. An obeisance 21. Arabian chieftain24. Guided 25. Box28. Be concerned30. Conclude 33. Relatives34. Bracing 35. Bom86. A craving 37. Preposition38. Pack 39. Poem41vhalt 43. Hate48. English author60. Grand parental 51. Senti mental 54. Cordage fiber 85. Miss arden56. David Copper Field wife57. Weaver s reed58. Sweet potato59. Hastened vertical 1. Spoken 2. Operatic heroine 3. So be it4. Transmit 5. Slender finial 6. Be victorious. Basis of omelet8. Zola 9. Deter or at engr 10. Mental concept11. Tenure answer to yesterday s Puzzle. Average time to duo it Man uni 10. River Barrier 20. Fish sauce 22. Sacred image 28. Raves25. Firmament 26. A dessert27. Furnish wit notes 29. Unruly tumult 31. New comb form32. Morning moisture34. Cravats 38. Exhausts40. Postpone 42. Money of account 43. Dibbles44. Wicked 45. Three at cards 47. Upon48. Calamitous 49. Modified Plant formation62. Eggs 53. Hebrew letter if 50 57 44 39 40 45 4b 10 47 31 48 their conventional forces this was in arced by the introduction of tank Landing ships in the so Viet Navy the unveiling of the first russian helicopter Carri Erand growing Airlift potential. But in general the Institute said the soviet Union behaved in 1967 As a great p o w e r concerned to make the Best of the existing system of states rather than a revolutionary regime but to create a new system it added the Steps taken bythe soviet Union As by the United states to preserve he assured destruction capability of their Offe Nisie forces Are Likely to enhance the status of both compared with All other countries and to increase the unwillingness of each to risk a major Confron tation with the the review cited As the most striking feature of the year the growing divorce Between Ameri can physical Power and american political authority in the world. It added the United state sin 1967 was Richer and More powerful and perhaps More Uncertain of herself than at any time since world War ii. As a military Power the United states has never been stronger and is Likely to become stronger still. Yet she made very Little head Way either in promoting the pacification of South Vietnam or i weakening the resistance of North Vietnam a much smaller Power than strolling along Princess Anne wearing a dark Reefer jacket and Long pants takes a walk with her brother Prince Charles at Windsor great Park Windsor England. The Princess later watched her brother play Poto. A photo 2o congressmen protest new flight charges scored Washington up Twenty congressmen All frequent a i r travellers from California an Hawaii charged monday that a new regulation ordering airlines to charge extra for in flight liquor and movies is a filed a formal complaint with the civil aeronautics Board cab asking that its order be suspended on ground sit is against the Public interest and extra charges the congressmen said Are unlawful because they reduce rather than encourage letter to cab in a letter to cab chairman John w. Crooker they said by some strange Alchemy each of the carriers has arrived at precisely the same Price for each beverage served. By a coincidence the three carriers who As of this Date have filed tariffs for visual entertainment have also set a competitive Price at $2."furthermore, they said the cab s exemption for Beer and wine served with a meal invited confusion As to whether an horse oeuvre qualified As a meal. And because the extra Char Ges were not accompanied by a reduction in Basic fares the said the order amounted to a fare april 6 order made charges mandatory for in flight drinks and movies effective May 1, but some airlines Are already charging $1 a drink and $2 for congressmen who Sale hey filed the complaint a representatives of the travelling Public and As air travellers themselves said the cab s judgment had been most unfortunate and most ill and request an immediate suspension of the Tariff and a caring concerning their lawful Ness they signers were headed by rep. John e. Moss d-calif.,chairman of the Commerce and finance subcommittee of the to Sylbi to visit Pakistan Moscow up Preble Alexei Kosygin left tuesday of a five Day visit to Pakistan. House Commerce Are spark Matsunaga a Hawaii and 18 California democrats Charles h. Wilson Chet holi Field James c. Corman Edward r. Roybal Phillip Burton Augustus f. Hawkins b. F. Sisk Robert l. Leggett Jeffer Cohelan George a Miller Don Edwards Richard t. Hanna John v. Tunney Harold t. Johnson Jerome r. Waldie Thomas m. Rees Lionel Vandeerlin and John j. Mcfall. Wee pals lets Puy f no cowboys and thanks Indiana Nipper or about play i m Gonna be non-v10uent/cops and robbers

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