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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - April 17, 1961, Darmstadt, Hesse, v Vsev Feir. Thi stars and stripes uncovered military payrolls a. Adminrup4d with invade of clerk ban payroll lift oat Lognand of Dol accounting of involving of Tunny of my Over wait iut a. But of them. It. Tented Kien i a re him the rp0rt my i Luul government military run a of service Mot of a Vertu Woof of hit Case the sergeant lit a la wrote tort a non it to the she pocketed j to k Tad 1" Jan fun r Ajr by paid in i ii Delmn titled to for Ivi it. Men r n \ i y and Brinick m uht Dlf Fth to army it in t even in t1�n Buff of a kit Umo. In 4-ourt it Ion to Thyl for Linn in Fth bit to Jan an Man to �l4 weapon Karp Landt to Pom by Mapuln of the run Carpi 11 jut walked off with137,706, and was clutch to by the Phi of hour it a. A court want him to jail for Throy Ari. With a recon Amcnda Tion for Parol in the minimum Maritim Brov him Hack toh1 Hrman it null tvs Grade and do hared him for House space Imi probe of rocket Washington App you in night your cigarette with match or it Ithier but which Doe bolter Job Tohl Wax the question poised by Wernher von in run not tha nation top Pat e Clen Luta. When asked if oud Proth Llano could Doft hotter Job that liquid Fuld in powering saw co boo atom it than wer to von a drawn a ques Tion May prove to be crucial i hit country i to Malohn Llu Cut apace font put tetik a Martinto orbit around the House sic com Luw which que lond Kunc Nike Lucy official thu Rohiy about the soviet achievement a Umed hearing on the National aeronautic an space administration Bud of in Thorl Huon. George m. Low Nasa chief of apace Al fight in a noted to r the committee Wax expected to in unch an that we part of the South rises again Nasa Deputy Dlf Foi pad a however and the Man litter at if Hudnet b a cml to req unit for an is Multi Ort the the nod f Hep Davulis. Al nth Duluth f on of the Doduc do in left Irr mint of . At thnh minium of a it build on unify waft my out of tin 1h6i Vic Flum Tavel a lilt a by ii of in Tel in Uio in ii in Elf Rii in of ital county Invof Rah to a wet Ftp it a in put tool nil own air lid it. It l 1 into gun club offers army for territory to him tin of Mii Devur it or i off i Fla que if Mitory formerly mrs to i for non Ai rdiwnm1 conure Ltd by iia up to. It had a Fri Villi Ihlma Hyth Jet nip t w often. The was i it out of Offir Lal Ulde o mus Lri l of in Cal lion jew. Find a Ohio f ?4in Luzum. Blk fir a of of to a Mew i 1no Ulm Yii a Noah. Init he have from lie a Titi m in l i Williana Hilt of to Lar a in of a on Liml a who not by met of it. I. Iti and rive he it in my and we re Gnong to it a id thl Wax Inu Wiitung Isih Huip an in ont t t it Nijor Lovinn in Mchon uld oth a town Siw by Comfort Grid Manana thin Lyof Noel. A or Filuk of met teary hid if wkly Foll a n Rivi it the Elk to Mir Chiin club Lite Nunt to a run t Griir he Hilron Cronl a Tim into. Of i r i Ottn Ruino look iter for ii. I d a Loci to a la Ullwin hts Hittl him. Tin Druid i Guntli tomcat own 10 a Tif tent " n i Iii kid to or. Hll Only two i Ittel he told Mih in h Trkla in i0 per cent the Price it ii nil tit an info nine to Laws to on fir Ripe. 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