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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - April 15, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 16 the stars and stripes monday april 15, 1969 by Charles grahams a culinary expert having carved a great country out of a great wilderness it s no wonder that few americans had the time or inclination to refine their culinary perspicacity. In the Early Days eating was literally catch As catch can proposition. As the refinements of civilization leap Frogge across the continent from the East coast to the West coast daily menus became More stabilized but unfortunately showed Little Rise in Quality. In fact Many people Are still living on a tasteless food Frontier today. They not Only would t recognize an exquisite dinner if they were served one but would probably complain about the Price. The real tip off to this whole despicable mess is the Quality of food people eat for fun like pizza. Here is a dish Rich in european tradition simple to prepare for those rare souls who approach a Kitchen with the proper reverence and abundance of tender Loving care and a Joy to eat especially in sunny surroundings with an unlimited Supply of Val Policella on hand. Out after All i guess people can t be expected to know much about the taste of a dish when Theydon t even know the name of it. Sure the singular form for this delicious hot disc of an open face Tomato and cheese Sandwich is pizza but there is no such thing As pizza pizza literally Means pie and saying pizza pie is like saying pie you might As Well say pie same miserable unfortunates who would make such a gauche mistake would probably eat their Pizz with dry crumbly Mozzarella cheese made from cow s milk instead of the real Mozzarella made from India Buffalo scientific name bos Kubalus milk and never know the milk of these Buffalo which Are used to plow the marshy farmlands of Italy is truly a Bovine sprightly flavor of properly chosen and expertly cooked tomatoes of course is the quintessence of pizza. The Mozzarella and tomatoes must in turn be complemented by the finest additional ingredients which the chef May add at his own discretion. While Many pizza philos Don t feel equal to the task of concocting one of these exceptionally Fine neapolitan specialities and rightly so in a number of cases a memorable pizza can be achieved in the Ordinary Home Kitchen simply by exercising a Little meticulous attention to Quality and a lot of culinary affection. The chef s Specia first the tomatoes must be peeled properly. This important step is generally overlooked by that multitude of Cooks who seem to take Pride in developing an exceptionally coarse Gas Burner equipped kitchens place the Toma toes briefly in boiling water until the skin is Loos and can be peeled off easily. With an electric stove Spear the tomatoes with a Fork and hold them close tothe heat turning occasionally until the skin is wrinkled and can be easily to that popular and idiotic pizza parlor debate which is usually fuelled by a lot of bad Chianti Over thin crust versus thick crust the simple truth is that it does t mater. The really important tiling i that the crust does t detract from the delicate blend ing of Tomato and Mozzarella on top. The Ideal crusts Light and unobtrusive. The Pedestal for the statue so to the crust gather 1 envelope of yeast % cup lukewarm water 1 Tablespoon Brown sugar % table spoon Salt 2 cups flour and 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil. As Long As you re gathering things get 2 Tablespoons live Oil enough Mozzarella cheese sliced Vonch thick and Cut into strips to generously cover the dough 2 skinned and sliced tomatoes 2 Teaspoons oregano Salt and the yeast and sugar in the water mixing thoroughly. Then sift the Salt and flour into a bowl make Hole in the Center of the flour mixture Mound and put in the dissolved sugar and yeast along with the Olive Oil. Stir All this with a wooden spoon Don t use any other Kin adding lukewarm water a Little at time As necessary to make a soft Ball. Knead the Ball a Little bit on a floured Board then Lethe Ball Rise covered to double size in a warm place. This will take two to three hours so you might Aswell Knock off for a while and play some Caruso the dough has doubled Roll it out on a floured Board. This recipe will make a a Inch thick 12-Inchdiameter pizza crust. Brush the raw crust with Olive Oil arrange the slices of Mozzarella As artistically a possible on the dough then carefully Lay the sliced tomatoes on top of the cheese and Sprinkle the Pizz with Salt Pepper and oregano. Put it in the hottest oven you can find and in about10 to 15 minutes the cheese will be melted and bubbly the crust a Golden Brown on the edges and you will have the ultimate pizza. Of course you May add a number of other ingredients such As Ham anchovies Black olives onions mussels mushrooms red peppers Green peppers sausage italian naturally or whatever. Use As much Carefree exuberance As you can execute in Good taste when planning your pizza. Italians do just about everything with a definite flair and this dish could t express their colourful nature better. The Only thing worse than a bad pizza is trying to work this Mediterranean magic without using Iny recipe. Bravissimo shouts chef Charles Graham approving a masterful beginning to his pizza. Is i hour by 8cott a rfcs it s gingerly tenderly into the hot hot oven. Then it $ lip smacking Good latin

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