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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - April 15, 1961, Darmstadt, HesseIs i the stars and stripes Entil birth received the Star anal talk and military Post. A., Tom a. New. To Whit h4 a am i4 17. Olm a. 74 Mil jr., mirth 4, a. The cup a. La Traci Han a Tomti a Watt mrs a Din it not of. 17th or a a Kurt ii b., Tilic 14. Hio Tibu a i. Mirth it. Utah ii. A Nib a mirth 10. Nut e., it i7t� tit Ftfe " .i7, eth . A. It Ftp . Hmm a. Ump a trl. My furl met it a. Com a. Fill a. � 11 Tel. Id 1c. I Jtb mob j. 77t Cut a. T ii a Ltd in. A. My �. A. Flu 4. At of. I Temh 71. Jumi w., a., a Weir a. A. Tut Emrum a. Mini 71. Ludwit. Llzkt Fok. A. �. M mar a inf. A a 4t� or a a., Juth i 7fh it. Mitt 13, i int or. Mill or . T i. I. 17, a. It j. To tic at Mir 71, tank it i., run jul a arb. R. Tow a for a x. A. I i red Tell a. My Jhn rth 14. Trail Ctol ctr t., shh ruin 0�, i or a Minn 14. I. Wattick s�4 a Mart . Cd 17th sit off met a. Or of mire 4 Bennitt it rt1 in Ishik Caos ill opt Axll. Ditill red a a. April 7 kovt1m. i. 411k in a k., Ami i. Mohatt tp4 a Smidt a. April 1, Hounam Fet Kufer a. 7wh Rel a. Omt4 c., april of Baor Jr., 44id Ord I., Fri a Hab Tel a of or. 44fc Ort a. A Dow. Plur thu m., Arlt. A for on Ciulik or it it Wal 0 april 7. 0td a. U1arfur a � 4��imr. Trie a april i. M Kim Fly. �3mh . Mil Mirk a april 7. Vance Mattert a. M4lk a let of him tr4 Zapfl i. Moreau two i 0. Usa cur an 01. Alfh la april j. Imok old Kkt. At la a. April a land a rpm i. Of. Thih on of a. To Lori a april 4, chum lie Curt 1711 a a. 4, 4 Mil t., talk a. Of Nyhl a i., ar4l put Ura a i7tk a a. Tri a april i. Lett Cudih a. Lih . April i. Tavlo- Fuk iry v., 1h i in her. I april � . Army hip Frankfurt u us of wllll4�mint rom. E. Fly. T Gardock a will a. A , Elk or a 4hur. A Tel still much i a Bury 3r Arnd Dri arty. Of i a Anil iof a �. Utah Ilni a d., am a. Illk Arn a it 4tfkl. Chafe a Birr a Rel a 7llk arly. 1 4 a Hur. A Lilli d., in. �. " Durant out of a Notti Civ My. Alfid i. Takt 00t �4 Victr c., it it Atli Mac. A. Re. �. Tour Ouido 0000 i tar Leno in the 1c Uttard for an program Are Central Kuro fun Stu float american Force network int twi 11h till Wifel bowl i1m full him 1141 Wim i mip in air 77b Schmitt i4m i1m 4op Itin 4 ref i7m twi a i a a lilt Cuch h Frt Immi ii him Imp him too Florind Ota opt he on will Tuni 1mi room 7100 in l itr�1 Ftp it bit 7300 Jim 1400 ten nil a Dir 0100 no 7kw German 1000 7070 a it Illi he own und a 2z70 no . Film Jho word or Iho n0 of intent 1711 film Wulko 111 Tel u a i a a met Flat Panoo Ahi bpm Mil nut Mill i o4 set out u who oium iwo i1m lt0 i7w i7w iwo us in Hodul hip ref at Ptter lip 0wln a Pui c4rt��nt line Ter tit .Fltt curl Ihm two a ii allow 1im Ampit Kincid 7110 or Tell i 7700 push thu 2ijo All thai ind hum a film Zeltmann Ter How jr., he Btry 11 skip on Ullh arty ton Ernst a. Fib. 10. Rocert Hilt so a Or. 3rd . I4lh a a i. Ton Devatti a fib. 10. Lew ibip4 lit Nuh r., �ji1h engr in his Shtir Karl Al. Of a 10. Holubec Marvin A 4 he 3 and Apo 39, Tutti How bar Lar 0 fib 10. Cox tit Iriit It. Co 0. � inf. T arb. Apo 31. T Dud How. Pm Utu a fib. 10, rame�lp4 Jouk 0, 708h in Ion w., fib 10. It it All am a cml 79lh Apu Jahn of a. 10, Bennett it it Eutinio w., Etc 317 1 Eltoff dec a strut swim Dot a. Apo 77, i Row it a. Fik 3. Taylor up the Tel. A a a a. Illk Ord in Luup Ter. Licit a feb a Donohoe fit mind a. Jr., Frink fart a it Wihler. Mtr Yinn of Btl. Fuhlrott it 0l�b., �7tb end a of Hui It fib. 13, Allenip Vernid r., 5-l., i4mt hic. , Pul Ruu a Wmk March 39, Cater pit cent w., it 7hti Estir in. Any their Evi Ray. It Rob 30. Kane lit i Thimot m., Ijeh it hip. , ih0a i Mic March 30, Tohom pit i wild l�3m pct Luthir Billy Lin Audi .3, Chaney sub Feby p., i Wascom i Jhn new april i. Spa Clodt a. I 447lh 8t in a Tafiti Ann april 3, Chin each it Usa Prin ii f ctr Kuthur Withy la apri Patout til Edvird a. 914th hit Linn nt1. Aprilday��4 Al i w., a a Prin tit Fly . In. Jimm Milky. April i. In Filton a mfr a l., kit Ami file i Illus hair. Kirin flu. April 7. . Army hip no Bruecke Bra i the will it cartersp4 try a Mil of it 37sin Sci mph a. Bury a la Mil bit Toh arty hit. Munh 30, Hall Clit Kennith w., ill St. He 2lh it ten. Kinnell a. Or. Mirth is Wichlihe- Rtth. of. Mid Del with chm. A Din her Pter . Preh 31. Wanna Al hit it Bart e., jr., april 4. Pltllputttt�4 Civ a. My in Anthiny a. April i Parks pit Bart j. A. Ill Arnid a Titi on eth in. I Ion Jim ii Al april 7. It much vol a. Try a lit How in. 7d arty a Mir. Tepni april 7. . Army hip lond Touhl born the wll pippin i Btl Hoby a. 13th c set in Curtly 0. Mirth 7, oem aint Cupl lly4 a. 2nd conic if a wimp Dkl rom Marsh 17, Qhotoiki-4 Jinn f., ii. I7lh of a Jphn r., mirth 17,saw soviet paper ,0tt, a i a ,. J a a. He.,. Or Moscow Yuri Gnu Nln l f rom hit trip uru a the str How a Ibl shed in the soviet or Jsn Friday but they differed a whether gei.tftr. Effort on Hir own a Chimo Down in a space capsule. F. S a a place of the Landing was not Given but a Togafiti wet Kew come Down Parachute a. Tractor Driver working in a of foul Tim tractor Driver Howo work ing not fur away had a Good vie of the Landing of the cog Mac ship that account said the Patch 4 a 47 & 13 Impi Tov 18 73 a id 44t 35 their clo. 3hiih 10 a i amm a 73%uh 19 33 chem of Pant Ttif. All Kodak cup h Gil Ford i a i a Cut ctr f in Mostofi in Tel in but i int hrs Flint tit in a limit Ken Nirott a Kwh a Lorfel Lute met film Minn mini into mint Ward Nat Iuri Mvi 47no of a is /. N y Ciot 10 North Amir a 49 Otlyn myth " 4 0�ni.tll duty 03 7 . 99 pm8hi a cwt Tohir of a it 11% a 43 41 at 4%uk 47% is a a Rukki 51 nut Tomt i null4m4 70 lift 110% 138v13ft Mutual funds prices of lev. Bid a Keo Bio Ald Lutts fun atomic fund am it Ltd a Lull a nil. Tort of he Mali milk x a On a left it St " Pillad Intili fun Nitro Mutual 33.00 23.09 15,31 14.99, a is.i4 17,11 5�,� .lt im4 Imo 17.14 i a ,1 11.13 11.14 i7.771 17.72 it i4.h -3.m -4.� .b� 117 0.4� �.4 1,14 .0 act 1.07i4. 14,19 it an .Il pull a Orr Nln. 8lo, ii unit a am Wil Niter fund. L,40 i 4.4ft h. I&.3i

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