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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - April 15, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse Buddies took of pfc Sidney Francis reads letter in reply to Maud bottle gets reply from Cork by Kabacy staff writer was the summer at 1953 and a group of passengers aboard the is Georgie of the Way to Europe from the states were having a pleasant there was gaiety and Champagne and the group was really living it to Sidney a Young this was the life that night Francis and his friends aboard the liner wrote their names on a piece of put it in a Champagne bottle and threw it into the of this is a stunt that has been pulled Many too pot a note or your name and address la a throw it and then wonder what will happen to in the Case of Francis some thing did it took 3 years for pfc Sidney a clerk in he 2d army div at to learn what happened to that bottle and by that time he had for gotten the then he received a it bore a Post the bottle had been not in e but in the River the the Reader May have Al ready from a Jacqueline but it want she who had found the bottle but her younger when Francis read the letter and realized that the bottle containing the names had finally been found he was quite miss Dolan took five pages to Tell about the bottle and to ask questions As you May have guessed some of the questions were about Tell Rne that its not All Bare and Flat spaces with Oil Wells Here and the Young woman perhaps you Haven even got an Oil now you May ask How come she picked Francis name from among those who had written theirs on the the answer is it was the Only decipherable one of them she i might As Well be writing to someone from she by this she meant that it was difficult to write to someone you know so Little that the Story All bottled miss Dolan is a student at the University col lege in working toward a diploma in higher while studying she teaches mathematics to secondary and High school Bridge by Becket some brickbats May be flying this Way tomorrow from two directions As a result of this one of the controversial questions frequently asked is whether men or women play better my answer would have to be that of the people in this country who play Bridge it will be on the that women Are the better Bridge on the other if you go to the very top of the Bridge there is no is the record that the men stand not More than two or three women could ranked in the first one of would be Edith of Maroi Here is a magnificent hand she Oace part Ner with Sam Edith South went right with the Ace of clubs of the resisting the Auto was an inspired stroke by her which was Well she could not afford to nut the risk Fly losing the finesse to East who night decide to shift to a Neaher Safe 4jt 9q75i qj9s2 a West East a k 5 4 10 87632 10 8 47 South 4 a k 6 3 4 North East sooth Paw int Ovea tog of if this finesse also lost the con tract was Kemp saw an Opportunity to develop nine practically sure tricks without the dub she could make no More than two club tricks regardless of who had the King of and the Early club finesse could lose important five rounds of diamonds were ending in a Low heart was then played toward the if East had the Ace and went up there would be two heart making nine if East had the Ace and Kemp could return a Low club to establish her ninth if West had the heart a return would most Wel As would be also a club either one assured a heart return could be taken in Dummy and the Jack of clubs again developing a ninth All possibilities were covered a bags Stew canyons rank just strictly for the when did it col Stevenson Al Crayon of comic strip and big Thunder fab Fame get promoted to his pres i ent rank it w pc boy so amt a slut Worpul Marty Fra Efa to a boy at m to 12 to ski topics note follow Rufif wot received to ton of the Steve Canyon comic store Cutron was promoted to Taw rank at and very beat wishes to All year readers Tom Canyon and co boy scout co action in an article to the 27 tuft to and Roo pm Tafton that chaplain oar Rell Job Chardson Baa 138 Merit of six Gold and six Silver Palms on his in an article which appeared on Jim say that sp3 John Gilberts of changes uniforms and becomes the highest ranking boy scout in the and he has Only 107 a Cert one oae Gold and seven Bronse i think somebody dont Yoa soft Clarence k Fuff Kashr tank scoutmaster trap Ralutz air base i am a department of to army Ovivian married to a since my arrival at this air i trying to gear id card aa4 pm ration card Cor my husband to hire to accompany into Alex 1 have ran Tat a a Blank Wall at each int a regulation in afro Wing Fard a of american citizens t Rffie u8ajps of rec Wei editors note to on Moo sch Tutu accords tag to the transatlantic Council of the boy Sctott of Eagle the Kiff Keet boy scout rank in the it pogrom boy Scott of cd form Cader air of Tate a Baba and at a a cd Volian Katy to Afke it a la Aetna fit Dmn Dent non Over aae Flaat at ate me stars and stapes assignment of quarters can you cite a Usa eur or army regulation relating to How a battalion May move in Advance leaving behind to wait for quarters availability such would not be questioned in but a peacetime Doest the government assure quarters for its Mea and dependents before making such a move int it a fact that before dependents leave Germany for the states they Are assured quarters i whether travelling Bat Talion or divisional strength please state any regulation concerning assignment of whether by or Date of we have lived in government quarters in Germany for is now and upon each move we have awaited quarters assignment at the new station for three is very will appreciate any information on this editors note the following reply received from Ever he the of military requirements often necessitate Snave Naeata of unite within this while in every consideration is Given to the concurrent movement of dependent to the new the provisions of Par Cha Keck Cinato As which authorizes commanders to in Advance of the movement to the new Wannat be although every attempt is made to assure that Are available for dependents prior to a unit Attaar Toa in this command has and will to critical it is almost impossible to forecast the Avarali Flitar Date is All cases within less than a 90day a some few instances delays have been in excess of 99 concerning the movement of units to the no deft eito e an an do that quarters will become Ava Fiaai to or to personnel eligible for quarters within the upon unit sons Staaden of the moving units statewide pest Caram Aaden i order to ascertain the and in same instances have successfully obtained a Able Quantity for their unit before departing from this a tills in recognition of thai has requested that the department of the army consider Taw Ash Echt of allocations for Thwe units to Toca the provisions of a this b Prei wetly under file of Par a authorize installation by udders the of by rank or a As importance of the duty of Indi Nidhal for these the interpretations of pcs and pc change of station and permanent change of connotation of which b not understood insofar As the quarters a it is recognized that in extremely few instances within this command May create some Kiodt Vidani of april

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