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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - April 13, 1961, Darmstadt, HesseOpt William Mcmillan scored i draft Niaud rapid. A Dory Over the he want during the i960 olympic i a gripping the Fol Metal. Olympic target Auto loader need by High Standard of Hamden Coni a a Matner of tit pm. Una. A .ieftt?0u a and Fin Atid in a Hoot of after that a Utica Neomi of m7 during Ita a Gilliu Compau Lloyl. For each of the the shooter to for three. Ede. Second a try at a Man a la Houstle Mcmillan penible11 0. A Apo ced a 9ck9d in one airing Fie Unn Novua who racked up 240, and run rat i Zeitun .23 Auto loader Bec Mui Chok of the cub. After la Milnw of 1986 when the company Pustol featuring detachable barrel and an 1m mp�v1d Milf up and uniform tear were named Supe Matle trophy 8uprmtl? Cut ton. And super Suc tournament the trophy and Cleta quipped with by ital ult Agni which a detachable a wifi jump thereby aiding in quicker recovery during Ranh Marc tvs suit. To Twatt a jew Xref liar Tew Tarai of Tow inter onion and my Elf tace re Lucaa Minfei of it rna firm through Lut Branch warehouse in Cologne die Junta to american Rod and gun Cluba in line will to on display along with other Ameri of rung food at the general Wlk a hotel in luring the annual Rod and gun convention. May im1 for Tath Golc Watro Notta a the comply i fled 1imtf� c a Hla and Al tit mount. Cuba it Ali j at Palma. For Archer and Angler tar a uni Eom and four from the Paul Tonyan co., of Minnesota sport mtg of Connecticut Ait text who et0 Rozelle Fri. Man Nenorta 11 placing in the it and the switch of the dub Cowboy to the Kostern div upon part of the re it of the official a fac Clinkow a 14-Tttm league with the addition Povl King Tho Fli will Piny 98 Fimea next in in Croake of 3dt.over Laai Seftz pair Tho added gamesv111 mean one mar Home Date. It will help Mir the increasing ticket Domrud from. Und a Tho naw a Iid any two inner division Kompf Ono Homo and on we. Although the league bad author Ted axe Lin to draw up Cli Edul with both Man Noohi and Etolua playing awing ,. ,.wiilplft 4mnrnoniisafywn to itt a the Erib Itin it fool . I in a a 1 ransomed for Sherman played determined ii ichor Man his Point Marine Apt William Mcmillan Una Hia met Olympio Gamm in borne. For Forward on cwt re a ring Immert in Len a re i internal Timal 1 Holo from my jury unit in Kudo pm and Kogl bid Willlina of May near Chai Roux air Force base in Kent i Hhd Archery Shamplo Nihil of european military anticipated that Anthro Titan to Archer will attend. The it red under the Rule of the nation Field Archer will to atm Lar to a Tournai it held at Grayling lit Wadi two Liq in prizes were a Ruml. Llew fever Given at Itiat Fauroux will to the Tise Ond ugh Lournay it to., to held Inri it having own us at to act in lust Lummer. Bate at Are May 37-29 and the i hooting will a tit animal Hie Wood a 1 exit oiled to be Ltd a Ifal your t�twi4t 8gi Bill far lat Ywarn 8gt cart a Lull Olpt Delb Bruah i wire run Inion. And Hal air Force Ibum. All of Umid arct Tern 1? when enforce cw1 in Down town Munich after the Cra a Tho boy a got together and lined a pull Ion. The pet 11 la n mod that the Little in g Diamond Boro p tuned Sher attn Alfild. It was forwarded to South Ern area come to Muj Lenl. Munich hns been tentatively to Lor my 2p. A memorial service will be at Tho Cine and n wooden will be erected behind the Back Stop. Shurann 20, an Ull around nah if to la 508th g la vim in Alta major division of to la lilo Len we he was a Volunteer member of Tho ground and cams1 to ii Hoath lie following september he played ouch foot Bull and volleyball with Obb team end w0n.llipmunoii Ost Crog country 6haiifipl, year. -. " he a to Dave with boy scout troop 21i which if apor Uorca by no in head Seails a 7-r -?.& u " i Fol Floc. Beat a stir l Nannt keep part their. Una the non of or and mrs. Jack Sherrin Linden no ill parents Havo been notified of he dedication and to moral a Orr be. " a a night aloud Cut to the unit a Silty of Mary land Munich bar Jinoch has in rim to to England to visit its brother for the Chrls Liaa Holf when the crib in Ampf ctn no t 32 died in the tin k play of the let Ivor id i ten by winning up nor Lonny i Rikuo Ghr Notera month thing the of West Clark tunes for against ran West Jordan. To Fth Tough in Mutolo Sony who kid cd Fork Lii i 10th, then another former of y m i c w i i i n b a h Ca. By Wol go t it Umu Macher pounded clerk Lens for 10 Rozij Dot. After Tho Eimm Thi this Rio i i Moa Corpus def onsite. Either re lure i r go Init theh Oitay d i v i i o n. Clerk in Salty weighs feb Oil 184 for Hon he Jayy Zelghi bouts Obi Iti a vat to by inthe National let Tiette with Ftp a from he new san fret incl co Tsetim mate Larvey Kunn Chi Skowron i of the Yankoos n surf re or in the Amer Lynn face ague " of v Fionte run est Ijanke of vhf the Cuba with has Cunt Hwnry in foul Mick fax of title t i the Amer Liffin Pitcher Boh of the to Angje Willwford of the of tin of the red j action All inn non not Nurt Duff bolder o the Doik tru who i kid ded to ,343 with Only i4 Homer Plost year. .i1i atop Booklet those Dpt Ger pm Nom and Carl Hiroji trems k i of i the red sox a Bright Young Trum being groomed is successor to Tho Ono nil Only Ted will Tams. edit to striker oot do Cal Grant. Of the lat i i astr vn5unhlo player hn4 new scoreboard irks Tiger sthlreout0ry�dl of the do,f1gr� of the to Ger Llu Wail Niy oj1 Sannito mar inf my nolo of the White sox \ h ?., total Bmat Hank Arspn. , who Hiti Ami a fair and. Often Ned Mickey Momtle of the yank a �. Duto a a Crowe the old grand lnmn1r of the card i uni. And i by Rte h to or i Champ for the r ads pc. R a Totti Bawi Maury will of the dodgers mid Luis apis Tefo of Ltd to Fher than a Toad hot taut Yar. In attending thu tounian May Contact t but of a. Box 3611, Apo 10, or maj Dotlo Brown he ply Apo 403, phone in Delbert it Luibry 7004. A food and stun club will stage it f1r Spring Barbecue Lay beginning at i . There will be to Rota of All Type of sporting Arm. Including water pint it there Content for Mother and Kadi the club will provide if churn Wagon Chow to 90 cent per Load. Everyone i Uwar Zamule and Friend Dot Ploit map a big i a Tiger stadium Home of the a troll to Gitty. I anything Butwel Coniff to the club s pow Misri. Out in Dpi it Chii Derfl Eli. Is it inv ground lov0l scoreboard for the two cult of the end i the Uji Tor Uera of the lower Graniti Amund. ". It w Lorr lilo scr need to Ber Lugger non 9 you Cun t follow no pitch Bald Al in Leno very d i t r a c 11 n a Grodno to Charlie Maxwell. Awful f Ricoy be Cilin l the Besl hitting bark ground in t he rarely get Cut tight lion the corp Bortl lights of. The bowls inc rep l Dob . In it Ger Hick Futi Rell put attic or up with it com of the pm fates Back or top again so ploy of tit

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