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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - April 13, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse V april 1957 the stars and stapes 17 Pietrch Kef Competition Osman picks Hollywood tags up camera Man Bod photographing movie from head to toe for More than 30 Doest go for the 10 Best Tot enough for ire a you want to cheapen this thing4 framers sense of Justice was aroused when he was asked to choose the 10 actresses with the Best in they said he if they said the 10 Best u Kate Smith Corning Back York a although ill Kate Smith stopped appearing two ulary on television almost three the Public has not yet Ftp Jed writing her and asking her to Cine she is going to come Back a single live hour on Abc with her the Kate Smith hour will Denny Boris karhoff will of Ell de 1 far Bergen and Charlie Gertrude de Wynn and the a Buie Williams quartet who Uldale want to return to television on a permanent basis she said re it was became a four years of a daily television show was people often ask her How she spends her time since she has con fined her professional activities to occasional appearances on to pro Grams such As the de Sullivan there just Arent enough hours la she i go shop Ping and go to shows and visit nearly every evening i watch Drood Lis by Roger Price Buckshot sentimental about the Buck Ift this its the first Dollar my no Good Ever its full of holes because he had too much add in the Ink but later he perfected the formula and turned out product far Superior to the matter of at the 1953 Sissonville Dukes Money won first prize in the arts and exhibit much Confidence be Het up a Little print shop in bade of the barn and he was doing Fine until a couple of Nosey Treasury Hen came snooping they Duke for being a counter Feiter and although Duke insisted just a Hobby the then refused to believe cant say that i blame the Dol Lars Duke had cached under the Hen House want exactly Chicken who done it Oscar still wetting for mystery writer Hollywood up every body from a dead Man to a san Francisco movie fan has put in a claim for Hollywood Home less but producer Frank King still claims it belongs to a mysterious Man named Robert Rich was voted Oscar for writing the Best original movie Story of the Bravo made by the King but when Rich want in town to col Lect the movie land devel oped a firs class who Rotert Rich Man or myth Ive received phone Calls from More sighed King in his office before Rushing off to new one Man in san Francisco claims he wrote so does a Fel Low in Salinas a fellow in Boston sweats his Uncle wrote it before he we bought the Story from Rich years ago in weve sent wires All Over Europe to track him Down but no answer my is going to Europe in two weeks to advertise in the papers there for would have been More you Start bringing in too on and you run it into the base my selections on How the when i then and hew they Jook when there photo the Quality has been picking but for the last few years things Haver been generally on the slim too slim for framers of was another which tended to keep Down he her name is Marlene and her legs resulted in male of the Best pictures Lexer the new crop going to give her a lot of com Fraker said he had five a legs but unable to to any in in his 1957 leg Are Dianne june Mitzi Gaynor and Anita i know that fiver he try log to be Selec and i chose what 1 considered to be the Best it came out to not Lek for los if no these samples read left to Robe Rev Gaynor and Tokyo Star Calls males fast Hon Kong ins japanese film Star Shirley on the subject of Western style is Eastern american males Are very they dont waste Lime on any japanese and chinese males Are kind of they have More and take More time to come to conclusions in Many mat including Shirley arrived in Hon Kong from the to make two out our Way by Williams s the idea of Lea Wiljo poor Jice that come were waiting Post Watt that Totosh in Chaser me hqm8 and a sweater i f door 5hutvwhem he 6ets let s am go eat the wart Edward Olivier tie for role in Karamazov Sheilah Rai Iam Rob Inson is willing and available to play the father in Metros Brothers the lecherous old Man in the Book who Tampu Grushenko with a bag of Gold is just As important a part As any of the Laurence Olivier is also interested in play ing the which will give you an idea of this roles whether or not Carroll Baker plays Grushenko depends on the starting Date of her too too soon at doctors Art again warning Jackie Gleason that his weight is too much of a if he wants to stay someone should invent a diet where you ran eat All you want and lose Elizabeth Taylor finished her extra scene in county and went Back to Palm costar Monty Clift had two More Days work on he looks a bit better id expected after bearing so Many woeful new ont Etown twosome Sharman Douglas with Jack Lem met in London last Merle of trons hex with Lillian Monte Cyrhl and Natalie Wood has been Loyal to 21 year old Lane Reventlow for erne Danny Kaye is going to mat Ter Kelly on Clown for Dannys merry Andrew circus to Start at metro Early in this will he Dannys first movie in almost two Maureen o Kara Rolf rates her years of Ameri Ofin cite Enship As Queen of armed Forrest Day May Robert stack can Star in Down if he wants the meaty role which 1 hear is stronger than anything in Peyton june Allyson and Lek powells first Public appearance together since their reconciliation was at the local of Jay Robin sons buy a also in the audience waa Ross Tai producer who May to do the Eta Fredy which Jay originates on Broadway five years crossword by Eugene suffer in 51 is tic 8 5z horizontal 1 pouches Young Salmon 9 crossing the above chills and fever self Claret or Rhine rated 18 goddess of Harvest impels observe hypothetical Anglo Saxon Money a inherits Tulve decree potage insects diving Bird cry of the bacchanal 34 fidgety grecian Island Macaw 38 therefore corded fabric the in music 43 packs 45 estrange 4 military assistant Oriental Coin the same 52 part of speech 53 Black or Green 54 policemen Colloq 55 completes vertical old Maxim 2 Mountain aborigine 3 music lovers treats the Graf walked with measured Steps Rock of 7 Smail Stream Back austrian composer awry answer to yesterdays 4h1 ume Woody Plant Shoota rubber decay european Basin sea sturdy landed property regret extremely antipathy place for doves miss Gardner covertly sarcastic Dove murmur 33 Flower stalks hurl to the sheltered Side one of Sholpa footprint decrease stir Shell

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