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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - April 9, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 6 the stars and stripes Tut Kloy april 9, 1968 Are gamblers making capital on Capitol Hill by Dick West Washington the heat is on at the Capitol. But that May Only mean that the fur Nace is does t necessarily mean that organized gambling on Cap Itol Hill has been curtailed. I Only said the heat is on Roget your attention. When you re writing about organized Gam bling you always use cliches like that. Otherwise you lose you License to practice journalism. Anyway i spent several hour the other Day trying to Contact a gambling ring that to reported to be operating in the Halls of Congress. It was u frustrating experience. According to rep. John Kyi a Iowa the numbers rackets sports pools and similar Gam bling Are Well he told the House that such wicked Ness penetrates every building and involves employees in Al most every Well gee Whiz if gambling Sall that rampant it should be easy to find. My failure to do so could indicate three things either 1 Kyi s speech handmade the gamblers wary or 2 1 went about it the wrong Way. Or 3 both. The first thing i did was callup rep. Jackson �. Betts r Ohio. I had no reason to suppose that Betts knew anything about the gambling Ting. It just seemed like the logical thing to do. Betts was t in his office Soi tried calling rep. Joe r. Pool a Tex. I could t reach him either. Next i stopped by one of the congressional committee offices poked my head in the door an asked i there anyone in Here we plays tit numbers there Ain t nobody in Here but just us Public servants the girl at the reception desk replied. Then i began approaching ele Vator operators doormen lobbyists janitors and a few newspapermen who looked like the sporting can i get a bet Down i inquired of each some smiled knowingly but none imparted any information except one janitor. Everybody is still play inc he told me but you would have to be a regular customer to Tetany action 6 i proposed that he make numbers bet Lor me and offered to let hint keep the winnings fit hit. He said he would think it Over Don t Call me. I la Call you � he said. I never heard from him again. My investigation would have been a total Flop had not i finally persuaded a Page boy to match me for a Coke. I lost. I 3if. Is a m. -., .a?,.p .�3$mirr.33eiof Slife. We ,=? toio.-4m i Fec i Asis is a Lisi Iii esp &pfe5im i services seek female recruits inspection a grave Robert Kennedy walk Down 14th Street in the fire damaged negro Section of the nation s capital. Before starting out he addressed a Church congregation. A Washington Nana recruiting of women for military service is being stepped Tofill gaps in the army Navy air Force and Marine corps created by the escalating War in Vietnam. By Jane 1069, 16 per cent More women will be serving in the four branches compared with a increase of less than 2 per cent in Over ail military is Likely that the number of women stationed in South Viet Nam and Thailand currently about 500, will also increase a total worldwide military strength builds to 3.5 million officers an enlisted personnel. They Are placing greater de mands on women to fill the Short Ages stemming from the said col. Jeanne m. Holm director of women in the air Force whose Branch is programmed for the heaviest rat of gain. By 1969 the was will have9,000 officers and enlisted women that Waves 5,940. The women marines 2,970 Ana the women s army corps 13,000. These figures do not include was Captain will shortly re port for duty in Saigon As an adviser to the South vietnamese air Force which is beginning to train women according to col. Holm last year Congress passed a Law making women eligible forthe rank of general and removing the Selling previously hold ing their number to 2 per cent of total military . Holm has pioneered in opening new Job categories and assignment locations for enlisted women who must be High school graduates. They Are trained for jobs ranging and intelligence to accounting and dental technician duty. Col. Holm has served at Erdin Sair depot in West Germany and nato Headquarters in Naples Italy. She spends a major portion of her time travelling to get the pulse of the troops. She holds the legion of Merit and was the first woman officer to attend the air command and staff College. A tragedy for the country Frk inspects fire scarred . Section Washington a f. Kennedy picked his Way through the smouldering rubble of the capital s fire scarred negro Section new York senator and presidential aspirant called the Washington violence in the Wake of or. Martin Luther King s assassination a tragedy for the country after he had walked 22 blocks past burned out stores Battle garbed sol Diers and exhausted firemen and he said later in an inter View further violence in 1968can be averted by giving these people jobs giving them a Sens of participation the feeling that they belong to the nation the crisis is not exclusively one of National leadership he said but at the local level in the private sector and even inthe negro Middle class. They can do a lot More than jus moving out of the ghetto and forgetting 42-year-old candidate for the democratic presidential nomination attended an Early Palm sunday service at the negro new Bethel Baptist Church. The pastor is the Rev. Walte Fauntroy a local civil rights Leader and a close Friend of Chelate or. King. Kennedy who is a Roma Catholic took the bread and grape juice of a protestant holy communion and spoke briefly from the any Good comes out of the events of the last several Days he told the Black parishioners it s that we have Learned a Les son we should have Learned a Long time ago the need for jus Tice toward our fellow human ," Kennedy said must Kennedy his wife Ethel and the Young negro minis Ter stepped out into the Bright Sunshine to begin their tour of the ghetto. Faint wisps of tear Gas caused Kennedy to sneeze and irritated the eyes and throats of those in the he picked his Way Over bricks broken Glass an streams of water in the gutters negroes in a generally festive spirit began to follow him. After about six blocks crowd of about 50 was trudging along behind the Kennedy Down the Center of u Street. A squad of Federal troops swathe crowd approach their inter Section. They hastily tugged ongas masks and lined across u Street rifles at the ready at first they did t recognize Kennedy and Only an emergency dash ahead by a squad car averted what might have been an embarrassing confrontation. Kennedy gravely Shook hand with City firemen exhausted policemen who assured him thing were quieting Down and smiling residents of the ravaged peered into fire blackened shells of department stores shoe stores and groceries. Two fire engines raced past him at one Point on 14th st., their sirens screaming. The stench of smoke was heavy in the air. Far from the squalid scene the candidate relaxed later on to g o ,n0 we Tea next pm Dutoi a candidate play toy a the Terrace of his sprawling tree shaded Hickory Hill estate in suburban Virginia and talked of the nation s newest crisis. What needs to be done immediately the first thing is that these people must be Given a sense of participation in their future he said. 4land then jobs. Jobs Are the critical need. And it has Tobe made Clear there must be a general understanding that society cannot accept violence looting and Kennedy said the american people have failed to come to grips with the problem of the vast communications problem he said. White people have the general feeling that an awful lot has been done for the negro Sophy the riot no room for pessimism Over the Winter he said when people should have been Reading about How negroes were going to be helped before sum Mer they were Reading instead of new National guard tactics and exercises anti riot tanks and chemical sprays. Asked whether he is optimistic that the problem will ultimately be solved Kennedy re plied i just can t be pessimistic. If you Don t get out of this Situa Tion you destroy the country. 1 can t believe that s oin to

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