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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - April 9, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 24 the stars and stripes tuesday. April 9, v Hanoi oks for talks Tokyo up radio Hanoi said monday North Vietnam is willing to meet with american representatives it phenom penh the capital of Cambodia or another mutually agreeable City for preliminary Johnson announced in Washington monday he a received a message from Hanoi on peace efforts and said we shall be trying to work out promptly a time and place president Johnson also Dis closed that tuesday he would Fly later in the Day to his Mountain Retreat at Camp David md., for meetings there with Ellsworth Bunker . Ambassador to South Vietnam. The president added that Bun Ker would be arriving at nearby Andrews air Force base md.,and that Dean Rusk Secretary of state and Clark Clifford Secre tary of defense would accompany Bunker on the helicopter flight to Camp David. A vietnamese language Broad cast monitored Here said the talks should be on the ambassadorial level. The Hanoi broadcast repeated warning the talks should con Tain no bargaining but should involve Only discussion of the total cessation of the bombing of the North and All other acts of War against North announcement said bar gaining would have to take int consideration the difference be tween the aggressor and non aggressor in the War. It said Forth Vietnam considered the United states to be the Daggres said the unconditional cessation of the bombing was prerequisite to formal peace be broadcast coincided with a statement in phenom penh by Prince Norodom Sihanouk the cambodian chief of state that his Neutral country would gladly offer the City As the site for Vietnam peace negotiations. The United states does not have a diplomatic Mission in phenom penh because of Vietnam policy differences with Sihanouk. But american diplomats have travelled there in recent months. Jet carrying gis plows into grass Munich is a c141 Star lifter headed for Dover fab. Del., with redeploying 24th in div troops and cargo encountered trouble during Takeoff Mon Day and slowed into grass at the end of the Munich Airport run Way an at Force spokesman big 4-engine Jet carrying a Crew of six 10 army Passen Gers and 20,000 pounds of cargo came to a Stop in deep mud about 150 feet off the paved area. There were no injuries and thesta lifter suffered no apparent to the air Force spokesman a red warning Light flashed As the plane headed for Takeoff and As flying Speed had no. Yet been attained if was do cited to abort the flight in accordance to Standard safety Pra & uce. The plane belonging to urn436th military Airlift Wing at Dover was commanded by q. Janssen of the 58th Mili tary Airlift so at Robins fab a. Marchers Honor or. King continued from Page / of the City Hall overlooking the Mississippi River and throughout an area stretching three blocks in every direction from that March had been planned by King As a demonstration i support of a strike of Memphis garbage men most of them negroes. After he was slain thurs Day it became a memorial March for King As Well. Meanwhile thousands of people streamed into Atlanta to mourn the negro near his Bier resting in Sisters Chapel at Spelma College were packed with traffic. People stood in line for hour after hour to View his body. They came from afar celebrities an Anonymous swelling Atlanta s population and stretching it accommodations. Schools to Clos City schools will be closed tuesday the Day funeral serv ices will be held. Some Busi Nesses were closing and too newspaper and broadcast Adver Tising to Honor or. will be buried after serv ices at Ebenezer Baptist Church where he served As pastor with his father. Dignitaries from across the nation including vice president Hubert Jel Humphrey and f. Kennedy were expected to attend the funeral. Jackie to attenders. John f. Kennedy will at tend it was announced at the last rites of the assassinated civil right Leader will Mark one of the few Public appearances at an Occa Sion of National magnitude since she herself was widowed by a Assassin s Bullet in sources said it was unlikely that president Johnson would at tend. The British government will be represented by Ambas Sador sir Patrick Dean an the Chancellor of the exchequer Roy Jenkins. Closing . Stock Market prices Admiral Alcan Allie Cham Airl am can am Cyan am m Fly am Mot Ampex am photo am t & t am Tob Anaconda Armour Avo Baxt lab Beth steel Boeing Bris my Brunswick Burroughs Camp up Cater trac celanese Cento in Che & o Chrysler coca cola cold pal Comsat com Airl Corn or Dow chem Dupont East air East Kod fair Cam Firestone Ford fac up Fruehauf Gen of non elec apr. 8 22 23v, 3v/4 23% 50% 23% 19 a 11% 31% 19v4 apr. 5 20 22 in 30v. 27 i 50vb 23 /219 31 /2 41 /2 35v, 43v2 43v, 29% 311/4 18 /250 30% 34% 42v, 72v, 15 /2197 29v, 39% we 61f4 64 /4 134% 40v. 56 221/4 37v, 83% 160 36v, 145%82 29% 68 /4 694414% 194 /4 28v 39% 52v4 50 61 62 135v. 56 21 /2 36% 82% 166 33 /4 142v� 77v, 6 36 38 46% 90 64 35 36% 46v� 89v4 Gen ads Gen Mot Gen Tel Geri tire Gillette Goodrich Goodyear it a a Gulf Oil Honeywell ism int Harv int Nick int paper int Tat Jones & l Kennicott Ling Tern Litton ind lock arc Lorillard Mac Donn Magna Vox Martin m Merck Mem Minn my Monsanto Mont Ward Motorola Nat disc no am a Northrop new Airl out mar pan am Parke do Penn cent Pepsi Pfizer Phill pet Polaroid proct & g apr. 877v4 83 a 40v 426% 54%63 50 2,. 75% 120% 642 32v,111 27% 53% 49 39% 1131/2 68% 55v� 49% 47% 49 20 84% 46 /2 92 43v, 30 127% 46% 3j-/4 32% 77 /3 30% 2 i 26"/ 76u 28v. 64 % 69% 111 91 apr. 5 74 30% Obb a .9v� 116% 640 108% 27% 52/ 48% a h1 /4 t8 l6 /4 9% 43 number of regular army troops in the City at about 4,900. The Yare supplementing 5,953 nation Al guardsmen who were called out by Goy. Spiro t. Agnew when the violence began Satur Day. Fresh troops were also rushed into Pittsburgh sunday night As violence erupted anew breaking Palm sunday Calm Over most of the major cities racked by tur Moil since the assassination of or. Martin Luther King uneasy Calm however prevailed monday in King s assassination in Memphis tenn., thursday night including the Palm sunday National Day of mourn ing proclaimed by president Johnson in Honor of the fallen civil rights Leader at least 85 cities were hit by macabre Box score accompanying the most wide spread racial unrest in Ameri Ca s history dead at least 30. Injured More than 2,000.arrested 8,879. Troops 19,900 Federal 30,100national guard. Damage in million damage ran into countless millions. Fire destruction i Chicago and Washington alone totalled at least $10 million each other cities assessed wreckage in Many millions army troops 1,900 Strong streamed into Baltimore at the request of Maryland gov. Spiro t. Agnew As looting an fires spread around the City. In Pittsburgh More than 1,800national guardsmen marched into the Hill District sunday night As gangs of vandals tossed firebombs and looted stores forthe third straight night. A state of emergency was declared by gov. Raymond Sha Fer. A curfew of 7 . To 5 ordered. Meanwhile 32,000 troops enforced a shaky Calm in washing ton and Chicago hardest hit by negro rioting since King s assassination. In the nation s capital Mayo Walter Washington declared arson and looting that began thursday was Well in he announced emergency Meas ures food shelter jobs and even Cash to meet thu Man needs created by the Dis orders. The 4 . To 6 30 . Curfew will continue until further notice officials said sunday. But Citi Zens were Given permission to attend sunday night Church serv ices. Public schools and Federal an District of Columbia offices re opened monday but the office closed two hours Early to meet curfew thursday night until mid afternoon sunday. 706 fire Shad been reported casting a Smoky pall Over hard hit negro areas. President Johnson got his first glimpse of charred ruins in the area As he flew Over Washington sunday afternoon in a helicopter. He was returning from seeing Gen. William c. Westmoreland off at Andrews air Force base my. The commander of Federal troops in Chicago said sunday that the sporadic burning an looting in the City was ended. It. Gen. George r. Mather said that most of the incidents sunday were nonviolent an limited to Mather and 5,000 . Army troops from posts in Texas and Colorado were ordered to Chica go saturday by the president at the request of it. Gov. Samuel Shapiro acting for gov. Otto Kerner who was in Florida. In North Carolina roving bands of negroes went on a mis Sile tossing rampage through Wilmington. A group of 75 con fronted a squad of National guardsmen and came away with two unloaded my remained on duty in Greensboro Raleigh. Durham Goldsboro and Weldon where they were rushed thursday night after violence broke out across the state. In Nashville tenn., most of the 4,000 National guardsmen patrolling since thursday were withdrawn after a Calm sunday morning. However. Sunday night the Reserve officer training building on the Campus of Tennessee and i state University site of racial violence for the past three Days erupted in flames and police who had been pulled Bac earlier during a period of Calm were called Back to escort fire fighters onto the Campus. 3 million germans on Public payrolls Wiesbaden a West Germany s 60 million people Are administered by almost three million Public officials an offi Cial Survey showed Federal Bureau of Statis tics said that on oct. 2, 1967, Ihen umber of Public officials judges Public employees an workmen in West Germany 10 tales 2,960,000.according to the Survey the Federal administration employe280,000 people the 11 states employ 1,070,000 and the local governments 627,000. Government controlled firms employ a total of 162,000 and the Federal rail ways and Post office another 823,-000 people. In addition the pub Lic service has 195,000 part time employees. Aft,itoifhg8 at the Airport while fuel was t a Tot ?1runway, another Star lifter off Shotts meet thei third scheduled i flight by chartered Jet was rescheduled for Stengel Bruek Germany 126 on jetliner horror ride Over London continued from Page v see them running and jumping out of the aircraft As the flames billowed and a number of Small explosions echoed across the Sun a lit Airport. I William Rawson. 35, of an Anandale va., on his Way to Tel Aviv on .. Government Busi Ness for the National science foundation got out of the Burn ing plane wifi Only the clothes he stood up in. I lost everything else including All my documents and my passport he said. His colleague sell Selcuk of Arlington va., praised the Crew for the Way they handled the emergency. Selcuk injured his legs As he tumbled onto the run Way. Bill Zeltsch 27, of new York saw a Wall of flame building up in the aisle across from his Seal the fire was growing All the time but the Pilot brought the aircraft round and we landed three minutes later he was a Beautiful Landing. The Pilot was Brilliant for hours there was confusion As to the number of dead since Many of those who escaped were taken to hospitals or treated on the spot and released without having their identities As Only a few bodies were found after several hours it be-1came apparent that the Coll heroism of the Captain in bring ing the ship Back to Earth had saved most of those aboard. Taylor a 47-year-old new Sealander was an Raf Pilot during world War ii. He joined Boac in 1947, is married with two children. He was not injured. Mart Surgos Trade heavy new York a the Stock Market closed monday with one of its biggest gains of tin was heavy. The ticker tape responded jubilantly to president Johnson s disclosure that the United states is working out a time and place for peace talks with North Vietnam. The Market was sober an cautious at the Start As prices gained in moderate trading de spite the weekend news of riots throughout the gains were made by Glamor stocks. Blue chips were Strong boosting the Market averages. Dupont made a wide gain and inspired other Blue chips on news it expected a per cent gain in first Quarter american and new Yon Stock exchanges will be close tuesday because of the fun Ora of or. Martin Luther King j 1 3 alpinist mining Sandrio Italy up Rescue teams with Avalanche dogs searched in a snowstorm monday for three Genii alpinist missing on a climb o the Grun Zebra Peak

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