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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - April 9, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse And 3 76 Given incentive plan Germar scan Tel has App Roki to Tor Toper or in army w4nft8n toe Ude cart caries on and of Usa Keur g3 Susan eur and Gardiner of a Fariajr Anna Wener Maria and Siegfried i Kancy depot wins for idea Fratoe Marte of the Ord Fiance depot received to i wards co an idea the depots incentive wan award for fete Mea Whiteh War Ett Miinte the necessity for installation and re Moval of batteries when a vehicle is started for inspections Aad Road Hascom ordnance unit cites 4 employees Germany special four German of the Ord Nance procurement Center in head quarters area come have been awarded 651 Marks for their Money saving the top award of 130 Marks to the other three winners Are Hans and Philip Riedel 29 idea certificates awarded in Munich Ifni cd special fourteen to Flitar Aad 15 civilian personnel received incentive award certificates la the Munich a Peary winners included maj Brude capt Ray capt Russell capt a thur m sgt Bernard m sgt James 1c sgt Russell Zraunig Sec Falcet Sec Steve Sec Richard Sec Warren Sec Clinton see Lawrence Knox and sp2 rather civilian award were Donald Josef Ruth Jakob Paul Elriede Hans Fritz Johann Inge Rudolf Karl Edgar and Maria for jets seen changing air warfare to King clues to Navy to probe solar a guided with a Rodt a Fol fee ased in attempt to one of Batons greatest mys solar a of naval research treat men will by fired during 19871 is Alai Uneit july the a ctn tag of any tical kor fleeter Only to initial King not fee Wade on that specific Navy team to the american Backet society that the missiles win seek new information on the flares sometimes interfere with radio cause sparking of Telegraph wires create a disturbance of the earths magnetic the they is a con by Tina of the Araimis funded missile Nike and a rocket known As the lat tear presumably released when the Nike reaches its maximum Alti Nike Athae has a Range officially estimated do about 20 to 35 and the deacons Range la estimated at Stout 45 to 55 living a total Altitude of some 75 Miles for the researcher Chubb and two associates Brief mention of the Dan plans in a prepared re port disclosing results of research on solar flares last the research was done with another unusual combination a Deacon j rocket carried us a Hitchhiker by a Uon is Konra As it a balloon a arrest Deacon to an Altitude of about is mites and floats there until launched a signal radioed from technicians be Thi rocket Carriea for Detec Ilac effect of solar flares on the and this is radioed Back to the said flares on the Sun occur Only infrequently since most of last Only 10 to 30 it is necessary to have a rocket in readiness for prompt the hover Toat balloons provided such a system last this 14 longer Range dans Are scheduled to be fired from an unidentified Island presumably by Remote con Trot ski going weight lifter Battle Odds shift in favor of fighters 1 he ooh e fat Washington a of nuclear armament for pm interceptors bringing with it a whole new system and a in of for air for Deakin want and attack of Airt air represents tactics since world War Mia tary men depart Tettat announced in february that being distributed in air both to interceptor of air Force and to antiaircraft missile last week the Ajr Dis closed that Mil Dong atomic Racket la being signed for use a types of Jet and the army to open ballistics Center for Bullet wound research 15 army air headed for zoo duty Washington la army be going to torn Loose is is with saving hundreds of la world War in they Are headed for the relatively quiet wad 4feaky of and to to Etc stearic Baa Virt Watfy ended Vii the Amy for the Amy Eer Moales will be for Tate 15 in their new Homes in in Jurf and Tafi is it teens the butt of flock my a the warn Sun the Hanii from their Home at tee Mast famous cd l win find Home at the i zest Eliesi world War cd was credited with Brttha bees when fee sped in with a Sefc edited of an italian City after off Towd of Fram inc lord mayor Ftp the pigeons a i tic the Torpa la the denote the Midi cried an carrying a Wori record Gross payload of a bajfic13o her Coleii transport labors into the air after a run of 985 feet on skis along the Ley surface of Lake Hercules arrives in Safe on 1st hop to continent France special the air forces new est Turboprop the c130 arrived from the on its first trip to the con High Wing her Chr landed with tons of mail for military personnel in the c130 will remain in the Usab area for the next two weeks As air experts of the 322d air div Here test its operational the 3tomph Hercules is Capa ble of carrying 92 or 20 ones of in the 62ton Prophet powered transport can be transformed into a flying Hospital to carry 74 titter its Selling a rotted Cap a wound ballistics Laboratory to study the effect of weapons on various but chiefly on human will open at the army chemical Center Here thurs the Only one of its kind in the is the new est addition to the chemical corps research program and will be dedicated in ceremonies attended by High ranking military leaders and medical and Industrial ail types and consistencies of Gelatin have been developed for use in the Laboratory to simulate human Muscles and other tis in chemical corps scientists will be Able to study the Type materials needed to protect the body from Shrap Nel and other projectiles and weapons that could be used in a modern by using the jellies or dead the scientists expect to be Able to predict what would happen to living targets and advise what kinds of care and treatment the injury would new Ebay special xray machines which take an xray in on Millionth of a second also have been developed for use in the they will make possible photographing the path of a Bullet or other projectile while u is in use process of their Isil War service waa to att of the u toned the world flew Carl the a mys medical research has been Active in development of Rath of the equipment which who be used in the faculty and will become Cerf of Clarke to give Armor to Mac Germany Bruce c 7th army will address the third meeting of Usa eur and Headquarters area come Armor at 7 pm in the Patrick Henry of flows All these interceptors equipped with radar for locating then Tartt of an enemy bomber or bomber with these formidably the problem of coping with an approaching bomber hould be with the conventional armament used up to now non atomic Rod to and machine Good it been necessary to Send up a sub Taniai number of Fig Hun to Deal with one bomber formation or even one Ising the supersonic Ding Dong aimed and launched by the Odds in favor of the interceptor increase the de sense department notes that these atomic burst weapons Tan destroy aircraft within a to Tance from the Point of a this Means that or Only a few of the nuclear armed interceptors could engage a formation of each plane carries two Ding Dong atomic missiles Ami each explosion could be deadly Over ranges of As Mach As a mite from an enemy one of the problems of Aida sense tacticians has been the possibility of feints by attacking bomber a enemy might Send a Decoy flight of toward one target to draw the interceptors in that direction White at the time seeking to run in a much bigger and More Power Ful Fores of bombers front another thus the Ai defense commander must Send up or Par Bapa of Bis interceptors to what May prove to be Manly a feint As the f101b Mcdonnell voodoo and the con Var 1106 Delta Wing fighters gradually replace the slower f89j scorpions in most defense the advantage of atom tipped missile will became even Safe selects top libraries Germany Spe Cial the Eagle club Library of the Wiesbaden come took first prize in category i of the 1957 Safe command Jubray Public Ity contest second place in category i went to the base Library of air category ii Winner servicing less than personnel was the base Library at the base Library at Kau Beuren won second place in this Ethel Colby and Jane club and Helen Ferstenfeld Bruck accepted Cheeks far their winning their a Young Burtonwood Aad Kaub Turah received Money will by used or Library furnishings Aad publicity contest judges were Frances commaa4 maj Jaoma assistant of Toca stars and Aad maj Maiv Garet o1s the contest was a to the natio Owlet Cotton Dana publicity awards go atm sponsored by and Nicaea urary association Aad Wisatt Lothary

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