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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - April 9, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse The Stab and sinks complot we embassy in Washington the Rome Wen supplied with Steno typewriters and pfc ones debate state menu to the contrary termer ambassador Clare soothe allegations fall by lace that Congress had failed to provide funds for the efficient of the Rome embassy Bave been rejected by state department after an demanded toy House committee which foreign biracial farm assails charge the committee John Rooney called at Tention to reports that if Lwe had complained that bad to take her personal Dictaphone to Rome and that the embassy did not have electric a spokesman for state department informed Rooney that the Rone embassy has electric typewriters and 18 assistant Secretary of state Burke Erbrick said h appeared to be stated by that Only three of the tour seere in the political Section of the embassy were Able to take rapid but to was pointed out that the embassy has about 35 Sec and that Luce had never complained to the state department regarding any deficiencies in secretarial personnel or of fice the staff of the Rome embassy this year totals including 80 americans and 85 the state department plans to increase the Rome staff in the 1958 fiscal year to americans and 106 and the Cost of the embassy operations is expected to Rise from this year to in lawmakers View space device Chi r president of Koin Onla farm has denied emphatically grand jury charges that the Bindal Community might be a communist party front and might have caused some the monthlong violence to attract financial Norman president of the also said in a prepared statement that Mem Bers of the Community were deter mined to remain in Southwest Georgia regardless of what Hap r Are Bur he we shall not leave if those who seek to drive us out Are so determined that the Choice is to leave or then we shall have t Kolo la has been the scene of shootings and burnings in recent but no injuries have been increasing opposition among residents the s area led to an economic the Kun flux klan tried to arrange Sale of the but the offer was diff Toad Colony farm wait established 15 years As a religious at present about 45 White and 15 negro women and children work and live Twenty three Georgia made Public at a letter opposing the Grain Lury the open letter to fellow Georgia ministers was signed by presbyterian and lutheran minis it said in Gard to recent publicity concerning Koin Onla farm near the under in Light of our present express our belief farm is Christian i of violence Nave come from outside the Koia Onla t t connection exists be Kota Obla farm and the Mist t we Pray that clods truth and Chi set redeeming love May be reverted in this present crisis la Sumter government cub costs on files Piree feral government pays for live wastebaskets is conv last year John t showed that the Warta to buy 430 of Alan Waterman of the National science shows a Model of the Oarth satellite to Allen blender to the and Warren Magnuson in washlngt6n at Senate subcommittee photo for satellite is tested by scientists v Washington ins Scien tests Are resting a thermostat for the Earth satellite to keep the vehicle Cool when its on the sunny aide of the Earth and warm when on the Shady the temperature control device May prove essential to protect the delicate instruments to be put in Side the satellite apace plans Call 20pound Satel Lite to be rocketed to an Earth orbit some 300 Miles up in essentially airless outer this Means the satellite alternately Wilt be exposed directly to the suns searing rays without the protective shielding effect of the earths atmosphere and then to cold outer space when the Earth is Between it and the Robert of the naval research the scientist in charge of budding the estimates this alternate heating and Cooling will raise the vehicles temperature to 117 degrees fahren Helt and then plunge it to below f demo scolds critics on copters Washington demo cratic senator has defended presi Dent Eisenhower against com plaints about Cost of his Auto helicopters and Ether White Rouse he said these Are Mere Dema the presidents defender Richard Renberger d who once criticized Eisenhower for trying to keep squirrels away from his putting Green on the White House in his weekly newsletter to con Neuberger said he has received complaints about Eisenhower transportation to his Golf do people expect Eisen Hower to a trolley car when he decides to play a round of Sof he the living conditions of the president have scant to do with our own Neuberger View he said Eisenhower May not be of our political but we refuse to participate in trivial protests about his stand Ard of living when the budget comes under Neuberger blamed irresponsible political statements about the billion budget for complaints he has been receiving about the presidents personal he said such statements Are now coming Home to Neuberger said his office is receiving mail which complains about president Eisenhower use of a Navy Cruiser for his carib bean about the presidents cars and the about the helicopters which allegedly take the president to the burning tree country us parallel Eisenhower has never gone to burning tree by helicopter and became visibly angry when a re Porter recently asked him about he denied that his recently delivered helicopters were pro cured for that Neuberger said these complaints Are tantamount to some hard pressed British taxpayer Grum bling Over the Royal if the throne were totally taxes in England still would be astronomically it is Mere Derma Goguey to cite the presidents prerequisites in connection with the big he nearing going to live to 90 up former president who will be 73 on May says he is going to live to be in Topeka to address a democratic made the statement in connection with the two party he said the system is the Best available Anc it will be in every state before i and i ant going to live to be 6thhusbandof noted socialite new York a web of Jean intimate of Royalty and onetime bes dressed woman in the specify cavity ruts Ott her sixth London Stork broker Guy Douglas Bridge according to papers on file in court the web directs that entire estate go to a Patrice Dubonnet who married into the Pernod liquor family of but under tews of where the will was a Andrew Corabi entitled to on third of the Kirwan was charged in a mid Ocean murder in 1994 acquitted As being of he is now in a Tanu Ariun in an acting counsel to the executor of estate in seeks to obtain Possession of on Deposit in a new York Bank and turn it Over to the miss Nash died in parts at the age of she and Puckle were married in Lon Don in they were separated in but divorce never were carried the amount of the entire a Wiite was not Slayer guards Corpse 3 Days 73 year old sergeant Artil Lery beat and Cut wife to then sat in a House with her body for almost three District at Torney Fredric Crump said Mon Crump related William who still b was with his diminutive 67yearold wife he said if they agree about a they had both better drown in Clear Lake in front of Ellison quoted his wife As youd to Ellison said in a signed state he hit her on the Bead thursday morning with a then struck her Wutte Crump sawed Foft ant Corpse until trying to get up courage to Call i he took what he thought was to was nerve Marie a county newspaper chanced to Telephone inquiring for possible Ellison told please Send a Man Down that led to Dis covery of the Ellison was taken to a Hospital and Given emergency operation sunday night for a he fat under guard pending filing of pilots ask guards on air collisions Washington tons airline quota handed drastic proposals designed to the growing menace of midair the were drawn we by an air Tea Fate control study committee of the airline pilots Alpa id approved by the Board of major proposals submitted to the administration halt so called visual under which pilots charged with the Complete responsibility of avoiding other Alpa hmm require All planes flying above feet East of the Rockies and above 11500 feet the Rockies to operate under these flights under com plete guidance and control of fed eral Tref Fly control present Caa rules permit visual h any Altitude in Good Flou have warned for years that a Eton Teer eased Speed have this seen Rule Tive minimum conditions for any visual flight a Usoro foot ogling and at least five Miles present Caa for visual operations a foot ceiling and one mile require coordination of present military and civilian navigation the Alpa committee Sadd differences Between systems create a potential collision reduce number of compulsory reporting an Alpa official said allots being distracted by Over frequent num Ber tit times they must report Posi eliminate All Over the top under such pilots Are permitted to Fly visually at least 500 feet the the Alpa cud Deara Nom potentially because cockpit visibility Twa Constellation lived last june 30 with a air lines dc7 had been give Sash require control towers to give pilots More information of traffic including the reasons for orders to change estimated arrival times of conflict ing traffic and what visual traffic is in the revise ground air Wentt Taka ton frequencies to present radio Alpas plan to certain pilots also called a aircraft Nav cockpit

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