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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - April 8, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse Mif freed priest in Hon Kong Hon Kong Apan freed from years at mid sunday night he fully expected be would be dogged Fey comma lists eve or where i go a font now the 51 Catholic father Frow stepped whore from British sep thai carried him Shanghai to this British am a Little iou news Tor minutes but i will i am just not used to Grose said he hoped to re turn to the added i Wlsh be dogged by their communists everywhere i 3 Tuhy expert it the but seemingly fury said he saw no Chance that five other anime under arrest vat tit in would be red before their were Gross was released id Days jus one Day Short of com Piet Long years in red Gross gave this account of the americans who were with him the past year Jesuit fathers John of and Charles c of Saa both in fair aed due for re lease in mid june when their year sentences Are the Joseph of Oss Intoc in of Condi Tion with one year of his the of not so Good suffering from wag Ner under Hospital treatment tint Hopes to return to House arrest he has one year left o his five year Hugh businessman from fair Condi Redmond is serving a 15 year pay boost new pact from Popiw t and favor a than fewer hours per Day in five Day Reuther said the onion would Auto Industry to discuss shortened week proposal Dur ing next 10 months before the Law holds a contract framing mention next the labor Leader saw was not ready to place a Price tag on any but he predicted Union would come out of 1968 special convention asking wages larger than in any other previous Eden rushed to Hospital on arrival in Boston up former British prime minister sir Anthony Eden arrived in Boston sunday to undergo medical treatment for a re current y Eden was rushed in a Chauffer Black Ihn Ouslin to new eng land a few min after sir Anthony Aad lady landed at Logan Airport in an Craf Eden interrupted a vacation in new zealand to Fly to Boston to treat teat by Richard b cat Tell of the famed Lahey Cattieu was one of a team o doctors Rob on Eden in Boston in 1953 for a bile duct of is said to be suffering from a liver condition and an inflammation of his booked in bomb1 deaths of five woman flown to Rome Rome body of the late Canadian ambassador to Egerton was flown into Rome aboard a military plane sunday for the 48yearold Diplomat jumped to his death from the fifth floor of a Cairo hotel last a silent group of Canadian diplomats Airport officials stood in drizzling rain at Romes see of so glory Page s Ciampino Airport As a Royal Canadian air Force plane touched bringing the body Here from american airmen stationed at military Section of Ciampino Airport wiped italian civilians carry the triple lined wooden casket from the plane to a Norman counsellor of the Canadian embassy said it would be taken to the Chapel of Romes cemetery and Iain in state until the preparations for cremation Are Brawl Breaks up wedding parly Twenty american soldiers woke tip a German birthday party Satur Day night with Beer bottles and German police reported Bun Day during the lat evening party at tote Home of Rudt two soldiers were discovered second Root they thrown out by the 14 party but returned shortly afterwards with three cars full of two of the House keuermann3 wife and Blacksmith Roland were injured by the Ponce Mili tary police stopped the fight unions review bout worm include rabbi is urls Joltn of Detroit of the National Catholic Board to Ehan Eliot Cau Forest win of Tav to Iworsky Wisconsin of circuit court of and methodist Bishop Bromley of president of the world Council at seventh member will this commit would be powered to conduct hold hearings and make and modify or decision of Laws inter National executive Reuther also hit at what called gangster elements Riding on the backs of v in response to questions porn Long congressional hearings in Olving teamsters Union presi Dent the Davv Dent said that if a Union does Dot comply with Basic ethical Ards i am for expelling them Only if we cannot clean them up he did not mention any pipe Ciff ass voodoo Jet fighter to hex enemy bombers and Oscar walk through a Loa Angeles police station to be booked on suspicion of setting a bar on fire with associated Preas photo 2 confess setting los Angeles bar afire with Gas los Angeles up two the four suspects in the gasoline bomb slaying of six persons at a neighbourhood bar have confessed their parts in the mass killing and incriminated the other police detectives said Manuel her and Oscar had confessed and implicated Manuel and econ Viet Clyde Bates in the gasoline attack on the Mecca cafe late gasoline ignited five men and a woman were Cre mated in the tiny cafe after a five gallon Tucket of gasoline was on the cafe floor in by Hernandez was arrested Satur Day with Chavez and booked on suspicion of murder after a witness said they were two of the four men who had been thrown out of he club for annoying woman Bates and Brenhaug were picked up within a few hours of the sex use of live baby Chicks As easter novelties hit Chicago up the anti cruelty society has urged parents and merchants to using live Aby fowl As easter managing director of the said few people now How to care for the be said children often rough Han dle them until they either die or re sent Back to farms and Shel continued from Page 1 and the f102 will be available in Large numbers by the of 1958 and could operate effectively against russian the f102 is already in air Force did not disclose How the voodoo will be As signed to tactical it is a two seat plane Able to Fly in any kind of weather at the extremely High altitudes necessary to shoot Down modern Day it is one of three air Force interceptors equipped to carry the new Ding Dong rocket with a nuclear warhead of firing into Large or Small formations of Only one of the the f8w is in service and that in limited the third is the an advanced version of the Delta winged the Ding Dong is known Fili ally As the my rocket of Secretary of defense Charles Wilson disclosed recently that nuclear warheads for use by interceptors Are being stored around the country besides the mb1 the air Force has at least six practice Type weapons which it uses in simulated nuclear the practice bombs apparently cover a wide from tactical types carried by Small f86 Sabre Jet fighter bombers to giant b52 Jet existence of the family of prac Tice bombs was revealed in an Aii table of ammunition train ing rebels kill 11 algerians or Algeria band estimated at about 50 rebels raided the Village of Sidi Lazree near Here and killed 10 men and a All users pledge mailman fight continued from Page 1 Ness out of holders of third class it is our firm conviction thai the postmaster general has Legal authority to refuse to any category of he commenting on Vaginuia we do not question the importance of class of mall to the he have no since our Pendi Tures must be Cut to within the amount available to us by the the depart ments counsel advises we can the Gally embargo third class mail Summerfield has claimed tar could save million by embargo ing third class Moil for but Maginna charged has neglected to add that poo Tal service will be deprived of million in Revenue normally received from such mail every 90 Maginnis contended these things would happen if the proposed Bargo went effect to 5 million depending for their livelihood of direct mail sales would be unemployed during the embargo billion pieces of third class mail cow dispatched through the mails during any three month period would not be handled this advertising material is prepared at a Cost of amount of an4 services every 90 Days As a r suit of third class mail solid Tattoni totals 94 such Woom be halted during Pakistan nabs 3 in Bandit gang continued from Page t iranian bandits of March Apall command Erin chief of the iranian said a tribesman captured in the desolate mountains of South Ern Iran had Given a detailed Eye witness account of the massacre of her husband Kev in Brewater Wilson and to iranians by Bandit outlaw dad Shah an4 his the Ahmed claimed the gang used him As a compulsory Porter and said he watched All the murders from close Vaj Ehi said the gang number ing about 24 heavily armed ambushed the Carroll party be cause they at first took them for Carroll was ing a Survey Lor american Point in Aid in the from four Sld a Vaj Ehi said the bandits descended on the party jeeps from four killed the men and took the woman with a few hours they decided to kill because she was unable to keep up with them on foot and because they found she could not understand Vaj Ehi their Lan Vaj Ehi said the bandits tended to set her and so was about 100 Yards shot Down without he insisted that War not tested in any Way Teing body found less iban two from scene of the ambush last and a subsequent autopsy that she died from a Buffet in right Goltra said Vaj Ehi waa give an accurate description Carrolls clothing at of her and was thus no reason to doubt his testimony

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