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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - April 7, 1957, Darmstadt, HesseWashington to ment Eisenhower to Coa Taitte of fans. Temtan4d inf 1ft or the rent it to of the sixth annual Money gift tent to us Fouse thl nearby the comm Kate and shoved Well the it billion Murk tag dept budget 26% wms Miltton from this minion i to to a by to for ship construe too Ano Oier of million waa fat from to amount Oak for Hon eoe Ratuis two Side to Only of Aei a Wych significant min rat increase over1�7 wot were til Ovil Neiot thetic the Cento Bureau the Patent office the Public Road Bureau the Cal aeronautic Board and the weather Bureau. Cute Teby the president actually the savings claimed Fey the commit m Tii comm re department Iii Easu i11 Art Huger than the direct Cut in new funds for the committee cancelled he. 251.090 of balance in the War shipping administration s working fund which otherwise coot have been spent to committee order Edth balance turned Back into the Treasury. The biggest single slice in fund Nixon uses . Bolster Africa ties to Check reds continued from Page v eff latency and better trained anymore Algor of or Onn a to carry out Ute programs. Nixon known however to Hare submitted til some Ecret Poss Smy More specific it attn Dalton to pre Lent raw Hower. These reportedly Deal with suggested level of foreign Aid in the area the Impact of the French Battle against algerian rebels the outcome of his efforts to sen the Isenhower Middle East policy and appraisals of some american diplomats in the Region. To called on the government to alleviate the conditions of want and instability in the area by government and private Aid to newly Independent nations. This will a up bolster democracy by at tacking the conditions on which i Breed. Nixon said he made no suggestion however that the Eisenhower admin Stra to n promptly step tip economic and technical assistance. Such Aid. He said should go Forward but tothe extent that our a court and Paris cheers britons Paris Cap parisian got thousands of preview of this week Royal visit pageantry when British troops in full dress ceremonial uniforms paraded along the Champ Elysee in Brilliant Spring cheered and shouted mag wifi que and formidable magnificent terrific As the red coated guardsmen swung by at stately Pace with kilted pipers Skirling and drummer twin diag their what a wonderful hat shout done fashion conscious Jye Schwom a As she glimpsed drum major John Moon of toe scots guards a giant of a Man made even big Ger to Ffrench yes by his Tower ing Black Bearskin of girls streamed alongside crying out their Admira Tion for the guardsmen sailors marines and airmen who came to Paris for a 10-Day British French Rait Tury festival other clustered at every window slammed balconies and even peered from rooftops Long the Avenue Britian and French banners hang from Ever lamp Standard. The lighted lamps glistened like jewel despite the French order imposing silence owe forgotten a motorists parked Huong the aide of the avens. Tooted their Horn to Salute. The demand of other areas per in he nine recommendations Nixon made of two Point 1a program calling for the great cart possible interchange of persons including government leaders and student. A child restarted for the african area to contribute to better two Way in a Jeriean embassies and in formation missions abroad St uld be staffed Witto men and women better capable of interpreting and explaining our policies to Afri cans.3th e3senhowr administration must continue to strike atthe roots of the problem of eliminating discrimination against the negro in the . We cannot talk Equality to the Peoples of Africa and Asia and practice inequality in the United tar More effective Job than is now being done should be under taken to Tell africans the True Story of the real Progress no being mad in this country in attacking this problem.4the economic Section of american embassies should be strengthened in order to do a better Job in attracting american private investment which is preferred by All african government Over government Aid. Offer no formula5newly Independent countries should be encouraged to maintain special relations with european countries which granted them in dependence we mme they Are considered mutually . Should take every step within our Power to help newly free african nations main Tain their Independence. Nixon offered no specific formula.7american diplomats must Fol Low Trade Union development closely and know on an intimate basis labor leaders in their areas.8the american government should support a cooperative approach to the problem of develop ing the Nile River for the Benefito not Only Egypt but Ethiopia the Sudan and British Uganda which share the Nile Waters. 9more diplomats should be As signed to american embassies in consular missions abroad which re generally understaffed. Enough fund must be allocated to the to help them travel More. Nixon said he would strongly support plans under Way to create an assistant Secretary of state for african affairs and recommended similar bureaus be set up in the foreign Aid Agency the International cooperation administration a Well a the . Information Agency held in slaying of 5-year-old boy 6-gent boost ends Long rail wage dispute Chicano f a tie na4�l railway mtg Tekoa Board i standing wog Date fit Between tet and the nation s Railroad covering about a too red a�4 Yard Earle wow Foceri of Ernst Adolf Dietrich 13 left. Is guarded by � German Poue a after reportedly Eon the slaying of by pm in tithe Woods near . Germany. The Eum Batch Taal rur was killed Jan. Is. Asama Tell pin no wage Over a i Roe year a to toward med Tettat bord a Kalwan Alakl the ii rent conform generally with pc commend anon Nad by an Emir in try fart feed Lair Board to prov int Ewaen howver March 15 for to to it of to Jatre earnt Ca u for Road and and Yard Senork workers to rec in a first year we incr a of 124 cents an hour Retro act to nov i 19b& second Aad third in creases of seven cent an hour be come effective nov. 1, 1967. And nov 1. 196&a moratorium on further inn demands Dur if the life of the agreement which expires no. 1. 19s9. Is included in the att Lemetti i a17 included ii a cot of Theta escalator Edeuse prov Dib for a adjustments and amounting to agent a hour for each Point Hant in the Reem Jent Caa j Turner Price Index. sift new arms Washington up the North Atlantic treaty or Fanelsa Ion s top military planners a saturday to discus modern de ens tech Tewe. Inc ludic Futor plan to Arm nato me Rabor with Elded missiles a comma jew issued at t6 opening of the meet for a that the Lutary Emmittee will Achtor Una Throo a pm it on new a Fri left Washington ins director j. Edgar Hoover of the Fri Lin disclosed that almost 3,000 Ameri cans bolted the communist party last year As Moscow mounted its anti statin Campaign. The Fri chief declared i Testi Mony released Friday that the propaganda crucifixion of the late soviet Premier Joseph Stalin left the us. Branch of the partying a chaotic state. Hoover said that party robs declined of Tom an estimated to0 atthe beginning of 1966 to a Low of 17360 a of a butt Jan. 1, a in a of " bal Mast warn aued. That numbers ing to thl instant. For her if Thos nations which have Etta tit Eom Arasom too Throat of Tampa the Fearis of strength alone an bitter trait of Lor tto Eif it of 20 of of Long Whit poors s Ghia to Shin Swanky Limo Italy a described he and the Wotty Bla St n flashy Tattan Buat Autoro Btte with an american motor i ready for ship to Washington Tutu i Ina Well a thua sons late net the but Engineer Uberto Segre. Co owner of the Ghia work Here producers of Ultra modern Auto Mobile bodies said that the Auto Mobile will be president Eisenhower. Segre said that the vehicle Fen on of 90 ordered by the Chrysler corp which so Padua the motors for the luxurious limousine. A or def of Tat whether the limousine had a a purchased for or. Eisenhower or whether it a to be Given to the limousine. Approximate � feet Long and 1� feet Wida in equipped with an automatic dear opener and Spaet for Ravatto a tet Vaisioa to. Hoover told a to Mittee that to drop in a War Alp Junist a now Intel if to Jbv wait Cubit be and a. The member of the committs. Just Back from an 11-Day totter Fujs. Off Leary ref hath Notata Batson. To at to state department eth communique issued by Gen Bernard it. P. F. Is Siahaan. Kelp Riand chief of staff and cab Man of the committe. Sam in group works on the Arlen Dale Afnan laity and Tho far in the Tobt year that nato aos Belag it a always one a umm la Talaat " a dec Tad to com wrist party Una a stepped up a program of to fact which i a Nottjr bom oat your expert we. Tax friary of Donna to a front group prove a of dip. A be far greater vain to Tho Matt conspiracy or Tut we. Thi not Friday Sah Rejetta air fore a Thoem bonding no Tok to a of Rota Tive the signed to dispel a Tollary Emmitt aught to Tak Tat prs a sine the Lah tool at that wet a four cheat death in crash of b47 Hob of Lbw Garriy eap a 0aot bit it Sam to cot Pony of to or a Aweh it a hot Aasu maj a org w. Lug get

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