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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - April 6, 1962, Darmstadt, HesseBasement for the airways by Ken Hansen staff writer not Otteen men in Ankara. Turkey Are x responsible for keeping track of nights Over in nations. 4303jeh8 Square Miles of land and lb00,000 Square Miles of Ocean. They Are the Ankara flight service Cen Ter and their Job is to Monitor an ave Rageot u5q military flights a month Over Turkey. Ethiopia. French Somaliland the so Mali Republic. Aden. Yemen. Syria. Mada Gascar. Jordan Iran. Iraq saudi Arabia. The Bahrein islands an Independent coun try Kuwait India Nepal Pakistan an Afghanistan. The Center manned by six officers and seven enlisted men. Follows each flight to either a Safe Landing or into an area monitored by another Center located in the basement of a five Story building in a quiet residential Are of town learns of Safe arrivals chiefly through the communications system of the International cml aviation organization Ciao. Which operates in almost every country of the world and communicates via teletype the communications Are not always the Best and ome Slmaa it is eight hours be fore the Center learns of a Safe arrival according to capt James w. Nordmeyer of Morris. Ind one of the Center s five operations office. If the flight to to a strip in Turkey the Center Waits Only an Nour after estimate time of arrival Eta before beginning a preliminary communications search. Ift fief arrival was scheduled for any other country they wait three hours. If the preliminary search Falls to locate the plane an extended search is begun and air Rescue units at rams Tern Germany and wheelus air base in Libya Are notified. But generally the missing plane turn sup before then Nordmeyer Points out. The communications system uses lines that Hoover High mountains through underdeveloped countries and sometimes through several languages. Some of the communications hitches Are poor lines linguistic difficulties and Back logs on overloaded systems. Nordmeyer says much of the communications work formerly was handled by Dhahran air base in saudi Arabia which has since been phased out. Commander of the unit part of the us. Logistics up in Turkey is a Duffey a Carter of Oak Hill w. A. No in charge is sgt Herbert Hubbard. Of North High lands Calif. The Center was organized in september1958 when it monitored Only flights Over Turkey. When Dhahran phased out its responsibilities widened. Copt James a. Hargrove capt James w. Nor Dreyer on the Job in Ankara Center. Goren on Bridge v 4 but West vulnerable. West deals. North South have a 40 part. Core North 4 10 2 v 6 5 a q3 4, 10 9 86 54 West East 4 k 9 4 3 4 a q j 8 6 9 v a8 4 k 9 7 5 4 j 10 8 6 4 � j 73 2 i q South 4 75vkqj107432 4 24 a k the bidding West North pass pass 2 4 pass pass pass pass pass East soul i 14 2 pass 3 9 3 4 4 pass opening Lead this of 4 failure to pay need to his opponents line of defense Tod to declarer1 downfall in today s hand. Had he taken time to m the meaning behind Bast s sequence of plays the solution to his problem would have suggested bidding was influenced by the part score held by North an South. South was Content to be pushed up one notch at a , both of his opponents Are open to charge for failure to adopt a More aggressive attitude in competing particularly since it takes a Diamond Ruff to defeat four Spades. West opened the three of Spades and. When East won the trick with the Ace he promptly shifted to the Singleton Queen of clubs. It was his mention to grab the first Trump Load and put part Ner to with the King of Spades in Ord a to obtain a club Ruff. Dec Lenrer won East s club re turn and forthwith led the ten of hearts from his hand. The oui Cuine was just As East had planned it. And the resulting club Ruff put the contract Down by one trick. By applying the ques Tion and answer method. South could have successfully Circum vented his opponents did East s unusual club shift signify that he was Shortin that suit and wanted to obtain a Ruff. How was he going to get partner in for that Pur pose by Means of a High Spade Honor which West obviously can Declarer do to sever his opponents tines of communication if South takes the seemingly unnecessary Diamond finesse Pecan obtain an immediate Spade discard provided that West hold the King of diamonds. Now when East is in with the Ace of Trumps he is unable to reach partner s hand and Declarer winds up los ing Only one Spade and one heart h Declarer elects to play East for the King of diamonds an alternate line of play is Diamond is led to the Ace and the Queen is returned. If East covers with the King a Spade i discarded from the closed hand and West is unable to gain the Lead. Tit a Blaco trip Tyml the Mummy on it is doubtful the Pacific halt a ing the Story Tat what resemblance. It a a. Is a reprint of the Bounty. A foot. Wad it tic in december Msj to Satt to Tahiti tothe West indies. In command a Bufil in the Pacific with the mate opiate27,000-mile voyage that taste Timon slut. The Bligh and his Crew got a very Friendly and spent six months collecting breadfruit the voyage. Trading Etc. In tact the they were reluctant to leave. Group led by Fletcher Christian overpowered the ship and put Bligh and & members of open boat. In one of the genuine epics of3.600 Miles in 47 Days subsisting on bits of caught Birds before they readied safety in an afterword recounts the Fate of Theta red and hanged. Christian and eight of the pm Caira Island with a group of native women years later when an american ship chanced one Man was still alive. The others had been quarrels and murders. Bligh went before a court martial but Wasto fight alongside lord Nelson and eventually new South Wales in Australia. By the perfect squelch edited by Ashley Halsey or. Gold Neal a Over vote has thought up a crushing Annie a who thinks he s had the last word of have a habit of popping into your head several hours Are of longer of use. Here s a collection of con a their authors claim from the saturday evening a Mack Eye trying one on somebody there Are 123 the worlds of Clifford Simak Ai the name Clifford Simak on a science fiction Book it recommendation to make it a Best seller. This collection imaginative and believable stories is Well Worth the attest fan. There s the very human Story of the Skunk who Wai if this world the Story of the big Surprise Earth got Fita surrender to the fivers after losing All its Sta ships the a moved into Coon Valley and gave the local residents Happy surprises Etc. Goods of. Well told. A a a Volf la a la b bag editor. The stars Ano stripes Apo its. t us my and add to name will a and kept Confida Attol mi., w a Condo nit for publication a Scurf kith editing do not Ulter the Granfe Fri Chrome domes and Billy o Bryon several months Back an article appeared in the stars that May have been one of the great morale Booster it not Only lifted the eyebrows and hearts of tens of threaders it instilled a new urge to carry on. I refer of course to the news of an English boy acc Denering a hair restorer that was foolproof. The item stat grow hair on a Man Bald for 18 alas As All Good stories go the boy dropped the ing the precious liquid. Only a few drops remained which-1 was having Analysed. My question is quite obvious old dear old daddy Analysed and is he now making a Fortune turning it quantities or perhaps there was not enough of the to have Analysed and he gave the boy the beating he served or was it All just a publicity stunt to gain some sort of crazy recognition if it has been developed please let us know How soon it will Beon the Market Chrome dome dear cd Koacie dome " we Are very sorry to report that there has been no further word on 13-year-old Billy o Brien s Miracle hair it May Well be that the further sex Dexter pertinent which papa o Brien wished to conduct have not been completed u May be chemical analysis has not been completed. It could also whole hairy tale has disappeared into the shaggy Dag As a Consolation to help you Over the waiting period mend aks woeful Reading of an article which appeared a stripes on Friday March 9, 1u62. It concerned actor Brad his experience As a temporary Baldy. The heart of the mat found in these excerpts being a Bachelor in a girl heavy town 1 always Lucky with women but nothing like i be been since i became j i m not bragging but for the first time in my life i m being j instead of pursuing. .1 May have to let my hah grow oat them Oft and loot at pitl Brynner s effect on women. In manned Chrome domes of the world Taka courage be the stars and stapes Friday april

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