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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - April 5, 1961, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars and strikes nov Fri in the win world Law it to a Lhorty in the inti a tuuoa�1 formula Junior i omit tur him Iii. Pm Nulion behind 8uf it wore bridal we i Vid i tit nil in in a in third. Is flirt whoop the t4th up of us a map Flo Mali final Uvo Rit to.7 , was wok s rat ing late a headlined by sunday s formula i _ grand prix of Bru owls. In event which figures to Bis one of the Troat important non world championship it of year. The race which Wylli be run on n circuit Nair Tho Kiu of the worlds fair of 1938, will be tinned in threw Hon in of 100 Kilometres ouch time a limited to 19 ear. Among those ent right re world i. Nil Over a of Cru. It i urls to to a Good one. A All the various Tennis which will compete for this Yar world top me still Hal Tina the heirs out of Thor int a and it mud in oms raw. Other a Vimit. On the of help new Vul Hilk Tinb just North of Var onto Italy Ond the hymn Ruck Auto Luh Hll climb nor Luhn. A whimpered in Mil t or Ond the owls Drivers school will by a cd it monthly by Row j in is Hurt Iii a Ridway both of the a hailed Ulso a Tkv minutes Gnu intr Hong of cords yer my Hiilei of the Dikiy it Wjk. With � Bow hols Biol bicycle and n a it Cili Isit so Slih u 1.9-Lut-r Dot we Nglam of nil ihj8. "f.cord-Brviiklnb,. The Nolor Rye a Kio formula t Goodwood Terna Tionel "100," nmn event of the i Ormut Lonuel entity r i Ekmond Rode ht-r1, a slim crowd of 20.000,. Hold do Vry by Rotl Natorp Fri Ray Lar Liq. To Lii Stew win two of th�j6ilj i a in. On the Prog Nim Nunci to filiph of Tittle -1"-, a a Watsn hit by a run a driving u Coop of it impel into the tefts tit the attn of the formula 1 " Wirht cult mods hot on i la wok they Tiv proct cutly Noso to Talf for the t with ,munuatfi8ilrslto Forup in front Only once. To gof of Soj tonal with Uio win. Monduy tint outcome j Nve with Niit on n. \ in Rouchey 95.2 in ha1in. 188 the entry i Ute inc imn Het a Sci Nidert to Sti Lidny n darn Tiomi. Thet to hts huns Riwk Auto club no had it of Titi it Fyk. The vont which Thi Imti isun counts for the nmn annul Hlll climb . Will Ono again bit Luiu on the. course if a Ted a nil in ibid it Lut tiled Juat North of Kirn with the Wal of two limed runs i a uniting Gnu Ike will to from Sitifur Dtta with the offic Lut runs stir Iii to 10 my Tufty morning interest Paru Dimoth in to Rii Lin of. La. Proper hoi Iid Tell Jim Jarvi at Icahn uni tiler 718 or Lvi 2741. Hir Hill can in reached from the Frankfurt or a by driving a it Hud Kyj c Tutsch on a Milf 4t mid i Ontic Uini will to Kirn Norih on Tiff main Roud out of Kirn from Tia Bubu Rii i i to Huntin hum Stoft Tualla. try lat Hub cd a tin. A in Rud to Kirn. Lit spoils try club of for Dalim in rail is in will foe from � a 11 Otto b my. With lit. Ii ices treo i old buy churn in ii proc. What in or us Ulvi Mill in Del Pulilli by us or la pm inc Lihr he Hui for � Tutor Tel i who re lat a in la Wnm n Tith will re pure i he till wih a Flat Furj Itiat win a. I thl uni Der tint Vork a Mil old four Olindro. Kin which i for Umi tinder Liin to few Forni Iila i r g u i t 1 u n Otu run. A Rock Lindu r want nine for the anti h Nin. Yielded. Both Kup Shtein Wii nil ing toil trim s 6 Cul 8 Lul p lit the titter Bolti Laird for flub us Denver Culf Lier a i oru r on option for Fern or in our of i in Piir Lilc c a st Len Tutt it so u c 11 v c firm. Sold to Loi Tasvill won1 Pitcher Etc Smith from inv or nil Pitcher Jim stump of Indianapolis up to u la Iii Titi is of Arn rec a Cliff Cook to Hollif r bob1 Krop from Llu in., in in to to a Tutu a m of d a up to 10,000 rent Ait inn d Utu Urli Mmel by t h i factory Crft i h n Bolhm ins Roi Pri Fri Loii Iii to i ciiltk1 Ruji imply. To nth a Mumm torn n d Trokel four Gnu hot Choffi w p i r trl or dual if Idt Lon twit plug i or Cylinder dry unit Iii re Jatko Cooling Lover Uip a i for of Thi pm a a per him err and pm in the dirt Lioun Foi irn a Ilni Hir a gent four of Trull fam two on Wirls he k a from Prev lot or not a Mitlin w plan inn tried of ill Uruu mrlik Neilland d put 1 run tier i Tirlet r thl i or Nori Wirtl univ hurl Nam War fwd and nol a i . , although no la Firic Werc it a he can lick to Lily. New for in Erwim will ten or run u Mph lil thur we lit from Mif ill it plan of the Culvor Pali Teil Rar. Two Kro jux it Burtor had it a i Al record inst your with til Umbria. So Ami Cook in enl big Mcmari a culled up by in jul ils let Only from tic i i lit tur led id Horn rum incl Ittis ail Lucuns Tampa la Cap the1 Gin a Linfitt Ittis Kimyo Elt Fht plus a Felt la r John a awards trip first he Quiniin of fort Lipok for to minor i Tatj file ii Fuu Lull i Thi pitchers it r Al 7mvh mortar by fifty Lippi in Eyer div steel ibo a Johnny Flavin a tire Folt Lor John John Tfelt Surut or by v Pierce freely Moat of the Why i in t sort Unell th0 Tiht Kow. They got Giitl our 6e runs in that Trini Nir on our ?ir.jtrftifttt3 r _ -. I a t. .1 j in re the with 4 vent for Tifesi Clur Cap a if or inc a first major monday o who Junior main Thrett Bra Lebam in. Ain the Brok i j -5-s?�s at the. I lot tar of this the Only Bonn Tor in v ,3, Glare third bundle Jupitz skiing farm ism Cloudy by. Hill my

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