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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - April 4, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePago 24 d the stars and stripes Thun Day april 4, 19 combat pay okd along Korea Doz Washington is a estimated 4,000 . Troops stationed along the demilitarized one in South Korea Are now eligible to draw $65 a Montho Xira As hostile fire pay the defense department announce Der Lay. ,1 new pay was authorize monday by Alfred b. Fitt assist ant defense Secretary for Man Xaver and Reserve affairs based on recommendations by the join chiefs of staff. The proposal had been for sometime. An the past combat pay i South Korea was awarded Only for the month in which a serv iceman was wounded. Since the end of the korean War in 1953,31 americans have been killed and 71 wounded As a result of incidents in the Doz according to the defense department. Extension of hostile fire pay to elements of the 2nd and 7th inf dive the major units of the58,000 . Military forces in South Korea results from continued acts of terror sabotage and infiltration by North Kore ans into South Korea and particularly in and around the to sources the communists committed about 600of these acts last year. According to Fitt s memo hos tile fire pay will be awarded to those stationed in the following areas on or after april 1 North of the Itjin River an South of the Doz extending from the intersection of the River and the Doz on the West along the Doz to a Point in the Vicinity of Pintil then Southwest to the North Bank of the Impi River in the Vicinity of i 1 Lii to i by a lot mmehez9 yacht sinks h Safe san Diego Calif. A honeymoon couple and six other persons from writer entertainer Bill Dana s sunken yacht were on their Way wednesday to Sandiego after floating 10 hours in the Pacific god everyone got off safely and were rescued Dana said in Hollywood tuesday night after a research vessel picked up the survivors from a raft and Dinghy off the tip of Mexico s Baja California to sadly added in the manner of Jose Jimenez the character he portrayed in a television series i have a Pic Ture of the yacht. I plan to look at it on weekends and cry Dana was not aboard the Craft when it inexplicably foundered and Sank 15 minutes after Send ing its first distress Call. The seven passengers and the Pilot Edward a. Grossman of los Angeles who formerly owned the vessel scampered onto the raft and Dinghy and lashed them together. The were seen by a coast guard search plane about 40 mile North Northwest of Cabo san Lucas a tiny Peninsula said the yacht the Reina Rosilee suddenly opened up at the seams in route from Acapulco its Home port to Loa survivors were picked by the David Starr Jordan oceanographic research vessel they were expected to read san Diego by Friday. 1 aboard the vessel were thl newly married Grossman and his wife Terre and six Acapulco residents Carlos Garcia a urto Sylvia Garcia or. Airs. Carlos Delgado Marc Cruz and Juan Cruz. Or talks 61. Contained from Page 1 score of benefits such As social Security leave and mustering out payments travel allowances medical care disability pay ments education privileges Loans civil service preference and other benefits usually accorded to veterans. Jones left his unit the 4tharmd div s 4th Cav at Schwal Bach Germany in january 1967.he voluntarily surrendered to army authorities after flying from Stockholm to Frankfurt March 12. United press International quoted defense counsel capt. Thomas ii. Atkins As telling the court Jones realizes he made a big mistake. He has Learned his lesson. Give this Man a Chance to make something of his Atkins disclosed according to up that Jones twice tried to kill himself after his return charging an armed guard i Frankfurt 24 hours later hoping he d be shot an slashing his wrists in the Nuernberg stockade March i the sentence is subject to re View by the 4th army div cd maj. Gen. E. C. D. Scherrer who can reduce the punishment but cannot make the sentence More severe. The trial was held at the Wil Liam o. Darby Cavern courtroom of the North Bavaria District i Fuerth. Jones was returned to the Fuerth stockade where he formerly served As a guard pending execution of the sentence. Continued from Page vietnamese response to pres ident Johnson s bid sunday night that peace talks begin promptly radio Hanoi said Ina broadcast 1 the North vietnamese government declares its Readi Ness to Send its representatives to make Contact with . Representatives to decide wit the . Side the unconditional cessation of bombing and allot her War acts against the dry North Vietnam so that talks could there have been dozens of peace proposals or feelers to Hanoi by the United states other countries and individuals Over the past four wednesday s statement is the first positive appeared Likely that unless there Are some undisclosed strings attached to Hanoi s offer a meeting Between .and North vietnamese officials will take president in announcing new bombing restrictions Sun Day coupled with his Call for peace talks said ambassador Saverell Harriman and Llewellyn Thompson would be available Togo to Geneva or any other suitable place just As soon Ashanti agrees to a in his sunday night broadcasting which he ordered a bombing pause covering most of the North vietnamese territory Johnson said the United slates was try ing to take a positive step thai could Lead to he said lit was recognized by the other Side it could Lead to another step that might end this Ter Rible said wednesday we went just As far As we could go without yielding the lives of oui boys who he said were concentrated at Khe Sanh. The North vietnamese the presi Dent said had poured several Tousand men into this area and were moving trucks and sup plies there. We cannot let these truck Sand troops come through and run Over our ii the Worth vietnamese would Stop moving men and troops the president said we could we d like to Stop it All the president added if the North vietnamese would t take Hanoi radio in a broadcast of the official English language text of the reply called John son s statement a defeat and at the same time a Perfidio Strick but reiterated that the communists were ready to talk. The broadcast monitored i Tokyo almost two hours after the vietnamese language version was heard in Washington and Saigon was much longer anymore strongly worded than the translated said recently in the face of an extremely critical Situa Tion with no Way out in South Vietnam Ami heavy setbacks inthe War of destruction in North Vietnam in the face of great difficulties political social and financial due to the aggressive War in Vietnam and in the face of Ever stronger pres sures from world Public opinion and from progressive american opinion president Johnson has had to announce the limited bombing of North Vietnam. This is a defeat and at the same time a perfidious trick of the . Government to appease Public opinion. In fact the . Government keeps sending . Troops to South Vietnam makes every Effort to strengthen the puppet army and asks for additional appropriations to Pur sue the aggressive War in Viet Nam. However for its part the government of the democratic Republic of Vietnam declares its readiness to appoint its representative with a View of deter mining with the american Side the unconditional cessation of the . Bombing raids and allot her acts of War against the democratic Republic of Vietnam so that talks May doves and the Hawks in con Gress viewed North Vietnam Soffer As an encouraging first step toward possible peace but cautioned against premature j. William Ful Bright of the Senate foreign relations committee acknowledged that he May have guessed wrong in predicting tuesday that president John son s order restricting bombing of North Vietnam would be of Little consequence. The Hanoi offer Fulbright said is quite different from the outright rejections we have received on past sen. John c. Stennis d-miss.,a Hawk commented it is impossible now to determine just what is meant but it certainly appears to be significant and Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield who has opposed administration War poli cies said he hoped this will be the move that will break the ice Jam. I Hope it is pos Sihto take this first step with laying Down of insuperable House Republican leade Gerald r. Ford said i Ai,.pleased that we have had some response. From , Stuart Symington do summarized the offer to talk Asl a step Forward but i Don to think it s anything we ought to do Handspring i sen. Albert Gore the report thus far Isje nebulous. ,. But at least i seems to be movement in the right although Hanoi appeared Tol be offering Only to meet to talk about its conditions for peace talks the United states has Saidh was willing to discuss the con editions for peace negotiations. Diplomatic sources noted that Hanoi was still insisting any final settlement in South Viet-1 Nam must be based on the fundamental principles of the program of the National libera Tion front the political of the Viet Hanoi broadcast Al geared to be framed to permit first tentative .-North vietnamese Contact on the War without committing Hanoi to any major Concession. Hanoi s offer caught the Saigon i government by Surprise. Spokes men for president Nguyen Van Thieu and vice president by said they had no rammed la ate comment. Humphrey Frk Confer with lbs closing . 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Market again sets Hee ords new York a trading volume on the new York Stock Exchange soared to a record19,290,000 shares wednesday in a powerful reaction to Hanoi broadcast offer to talk with the United states about a comple Ehalt of the bombing of North total topped the record of 17.73 million shares set this week s hectic Trad ing the previous Mark of 18.41million snares had stood since oct. 29, 1929, the Day of thereat Market crash. The Dow Jones average of 30industrials closed with a gain of 5.15 Points at 869.11 after having been up 13.12 Points at 11 30 gains by some of the Glamor issues were Cut Bac considerably by the close. The ticker tape run about u minute late at the close. Burlier there was u record lag of 47 minutes inthe tape. The two meetings were Arate and the White House had almost nothing to say about Cinther one. It indicated in would1 maintain silence. Kennedy and Humphrey Are possible finalists in the show a Down for the democratic presidential nomination along Witnel sen. Eugene j. Mccarthy of Minnesota. Kennedy is actively campaigning now and Humphrey is expected to say within a Wees or two whether he will run White House press Secretary George Christian said he knew of no plans for Johnson to con Fer with Mccarthy and was Una Ware of any request fro Mcarthy for a conference. Kennedy had asked for meeting with Johnson an Humphrey had announce planned to see the pres Hunt too obviously Elxnit what May happen now in the Al Johnson s renunciation of attempt for a second full " Kennedy was first in " . Est for a talk with Lohn son in the Cabinet room Humphrey came in for a conf Fien set at 11 . Beyond announcing then Christian Hud Little to Adi showed Little intention of to provide details Neusus sought

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