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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - April 4, 1961, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars and stripes 7th army cd tap for spit of a by Bix Noton Long Bayreuth Germany up of the 7th army Rrt your weary Meks. 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St Ritsi Seii Luil the Hull Lilg it i Oti Flik in o i Estes arrives in l.a., takes aerospace Ankles up it to to no we m. Al � i tuts arrived he from to Mfume Eton Nind of that new air for Jornd to officer of t c j Uty for to to a j air Jav oni Findt r at Mari h air fat Tiit his Fiskjr cnllf., will a pm Blush now ,1, Road und fir a air for Thi up Vintem i it a Holg Gusti a Ivan formic try co of the Gorp of so nigh Bill Lastlo ton of ice Deputy t for Alt n us Uin and cot if Yvo. O in till Puiai Mussid tent to Chw Unm Ninnor. System ii Olvil Slung prig it Obi the the Vii Pote of the Mij rely. That f to a by Matij Jen or ugh Fich a an Utah Jurf co. Chi irks Hokd fourths a of con Fuli i o in of in Job and Tili Allty to mkt Churg. Ii full rioted no of Imper Linic off. To no. 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