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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - April 3, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 16 the stars and stripes Wod Nidoy april 3, the stars and stripes log 17 dolls Are used for practice in preparation for real babies to come. A school for Mutti Margerethe Eckel Scham sewing instructor helps student Cut out a pattern. Is photos by Jim Cole by Mary Neth Femina editor one could t find a More serious group of Young women than those who flanked the Long table. Neatly gowned in Square necked White aprons they stood there absorbed in the Job at hand putting powder on baby dolls. In the room next door an expert seamstress advised on an intricate problem in sewing downstairs pot bubbled in a modern Kitchen where a half dozen women were trying a Gour met dish and from somewhere in the building one could hear voices of Small children raised in play. It was a Day at Darmstadt s Mutte Schule school for mothers Busy Day As Otti Sander the director was helping out in the class for expectant mothers where Young women Are taught everything about caring for babies from bathing them to fixing time out from showing a blonde wide eyed Young woman How Tofit a diaper on a doll she spoke about the school s goals and it s s Young women Are More sophisticated than those of generation past. They want to know the modern Way of doing things. They Aren t Satis fied with just doing tilings the Way grandmother offer just about everything for housewives sewing cooking pre Natal and child care instruction in House keeping budgeting even dieting and physical fitness than 2,300 women enrolled in classes last year More than 870 Cameto special lecture according to miss Sander the school in a modern two Story building close to the Center of town is unique in that it s operated by the City. Other schools like Purs exist in Ger Many and there Are similar ones in the scandinavian countries but most rerun by the state. At times i think the City fathers have wondered if a school for mothers was really necessary. But its popularity has Given it Sta Tus. Many of the women attending come from the surrounding hear about it by word of the mutter Schule first came Intoe Stanco in 1929 the original building was bombed out during the War but i Twain t until 1005 that it began operating on its present the change probably Speaks a lot for the new Outlook in German family life. In generations past when Youn women Learned about keeping House from their mothers a school that concentrated on training them to do just that might have been More sneered a than cheered. But times Are different women like their american counterparts work before and after marriage says miss Sander. A school for housewives fills a real the Man s role is changing too the old fashioned idea that a Man Haj no business helping out in the Home is going by the Wayside. Take for example the statement made recently by a Young husband who came in for a few classes in baby care we re both excited about the Prospect of having the baby he said. Why should my wife do All the work alone " but though Young German men More frequently Titan not come to one or two sessions on baby care miss Sander says they remain a bit shy about partic i just Hope no one at the office finds out i m putting booties on dolls is a pretty common classes similar in scope to evening programs offered by Many pub Lic schools in the the biggest attendance of participation in the morning and afternoon classes gets a big boost from one of the favorite parts of the program the child care mom sits at a sewing machine or works in the Kitchen her offspring is getting Export attention. Younger ones from four months on Are watched Over in a Nursery. Older children up to the third Grade paint color and Pley with blocks. Tote kindergarten program ties in wit classes on child development at which fathers and mothers bring up Persona problems for discussion. The Nursery and kindergarten pro Grams cause a bit of a traffic jaw though says miss Sander. The Hall ways Are always full of buggies Ana baby infant and child care differ greatly in German and american households no says miss Sander. We even use Many of the same be Story on Page 17. But As yet diaper service Here. Therefore we advise Many of our Young women who plan to work after the baby is born to buy paper makes baby care easier for Rand Mother who often is in charge my is a saving when one adds up laundry costs and extra Layette items such a soakers that would be needed otherwise. There s no doubt that the is How which is open five Days a week Day and evening operates on the most mod Ern principles. We be just held a seminar Fot nuts Rod couples. Next on the schedule Are cons sos by expert Interior decorators and psychologists concludes miss san continually work to broaden let program keep up to Spock Geneil you name them any of the american experts on child care and psychology and you can find them in Germany. It about reached the Point that if a theory on child care in t from the states it just in t accepted says oth Sander waving toward a bookshelf of such translated works in her office. Take for example your or. Benjamin Spock. We recommend his Book to those taking our expectant mothers the Grant fatherly White haired author of the common Book of baby and child Cora May be a controversial figure in the ., but not in Germany. German moms accept him Nuques Jon singly As a Man who knows what he s talking Logout babies of course. Few Are aware that recently he a taken to speaking out on More than formulas diapering and the month old Colic that in the His outspoken views on Vietnam have angered Many a former devotee. Wrote one such Mother in fury i just Tore your Book apart with my Bare to us Spock is just the sympathetic baby doctor a famous american expert says miss Sander. Accord ing to her his commonsense calming manual on babies which has sold 19 million copies in 29 languages since 1946is a favorite with Young German mothers. Miss Sander can t quite explain the phenomenon that has made the Experts leaders in the Field. Whatever the reason with German mamas flipping through american manuals whenever tiny Heinz or Heidi lets out a whimper or a whine it s easy to see bringing up baby has lost a lot of its National flavor. Often a new approach originating in Europe has to travel to the states before it s a Novice seamstress tries on Blouse she s made. New sewing courses begin almost every week. Otti Sander director of mutter Schule helps boy with kindergarten Art project d g and mothers alike. Besides dressmaking instruction they re taught wardrobe Cote mutter Schule i sewing classes attract High school gins Ana u

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