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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - April 2, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseJackie is. Married men by Maris Ross up staff writer Jackie Collins has a pretty Low opinion of most men in show Busi Ness. She thinks they use women As a commodity take full advantage of the casting Couch and get married simply because a girl looks great to turn up with at a , in the belief that wives Benefit by an outside interest she wrote a boo about the world she left for marriage after the Standard buildup As a British Collins 27, May have been pre ceded As an actress turned authoress by Diane Cilento wife of actor Sean con Jackie Collins the authoress in typical working outfit. Nery. But she is hard to beat for Shee sexiness and frankness in the world is full of married men her just published first think far too Many wives sit Back and shut their eyes to what men Are up to said miss Collins in her London Penthouse near Buckingham Palace where she wrote the Book Between housekeeping and looking after her two daughters. Men think it is Okay for them to do what they like but not for women. I just want to let a few married me know they Are not getting away with should be quickly pointed out that miss Collins regards her second Hus band former Broadway producer and nightclub owner Oscar Lerman As a exception. Lerman is credited with making London swing he introduced the discotheque there. Al he Book starts with a dust jacket depicting five men in bed with a blonde and proceeds through the breakup of the marriage of an advertising exec in route Are a would be Star let who by the second paragraph of Chebook wears no makeup or clothes a sadistic movie producer with a two Way Mirror in his bedroom a cynical photographer who makes love betwee shots and a lot More of the same. Miss Collins started out wanting Tobe a journalist but was expelled from school at 15 and thought this left he without journalistic qualifications. She saw her sister actress Joan Collins now married to actor composer an Thony Newley doing Well in movies an decided to give acting a try. I had a lot of fun but always found it was very Boring she said. And i Don t think one can Combine marriage and a show business career. The temptations Are too Many and the location too far miss Collins is now at work on a new novel. She has already sold the movie rights of the first and Hopes women will learn from it not always to believe him when he phones up and says he is working late tonight Darling " letters to the editor dear Ann Landers 1 am eight months pregnant and unusually Large. The doctor has told me i am not having twins but it looks like most important thing right now is Comfort. My husband weighs 200 a funds and his old trousers fit me perfectly. I realize i do not look like fashion plate but Why would anyone expect me to last week my husband Madean uncomplimentary remark about my appearance an specifically mentioned that 1 look terrible in trousers. Told him they Are the most comfortable things around Andi am not trying to make the Best dressed list. Last night he brought Nistoss Home unexpectedly Tor dinner and there 1 was in my favorite outfit. Me was notice ably upset and let me know Hewan t very Happy with the Way 1 looked. After the tips left he yelled in a loud voice about my sloppiness and 1 am sure the next door neighbor Sheard every word. Will you comment please Zeppelin dear Zepp a husband who brings his Boss Home unexpectedly or anyone else Lor that matter should not be critical Page 14 of what he finds. This is a very inconsiderate move. Pregnancy however is no excuse to look like a Slob. The maternity House dresses Andyes even Slacks if you prefer trousers Are extremely attract Ive and mighty comfortable. Be Good to yourself these last few weeks. When you look better you la feel better. Dear Ann Landers we go with a group mostly professional people who Are social drinkers. One Friend in particular Veronica does not drink. Whenever someone offers her a cocktail she says thank you no. I am an alcoholic and i can t touch a drop of an announce ment of this Type invariably produces a dropped jaw and a stunned expression. I m sure some people think she s nuts. The other evening i took Veronica aside and told her i Twain t necessary to make a Temperance speech that a Sim ple no. Thank you would suf fice. She became indignant and declared it was her duty to educate people to the problem of alcoholism and that she in tends to crusade to this end forever. Is she a nut jul Anit adear a she May be but if she is she s a nut with courage and i Admire her for it. Per haps she tried saying no thank you and after being pestered by Well meaning but ignorant friends to have Justine she decided to give them the whole Load. I say Hooray for Veronica. Dear Ann Landers i have been engaged to Gerald for four and a half years. Whenever 1 make a Date to see the pastor about wedding arrangement Gerald either forgets has to leave town or he takes so he Falls asleep Tor two Days. He is a Mamma s boy an still sits on his Mother s Lap when she trims his Eyebrow with a cuticle scissors. He gives his Mamma his paycheck an she gives him an allowance. Incidentally Gerald is 31 Yea sold. I am sure if i could drag him away from his Mother he d be a mat husband. My ques Tion is this How can i get him to marry Mel l l dear . My question i this Why in the world do you want him copyright 1968. Publishers Hall Syndicate the stars and stripes opening a Case of Supply and demand reference letters to the editor March 26, arid to used to it i people employed in Supply depots yes or what have you try to order merchandise on a basis of past consumption and number of personnel being supported. There Are Many patrons who feel when they see an item that has been out of Stock that if they take two or three now they won t have to worry about not being without this item for a while. J this has a two fold effect 1 other people will be without the item and 2 the person ordering this item will note a High con a sumption and increase the next order to meet this higher demand when the item is received it does not move and gets Zodl this has happened in the Case of the Stow turnovers and Youj Don t have to be a Genius to figure it out. The moral of this Story to All shoppers is buy exactly what you need so others May have the Opportunity to buy also. Management no matter who it is German or american or what have you Are All trying to please the customers. However they can not outguess the Public. 1 to. Sgt. F. A. Cell Brindisi Italy soul sister for soul brother i m writing to request that you put More pictures of soul sister beauties in your news paper. I would like you to print pictures of them even i they Are not celebrities. You seem to have pictures of other races of women to boost the gis morale which is goo Bikini Clad in fashion clothes Etc. I As part of the new generation of negro and having of goodly Token of racial Pride i would be most appreciative. We soul brother gis moral would be highly boosted. Soul Broth Neil dear soul brother after much soul Sisti searching the stars stripes has come up wit Little something which ought ill comply with your request. In response to your urgings we fired off a letter to a Chicago publishing company. Lii letter read in part one of our readers _. Himself soul b r o t h e Rha asked Why we do not Public editor s note Lin Porter left is 18, a native St. Albans Long Island and is now living in Angeles. She s just what doctor ordered and will it her nurse vocational training Ujj the los Angeles Trade Tel Nical College in , Linda 34-21-3 studies modern dancing rid horseback and fast motorcycle pictures of negro girls Al with our other cheesecake the answer is simple sources do not Send us could you As publishers of t leading negro magazines Lus where we can turn to of Hajj these pictures a set of shapely answers the form of winsome glossies Complete with names and i statistics came by return and we think you la agree members of the Star stripes staff that the eyes i it and the wait Infortuna though it May have been of Well Worth this gives your moral a Well deserved lift. The editor 23? Kiddoo one of the Best ways to see Germany and surrounding Coundrie i think is by bus. But the Tours i be been on were so marred smoking. On the last one the bus Driver smoked cigars two � smoked pipes one very Strong and smelly and six ladies smok cigarettes. One lady smoked 23 on our return trip. Tours j for sightseeing but it s difficult through All the smoke. Smoking should be a person s own business. But when it i confined area it becomes everybody s Burden. I feel it should1 discontinued. Since smokers Are addicted it could be arranged have a few More rest stops for these people. The fresh Airbed welcomed by All. Mrs Anne Gar Stuttgart Geri tuesday april 2,

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