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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - April 2, 1961, Darmstadt, Hesse-5 if-1, director acc put la phone donated Lola it hot Pitat by the Alysee officers w1v pub a my filed of High Are or. C d. Craw weft Amuti and or. Klemol Atalay. Nato social news the their Daug Nurr Quincy at the . Hat been in in and mrs a graduate offer Cir in her father an of hellenic air l Deputy chief raises Ives ejects item. Morocco i Havy of leers to my Bec a con outstand in tries w. ?it,.mbaidor to a adv Thor Adial Steven son. La accomplish Belu of of if Opl in their and various n he it tit . And wife of the Arvaj Actlvijif-8 i Hope that Witch slow our largest pro program now which for cow set in the air Elk operations Somloi com of Oji. No a an of staff for i Lifis Randitt title Arak Ultis tier nor son ton University he Nirve is a a ref re of Fifer in ill aft not and in Germany to i mar Insi j i Rrussell Mcgregor pc Villeux once Snehal Anita Jean m 3rcjjor of Girard i. 4 and 1st la Harold Brucers it of Roc tet r. By re Rhan Piffl mar nag Vowk before chaplain maj Simon St Ott at the be , fief in Gnu Khlar of my and mrs Martin to it re or of Devreux is employed at the Lovnel Rod and fun club Hus wll Ismar Heiling officer of the 31" h Supply Mazzore Guarino to r it k j 6 a d. Gun Jno of , and h. Rock Marwic Ofila Mondville. Tex were married in the base Chapel j i n e cont Albami m old of Hon Bra mow 1.aon. Franc special Ann Homow. Dau Shter of and mrs Lorenee Bramow and s St i t Bald in. Norton sex chunk in Iti Virrl be vows in a Cre Mony performed by chaplain its Mylka. A or Dun o of in w Worix stale ten Teri Ltd Ihu it a Jim Burk. By before the teaching staff tit theg Erminy it a i Citadel in . S. A. Ami u soft Tiok a with the tobit old Lin in maim. French general to speak . Germany Csc in Cine French Brig in i i err d Deputy cute of staff for administration nil Iii Sti Central army group has Willif guest so Kiiker it of the it id Lbert Canterl can Wom a. Club Marld special eighteen students at Madrid american High school were inducted into the National Honor society at a addressed by it col John a. Henderson chief of professional services fit the Torre Jon base Hospital Laurence Butler principal presented certificates to the new members introduced by Charlesb. Johnson society sponsor new members include seniors Kendall cd Ltd Era Madeleyn co Lon Lyli Koen and Chuck Manes Jiin Uirt sue Carlson Dave Cul Verwell Phil Here Zandez Jamesray and Richard Stoltz and sophomores Marsha Boca an Namjin Leslie Kurtz. Clemence of. Kusano born. John Pitts. By Nim Salyer of Ery Schafor i gift Robert Skuro Futty members previously inducted were Doris Alejandro Sharon Alvord. Nancy Anderson Janet Byrne. Met Finuff Coral Nylon. Ken it Rahors opus Jones Corinne Tor by. Put Lees. Nancy Robin son. Mich fill Smith Sharon suit Kathy a Hlls and Jean Wynn. Induct there Are 19 new National Honor society members at Fie Many american a Lijah school. Non Matni to their sponsor mrs. A cite up san. Newly mud Tetli enfors Are Johnsn a kit Julieth Bond flu. Inn icon Claudia Edwarda an Sybrant juniors Sherry Bromser Kline Dye Merle ertl Kny Fowler mull Korp Myram Nek Himl Patricia my Curc Linda Hal Radul ? and Steve Bremer. named included Sheila Fig Kotuis Bernard Lee Virginia Shore Don Woods and Susan world y. David Lerner n senior in the american High a shool it Bushy i arc. Iii unit Juis been named finalist in the a jowl National Merit so Molnr shop other former it Denu Norman of Corona do. Calif.,Michael Lippe of be Hestia m of Rand linger of Lakenheath. England who took the test in Flik lust year Hnyp been finn seniors it Hhd Eiberg Ani t Jan he Jofh school Marc Lam flt turf am Fiul a. Ill Mont , science Ann Nix Stu files. And Ito scr Industrial Orts new Momb to Lifave been in into the Al rent chapter Taho Nijiu Onnel Honor society. The sextet John Hort Borbara Usler _-,r-.,.b1 �. I i we of a Ftp. A mi4f l i of Tii i. Were Robort Arnold Ann Garvin Jimr attn a Nancy smary "liz.wacheridorf, Eliante � pens a nines Akk " " " Johns. John Warnock is super in lenient % a 7-. Of schools in Vicenzo and a scouts Hano Baroir la i Nold Goldstein serves its Ftp Awty Benwa in i fifty three students in the bit cell a it co4etigei�i piee.nurg1, Germany de Endt a Aya director and Miffy tic i Fri were a w a r d e educational Mann r recreation a Fth Fita Tor achievement award certificate it have been present Etc Serur Cates a special twi Embly High school of appreciation by a local girl student receiving the Cert if k scouts for their help Rico opera Cates were lol s Jacobs Phyllis " ton with the scout april 12 5th annual conference american women a activities in Germany Awag april 11-13 in Jan Cronl Antton hotel Gur Neifach. Chairman e. wife of the chief of orthopaedic surgery 20th station Hospital Nuernberg. Vice chairman mini William a Shulver Buu Shouler wife of capt so River inns. A How Lexer in 12 h arty. Theme person Torero of Mot Shriver Lum. Rekis Tratia opens Gur much belie Tunc of flee. 8 30 . Bavarian floor show. Gen. Fatton hotel. 8 30 am. General 8eaton, Siuw cd Roca into Cotton chaplain Kobert e. John too. Bem Orlu or. Bra Deford. Mai Gen Paul a guava. , Saco. Keynote adj rest sir Walter c. Dowl inf. Wife of the . Ambi Widor to weal Germany the american Ima i2 3j . 3 . 1 . April 13 9 15 . 10 45 . Us cumin group i Ancl at do Scullon croup Leaden mrs. So on Torrani Patlon and membership Cana Carioca. of advisory Council mrs. Hyan m. Moon. Kun Sutlon sym my Lump education Eduardi Zeumann Rector fre University of Berlin Evaulett Natii new Vork City and Al Rich Al it in her i in Exchange group on u Aye in i on Nursery and Thrift shop Consu Carioca. Fou nil table for no and ejv1 Kooten Gen. I Atton a Vao i arty Dan inc Coom a a Patton. of present Aat Post Boardm i Beni. A Oil Thi or a. Fir neat a in incr Vienna,"lcaderuhlp." general Semi Lam Caw Carioca Atliece two Alrik Margarete la utter Ger Man i Irelon office Bonn German american / publicity work Hup Cima . Robert j. Jackwon an Munich l Thul Rynn Pitney flt or. Richard , for Iii � editor. Stars and stripes Francl t. Mclaughun Deputy an Europe and i col Shaft u Tulin chief of Public information 4tlh Nataf Riih sew Lon Chab Carioca. Community so rvs is panels a tit ., Anna Uario Schindler executive director North Atlantic Girt scout a v a Ralph a Wilson recreation director Safe and Era or Ivel Lenni French stuff a 3 30 in. 7 30 . Alice Milko Groin in Gen. I attn procedures. Try Turtan and budget. Alert your com us must Coon Carioca. Summary of conference Era. Bridge Ford. C ,.- introduction of new Chat Raan. Cana ice revue the stars and stripes Page 15

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