European Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Apr 1 1961, Page 14

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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - April 1, 1961, Darmstadt, Hesse1fr i " r of. Var Gre / 3-? 4re Page. 14 by Paul Steiner Nana staff writer he following information is exclusive and use less a British researcher believes that Altale Hunting has been going on since 16tooq . The average weight of a Type written Dot is one Millionth of a Gram a . Atomic Energy commission physicist has found. There is enough Iron in the human body to make one medium size Nau a medical researcher has found. A Manhattan firm has live of Topi for rent or sate but cautions prospective buyers that an octo pus needs a pressurized tank Cost ing about $1&000 or. Valentina p. Wasson a Pedi patrician and her banker husband a Gordon wa33onf have authored an illustrated two volume work on the influence mushrooms have had on rms Ian history. The Best Way to Sooho a Rabbit which Lias turned Nasty nervous or belligerent is to blow on its nose. A Wisconsin woman has concocted a cookie recipe whose main ingredient is Fried noodles. Sex King Farouk of Egypt connoisseur of the finer things in life boasts a collection of 150,000 match boxes. Office pencils receive nine Coats of lacquer and drawing pencils Are Given 15 Coats compared with Only four Coats Given to Good the mini her of left handed american is in the in crease the foundation informs us. The s1ars and stripes a by Hal Boyle yet Severy Man at one 4tpfflcc8i ,. next turn to Earth As a woman. We have been brooding on this have decided no it is not for us. If we Are granted a second life we pre i the masculine gender. It seems f to do.1 v 7granted a Choice there,., Are Conj Many a fellow might be tempted to for one thing there. Is a natural see at first hand How the. Other thing women now control More Wea than men advantages hot to be Money is Worth spending and life but there Are important disa Dyan instantly into the male mind Are Dju does t presently have How to fix a and How to stuff a 34-Inch Waist into mathematical impossibility which Woi there Are even More potent argue any sensible Man from Ever pining Forte his next life. J ,.- in for example the Job of being a Wor complicated with each generation it in Caveman Days life was simple of. Had to do was Bear children and Cook the old Man had some Luck Hunting when the human race started tilling to lot became tougher.1 Shereves became i Burden for if one of the oxen fell of into the traces and help pull the plough under civilization woman s response Bolh doomed and widened tremendously. A a a mule to do one tenth of the tasks he to do today and smile while she does to _ she is the family chef chauffeur banker business adviser dishwasher laundress pit Ian accountant educator paperhanger nurse recreation director master of a i Trist judge jury Warden and chief Exea _ name any Job someone outside the Home and you la find she does it inside r he is a one woman Talent Agency. Worst of and is. The problem of Deang she marries he tells her All he wants is a Good kids come along and begin calling her calling her Mother too and in fact of his As one by one his old friends to take their place also and become him beat her at Gin Rummy. Be reborn a woman no Man in take a Chance. $ Goren on Bri weekly Bridge quiz i Las South you hold5as so filth the bidding has proceeded North East South 1 Wjk pass 1 v2 y pass 2 it pass i 3 v pass ? what do you bid now q. As South you hold hold 4642 the what Waaki Tho bidding has proceeded South West north1 4 prvs 1 it r pass f what do you bid now q. 3- As South you Konst pass the Biddy tag in South Vest North 14, 14 2 pass 3 v the South West.2 4 Paar 4 it what do y a 7 the South West pass what do you bid now q. 4 As South you hold the bidding has proceeded North East South West 1 pass 1 4 2 9 pass ? what do you bid nowt a and you he hki2 v Wyatte sat

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