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Eureka Times Standard Newspaper Archives Nov 21 1982, Page 1

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Eureka Times Standard (Newspaper) - November 21, 1982, Eureka, California Overview sunday november 21,1982 vol. Wix no.319 Kuroku. . 75prostitutes occupy consulate san Francisco apr five women in Black masks picketed the British consulate to protest alleged Quot police illegalities and racism against prostitutes in san Francisco and London the pickets said their demonstration Friday was in Solidarity with a score of masked women who sought Refuge thursday in a London Church after claiming police harass prostitutes without cause the women one carrying a sign urging Quot Justice for the working girl Quot said they were members of the u s prostitutes kept in of air trl san Francisco apr construction at san Francisco International Airport has yielded a Mound of Asbestos material that had been used to wrap pipes authorities say the material about 50 Yards of it. Poses no danger to Airport visitors and will be allowed to remain there until renovations begin at South terminal next summer the material unplaced in 1952. Was removed As part of the $67 million modernization of Central terminal. A $127 million modernization of South terminal is scheduled to begin in alack in Dies Washington apr Abc news correspondent Catherine Mackin died saturday of cancer at her Home in Towson. Md., near Baltimore the network s Washington Bureau said Abc spokeswoman Susan Povenmire said is Mackin had served As an Abc news correspondent since september 1977 she earlier had worked As an Abc news correspondent from 1971 to 1977 Boone Arledge president of Abc news said in a statement Quot carriers courage Over this past year was an inspiration to us All. She was a wonderful woman Ana a Superb journalist she will be missed by Abc news and All of us in this business a Man blames police for jail injury Tacoma Wash apr a Man arrested for Drunken driving has sued the City and Pierce county saying he had to undergo brain surgery because he was so intoxicated that he fell from a county jail bunk Mark Wade rust of Tacoma said in a Superior court suit that City and county officials were negligent because they knew his Quot advanced state of inebriation made it Likely he could injure himself seriously. Waders suit said he was Quot extremely intoxicated March la when he was placed in a six to eight person cell in which the Only empty bed was an upper bunk five feet above the Concrete lawsuit filed Chicago apr the sister of a stewardess killed by cyanide spiked tylenol has filed a $5.1 million suit claiming the manufacturer was negligent in not providing a tamper proof bottle. The suit was filed Friday in Cook county circuit court on behalf of Carol Prince whose younger sister Paula 35. Was found dead oct. I. It charged that Walgreen co which owns the store where miss Prince bought her capsules should have warned Consumers that the bottles were not tamper proof. The suit names Johnson amp Johnson Mcneil consumer products co., the division of Johnson amp Johnson that makes the pain killer and Walgreen Johnson amp Johnson spokesman Lawrence g. Foster declined comment Calls to Mcneil a Home office in fort Washington and Walgreen s Headquarters in suburban Deerfield were not answered Israel blasts Shultz s comments Tel Aviv Israel apr Israel rejected Secretary of state George p. Shultz s assertion that israelis academic Community should voice its objection to israeli practices in West Bank universities Shultz on thursday said Israel was damaging Freedom of thought by requiring teachers at West Bank universities to disavow the Palestine liberation organization. Responding to a reporter s question. Shultz said he thought people in the academic Community should voice their objections Quot including people in universities in Israel a China will buy jets peking apr China will buy to Boeing 737-200 two engine jetliners to serve its increasing numbers of air travellers the official Xinhua news Agency said today it did not give the Cost of the planes a delegation from Boeing co. Visited China one year ago to demonstrate the 115-passenger planes. Built for Short and medium flights. The plane carries its own stairway and is designed to be Able to land on Short and rough skies Are expected to be partly Cloudy throughout today with an 80 percent Chance of rain by Nightfall. Highs will be Between 55 and go. For a More Complete picture of weather see Page 29.inside today astrograph.31 classified ads.25-29 crossword.6 editorial.4 entertainment.31 North coast today.21-23 obituaries.30 police fire reports. Sports. Weather. Standard the Russo per for Sorlin renter i Hli Fornin i or a it try. Since if i i Reagan s broadcast free Trade boosts world Economy Washington a president Reagan called on americans trading partners saturday to work for open markets and reject protectionist policies that insulate their countries from world Competition. Quot free Trade serves the cause of economic Progress and it serves the cause of world peace Quot the president said in his weekly radio broadcast to the nation. Quot when governments get too involved in Trade economic costs increase and political disputes multiply. Peace is Reagan s address comes four Days in Advance of a meeting of free world trading ministers in Geneva. Switzerland declaring that the International trading system is at a Crossroads Reagan said Quot either free world countries go Forward and sustain the drive toward More open markets or they risk sliding Back toward the mistakes of the 1930s and succumbing to the evils of More and More government intervention and this is really Nocho Ceat he said the United states Quot will reject protectionist and defeatist proposals and Quot will set new goals and Lay out a program for limiting government intervention in world Quot we will Lead with a Clear sense of our own commercial interests and a quiet determination to defend these interests Quot said Reagan. Quot let no one misunderstand us a he added Quot we re generous and far controversial budget plagued by lawsuits 21-23 .30 a 3 11-14 i .29 i by Heidi ii. Holmblad times Standard writer Eureka Humboldt county officials knew when the 1982-83 budget was discussed in August that the outcome would be controversial. The budget which started out with a $5 million deficit called for about 130 layoffs the reorganization of several departments changes in employees contracts and slashed departmental budgets. By the time the dust cleared in october the Board of supervisors had approved a $57 million budget Laid off 54 county employees further reduced another 216 full and Par time jobs and became the Central figures in six lawsuits directly related to the county budget. County employees and courthouse veterans say they cannot recall a time when a Humboldt county budget has led to a rash of lawsuits. The same observers also have difficulty remembering a time when the county was left with that Large a deficit and no Way to raise the Money to cover it before the passage of proposition 13 in 1978, counties would set a tax rate matched to the expenses planned in the budget. But the county no longer has control Over the tax rate. Quot we have the same amount of Money to work with no matter what we do a Deputy county a d ministrative officer Jim stretch said most of the lawsuits filed against the county Over the Bulldozer crushes local Man Petrolia a a Fortuna Man was run Over and killed by a Bulldozer near Here Friday night in a still unexplained incident. David Benton 25, was pronounced dead at the scene an area near the Beach about four Miles North of Petrolia authorities were notified of the Accident shortly after Midnight. Assistant Coroner de Moore said he thinks the Bulldozer is owned by the county. Moore said authorities Are not sure yet Why Benton was on the Bulldozer or How it was started. No information was available from the Humboldt county sheriffs department. The exact cause of death has not yet been determined budget were from employee groups attempting to protect their jobs and benefits the municipal court employees were successful the sheriff s deputies were not. The 800 employees covered by the american federation of state county and municipal employees contract were successful in demanding negotiations but lost employees from their ranks welfare recipients won what May be a temporary Victory Early this month when a local judge ordered the county to raise the general Relief payments from $70 to a maximum of $199 the veterans who lost janitorial services for the veterans Halls Are waiting for their Day in court most of these suits Cost the county Little according to county officials except court costs but the outcome of some of the cases will Lead to a faster emptying of the county coffers the lawsuits have not added to the Cost of running the county counsels office but they have added to the workload county counsel Robert Curiel said his office has Only lost two of the cases filed against the county in relation to the budget and Points out that his office was Cut by one attorney one Quarter time attorney was recently added to curlers staff to handle new state mandates putting the total number of attorneys in the office at 34. The most expensive of the lawsuits was filed by red Wood Legal assistance on behalf of general Relief recipients the lawsuit was filed one month ago after the supervisors placed a $600,000 Cap on the state mandated county funded welfare program for those in need who do not qualify for other state and federally funded programs Humboldt county Superior court judge John e Buffington ruled the county could not lower the monthly general Relief payments to a maximum of $70 because of problems in the county a Resolution on the matter. He also noted that the $70 monthly payment was a arbitrary and capricious and not based on the actual Cost of living in Humboldt county Quot no figures Are available on How much the ruling will Cost the county which will clearly depend on the number of people who qualify for the assistance each month nearly $900,000 was spent on the program in 1981-82. The supervisors have the option of appealing the ruling pushing changes to the program through the state legislature finding a Way to change the county s Resolution to allow for the reduced payments or further cutting the county budget the latter is what led to several other lawsuits the county will also incur More expenses than anticipated in the Eureka municipal court budget. The county a planned budget called for live employees in the department to be Laid off half Way through the fiscal year. However an attempt by the supervisors to Force municipal court judge Harold Neville to reverse his ruling that the county could not Lay off the court employees backfired when judge Buffington ruled that the state legislature has the authority to set the salary and staffing Levels for the court the supervisors Are asking for legislation that would allow the supervisors to set the salary Levels and staf Fine of the municipal court Ana would also take away the eligibility of municipal court reporters to participate in the county s benefits program. The Humboldt Deputy sheriffs organization had less Success in its fight to keep More deput Les employed the sheriffs department and the Deputy sheriffs filed suit against the county claiming that the department could not carry out its duties with the proposed layoffs however 21 deputies were Laid off and several officers were demoted twelve of those deputies Are staffing the county jail As correctional officers miso then filed a second suit claiming that the Laid off deputies who chose to take the civilian correctional officer positions should not lose their seniority. The county gave the officers a Choice of taking the correctional officer positions at a starting wage. A temporary restraining order was denied and a court Date for the Case has not been set the largest county employees Union of some took the county to court before the county budget was approved. A ruling by Superior court judge j. Michael Brown sent the county and the Union to the bargaining table to work out differences on the effects of the proposed county layoffs. The Humboldt county veterans Council on behalf of the veterans a organizations in Arcata Eureka Ferndale Fortuna and Garberville sued the county Over the loss of janitorial services and maintenance work no court Date has been set for the Case which was filed in september sighted in our goals and we intend to use our full Power to achieve these goals Quot we seek to plug the holes in the boat of free markets and free Trade and get it moving again in the direct lion of Prosperity Reagan said Quot and no one should mistake our determination to use our full Power and influence to prevent others from destroying the boat and sinking us All Quot giving the democratic response to Reagan rep James l Oberstar of Minnesota contended that Quot the president s message is an unrealistic Hope that sidesteps solutions we need now to solve our Domestic economic crisis a Quot we need a new spirit of cooperation willingness to act decisively a a Oberstar said. It. Rhenium Devereaux Park Church food in it Iii Fortuna h Ood projects under Way meeting hunger needs by Sam Blacknell times Standard writer there s no reason for anyone to be denied the traditional Turkey and All the trimmings this thanks giving thanks to donations of dinners and gift certify Cates from Community groups and merchants but deep in a recession making sure people Don t go hungry is becoming less of a Holiday and More of a respond Nihi Lity in the Trinidad Westhaven area six churches have banded together with other local organizations to begin providing food for travellers and local people who need emergency food some churches in Fortuna also Are operating food programs. And others Are getting underway in Willow Creek Orick and Hoopa the latest government statistics put unemployment in the county at 14 7 percent but the number does not include workers who have quit looking or those who Are self employed or underemployed the reality May be closer to 30 percent according to sources whose businesses require them to keep tabs on the work Force Quot they Are always underestimating the number of says Tom Croft project coordinator of the displaced workers Center in Eureka As a result Croft says these uncounted workers become a non people not represented in the formulas used to assess the need for government jobs programs Quot the result is that you have a growing underclass of citizens who Are continue a i in doomed to unemployment underemployment and poverty Quot Croft says these fledgling attempts to Rescue families from food crises May be signs of How hard the economic hard times have become Between 650 and 800 families come each month to the food Bank in Eureka the most established of these organizations some times they have to put a sign outside that says food is available Only for emergency situations persistence usually indicates an emergency is at hand says food Bank coordinator Bob Talmadge a these Are basically people without Money or without food a some people in Humboldt county Are going hungry Talmadge says. Quot they re in situations where they re barely coping but there is enough food in the system right now Quot he says. Intensifying local at three or four Days parishioners bring food when they come to Church on saturdays and sundays. The Church supplements this with food bought with donations for Thomas Devereaux said the need for the pantry shelf became obvious Quot people were coming to the front door of the rectory wanting he said Quot the Economy is so bad and the need was there Quot on the Hoopa Valley reservation the latest unemployment figures showed that More than 1,300 of the 1,600-member work Force Are unemployed despite that providing food was not a priority there until recently says Bob Ulibarri. Planning director for the Hoopa business Council Ulibarri said the situation Quot has gone critical Quot and the Federal governments offer of a commodity foods program has been accepted though most people on the reservation have gardens and can and pre serve their own food Quot this Winter its going to be Ulibarri said Quot a lot of people Are living off the land a lot a the program could begin soon if it is certified in january the food will be free and available to Low income people the Council anticipates distributing 100,000 pounds of commodities per month the presbyterian Church in Klamath also is attempting to Start a food program on the Reserva Tion Erie Keller who is serving an internship at the presbyterian Church of Trinidad says 12 food packets per month Are being donated to families from the newly organized Quot food pantry Quot and another 20 go to travellers Keller said the pantry began organizing shortly after he arrived to begin his internship Quot someone saw the lights on in the Church and came in and asked for food a he said Quot it took about three hours to get it Keller said Many bust Nesses in Trinidad Are Quot hit up Quot by foot travellers who want to work in Exchange for food Keller said one of the goals is to establish a series of Quot Way stations that will get travellers through the county Quot the thing we done to have is shelter a Keller said Quot there is no shelter in Trinidad and Westhaven we can feed them but there a no place to put them a Keller suggested setting up a Quot refugee Camp Quot if Only to draw attention to the problem in Willow Creek Quot there Are a lot of people not getting enough to eat a says Carol Swick director of the Trinity family resource Center the Center has just begun a food drive and is putting together baskets containing two or three Days Worth of food a big Freezer was donated and various Community groups from churches to the vow have pitched in Quot this is not a fancy big Price project Quot Swick said Quot but i am really impressed with it sofar a Willow Creek is a Small town but 200 to 300 families have been receiving surplus government cheese from the Center each month Quot there Are very few people working out Here Swick said Holiday feasts set an array of feasts and Fellowship is planned for thursday last year nearly 200 peo pie attended the Community in tempts to stave off family food crises makes sense right now Talmadge says. Quot a lot of churches Are doing at St. Joseph s Parish in Fortuna the churches activity Center becomes a Quot pantry shelf two hours each week Day. The Church has been distributing about 80 boxes of food per month for the past year. Each Box contains a nutritionally balanced diet meant to last a family of three or four thanksgiving dinner which is sponsored by new careers in human services the senior resource Center and the first congregational Church of Eureka the dinner has gone beyond just feeding people says Lillian Hoika director of new careers. A a it a for people who would ordinarily be alone a she said Quot and it s for people who want to share with other people in the Community a a there will be entertainment some of it spontaneous it is very much a family atmosphere Hoika says Quot it feels right. It feels like to me what in be always though thanksgiving was supposed to be about a she said the displaced workers Center also is trying to brighten thanksgiving by giving away gift certificates to grocery stores which Are supporting the centers Holiday fund raising drive. About $1,000 has been collected and about 50 families will receive food baskets Tom Croft project coordinator of the Center said Money not used for thanksgiving will be used for Christmas and Money not used for Christmas will go into an emergency fund for displaced workers Quot we have had tremendous support from local businesses a Croft said the food Bank 315 v St will distribute thanksgiving foods on wednesday Bob Talmadge food Bank coordinator said Berry pies and other items have been saved Back for the occasion food contributions for thanksgiving arrive Heifer shelter Talmadge said. Last year one person dropped off five turkeys at the door Quot the Community thanks giving dinner will be held at the first congregational Church Hodgson and j streets at i there is no Cost. Anyone who wants to can bang a food dish to share with others but that is optional people who intend to attend Are asked to Call 445 7726 anyone who can to attend and wants to contribute something should Call the same number to have the item picked up. The following is a partial list of other free thanksgiving dinners being offered in the Community. A today from i . To 3 see feasts Page 5

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