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Eureka Times Standard Newspaper Archives May 21 1972, Page 5

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Eureka Times Standard (Newspaper) - May 21, 1972, Eureka, California A service stations Home of the free Camaro every month Arco no Stamps. 34.9 Gal. Arco/1 of Stamps 38.9 Gal. A we Honor \ Arco b of a master charge american express 3z33bc3 credit cards 5th amp n its. Eureka 994 Quot a Quot St. Arcata 582 Wildwood Rio Dell smokeless Tepee Burner at Minord lumber Mill near Blue Lake is similar to the Burner illustrated in this drawing included in a Patent application of the designers Industrial construction co., inc. Of Eugene Ore. Purpose of the Burner is to Burn fuel hot enough to prevent formation of smoke. Wood waste enters Burner from conveyor 4 where it drops to the floor of the Burner and is ignited by an Oil Burner system 45aided by Over fire 35 and underwire Blower systems 27. Top Damper doors to controlled by a Cable Winch system 20 operate automatically with other systems to keep temperature constant at about 800 degrees. Wood waste is consumed in Tepee Burner by fires at temperatures of about 800 degrees. Corporations facing tax crackdown sea Island. A. Up the commissioner of the internal Revenue service said saturday Many Large corporations Are evading income tax and promised a crackdown on those involved in the schemes. Commissioner Johnnie m. Walters said. A a we re in the process of issuing new instructions to our Field officials and agents calling for in depth probes in Large corporation audits. We must uncover avoidance fraud Gross and negligence. A we intend to recommend prosecution where warranted a of officers or employees responsible for corporate evasion. We owe this to responsible managers of corporations who done to resort to avoidance or fraud Walters speaking to the South Carolina textile manufacturers association said the irs is now a examining records untouched before raising issues never before raised. Some Are alarming. Some corporations have gone Well beyond the limits of professional judgment or prudent tax Minord Burner no smoke by John a. Read environmental writer the principle is simple Burn Redwood waste hot enough to prevent formation of smoke. In practice burning wet Redwood bark is probably second Only to lighting a match on a cake of soap in difficulty. Which is How Tepee burners locally acquired a Nasty reputation As major air polluters. The smoking Tepee Burner is an endangered species however due to the efforts of the Minord lumber co., one of the few remaining Independent lumber Mills in the county. The Mill has installed inside an existing Tepee Burner a Burner which will efficiently consume Redwood waste a and. More importantly meet county air pollution rules. The system is believed to be the first of its kind in California to Burn Redwood bark and May. According to air District officials. Become mandatory in a few years. Existing use finally Nordstrom reported. Mcgaughey toured Oregon Mills earlier this year investigating various burning systems in use there. To make a Long Story Short the system in use today was chosen installed modified and made to work. On May i Sassenrath issued the firm a permit. What makes the system1 somewhat unique is an auxiliary fuel system employing four a a igniters spaced around the in Side Edge of the Burner. The igniters Are like huge Bunsen burners and use diesel fuel at Minord but butane Gas or other products can also be used. Nordstrom said. The igniters Are operated in conjunction with Over fire and underwire Blower systems which create a Cyclone of air to fan the burning bark into temperatures of about 800 degrees fahrenheit. Air fed Back the burning efficiency at Bird s Eye View of the Bottom half of the Tepee Burner shows placement of Over fire 35 and underwire 27 Blower systems and the Oil Burner igniters 45. The underwire Blower air is channelled through a series of a a pots 25 spaced across the floor of the Burner. The igniters and blowers Are placed so As to cause a Cyclone of air. In the Minord Mill a recirculating system takes 400-degree air off the Bottom and feeds it Back into the Burner for increased burning efficiency. Much More appealing to the Minord is increased by the use of an air recirculation system which takes hot air from the Turner still about 400 degrees and feeds it Back Over the fire. Damper doors at the top of the Burner open and close in to embarked on his journey to response to the temperature in Rev. Carl Mcintire. Voicing patriotism and prayer. Moscow for talks with soviet Side the Structure closing mixed feelings about president Georgia la. Gov. Lester Maddox Drew the biggest cheer when he said that if the group hotter temperatures Are desired in the Burner and opening when temperatures become too hot. Small companies than the pro Spect of constructing an entirely new and expensive Tepee Burner the system can be applied to existing burners at a relatively Small Cost. According to Earl Wing president of Industrial construction co., inc., an Oregon based firm which installed the Burner and which has applied for a Patent on the system the modifications can be made for $30,000 to $45,000. The Minord system was slightly More expensive As the installation was something of a Pioneer Effort by the pollution control company and the owners of the 58-employe Minord Mill Gus Nordstrom and Sam shutdowns and to keep tem Mcintire Mcgaughey. Pera Tures High for better Burn Nordstrom said he figures it ing. The Rev. Carl Mcintire has 3,600 at a a March for Victory v Washington up the i Rouse them with Calls Nixon led several thousand of his followers through the rain All systems can be controlled saturday in a a March for automatically. Or can be Victory Over communism in manually activated. Control is by a Honeywell electronics system. The Burner system is installed inside the old Tepee Burner to Vietnam and at Home. Park police estimated that 3.600 persons ranging from the elderly to tots in strollers wanted Victory Over comm a we re thrilled that he s mining Haiphong Mcintire said As he led the slowly walked Down Pennsylva keep heat in when the Wood fuel Nia Avenue and gathered at the ban Silver Spring. My. Supply stops during Short plane Washington Monument to hear the marchers stepped ism and atheism and a return contingent. But he should be to constitutional government Here today and not going to Quot Send George Wallace to the Moscow. I Hope he comes Back White House in Emple handed. Maddox had just come from a Mcintire a radio evangelist visit with Wallace a family ajar pastor of a Large Church in hold Cross Hospital in suburb Collingswood. . Conducted his fifth such March since 1969. Off i and As was the Case w Ith All and other speakers about three hours after Nixon hut one Mcintire took about $50,000 for installation of the Burner system but that was due to a number of earlier modifications to the sex isling Tepee Burner. About two years ago. Nordstrom said the company began working with Charles Sassenrath. The county air Poilu Tion control officer in an attempt to bring the Burner into compliance with county regulations. Sassenrath. Drawing on his knowledge of air pollution mechanics and his experience with other burners in the county. Would suggest a modification Nordstrom said and the company would install it. But although each improvement helped the Burner still produced smoke. Even cutting the original Burner size Down to create a smaller burning chamber did no to help. Today s funny astrologers Are St than to Colleen i. Rifer Winchester a. 512. In in or Nia a a a it today s funny will pay is of for each original Quot funny Quot used Send gags to today s funny 1200 West third St., Cleveland Ohio 44113. A pm chord deserves a Pat on the Hack a Sassenrath told the times Standard asked for a comment on the system. He said the Mill had cooperated with the District while other Mills had fought county requirements. Sassenrath said about a half a dozen Mills in the county Are still operating in violation of county rules. A the Public should go along with Nordstrom told this newspaper remarking on the pollution chiefs technique of working with the Mills to get them into compliance with regulations. A each Mill has its own pro Nordstrom said. A you can to pick out a Burner and say its going to be foolproof a he concluded. Quot Queen e end voyage j Cherbourg. France up a the Ocean liner Queen Elizabeth 2 qe2 completed its Atlantic crossing saturday with military demolition experts still checking out a Telephone bomb threat which Cunard line officials said they believed was a hoax. In new York police said they were investigating the possibility the bomb threat was inspired by a Short Story written for a College creative writing class. The Short Story was written by Barbara Shalvey a manhat Tan typist police said. It involved a bomb threat aboard the qe2 and was read aloud in class tuesday the Day before an Anonymous caller telephoned of them it rained said the turnout was impressive especially in View of the weather. The marchers carried american and Confederate flags buttons and signs extolling the presidential candidacy of Ala a a a a. Bania gov. George c. Wallace four British military Frog in j banners with religious parachuted to messages emblazoned on them. Rep. John Schmitz. R calif., Cunard new York office demanding $350,000 Ransom. Men. Who parachuted to the qe2 in mid Atlantic searched the vessel several times while whose District includes the it was at sea. Officials said hut Nixon Home in san Clemente. Did not find any bombs. Spoke to the group. Police said they had no pm am off to Mclyn tired a right a to search the 65.863 ton vessel Cluster of about 30 Young during its Brief Layover in Antiwar demonstrators include France. But would Post extra ing a number of Vietnam guards on the Dock to keep veterans against the War away the curious. Heckled the speakers on and off. Political advertisement Lowell Mengel la believes the people should vote before Humboldt county contracts to build the Butler Valley dam. Ervin Renner has said Quot the county should build the Harvey Higgins has also said the county should develop the dam. Two incumbent supervisors Are on record in favor of a vote before the dam is built. The Section of Lowell Mengel la would assure the people of a Choice. Elect Lowell Mengel la your supervisor for a vote mongol for Supor Vitor commatas Alfred c. Abrahamsen Douglas w. Clayton co chairman Antolini the Humboldt film forum proudly presents. The Bible. In the beginning the depiction of the first 22 chapters of genesis at the Arcata theater 1038 "g"st., Arcata pm. 822-1727 shown once at 7 30 . Children 50c general $1.00 he knows the issues he shares your concerns Gary Antolini needs and deserves your support. Please help. Paid for by the Antolini for Assembly committee. Ray Mast chairman Eureka California the times Standard sunday May 21, 1972 a Page 5 smoking Tepee they May be on the Way out

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