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Eureka Times Standard Newspaper Archives May 21 1972, Page 4

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Eureka Times Standard (Newspaper) - May 21, 1972, Eureka, California Page 4 a sunday May 21, 1972 the times Standard Eureka California the slimes Standard opinion Gerald Colby publisher Dan wallers managing1 editor the spi flt i it time Standard a expressed in the two column below. The opinion of columnists Are expressed in the articles which carry their names. The opinions of readers Are expressed in letters to the editor which must be limited to 250 words be free of libel and in Good fast and carry the author s signature and address. The editors Reserve the fight to edit or re act totters which a submitted. Under the dome Wallace shooting Side effects beyond its other effects the attempted assassination of Alabama gov. George Wallace will have political Impact. The problem is that no one a including the governor a knows what that Impact will be. Wallace won the democratic primaries in Michigan and Maryland the Day after he was gunned Down in the latter state. But Wallace already was expected to win and his vote percentages were about what had been expected. The governor is a highly controversial political figure and it is doubtful whether his injury per be affected his degree of support materially. We doubt whether persons who would have supported another candidate switched to Wallace in great numbers out of sympathy following the shooting his differences with the other democratic hopefuls Are too pronounced to produce that effect. Beyond the sympathy effect however there is the effect of having a candidate who is physically unable to continue campaigning and whose Long term physical Outlook is doubtful. Wallace aides express fears that his backing will erode As potential supporters conclude that his disability will remove him from Contention. That condition they fear will dry up financial support and grassroots working support. It is of course too Early to Tell whether that fear will materialize. But if it does it will give a definite effect upon the other two major contenders Sens. Hubert Humphrey and George Mcgovern. At first Blush it would appear that Humphrey who has staked out a More centrist position than Mcgovern would be the logical heir to Wallace support especially from Blue Collar areas where the alabamian has been running strongly. But much of Wallace a support also has been Plain rebellion by the common Man against what he considers to be a dishonest shifty political Power Structure. And Mcgovern also has appealed to that sort of rebellious attitude picturing himself As an honest and candid Man attacking the establishment. Some polls indicate a Wallace to Mcgovern shift could occur. It is impossible to determine therefore precisely what effect a Wallace drop out if it happens would have on the candidacy of Richard Nixon for re election. Neither of the other two democratic contenders would be a Strong runner in the South. That a Wallace country and he was hoping to bargain Southern strength plus that he picked up in the North and West for a voice in the democratic Hierarchy. In return for his support presumably the nominee would listen to George Wallace. If Wallace were to drop out of the picture we can see the South going solidly for Nixon in november and thus push democratic Hopes even further away from reality. Wallace had seen himself with accuracy As a Pivotal figure a Power broker to be listened to. We May now find out How much Power the governor has and where it will flow. Glue sniffing solution glue sniffing has not received the attention that other drug problems marijuana heroin Ltd attracted but it is a serious problem nonetheless. The legality of Model air plane glue makes it a particularly thorny problem. Many Young boys buying glue for Model building fall into the sniffing habit almost by Accident. The effects of habitual sniffing can be As dangerous As those of heroin addiction. A glue making company has taken a Welcome step in combating the problem. Model products of mount Clemens mich., has perfected and is marketing a nontoxic non Hall ciganic non additive glue. The glue is manufactured from Citrus fruit derivatives and has a Citrus smell. It is incidentally just As Sticky As the other kind. We commend Model products and urge parents and youngsters to use its product botox or similarly harmless glues in the future. Reagan and / Berg differ on ecology approach by Joe Brooks cop lev news service Sacramento gov. Roald Reagan. Assemblyman Edwin l. Zoberg d Sacramento and just about everyone else in California agree that its environment needs Protection. A there can be Only one Overall environmental goal in California and that is to create and maintain a productive Harmony Between Man and his environment a is the Way Reagan put it recently in a statement. Z Berg earlier expressed concern Over a the environmental crisis which increasingly degrades the Quality of life in our however. Z Berg who is chairman of the Assembly natural resources and conservation committee and Reagan differ markedly in How they would go about protecting the environment. Zoberg has introduced legislation which would create a super Agency of state govern ment called the state environmental Quality Board which would be charged with controlling air. Water solid waste pesticide nuclear Radia Tion and noise pollution. The Hoard would develop a California conservation and development plan by Jan. I. 1976, after which regional hoards would prepare regional plans and supervise the conservation activities of local governments. In a recent report on environmental goals and policy the Reagan administration declared that decisions on environmental problems should be made at the level of government which is closest and most responsive to the people who Are most affected by the use or development. It added that a state government should intercede in local matters Only where necessary to mediate jurisdictional disputes or where environmental problems and or resources Are of such a magnitude or unique Quality that their significance extends beyond local jurisdictional Reagan a plan contains three major elements a a new department of environmental Protection to supervise pollution abatement activities and programs of state agencies. A an environmental resources Protection plan to designate significant or critical environmental concerns and guidelines concerning incompatible uses and development practices. An environmental Protection control Board which would a a i m Richard. Fly me to Moscow alas Jack Anderson computer missed on Bremer Washington in a 1972 or Nea Lac. Vohen i joined Tho nervy to see the world i was t figuring on seeing Vietnam Quot mediately after gov. George Wallace was gunner Down at a suburban Maryland shopping Center the secret service whirred through its computerized file. The name of the prime suspect 21 year old Arthur Herman Bremer of Milwaukee was not in the data Bank of potential assassins. The computer file constitutes the heart of the secret service s intelligence operation theoretically the most Basic descriptive information about a potential Assassin can be fed into the machine and a list of suspects will come pouring out. A secret service spokesman has explained that the computer contains a a very Large file of characters thes characteristics he said a May be addressed on an individual or combinatorial basis. So if information of a general nature comes to our attention we May search the file to synthesize it and condense it to the rather Small number of in other words the data Bank was supposed to pinpoint potential assassins by the freckles on his Cheeks or the moles on his nose. But insiders Tell us the computer operation does t work the Way he explained it. The entire system is actually based on the premise that persons who write threatening letters participate in demonstrations make inflammatory Quot Oral statements Quot or engage in Quot subversive Quot activities Are most Likely to attempt an assassination. The names of such persons As Well As names from the of big a National crime information Center Are dumped into the computer. The secret services sophisticated data Bank in other words is really nothing More than a personnel file of known or suspected nuts criminals and subversives. The president and other a protect yes a As the secret service Calls them Are not Only followed but also preceded by their Federal bodyguards. The agents comb hotel registries convention guest lists and similar sources and then wire the names Back to Washington. All names Are checked against the computerized list. If the machine registers a a hit Quot the agents locate the potential Assassin and initiate surveillance until they Are satisfied there is no threat. The secret service computer is also programmed to cough up names of Quot dangerous Quot suspects by geographical location. Only about 300 of the 180,000 names listed in the data Bank however Are considered dangerous enough to warrant regular surveillance. The Agency also has its computer set up to keep track of the whereabouts of its at the push of a Button therefore the secret service could have Learned that George Wallace was in Laurel md., on May 15. Or that vice president Agnew was in Japan. Huh slows Down despite reports to the contrary sen. Hubert Humphrey d minn., has explicitly ordered his Campaign organization to avoid attacks on his democratic presidential Rivak sen. George Mcgovern . Indeed Humphrey has suggested to his top Campaign aides that Mcgovern might be his Choice for vice president should Humphrey win the democratic presidential nomination. The orders to Lay off Mcgovern were Given three Days prior to published reports that Humphreys California organization planned a Bare knuckled attack on Mcgovern s positions on a variety of controversial issues including abortion amnesty and Aid to parochial schools. They came in a private memo dated May 12, from the senator to Jack Chestnut his Campaign manager. A i must insist Quot Humphrey wrote Quot that you Issue strict instructions throughout the Campaign organization that there Are to be no attacks against George Mcgovern. Quot he and i have been Good friends for Many years and i am proud of his Success. I helped bring him to Washington and we were next door neighbors. A Muriel and i Are terribly fond of him Eleanor and their children. I will not let politics get in the Way of Humphrey makes Clear however that he expects Mcgovern a positions on a number of issues to Hurt the South Dakota senator As the Public becomes More familiar with them. Quot you can be sure that i have read the same materials that you have and that i know one of the reasons George is getting As Many votes is that Many who vote for him done to know anything about his record or his statements. A enough will be written by the press about his earlier statements. There is no need for me personally or for us As a Campaign to get involved in the Humphreys memo notes that Mcgovern supported him in 1968. A a he a a Good Man and i will want his support again at the Miami convention and i will want the support As Well of his voters a furthermore Quot Humphrey says a there Are Many people talking to me about him As a vice presidential set pollution standards and oversee their implementation and enforcement. Quot the Protection of environmental resources o f statewide significance is principally a local government responsibility Quot the report said. A the state will provide technical a local government could conduct any activity which is not designated As a critical environmental concern. In the event a local Agency proposed an a incompatible land use or development the state would a prepare a report to assist the unit of local government in reaching a decision or Quot initiate action to Purchase the property in full fee or at less than full fee for partial rights such As Scenic or development Zoberg said in an interview he will push his super Agency Hill in his committee. A similar Bill passed the Assembly last year but was killed in the Senate governmental organization committee. Reagan last year supported a Bill which would have established a new state department of environmental Protection which was killed in the Assembly natural resources and conservation committee. Earlier the Assembly rejected a governors reorganization plan which would have established the department. Although z bergs approach to environmental control is considerably different than the governors the assemblyman said he is conferring with administration officials in an attempt to work out a Compromise. A Joseph Kraft John Connally quits ahead Washington John Connally is leaving the government in characteristic fashion. He is quitting when he s ahead Way Way Way ahead. He shucks a Burden and puts himself in better position to achieve an ambition that has been visibly developing Over the last months and weeks. That is the ambition to be a kind of Texas John Mccloy a the first member of a new american foreign policy establishment. The key to All this is the personality of Connally. He is probably the most Able Man in american politics. He is intelligent. Hard working forceful articulate self confident handsome and Rich. He also knows All that. He is pleased to Deal on equal terms with presidents and Popes and premiers. He likes being in the Center of things. Publicity is his element. The first year As Secretary of the Treasury was everything he could have dreamed. He led the Way in pushing the Nixon administration to the new economic policy of aug. 15. More than anybody he launched the new International monetary order set Forth in the Washington agreement of dec. 18. But since then Connally has been increasingly less Happy in the Treasury Job. The laborious task of mastering the intricacies of the Domestic and world Economy a of memorizing All those goddamn numbers As somebody put it a took its toll. A nah in tired a he would say to recent visitors even around midday. And he would raise his hands Over his head and Yawn in a gesture persuasive of deep fatigue. Compared to the big Job of turning around the Domestic and foreign economies moreover the latest work at Treasury has been Small bore stuff. It has had to do with agreements covering travel allowances Auto parts and wider bands for currency Exchange fates. On at least some of these issues Secretary Connally found that he was meeting resistance from the White House staff the Federal Reserve Board and even the state department. And on occasion a for example in the matter of a Trade agreement with Canada a Connally found that he did not have the clout with the president to Force his Way. Even As the Day to Day Job at Treasury was losing its Appeal. Connally was discovering the Charm of that great big Juicy Watermelon a a foreign policy. He clearly loved the Glamor and prestige of the world monetary sessions which he dominated As the american representative. Close Connally a Ateliers of those proceedings in the White House the Commerce department. And the Treasury Long ago became convinced that his True aim was to be Secretary of state. The taste for foreign policy was even further whetted by Connally a experience in the latest vietnamese crisis. It is far from Clear to me that he played the dominant role in decision making imputed to Bim by various inside accounts. What is Clear to me is that Connally himself was the source of those stories. By inspiring those stories he was in effect hanging out his Shingle As a chief presidential adviser on foreign affairs. Connally will be burnishing the Shingle in the months ahead by various troubleshooting tasks for the president. In addition he will he increasing hit bargaining Power with Nixon. The events of the past few months oblige Connally to support the president for re election. But he can work hard for Nixon or not so hard. The Choice gives him leverage and Connally increases the leverage by being deliberately unclear As to his intentions. For my own part i wish him Success. The Eastern establishment that brought America out of isolationism since world War ii is visibly dying. The country needs to put its foreign policy in the hands of men More at Home with the political and economic realities of american life. And for All his occasional heavy handedness. His frequent insensitivity to in texan ways there is nobody better placed or better equipped to give american foreign policy a new charge than John Connally. Lines fish a a a times from the compiled by Andrew Benzyl sunday May 21 1892 80 years ago on eel River run a a Telegram from p. W. Robarts. Now in san Francisco reports the Steamer Hattie Gage has been chartered on Hie run Between san Francisco and port Kenyon the service will begin May 31. She is a Little Steamer of 82.80 tons 76l/4 feet Long 90 horsepower. 1902 70 years ago on Maiden voyage. A the Maiden voyage of the Steamer Marshfield ended Here yesterday morning when the vessel docked at the Excelsior wharf. The ship was built at Coos Bay and is owned by c. A. Hooper lumber co. She is loading shingles for los Medinos. 1912 a 60 years ago to lean e Humboldt Bay. A the tug Bushne will soon have los last Days on Humboldt Bay. She is undergoing repairs and changes at Eureka foundry before being taken Over by the Crowley launch co. Of san p Francisco. She is being equipped with a new stack and other equipment. 1932 40 years ago unemployed fill Center. A Humboldt county men unemployed still continue to keep the quarters of the Community Center filled to overflowing. Mrs. Timmerman said transients Are being limited in the number of meals they receive and local men who will work at least for an hour at the Center Are asked to do so in meal payment. The Center is putting up lunches for school children but needs More funds to continue this program. 1942 a 30 years ago county granted Navy base land. Judge Harry w Falk yesterday removed the final Legal Barrier toward construction of the $500,000 Navel base approach Road from Arcata to Humboldt Bay naval Section base by signing an order to the county for immediate Possession of All needed rights of Way

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