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Eureka Times Standard Newspaper Archives May 21 1972, Page 3

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Eureka Times Standard (Newspaper) - May 21, 1972, Eureka, California Eureka California the times Standar sunday May 21, 1972 a Page 3 political Roundup will Johnson a Power to the people a in 1959, on the Day before High direction not the local govern Dard the excess would be refund school graduation will Johnson As he puts it a took a deep dive into a shallow three vertebrae were damaged leaving him paralysed from the Chest Down and facing a years stay in a Hospital and a rehabilitation Center. Today operating out of a wheelchair the 30 year old Healdsburg Farmer lawyer As he styles himself is running for second District assemblyman carrying a modified Banner of a Power to the Johnson a Republican presently on leave As Deputy county counsel in Sonoma county says he does no to have much Money and because of this Hasni to yet attracted much support and Hasni to been Able to mount much of a Campaign. He maintains however that he is indeed a serious candidate and that More exposure to the Public could put him even with Gary Antolini who has already received the blessings and godspeed of the Republican Power Structure in the District. Johnson sidestepping a clash Over what he thinks of the Republican establishment Back ing Antolini said a nobody control the Republican party except the Man who pulls the lever in the voting Booth. Vote the Man Quot most people done to know who the three of us Are himself. Antolini and Raymond Paschke. A Santa Rosa businessman. vote for the Man and it la be the Man who reaches the most of them who will win. A a Kingmaker can take their Man in hand for exposure but it will be decided by the average exposure for Johnson has been on a limited basis he says since he Hasni to the Money for massive advertising and news Media campaigns. He says he started with $1,000. Which he borrowed from his parents to help cover his living expenses during the time he son leave from his county Job. A Little bit of Money has been coming in from donations. Proc support the United republicans of California having designated the District As a target area for conservative republicans has Given him $200, he says. And has promised one fourth of the Money raised for the entire four target areas. Johnson is now in the process of getting his finance committee organized and Hopes to raise enough Money for some advertising and the rest of his Campaign expenses. He sees a realistic goal of about $4,000. Quot in a seeking a Broad Cross Section of support from All Sec tors a he said. A a in a picking up support in Healdsburg and i Santa Rosa. Theres some in Humboldt county but not As much As i would like. I done to really know How much of a Campaign i can make up his basically conservative Outlook shows in several of his views on the issues of the Day. Regional government. A on the question of regional a a he said. A i government a he said. Believe we need to return As much Power As possible to local governments. And this puts me in opposition to regional govern ment proposals. A i would go so far As to say that if a regional problem can to be solved by local cooperation there May be some need for a very limited regional approach but my natural Bias is for the need for regional government to be proven before local govern ment can be superseded. A the goal is to return control of our lives to us. If we can t make decisions for our own destiny who can and As a corollary. Let us make our own Johnson said that he believes that it boils Down to the fact that those controlling the Money Are the ones who ultimately set the direction and if a higher or regional entity controls the Money that entity will set the ment. Balanced approach a we need to get Back to a balanced approach of setting of policy in our own sphere of government a he continued. A if this is not what the people want then lets change the constitutions and other documents to reflect the direction the peo pie want to go. A i know i m fighting a historical Stream and i sometimes wonder if in a ahead of my time. Others Are saying a Power to the people a and to a limited extent in a saying the same in the welfare Fields Johnson believes that with Aid to the disabled a person must be made to utilize the capabilities he has and that More emphasis must be put on reclaiming people. A you done to Benefit him by making it easy for him to escape his problems a he said. A i think i can speak with some authority in this Active at College after the Hospital and rehabilitation stays following his Accident Johnson went to Santa Rosa Junior College for two years in business administration then to the University of Illinois where he began majoring in finance but switched to the Law school where he received his degree five years later. A one of the reasons i chose Illinois Quot Johnson said a was for its Outlook on disabled students. The attitude there was that you had to learn to help yourself. Because no employer was going to hire two people for one Job a being yourself and a person to look after while at Illinois Johnson was in the top too students in academic achievement received the service award Given by the disabled students fraternity for outstanding service and played five years of wheelchair touch tackle football partly for the enjoyment and partly to keep himself physically Active. In another welfare area he believes that eventually welfare recipients Are going to have to become involved in some pro Gram to serve a useful purpose rather than just collect the Check each month. Aid for elderly the elderly he says should have some entitlement to a minimum Standard of living and that a close look should be taken at social Security and pension plans. Perhaps he says the govern ment should guarantee to i person that if he were to save a certain per cent of his income during his working years he could have the Money tax free at retirement time. Johnson contends that social Security is not tax free since Money is taken from a workers paycheck each time to pay for it. Property taxes for the elderly should also be reformed he believes so that they can live in their own Homes without the constant fear of losing the Home because they Are on fixed income and property taxes keep rising. In the general Field of pro Perty taxes. Johnson pointed out that most of such taxes go to support schools. Interest groups a the state sales tax was sold to the people originally Quot he said a was a Means to help finance the schools. But the interest groups Are All trying to get theirs and the legislature ends up spending for All of those other projects first and when that a finished then saying a now lets help the a of course the Money a been spent on other things and there is no Money for the he proposes that a certain amount of the 5 per cent sales tax a perhaps three cents on the Dollar be mandated to go to the schools and taken completely out of the Legislatures control. A Stair financial Standard level for schools could then be set he continued. When the Money raised in a certain area does no to come up to the state Standard the state would make it up when its above the Stan ded to the state to help it Aid the under districts. A the legislature will then have to look harder at All of these other programs a Johnson said a because it wont have All of this Money to play around with. More responsive a it will be subject to the Wrath of the voters if it raises taxes and will make it More responsive to the Public a Johnson contends that such a method would leave the counties free to Cut property taxes. If citizens of a certain District want More services for their schools and Are willing to tax themselves extra to finance them then they could he said. On two other issues Johnson democratic club will sponsor a who lives with his parents on a dinner for Barry Keene monday farm at 8303 Highway 1281 at Tarantino a in Miranda. A no outside of Healdsburg in i Host cocktail hour begins at 7 Sonoma county supports con i ., with dinner at 8. Keene Striction of a nuclear Power will speak at 9. Tickets Are Plant at Point Arena and sees available from mrs. Charles m. The need for dams and flood Thomas mrs. Hank Picton or control on the eel River. Mrs. Joe Kirby. A we All use electricity and there a no indication that we re willing to curtail that use Quot he said. Weigh sources a we have to weigh the sources. Geothermal Sites Are limited. Most people Are unanimous that we done to want Fossil fuels or Long transmission lines that we need local generating sources and that leaves us with nuclear Power As a feasible alternative. He said that there have been no major catastrophes with such nuclear plants that safety standards and engineering criteria Are continually being updated and that a a they re As Safe As any Man made Structure can a we have to be willing to make these decisions and in a willing to make it a he said. Johnson sees the need both for dams on the upper eel and fairs support Kenn Stuckey a democratic i candidate for second congressional District has sent congratulations and supporting letters to Frank Belotti for introducing a 2242 and a 1614, which will give a Large financial boost to californians District and county fairs. Stuckey a 4-h program Leader said that the Bills will assure improvements in North coast fairs. Wiretapping favored Lawrence g. A a Gary Antolini a Republican candidate for second Assembly District has announced support of a wire tap Ping Bill As a the most effective Way to curtail organized criminal he criticized a Bill by Assembly speaker11 Robert Moretti which would make it a felony to invest ii-1 legally acquired Money in Iff California saying that a it would i do Little More than add another levees on the lower River for Law on the books. Law in flood control. For Cement officers already have he also sees the Day when enough Laws to enforce what we water is going to be diverted Are Short on is the Means of in South although he s not and forcing locating exporting water. Antolini said that his exp we have to be a Little prac Perien Ces As assistant Sonoma tical. Though a he said when county District attorney makes that Day comes. A we have one him believe that a we can find a vote in the legislature los new balance Between an in William k. A i Johnson sen. Mcgovern As Humphreys up no thanks Angeles county has 36. Bargain for it a we done to have to just give in to demands of Southern California to give the water to them. We could say a we have an excess of water. Well keep enough for us and if we have that excess Well bargain with a we can bargain with the other interests in the state to Divi dual a right to privacy and society s right to peace and safety. This new balance can include the use of court sanctioned wiretapping As a proper tool for the investigation of organized Rogers appointments. Henry a thank Quot Rogers a Republican candidate for the first senatorial District has announced local staff a san Francisco up tomorrow at the inn monday. May 22 rotary club luncheon 12 00 noon Avon products meeting 2 00 Coffee shop hours weekdays 6 30 a m. 9 30 Eureka imm 7th and f Lull Eureka Muskie getting Voles Iii Maine Waterville Maine up sen. Edmund s. Muskie was assured saturday of All of his Home states 20 democratic National convention votes despite efforts by supporters of sen. George Mcgovern to Cut into his total. Reports from the county caucuses which nominated convention delegates showed the favorite son getting All the votes. Under party rules. Maine delegates Are not formally committed to any candidate. A 240 Plank platform loaded with controversial items was expected to be adopted largely intact after extended debate on such issues As a proposed state lottery and consideration of an amnesty for draft resisters. Sen. Hubert Humphrey intend to offer his democratic presidential opponent. George Mcgovern the number two spot on the ticket if he is nominated Mcgovern said saturday. But the South Dakota senator said he has a other Mcgovern campaigned before longshoremen on the san Francisco waterfront and farm workers in californians Rich san Joaquin Valley. Both he and Humphrey were throwing most of their chips on the table in their Campaign to win California s democratic convention votes which will give the Winner a dominating position at Miami. Humphrey opened his bid by touring a shopping Center in san Diego giving a Friendly word for his democratic opponent but sharply criticizing president Nixon on the Vietnam War. Mcgovern is a a decent and Good Many if he is nominated he will have my Humphrey said. He did not publicly offer the vice presiden tial place on the democratic ticket but said. A if i m nominated Iti have his Humphrey told newsmen that before Nixon a concludes any agreements with the soviet Union the president should put Vietnam before the United nations. A i want to know Why it is the Nixon administration has refused the invitation of the Secretary general of the United nations to reactivate the question of Humphrey said. Mcgovern told a crowd of 400 at the longshoremen shall that Quot Public business number one is to end the War which he said would free. >10 billion for peacetime jobs. The South Dakota senator campaigning against Humphrey for californians big convention delegation said Humphrey a has instructed his aides to be very kind to me in the next couple of weeks because he fully intends that i m going to be his vice presidential running mate. A i want to say to my Friend. Senator Humphrey that i have other Mcgovern said. Both leading democratic presidential hopefuls were in the Golden state cranking up their final run for the Favoro five million democrats who will select a Block of 271 democratic National convention Dele Gates on june 6 at the polls. Rep. Shirley Chisholm. D-n.y., was also in California hoping to win enough votes among the state s minority populations to place third in the primary. She would not get any of the delegates but believes she would gain some Power at the Miami meeting. Mcgovern appeared before cheering longshore supporters at a Union Hall near Fisherman s wharf in san Francisco in an attempt to Cut into Humphreys strength with labor and minorities. Later he was to meet with mexican americans in Fresno and Fly to Phoenix. Ariz., to be personally endorsed by farm Union Leader Cesar Chavez. Humphrey spent the Day in a series of appearances in san Diego. But even in his speeches in Oregon where he is trying to build up an impressive win Over the other to candidates in the democratic primary next tuesday the South Dakota senator said californians primary is Quot the make or break he said Quot whoever wins in California will be in a very Strong position to win the nomination. I think we be got the nomination if we win in 111 idiot Iii sees buying of Black votes in state los Angeles up a rep. Shirley Chisholm the nation s first Black congresswoman predicted saturday an attempt will be made to buy the votes of 500.000 Black californians on behalf of other democratic presidential candidates. The audience of about 200 repeatedly applauded and shouted As she told them representatives of Sens. Hubert h. Humphrey. George Mcgovern and Edmund Muskie will try to buy their votes in the California primary june 6. A the Money will be poured into this country like you be never seen it before a she said. A they want me out of this race. When they come to you and offer you Money Tell them you will do everything for Humphrey. Muskie and Mcgovern. Tell them you will make Telephone Calls and work for then she added in conspiratorial fashion. A take the Money and vote for two burglaries Arcata a the Arcata police department reported that two burglaries occurred Here sometime thursday night or Friday morning. Certain drugs watches and other undetermined items were taken from modern pharmacy on g Street. After cutting a Hole in the rear of Ron a super Shell station on Guintoli approximately $80 in Cash was taken. Get what we need and i Hope to moments. That we do it in such a Way As t mrs. Naomi Johnson of route get maximum mileage out of i Box 204. Bayside has been that named Arcata chairman. She he also believes that dams on will rive a a Coffee clutch Mon the eel would also bring needed Day for persons interested in recreational facilities and would meeting Rogers. Gene Evans of be a help in the controlling the problem of unemployment. Johnson is not yet decided on whether there should be High or Low dams. A a that a one of the questions we need to planning needed. A but a he continued a whatever is eventually done needs Good planning in Advance. A lot of people would be coming in if recreational facilities Are built and in a couple of years we could destroy what we be created through both economic Redway has been named i $ Southern Humboldt chairman. Former Arcata Justice court i judge Ernest v. Sweet who now lives in Redwood Valley. Has been named honorary Campaign chairman. Home loan Bonds. The Humboldt county Republican Central committee has endorsed the Cal-vet1 proposition i for Home loan Bonds. Gun registration democratic write in candidate Douglas Lemons a Santa Rosa and ecological blight. A a we do need tight land use school teacher has endorsed controls to put people where registration of All guns in the they would do the least damage Wake of another attempted to the assassination of a political Johnson a Overall Outlook figure. A a in a a Plain conservative receipts from gun registry Republican. And in a very much Tion fees would go to support aware that i done to know All of the answers. I just want to look closely at any program to see what that program will do to the people who have to live with it salaries for More policemen and California Highway patrolmen according to his proposal. The 30-year-old candidate is running for the first District i in a not a stick in the mud California Senate seat now of conservative though just cautious. A a in a looking for Good ideas copied by sen. Randolph Collier d Yreka. A i do not propose taking guns regardless of where they come away from sportsmen or police from a peace and Freedom offers. But i sure As hell i party liberals conservatives or would like to get them away political Roundup. In other political news Keene unhappy. Barry Keene a Democrat running for the second Assembly District has criticized thursdays decision by the environmental Quality study Council to endorse proposition 9. The a clean environment act. Keene a member of the Council called the measure a one of the j most ill conceived techniques imaginable for dealing with the environmental Ashbrook support. California Young americans for Freedom Yak has endorsed rep. John Ashbrook for the gop nomination. The group. Which backed Barry Coldwater in 1964 and Richard Nixon in 1968, said it took the move after a poll of the 5.000 Yak members in the state showed that 88 per cent favored Ashbrook. Keene event the Southern Humboldt from the lunatics in our Socie Lemons said. Etc syncs a Tankard established 1854 published daily by Humboldt new spa irs. Inc. 930 sixth Street Eureka Calif. 95501 Telephone 707 442 1711 second class postage paid at Eureka Calif. Subscription payable in Advance at office yearly $36, 6 months sit. Subscriptions payable to delivery boys or girls monthly s3.oo North of big Lagoon East of Blue Lake and South of Scotia add 25c. Mail rates zones i and 2, 3 00 per month All others 3 25. Daily to cents per copy sunday 25 cents. The times Standard is not responsible for Advance payments to newspaper boys for More than one month. Of you do not receive your paper Call 442-1711 by 4 pm weeknights to a in. Saturday or sunday. Mod Quot lotto 23 Diagonal picture limited to Stock on hand Spanish influence is apparent in this striking console. The authentic details add furniture Beauty to Superb to performance. Powerful Chassis assures Brilliant High contrast picture. 990 Eureka Fortuna Crescent City monday special summer handbags High fashion imports 4&Quot -5 99 regularly $7-$12 these High fashion handbags were designed to keep you moving beautifully from summer right thru fall. Select from a wide assortment of soft straws and vinyls in shades of Tan Pink beige White and Black. These Are specially purchased High fashion imports you won t want to miss handbags. Street floor All h d Noel s to amp appliances Harris amp Union Street Eureka phone 442-0400 Only

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