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Eureka Times Standard Newspaper Archives Jun 27 1976, Page 1

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Times Standard, The (Newspaper) - June 27, 1976, Eureka, CaliforniaSunday june 27, 1976 vol. 176 Eureka. California 28 pages Cloudy patches of weather today night and morning coastal Clouds or fog you have a Choice. Highs 56-64, warmer Inland. Lows tonight 40-48. Details on Page 2. Fugitive captured Washington up Morris Lynn Johnson. Ill. One of the Fri s 10 must wanted lug lives after escaping from Ilic Federal Penitentiary Al Atla Nln nearly eight months was arrested in new Orleans the Fri said saturday. Director Clarence m. Kelley said Johnson was arrested by Fri agents and new Orleans police a fliers. Me tried to evade agents by a lacing on fool but was caught As he attempted to enter a House near the birr Cal scene to obtain cover. Kelley said. Johnson was sought on Federal warrants issued by Bank robbery with a gum. Hank burglary la Hrcak Ini and parole violation and for escape from . Penitentiary in Atlan warrants were issued aug. 4. At Atlanta charging him with Bank robbery and burglary and aug. 5. Lot in Kansas City mo., charging him with parole violation lie escaped oel. I m. And will be returned to the Federal jail in Atlanta. Transport chief Here Adriana Giu Turko. Director of he slate department of transportation visited saturday and received briefings to both the City s Core development area and the proposed freeway. During a conference with City officials and local transportation and Highway administrators was told the hailed project is considered vital Lor the City s Progress. She expressed concern Over the potential destruction of structures. Especially residential that would be required by both projects. It was reported that approximately 1.000 persons could to required to move irom residences along the proposed freeway route. Giu Turko was appointed department director two months ago and this was her first official visit to Eureka. Search for immortals Cambridge. Mass i up the direct Lar of the world s largest radio Telescope says the search Tor signs of Mecl i genl Lite should he refocus Cri to receive signals irom the Insl Likely senders a civilization of immortal beings. Frank Drake director of the National astronomy and ionosphere Center Al Cornell us verily which operates the Arecibo Observatory in Arecibo. Puerto Rico made Ilic suggestion in lie june Issue or technology review published by the Massachusetts i . Lie fears science has been making a dreadful mistake by nol focusing All searches on Ilic detection of the signals of the immortals. For it is the immortals we will most Likely fishermen defy court Ilwaco. Wash. Up Twenty nine commercial fishing boats Delict a Federal court order saturday and went to sea in search of Salmon. . Attorney Sidney i. Luuk said contempt dial ions would be requested As a result no the incident. Joe hurl manager of Haskco Sealand inc. Ilwaco. Said Bis firm bought Coho Salmon the total catch of n of the boats. They weren t really trying for a big Hurt said. They just wanted to gel some fish and Lesl i lie court he said agents of the Washington stale department of fisheries watched the Sale ol1 the fish banded copies of the order Banning commercial fishing off the Washington coast to the fishermen and buyers and said no citations would be issued then. Warehousemen Settle san Francisco Lupi a Len alive contract agreement was reached saturday night to end a three week strike by some in Northern California. The walkout by the teamsters Union and International longshoremen s and warehousemen s Union affected some not companies represented in negotiations by live details of the pact were withheld pending ratification by the Union locals. A spokesman for the unions said the meetings would be held As soon As the strike affected supermarkets which ran Short on some brands of groceries. Some wholesale liquor distributors shut Down by pickets. On the inside accent on people Ann Landers Astro graph citizen on the Street comics cultural Calendar Down to Earth editorial Page entertainment nation s weather our 7-9 13 5 11 insert 28 12 4 13 2 5 sports television log 15-20 21 the newspaper for Northwestern California 122 years since 1854 president Ford and gov. Ralael Hernandez Colon of puerto Rico Are at attention during the playing of their respective National anthems saturday. Ford went to san Juan p.r., for the economic Summit conference with leaders irom several Western nations. Up telephoto Ford warns hands off puerto Rico Dorado puerto Rico us Ali president Ford arrived in puerto Rico saturday Willi unusually heavy Security precautions and warned Cuba thai intervention in the Domestic affairs of puerto Rico and the United slates will be an unfriendly act which will be resisted by appropriate the Public had been barred from the Airport and armed guards patrolled he site of the economic conference which begins sunday. Ford without men inning Cuba by name issued tin hands off warning at a ceremonial Welcome at san Juan International air i f after he arrived. White House press Secretary Ron Nyssen told reporters t hat Ford was referring to Cuba among Portugal election set Portugal i ii the armed forces will to on full Alert sunday to provide Security during the first free presidential elections in Portugal in 511 years. The Campaign ended with widespread shootings and bombings. In addition to the troop Alert the military s powerful revolutionary Council will slay in constant session we file the country s li.2 million registered voters select a president from among tour candidates. Voters were Given a Day of rest from the Campaign saturday. The candidates Are army chief Gen. Antonio Tea Macho eanes. Prime minister adm. Jose Pinheiro do acc Vado. Communist Central com Mittee member Octavio Palo and Farlett sex military Security Chick maj. Telb Saraiva Rie Carvalho. Others in condemning outside interference in relations Between the United slates and the puerto hic an Commonwealth. Nessen said Cuba has a Resolution before the United nations asking Independence for puerto Citico. Asked Why the Summit was being held in up Erin Rico where Demon str Lions have been threatened Nessen said there is no Security problem Al All. There have been in Hal Here will he a Lemons rat ions. We anticipate nothing beyond peaceful praising the debate Over the political future of puerto Rico. Ford said. There Are those however who seek to distort the facts to mislead others about our relationship with puerto Rico. The record is Clear Ted open. We Are around of the relationship that we have developed together and invite the world to examine it. We commend to ils critics the same Freedom of Choice i brought the free and open election which is enjoyed by the people of puerto Rico. Those who might be inclined to interfere in our freely determined relations should know Hal such an act will be considered As intervention in the Domestic affairs of puerto Rico and the United slates ii will be an unfriendly act which will be resisted by appropriate after sleeping irom the helicopter Ford strode to the Villa he will use and posed for pictures with gov. Rafael he had offended Hernandez Colon earlier by ailing to notify him in Advance he had chosen san Luyun As the site of the sum Mit. A virile House aides also ruffled puerto rican feelings by first decreeing that the puerto rican Flag could fit lie flown and ils Allie a could nol be played Al welcoming ceremonies in san Juan. This was later changed. Reagan bemoans National party prejudice for Ford supporters by 1kak.allkn United press International Donald Reagan who narrowly avoided n shutout in the Minnesota Republican convention. Saturday took his Delegate Hunt to the More Fertile grounds of Mont Ana and Idaho and hoped to narrow even further the slim Load held by president Ford. Alter losing. 17 to i in Minnesota Early saturday. Teagan went West charging the Ford Campaign with making a desperate at tempt to change rules Al various state conventions to Benalil the president. Keagan was counting nil or most of the 20 delegates chosen in Montana. 1 remaining in Idaho and 21 in new Mexico. Alter the Minnesota convention the up1 Delegate count showed Ford with of the needed for nomination to Reagan s with Hui uncommitted and to be chosen. A Keagan sweep in the West could have brought him to within 70 Delegate votes of Ford with left to be chosen the. Weekends of july 10 in North Dakota and Colorado and july i in Utah and Connecticut. In every convention slate i be visited so far. There have been desperate attempts to change the rules unusually to my Reagan said. He also complained about the Republican National committee s approval of Ford backers to hold key National convention positions. Ii we arc going to be suddenly told at this late stage in the game that in a spirit of fairness we should Unruh out As Carter forces Divide in bitter state split los Angeles state treasurer Jesse Unruh. Who endorsed Jimmy Carter during his Maryland presidential primary fight with gov. Edmund g. Brown jr., saturday was denied a spot on Carter s California delegation in a bitter internal dispute. Carter s National Campaign staff had promised Unruh he would be chosen As one of in at Large delegates. But car Ter s California steering committee rebuffed the former Assembly speaker and a last minute hid to reinstate him failed on vote. The committee recommended that Unruh go to the convention in new York next month As an alternate Delegate which carries less prestige but he declined. California s 280-Membcr delegation was completed with the election of 70 of Large delegates during Hie one Day meeting of the slate s first among candidates on a proportional basis. Crown and his delegates used their political muscle to elect their slate of 15 Mem Bers of the democratic National committee which included h Brown backers and Only one Carter ally. The new members serve through the elections. Assembly speaker Leo t. Mccarthy Brown s state Campaign chairman also was elected chairman of the entire California delegation. In contrast to the Carter Camp infighting. Brown s Ca Cusing ran smoothly As 52 at Large delegates including Al Cio Leader John Ilcyn Ning and stale controller Ken Cory worn elected without debate. A Morris Udall delegation had Little difficulty As William Harvey of Oakland was the Only Delegate Alvendi in. Udall s other California Delegate. Jeff Klein of los Angeles was vacationing in Israel. It took longer than i Harvey quipped noting he talked Willi 15 Udall supporters about issues before making a consensus vote Lor the delegation. Sen. Frank Church s seven delegates selected alternates As did the other delegations. But Church and Udall did not receive any at Large a Legalos because they obtained less than 10 cent of the vote in primary election. Jerry Cohen. Cesar Chavez attorney for the United farm workers Union was among the 52 Al Largo delegates elected. Also chosen were actor Warren Beatty and Brown s executive assistant Mother sister and brother in Law. Former anti War activist Tom if a Den was chosen As one of Brown s alternates. Start dividing up delegates then 1 want to Tell you that i would agree with that in we could go All the Way Back to the first primary in new Hampshire and Start Reagan lost the nation s Lisl primary in new Hamp Shire by less than one percentage Point but got Only to of the 21 delegates. Ford was in puerto Rico saturday Lor i he opening of an economic Summit with Allied nations. Democrat Jimmy Carter who won k of Delegate votes from North Dakota saturday had at least 1.711, pending possible switches in the Colorado delegation which had -1 More new delegates to choose saturday. Thai leaves Only live democratic delegates from puerto Rico not chosen and they Are expected to be Tor Carter when chosen some Lime next week. The gop s Rhiel Tun i Raiser. Jeremiah Milbank. Told the Republican National Comiller there has been a Sharp falloff in contributions by the wealthy and the party is smi.5 million Short of its s25 million fund raising goal. Our Basic problem is still with our potential major contributors those who can give to maximum gifts Senate approves billion budget Washington up the Senate Otid saturday to spend billion for hundreds of Federal programs ranging from building sewage treatment plants to sending rockets to Venus but nol a Penny Lor limousine service Lor i our bureaucrats. Meeting in rare saturday session to Clear the decks of major Money Bills the Senate passed three Bills covering a wide Range of activities military construction Energy space environmental Protection and housing. By a vote it approved a catch All Hill appropriating billion for the housing and Urban development department Nasa the Protection Agency the veterans administration and a dozen other agencies for the fiscal year beginning ocl 1. A Bill appropriating a 1.4 billion for military construction at Home and abroad was passed. M Loo. A third Bill providing billion for the Interior deportment the Forest service the Energy research and development administration the Federal Energy administration and More than a other agencies was approved Fil to 4. The catch All Iid Bill included a provision barring us of any of the Money to to provide limousines and Drivers for the Heads of the a. Kpa Ami Nasa and for Nasa s Deputy administrator. A report submitted by sen. William Proxmire. A wis. Said the Senate appropriations committee Wojik particularly alarmed by Kpa administrator Russell k. Train s refusal to relinquish his vehicle and Driver even though he suggests other government workers join carpools ride buses or walk. Sen. Charles Mcc. Malhias or. Red. Said Proxmire had set a frugal example by jogging to work daily but hoped the provision Banning funds Lor cars and Drivers would not prevent women and others working late from being driven Home. Proxmire said that was not his intent. All three Bills passed earlier by the House were amended by the Senate and thus go Back to the House. The final figures will he worked out by House Senate committees. A lot of hot air the 10-Story helium balloon of Karl Thomas. 27. Troy mich., is eased from its hangar saturday at the Lakehurst. . Naval air station. Thomas is trying to become the first person to make a Solo balloon flight across the Atlantic Ocean. Up telephoto Vance rehabilitation loan meeting scheduled buy. Sell classified ads. .442-1711 negotiations Between the Vance hotel and City of Eureka Over a rehabilitation loan have again been postponed. City councilman had scheduled a meeting for Early last week but the meeting was delayed until Friday and that session has now been rescheduled for monday. City attorney Mel Johnson attorney Leonard Conry representing Vance owner Sam Stanson and n special los Angeles attorney for the City s redevelopment Agency were expected to meet Over the already negotiation owner participation agreement. The agreement was presented to Stanson and Conry before the june m Council session. They both the proposed agreement calling it in the City Council in response asked them to prepare a counter proposal which is to tie negotiated among John sen Conry and the special attorney monday. City administrators said they have presented a Good sound agreement. Coun Cilman Wayne and Irnest co inc the special committee for Vance negotiations on the other hand proposed two additional stipulations to the original negotiated agreement. Additional terms include Stanson providing in Matching funds for the City s loan and if he cannot pay the Matching funds. It is suggested he sell the hotel to the City. They contend the added terms provide Protection for the City and Money that could be used Lor Low Cost housing in the City. Attorneys for the times Standard Friday reported the owner participation agreement presented to Stanson was nol a very Businesslike agreement. A Section of the agreement entitled scope of develop ment could conceivably Force Stanson to invest up to in hotel refurbishing. Portions of that Section need to be More carefully clarified it was reported. Al the City Council s june 1-1 session the owner of the Vance and his attorney demanded that the supplemental requirements be eliminated from the proposed agreement. Expected to try to persuade City representatives not to include these two factors when he meets with hem. Times Standard attorneys reported the original agreement provides heavy restrictions Asil is without the addition of any other stipulations. Legal problems Al the Vance hotel sur laced in january when the hotel was dealt a fire Law violation suit. Trying to head off a court order condemning and Vaca Ting the hotel by april to Stanson earlier that month asked the Eureka City Council Lor emergency fun Ding. Although the majority of the City Council flatly refused his request he met with City administrators and interested Council men the very next Day. City officials Al that time appointed Johnsen to cooler with the Vance attorney in an Effort to reach a Mutual agreement. Negotiations Are still continuing As a result of that action. Because of efforts made by Stanson to secure funding from the City he has been granted a number of court ordered cont inuit ions allowing the hotel to remain open. If these continuations were to be Stop xxi the hotel could be condemned and the tenants forced to look for new housing. Eureka administrators and members of the Public Are critical of the possible closing of the Vance. If it were to be closed and the 50 persons living there now forced out they would be put on a priority list with Eureka s housing authority authority director James Pliler said. Complicating mat problem is the fact that Ini people Are on the waiting list already

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