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Eureka Times Standard Newspaper Archives Dec 16 1973, Page 4

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Eureka Times Standard (Newspaper) - December 16, 1973, Eureka, California Page 4 a sunday december 16, 1973 the times Standard a 442-1711 Eureka California a he Stumes Standard opinion Gerald Colby publisher Norm urns managing editor the opines of times Standard Are expressed in the two columns below. The opinions of columnists Are expressed in the articles which carry their names. The opinions of readers Are expressed in letters to the editor which must be limited to 250 words be free of libel and in Good taste and carry the author s signature and address. The editors Reserve the right to edit or reject letters which Are submitted. A a what do you think this group t Bruce Biossat Humboldt Bay its own entity it is Gratifying that local governments with respective interests in and about Humboldt Bay Are uniting to assist the Humboldt Bay Harbor recreation and conservation District directors in formulating a master plan for development of the Harbor. We have previously held that a High priced a a foreign consultant for this purpose is not necessary. It could in fact be detrimental inasmuch As the Tenor of Humboldt county life and the philosophies of its Peoples though varied Are different from those of the crowded metropolitan areas from which most consultants Are derived. We agree wholeheartedly with or. Richard Ridenhour of Humboldt state University chairman of the commission that a plan which excludes the lands fronting the Harbor is of Little or no consequence. A a development of open water other than the channels for shipping is a minus tide economically speaking and the channels Are the province of the army corps of engineers not of the commission. Any statute which limits the authority of the commission to the tidal and submerged lands is in itself ridiculous. If anything at All is to be accomplished such statute must be eliminated As a first step. Local government and private citizen input for the master plan Are indispensable. The Legal counsel of county and cities involved is More than adequate for any problems which May arise from possible complications with state or Federal regulations. One criterion however is imperative if the Effort toward Harbor development is to be productive. This is that the representatives of each involved entity and the general citizenry must regard Humboldt Bay As an entity of itself. A your part and a your part can Only Lead to dissection and failure. We believe firmly that our elected representatives and general citizens Are equal to the Challenge. Christmas lighting relaxing of the impending prohibition on Christmas lighting by Federal Energy Boss William e. Simon to permit the traditional lighting of indoor Christmas Trees appears to establish one of two things i a no one is quite sure of the actual extent of the electrical Power shortage or 2 a there is a Santa Claus. Either Way it somewhat eases the abrupt blow to the yuletide spirit already occasioned by voluntary curtailment of heat and Light use in Public buildings business establishments and Many of the Homes which now have received a reprieve. To most adults a lightness tree could be borne with the knowledge that the Good of All which must be considered first just As Many family reunions will be foregone because of gasoline problems. It is the wonder and Delight in the eyes and on the faces of Little children at sight of the Beautiful glowing tree which makes this Small investment in Chance if Chance it is worthwhile. That is the main thing. But another facet is that local retail merchants in Eureka Arcata Crescent City Fortuna and other such communities must now be sighing with Relief at the fact that they Are not stuck with huge inventories of indoor Christmas lighting a a a a a 7 f Jack Anderson skies still Friendly to Spiro Washington a although former vice president Spiro Agnew has been sentenced As a criminal tax cheat he still has enough clout to bump less celebrated passengers from their airline seats. He still travels with a secret service escort. With two bodyguards running interference. He barged ahead of other passengers waiting in line at new York City a Laguardia Airport for the 4 . Eastern shuttle flight to Washington on december 6. Among the displaced passengers were two Senate aides. Charles Bangert and Gerald Hellerman who had been working All Day on the Energy crisis. After Agnew had been comfortably seated with his secret service protectors alongside him. There was still one empty seat. The passenger ahead of Bangert and Hellerman was offered the space. Quot no replied the ruffled traveler. Quot i ride on the same air plane with that the bumped passengers were obliged to wait 21 minutes for a second shuttle plane. An Eastern airlines spokesman told us that Agnew was Given special treatment at the request of the secret service. A secret service spokesman said the agents had made the request Quot to facilitate his our repeated Calls to agnews office brought no response. Eastern airlines also gave favored treatment recently to president Nixon a Friend Bebe Rebozo. Columnist Maxine Cheshire reported that a passenger aboard a Miami to Washington Airliner was persuaded to give up her first class seat and move Back into the coach compartment in order to provide Rebozo with a comfortable seat. Rebozo was also delivered to the door of the plane in a limousine with an Eastern official carrying his bags. Sex vice president Spiro Agnew Isnit the Only bigwig apparently who gets special travel privileges. While lesser americans Are scrambling for reservations during the holidays their congressmen will get favored treatment. On . To rep. John Mcfall d Calif., the House democratic whip sent a memo to his colleagues telling of Quot special arrangements Quot to assist them with their travel plans during the Quot adjournment period and the Christmas confides the memo Quot members experiencing difficulties in securing desired reservations May receive assistance by calling the congressional desks of the cooperating a listing of the priority phone number of la major airlines is thoughtfully provided. Quot Amtrak travellers a adds the Mcfall memo May also Quot receive assistance Quot by calling special numbers. Mcfall happens to be chairman of the transportation appropriations subcommittee which controls the purse strings for airlines and railroads. A spokesman for him conceded that Quot ifs Only because of the committee he son that we could ask for the request for congressional priority went out to both the air transport association and to Amtrak. Although the memo asserts that both Quot indicated they will do All they can to assist members under these difficult Circum Tances a spokesman for both Ata and Amtrak said the special Telephone numbers will provide the congressmen a hearing but not necessarily a seat. The Nixon administration has been playing quiet politics with the $2.2 billion arms shipment to Israel. Rush orders of rockets shells bombs and bullets costing close to $1 billion were flown to the Middle East. The remaining $1.2 billion Worth of military hardware most of it heavy and Bulky will be delivered by ship probably after the first of the year. Competent sources have told us that the timing of the deliveries May depend upon the flexibility of the israeli government in the Middle East negotiations. The Pentagon meanwhile has indicated it May ask for $3 billion to make up for the $2.2 billion in armaments sent to Israel contending that the replacements will be More costly than the original procurement. Focus "74 Congress with More muscle by Steve Gerstel. Washington it up after decades of subservience Congress reached beyond Rehoric in 1973 and began the slow ascent to Equality with the executive Branch. The 1974 elections May fashion a Quot veto proof Quot Congress and Render president Nixon All but impotent domestically during the last two years of his administration. Despite some significant congressional gains in 1973. However Nixon retained the capacity to control most Domestic programs a using the magic of one third plus one to Bend Capitol Hill to his will. In effect the democratic con trolled 93rd Congress has the votes to juggle priorities and push its programs but it lacks the two thirds majority needed to override vetoes or ignore presidential veto threats. But As a result of the watergate scandals the mathematics could change when the 94th Congress convenes in 1975. Pollster George Gallup told Republican governors last month any belief that watergate has not done Broad damage to the party was Quot Wishful Gallup said that if the election were held then Republican membership in the Senate and the House could fall below the one third plus one level needed to sustain presidential vetos. An analysis of the first eight presidential vetoes this year indicates that the shift in most cases would not even have had to be dramatic or substantial to Rob Nixon of his veto Power. The Senate More Liberal of the two Chambers sustained Nixon on three vetoes a one was by four votes and another by six. Only the 20-vote margin by which the Senate failed to override his veto of the Usia authorization Bill is beyond reach of what a 1974 democratic election sweep could overturn. The House upheld Nixon on five vetoes a two of which had been override by the Senate a by margins of to 22. 29, 29 and 51 votes. By 284-135 in the House and 7ii 18 in the Senate Congress rejected the veto of the War Powers Bill which placed restriction on a presidents ability to engage u. S. Forces in combat. It was a startling defeat for Nixon and Many observers traced it directly to continuing disenchantment by republicans As new watergate bombshells exploded. The minimum wage Bill is the most graphic example of How the 1974 elections could shift the balance of Power Between Nixon and Congress. The House and Senate passed a Bill raising the minimum wage from $1.60 to $2 shortly after enactment and to $2.20 one year later. Nixon vetoed the Bill sept. 6, calling the Speed of the increase inflationary and rejecting inclusion of Domestic workers and employees of Small retailers. He also insisted on a differential for teen age workers. On sept. 19, the House sustained the veto 259-164, 22 Short of the two thirds necessary to override. Unable to Compromise Between the White House and organized labor on the question of equal pay for youths backers of the Bill shelved further moves until they see whether the elections will provide those 22 votes. The constant Battle for supremacy and the watergate scandals obscured both the accomplishments and the failures of the first session of the 93rd Congress. The exchanges of criticism Between Nixon and democratic congressional leaders have vied for attention with the hearings of the Senate watergate committee the inquiry into Nixon a impeachment the Battle Over a special watergate prosecutor and the confirmation of House Gap Leader Gerald r. Ford to your legislators stat senator congressman first District a first District a Don h. Clausen Randolph Collier 2433 Rayburn House office bldg. Room 5052 Washington . 20515 state Capitol 202-225-1311 Sacramento Calif. 95814 916-445-4641 state Assembly first District a . Senator Pauline Davis sen. Alan Cranston room 4148 room 452 state Capitol Senate office building Sacramento Calif. 95814 Washington . 20510 916-445-7266 202-225-8118 second District a sen. John v. Tunney Barry Keene room 1415 room 4013 new Senate office bldg. State Capitol Washington . 20510 Sacramento Calif. 95814 202-225-9638 916-445-8360 succeed Spiro t. Agnew As vice president. Congress can claim two major legislative victories Over Nixon a both in the area of foreign relations where there usually is a greater degree of bipartisan Harmony. Over his bitter opposition Congress finally approved and forced Nixon to accept an end to the no Sochina War by cutting off funds for All military activities there. Second Congress overrode Nixon a veto of the War Powers Bill. In addition Congress legitimately can claim it has been numerically prodigious a approving Many Bills sending Many others toward passage. And Congress showed again that faced with a crisis it can move with dispatch. Alter Nixon outlined the dimensions of the Energy crisis Congress gave him sweeping emergency Powers and ended protracted haggling to Speed final passage of the trans Alaska pipeline Bill and mandatory allocations of fuel. Iii an assertion of new found Independence Cong res refused to wait Tor an administration farm program and passed its own which was first opposed then accepted by the White House. Presidents loyalty a Small umbrella Washington Nea a dozens upon dozens of people linked directly or indirectly to president Nixon have been paraded before the Public in the Long watergate Case. He has defended Only two his former top aides. H. R. Haldeman and John d. Ehrlichman. When these two resigned on april 30, the president told a National television audience that they were both Quot Fine Public servants Quot and he has More than once expressed the conviction that ultimately they will be freed of All charges in watergate and related matters. As the self acknowledged commander of the so called a plumbers a unit Quot set up in the White House to delve into alleged National Security matters Ehrlichman is currently under indictment for complicity in the celebrated California break in at the offices of the psychiatrist of Daniel Ellsberg who turned Loose the Quot Pentagon no specific charge rests upon Haldeman. He has told his Story to the watergate grand jury and before the Senate Ervin committee openly denied the key watergate role Laid to him by former White House counsel John Dean. It is not at All Clear however that Haldeman is Safe from future formal charge. Last Spring while still in his Post Haldeman went to Capitol Hill and told a Small group of republicans in a private session guaranteed to produce leaks that he accepted responsibility for the Broad Campaign attack plans the Nixon people employed in 1971-72. He said that they had gotten out of hand. The Haldeman Ehrlichman resignations were forced upon the president because the Public statements of so Many persons involved in watergate suggested their entanglement. What we really know of the Nixon Haldeman Ehrlichman relationship in the subsequent months is not much but it is interesting. It hints sharply at continuing ties. Press Secretary Ronald Ziegler responding to a newsman a Contention that presidential Contact with Haldeman by Telephone was regular and that he was in effect still advising or. Nixon conceded he Ziegler had talked to Haldeman a Quot few Lawrence Higby a former Haldeman aide now Squirrel led away in a Small office of management and budget cubbyhole As Deputy testified in judge John Sirica a court that Haldeman in mid november knew of the missing 18-minute watergate tape segment. Higby said Haldeman instructed him to get the latter a notes on the affected time period june 20, 1972 and later read them to him Over the phone. Haldeman had the combination to the Safe where the notes were kept. The Safe was under secret service guard in the executive office building adjoining the White House. Yet it is obviously significant that Haldeman retained a High degree of control Over his own files there months after leaving office. Nor can it be forgotten that far Back in May after Haldeman and Ehrlichman had left office but Well before either had testified at the Senate they and their personal lawyer John s. Wilson met with the president privately in the White House. No one knows what went on. Again All we know is the published evidence of retained ties and the presidents singular defense of these two intensely Loyal men. No one else not even his Long prize personal Secretary the beleaguered Rose Mary Woods has received any defense at All. The president has let All others be chewed up Day by Day in the grinding watergate wealth of venezuelans Oil could be lever by Phil Newsom up foreign news analyst venezuelans president elect Carlos Andres Perez is pro United states but in a Sellers Market that wont Stop him from using venezuelans Oil wealth As a lever to Force changes in . Latin american policy. In this he joins his closest opponent Lorenzo Fernandez of the governing social Christian party. Both Perez of the democratic action party and Fernandez ran on moderately nationalistic platforms and both favored taking Over the foreign Oil companies operating in Venezuela before 1983, when present Oil concessions begin running out. Both stressed the takeover should be through negotiation. Perez has declared president Nixon a policy toward latin America Quot not a Happy one Quot and he has said frankly he will use Oil to break . Trade restrictions. The United states is acne Zuelas largest Oil customer taking around 1.5 million barrels of the country a daily production of 3.4 million barrels. Both major candidates prom ised the flow of Oil to the United states would continue at present Levels. Rising Oil prices already have Given Venezuela a Windfall of $400 million in increased earnings this year and Whert differences Between the candidates developed it was Over How the Oil revenues should be spent. Fernandez sticking to the policy Laid Down by outgoing president Rafael Caldera has talked of using some of the extra Money to develop the Orinoco tar Belt in Eastern Venezuela and on educational and health projects. Others including Perez feel agriculture is the neediest sector of the Economy. Perez accused the government of failing to improve distribution of wealth of increasing unemployment by emphasizing automation and of not utilizing National resources he promised tax and social reforms and greater support for labor intensive industries. The Oil Industry while producing some two thirds of the country s annual $3 billion income furnishes employment to relatively few people. Perez accused the United states and other developed nations of failing in their responsibilities toward undeveloped countries and said they should use their Oil wealth to demand More technology for local Industry and a voice in International policy making including Money issues. It amp 1973 by Nea inc. Quot Here s some Good news. It looks As though we re going to avoid another tax increase Quot

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