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Eureka Times Standard Newspaper Archives Dec 16 1973, Page 1

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Eureka Times Standard (Newspaper) - December 16, 1973, Eureka, California Sunday december 16, 1973 25�?~ Eureka California established 1854 48 pages vol. Xxx a no. 280 mostly Cloudy with rain Likely Early then chances of water in the air gradually lessening. Winds remain Strong and the temperature might hit the Low 60�?Ts. Details on Page 2.plane strikes houses Miami up a a Lockheed Constellation cargo plane crashed into a residential area shortly before Midnight saturday hitting several Homes and spreading fire. Two persons were believed dead. The plane bound for Marquetia Venezuela crashed immediately after Takeoff from Miami International Airport the Federal aviation administration said. Initial reports from fire Rescue units in the City s Northwest area Between 31st Street and 31st Avenue said at least two persons were dead and four injured. Jim Garrison Defeated new Orleans up a former Federal prosecutor Harry f. Connick saturday unseated flamboyant four term dist. Atty. Jim Garrison in close voting in their bitter democratic primary Runoff election. With 410 of the a Tyr a 419 precincts reporting Connick held a 1,625 vote margin Over Garrison but the Lead was increasing. The vote count showed Connick with 66,390, or 51 per cent of the ballots cast and Garrison with 64.765, 49 per cent. Garrison faced with Connick a growing support earlier in the year predicted a i done to think Connick could beat me in a Hundred slide threatens town port Alice. . Up a a huge mud slide threatened this Northern Vancouver Island Community of 1,500 people saturday forcing police and other emergency workers to evacuate residents from their Homes. No injuries or deaths were reported by a special command Center set up by the Royal Canadian mounted police a map. But an ramp spokesman said a a we Are counting noses in an attempt to account for residents in the affected area. Scores of persons whose Homes were threatened by the slide were evacuated to nearby Jeune Landing. Rescue efforts were hampered by torrential Rains which fell through most of the Day and continued after dark. The slide about 150 feet wide and 200 feet Long began about i p.m., moved at least one House off its foundation. Several automobiles also were swept away. Mideast meet delayed . And egyptian official announced saturday the Geneva Middle East peace conference has been postponed until next Friday. It had been scheduled to begin tuesday but a . Official said it will be delayed by crucial talks with Israel up reported. In Amman Jordan an american official travelling with Secretary of state Henry Kissinger on his seven nation tour of the Middle East told newsmen the open Ning of the peace conference would be postponed because of matters that Kissinger has to take up with Israel. The official would not elaborate further. Kissinger who arrived in the jordanian capital after More than seven hours of talks with syrian president Hafez Assad in Damascus was to Coner in Tel Aviv with Fraeli leaders sunday. A a a heavy storm hits Mast a powerful storm rumbled Over the Eastern portion of the nation saturday triggering heavy Snow warnings and travel Erst advisories up reported. Snow fell from the great lakes Region through Northern and Central Illinois Over portions of the Ohio Valley and into the Central and Northern appalachians. Warnings for a rower is of four More inches were in effect for West Virginia Western Maryland and Northwestern Virginia. Winter storm or heavy Snow watchers were in effect for portions of Pennsylvania Maryland and Virginia and travel Erst advisories were continued Over Ohio Western Pennsylvania Indiana and Eastern Tennessee. Carl Jeremy a Salt Lake City service station attendant says he a been having computation problems since the station started Selling gasoline by the Pound. The 6.9 cents rate Isnit any great bargain since a gallon weighs 5.83 pounds making it Cost about 40 cents for regular. On the other hand in the Humboldt county area 40 cents would be a bargain a of sorts. Up telephoto ticker protests dwindle Normal traffic predicted by United press International the Independent truckers protest against High fuel prices and lowered Speed limits dwindled to a few spots around spokesman for Drivers predicted that truck traffic a should be almost Back to Normal by monday. Scattered vandalism and violence that marked the two Day protest continued. Michael Parkhurst editor and publisher of a a overdrive Magazine said in a phone Call to Washington saturday that most of the Drivers who stayed off the Road thursday and Friday would be behind the wheel monday although a a few Guys will want to show How Gutsy they Are for another two or three Parkhurst said he thought the shutdown a made the Public sympathetic to the truckers Basing his predictions on checks saturday with Drivers in to states Parkhurst said he did t expect much truck traffic this weekend since Many continued on Page 2 the newspaper for Northwestern California St Bill signed fuel enforcement action okd Washington u p i president Nixon saturday signed legislation putting most of the nation on year round Daylight saving time to save Energy and authorized the use of 2,000 internal Revenue service agents to enforce fuel allocation rules. Postponing his annual physical checkup until sometime next week the president met for one hour with administration Energy chief William e. Simon and his Deputy John c. Sawhill. Simon announced the beefed up enforcement actions at a news conference after the meeting. The Daylight saving time Bill a Compromise passed Friday by the House and Senate would go into effect at 2 . Jan. 6, and continue until october 1975. It was designed to save some Energy expended for lighting and heating. Simon who said he had Given Nixon a a very positive report on the government s Energy conservation program announced that the 2,000 irs agents would begin immediately to enforce the allocation system and crack Down on Price gouging. The agents have been assigned on a full time basis for the next six months he said. Simon added that the irs agents also will train some 1,000 new personnel to take Over the enforcement Job by the Middle of 1974. A they Are going to train and supervise work for us at our direction on allocation Price gouging and any other illegal activities connected with any of these shortages Quot he said. A we Are not going to tolerate any abuse and we will come Down on this very hard when it is found the Federal Energy office which Simon Heads previously has had no far reaching enforcement program. Simon indicated that Nixon okayed the plans which he outlined. He said they also discussed a three Day old strike of dissident truckers protesting High fuel prices and lower Speed limits the question of rationing the present fuel allocation program and legislation pending in Congress including a proposal to deregulate natural Gas at the Well head. Simon said the administration is trying to increase the diesel fuel Supply and has promised toe truckers to per cent of the fuel Supply they used last year. He said he hoped a these positive Steps we have taken will be accepted in a positive fashion by the the Energy chief said Nixon described the emergency Energy Bill which passed the House Early saturday As a Quot Basket cases because a a it a got a Mere 200 Points of difference with a Senate passed version. He said he hoped the two versions could be compromised in a House Senate conference by thursday and passed before Congress adjourns for Christmas. A both versions have some problems a he said House version with that Many amendments we just could not Simon said he and Nixon discussed the possibility of gasoline rationing a at some but indicated they still View it As a last resort. He also said his staff would begin meeting monday with airlines representatives in an Effort to relieve a threatened Layoff of pilots and flight personnel because of Jet fuel shortages. Expressing Optima miss that the government will solve these shortages Simon added that his predictions were not based on the Assumption that the Arab Oil Boycott will end soon. A a in a assuming the embargo will continue a he said. The Daylight savings time Bill which Nixon signed would put the nation on a fast time throughout the year for the first time since world War ii. Charles Wright he wanted Nixon a tapes kept secret Austin Tex. Up a Charles Alan Wright the lawyer who Laboured to keep president Nixon a watergate tapes secret said saturday he Hopes there Are a adequate answers for Why two of them Are missing and another one marred. In an interview with up Wright said he has few regrets about the months he spent As Nixon a chief lawyer in the Long a one cannot yet say the patient has recovered j court Battle with watergate prosecutors Over the tapes a except that he never knew the materials he was fighting to protect were not intact. A what i regret As a matter of Public relations if anything else was that when i said on oct. 23 that we Ould comply with the subpoena that the White House did no to say that there w As a possibility that two of the tapes did no to exist a he said. Oct. 23 was the Day that Nixon after the juror that erupted from his firing of special prosecutor Archibald Cox three Days before abandoned the tapes Battle and dispatched Wright to court to pledge the president would a comply fully with a Cox subpoena Tor nine of his watergate tapes. On oct. 31, the White House announced two of the nine tapes did not exist. Quot if i had known i would have said it in court a Wright said. Quot that Way the Public would have been put on notice and it have been the Bombshell it was eight Days nor Wright said As he Chai smoked in his tiny office at the University of Texas Law school did he know a third tape was marred by an 18 minute Buzz that obliterates a watergate conversation Nixon had with his former chief aide . Haldeman. Three Davs after the june 17, 1972 bugging arrests the White House d d not announce that until nov. 21. Quot i had no indications about the missing 18 minutes until it was made Wright said. Quot i done to know much about it except what i read in the newspapers. Quot i think the things that have happened have certainly raised questions about the presidents credibility and i would Hope that adequate answers would be would a full disclosure provide the answers Quot that a really More of a political question a he said. A i have always endeavoured to avoid giving answers on political continued on Page 2 Nixon Strain trip example of How not to save fuel ii right i wished have known Washington u i president no xon would save Little if any fuel by taking the train to Florida because the extra presidential cars would Force Amtrak to run two trains instead of one. Deputy press Secretary Gerald Warren said last week that Nixon was considering going to key Biscayne dec. 26 by train instead of plane a to set an example for the american Public to conserve fuel. Although detailed plans have been made and the trip appears Likely White House officials said saturday that the president still had not decided definitely whether he will go by train. They indicated that Nixon has abandoned any idea of also sending his empty Jet to key Biscayne in Case of an emergency. An Amtrak spokesman said that because All the Florida trains Are filled to capacity at tins time of the year. Nixon will ride in a separate eight car second Section which will travel behind the regularly scheduled passenger train. The fuel saving also will be offset by some Security arrangements. Including the need for thousands of state and local policemen to drive to every switch Bridge overpass and Culvert to guard the president s train As it passes. At least three coach cars on the special Section will carry regular passengers according to the White House. The presidential party will use three or four a first class Quot cars a diner and a specially equipped communications car to keep the president in touch with the world during the 24-hour trip. The president s separate train will require its own diesel engines each of which Burns fuel at the rate of 1.5 to 2 Gallons per mile. Railroad sources say at least two diesel engines and possibly three would be needed to haul the presidential train. Assuming that each diesel unit Burns fuel at the minimum rate of 1.5 Gallons a mile the trip of 1.178 Miles from Washington to Miami using two engines would consume slightly More than 3,500 Gallons of diesel fuel. By comparison the presidential Jet Burns fuel at the rate of 2,000 Gallons per hour for the two hour trip to South Florida a a total of 4.000 Gallons. Thus if the special train Burns More than the minimum amount of fuel or if it requires More than two diesel units Nixon actually could Burn More fuel going by train than by plane. The president s decision to travel behind a regularly scheduled passenger train apparently eliminates the need for a a Pilot train a which according to Long standing policy must run ahead of every presidential train to Check for possible track continued on Page 2 Nader lawyer gets Nixon Dairy Industry tape on the inside Washington up a editorial Page. Lawyer for Ralph Nader has of Horoscope a tamed a tape of president Nix Lap Waters .29 on s controversial March 23, citizen on the street32 1971, meeting with Dairy leaders i amp lighter .36 _ a key Point in a suit charging personal portrait. 8 the administration increased the local screen. 9 milk supports in Exchange for. 39 huge Campaign Girts. Ann Landers. The attorney it William o. Collies. J j Dobrovir said saturday he also to log. A j1hs obtained by subpoena the sports. J daily diaries for Nixon a former classified ads 44-4/ t a jes it r Haldeman and accent on people25-30 John d. Ehrlichman. From mid reporters beat 18 1970 until after the 1972 election. a Dobrovir has been gathering Rution a weal Lier. 2 evidence in the suit which is one of several Legal actions aimed at the Dairy Industry As a result of Republican Campaign contributions now believed total at least $527,500. The Senate watergate committee has authorized a general subpoena for t h e administrations Dairy records and is expected to focus part of its january hearings on Campaign financing on the Industry. So far no subpoenas have been served by the committee. Special watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski has assigned two lawyers to the Dairy matter. The Justice department is pursuing a civil antitrust suit against associated m i i k producers inc. Am headquartered in san Antonio Tex., and one of three major milk cooperatives. The controversy involves these matters a Jake Jacobson Ampi attorney and White House aide in the Johnson administration testified in a deposition in november he gave $100,000 in Cash in August 1969, to Herbert w. Kalmbach Nixon s fundraiser and private lawyer. Former rep. Pat Hillings r-calif., who succeeded Nixon As a House member before becoming an Ampi lawyer wrote Nixon in december 1970 a we Are now working with Tom Evans and Herb Kalmbach in setting up appropriate channels for Ampi to contribute $2 million to your a Hillings also asked that Dairy import quotas be tightened. The administration revised the quotas two weeks later Nader charged Quot according to the wishes of the former agriculture Secretary Clifford m Hardin set the support Price Tor milk for the year beginning april i 1970, at $4.66 a hundredweight and on March 12, 1971, a Walter careful review a refused to raise it any further. Nixon met on March 23, 1971, with executives from am pm. Mid America dairies and dairymen inc., the three major Dairy co Ops. A Hardin announced on March 25, 1971, an increase in the Price support to $4.93. A the three co Ops through their political affiliates gave at least $427,500 in reported con to buttons to various Nixon re election committees Between March 22, 1971, and election Day. Meanwhile the Price of milk for the consumer shot up about it cents a quart. Nader filed suit in . District court Here in 1972 to Roll Back the increased supports a on grounds they were influenced by improper political the National Farmers organization Noa Liberal group of generally Small Farmers filed an antitrust suit against Ampi in . District court in Kansas City at a news conference nov. 17, continued on Page 2

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