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Eureka Times Standard Newspaper Archives Aug 20 1967, Page 5

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Eureka Times Standard (Newspaper) - August 20, 1967, Eureka, California China nears anarchy by Phil Newsom up foreign news analyst the stories of events inside red China As told by the chinese Wall posters Are so wild As to be almost beyond belief. But even allowing for exaggeration they and occasional admissions by peking radio make it Clear that the a cultural revolution Quot launched nearly a year and a half ago by chairman Mao tse Tung is plunging the country into civil War if not outright anarchy. Stories siphoning through the Hong Kong listening Post also describe fighting of primitive savagery in a country which boasts its civilization is one of the oldest in the world lips and eyelids Cut away molten steel poured upon shaven Heads As workers Battle red guards and rival gangs of red guards Battle one another both professing loyalty to Mao. Within this framework then two questions naturally arise. A what effect will it have upon the United states and most immediately upon u. S. Conduct of the War in Vietnam a what effect will it have upon nationalist China currently bottled up on the Island of Taiwan Formosa and upon Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek whose stated aim is to return to the Mainland the answers to both of these hinge upon a third which is the effect on red China itself. The latest u. S. Air raids against North Vietnam to within to Miles of red China a Border indicate the increasing Confidence of president Johnson and his advisers that red China will not come into the conflict except under extreme provocation. Administration Confidence is further indicated in the recent disclosure that u. S. War planes flying s o c a i led a armed reconnaissance a a have been attacking North vietnamese convoys in Laos for some two years. Laos As a Neutral always has been a question Mark in attempting to gauge communist China s intent. If it is assumed that one objective of the War in Vietnam is to contain red China then that country a inability to act outside its own Borders gives support to both u. S. Hawks and doves. Without going the whole Way the presidents reaction so far seems to be on the Side of the Hawks. Nationalist China s View is that this still is not the time for Chiang to attempt his return to the Mainland. The nationalists want first of All assurances of Strong support if or when they do make their Landing. Second they do not wish to make a move which simply might unite red ranks. In a speech Early this year Chiang said a the chinese communist party is disintegrating. Mao is virtually already prostrate in the grave he himself has dug. The question now is How to pick up the pieces left by Mao s collapse not when to launch the counterattack or Bury Mao s there is plenty of evidence that the turmoil within red China is costing heavily. After last years bad Grain crop and indications that dissident peasants have eaten much of the Grain intended for this years planting widespread starvation May be ahead. Reports from inside red China indicate More than 20,000 casualties in the conflict so far. The reports probably Are exaggerated but they do indicate the Cost. Tin Mande re answers your problems the lady asks Ila pc Yon Ever written passionate love letters Jim Epperson produce clerk Rio Dell no i be always figured personal Contact better. The times Standard sun., aug. 20, 1967-pg. 5 drinking varnish kills 150 in India i new Delhi India apr Dent with editorials calling upon j and perhaps prostitution. If i it the deaths in Madras of nearly prohibition seekers to abandon was appointed dictator for one 150 persons from drinking Var their Effort. A wave of letters to hour for All India the first thing my in pc oafs skip Huckaby j. C. Student. Eureka i wrote a poem once that could be considered a love letter. I compared the emotion love to a wave. They re both the same they Start out slow build up and then Wash out. Alta Hershey housewife. Eureka no i never had anyone to write to. All my boyfriends were in my Hometown so i did no to write letters. In i Gary Klinetobe student Fortuna no i m too bashful. I done to get along with girls that Well. Lester Carr teacher Texas i always found it easier to say then to write. La cd Vav Vav is Vav xxx dear Ann Landers eve the baby until Jimmy comes Ery now and then you print a letter from a teen Ager who thinks she knows it All and in Home. Only sometimes you done to feel like it. But you do it anyway because you feel guilty lists she is mature enough to about being away from her All get married. Since i am 17 and Day. Then you mix the formula considering marriage a Friend and Wash diapers and you hate sent me the enclosed letter. It doing it. You wonder How Long was written by another teen it will be before she can Tell Ager who describes what it is like to be married too Young. I Hope you will print this letter. You hate it. And it be awful if she knew already a then Jimmy does no to come Amir it was enough to make me Home and you know he decided change my mind. It might do to go out with the boys again hard work the same for someone else and do the things he should a if you meet anyone who thinks she knows what it is like a you wonder How different your life would have been if you have gone to College. You have the feeling that Jimmy and the baby Are All part of a bad dream. But you know ifs no dream. Ifs for real. So you reach Over to touch Jimmy and he pushes you away and says something mean. So you cry yourself to sleep and Wake up with a splitting headache. What a Way to Start another Day of the doctor says. By or. Joseph Molner argument against marijuana dear or. Olner so was pleasurable. Because they Many of the Eten agers feel that have tried it once and found smoking marijuana is not they liked the euphoria a the harmful. Would you print the dreamy feeling that they Are dangers and seriousness May wonderful skilled people and be it would put some sense into can gain that feeling of Exalta the teen Ager who thinks it is All right to smoke it because it is not habit forming. A mrs. B. J. L. Do you mean habit forming a or addictive it is True that people Don t become physically addicted to Here it is have gotten done before he mar a dear in love let me Tell re you you what it is like to be mar Quot so finally you eat the Lousy fled at 17. It is like living in a Al by yourself and go to bed this dump on the third floor. A your Keyes out we Quot w i he does come Home you can Tell it to be married at 17 please Tell her about me. Or better yet give her this letter. A sorry dear readers i could print a letter similar to this every Day of the week but what a the use Are you listening out Nish Cut with Lime juice has the editor seconded the Sugges i would do would be to close without compensation All the liquor the revered Freedom fighter _ Quot a a 2 dealt a new blow to the Hopes of Tion. 8 Gandhi s disciples that nation even the vice president of the wide prohibition will come to in All India prohibition Council l Dia. M. Shrikant admits a i done to prohibition is strictly in think we will achieve our goal forced in Madras state and Theof nationwide prohibition by of of indians Constitution a clause tragedy resulting from the Tober 19fi9 the 100th Anniversar saying a the state shall in consequent drinking of illicit a1 of Mohandas k Gandhi a Deavor to bring Aboul prohibit Cohol gave ammunition to oppo a 11 Ion of the consumption except cents of dry Laws. I birth. J for medicinal purposes of into i a number of Indian new spa i Gandhi said a i hold drink to Cating drinks and of drugs pers reacted to the Madras inc be More Damnable than thieving1 which Are injurious to ironically that clause has been used n Bombay and the rest of Maharashtra state to circumvent the states dry Law. Several years ago the Law was relaxed permitting persons Over 40 to obtain liquor when a succeeded in having written into physician certified it was Needle directive principles Section cd for the persons health. Certificates Are common today. The Only other state considered dry is Gujarat. Kerala Kashmir. Bihar West Bengal Assam and Rajasthan Are wet and the other states have varying degrees of prohibition. Tion from a Rug not from achieving anything themselves. But i suppose that most o them maybe All of them simply deny that using the drug can harm them. They prefer to argue the Way the 100-mile-an-hour Driver argues. A uric Lull a v j u11v1 c marijuana As they do to such tomorrow ill do some Docu drugs As heroin but one can get the habit of smoking marijuana and some do. You can Tell with considerable accuracy what will happen to someone Quot who starts taking her it is a subtler matter with marijuana but nonetheless important to know about. One Way of putting it is to compare it to driving a car at too Miles an hour on a Public Highway. People have Don it and not come to grief but that does not give them reason to glances say a see it does no to do a n y is it i harm to drive too Miles an your Only window looks out on a Lomick Quot somebody else s third f l0�?z r he s been drinking but you Don y say a word because he hates pm. To be told anything. So you try there i h0de a it is like coming Nome so a go s keep an j dream about tired you feel nearly dead from us. Parents and your Brothers standing All Day at your Check and kids you Jonew Aji when romantic Eros Job in the supermarket school you think about the turn to warm embraces is it harm to but you done to dare sit Down be great Means your Mother used Ove or chemistry Send for the cause you might never get up. La Cook and How Nice your room Booklet a love or sex and How we know that it is danger and there Are so Many things was at Home. Then you re Mem to tel1 difference a by Ous. We also know what will you have to do a cooking and How she tried t0 talk you Ann Landers. Enclose a Long. Probably Appen if a person washing and ironing. But you it of marrying so Young and Stampe a self addressed Renvel continues such reckless driving. Go through the motions and you you got a j at Der and Cabied up and 35c in Coin with your somewhat the same thing a hate your Job. _ her a dried up 0d woman and request. Plies to marijuana. We can cite Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in Are of this newspaper enclosing a stamped self addressed envelope. A you ask yourself Why Don t accused her of having forgotten you quit a and you know Why. What it was like to be in love. Because there Are grocery Bills a you by t0 push the thoughts and drug Bills and the rent to odier boys out of your mind pay. And Jimmy s Crummy by keep coming Back. Is Little Check from the lumber eco aug that certain boy who Yard wont cover them. That u j forgave you your first kiss. He up a then you Tell the Sitter Good won the state science prize and Trail spot Tat Loil Bye and you try to play with is going to be a doctor. Committee will prepare report la i n t a 0 r n a a s y to r 0 u s a across i. Lunch and dinner 6. Artistic aspect 11. Radio Antenna 12. Cognizant 13. Atelier 14. Risk 15. Moccasin 16. Embezzle 18. Fashion 19. Sliced cabbage 21. F fondle 23. Fishes propeller 24. Possessive individuals who have wrecked their lives. We can be certain that More will do so. We can find people who have a smoked pot and suffered no detectable harm a but the fact that some get away with it unscathed is no More an argument for defending marijuana than to defend speeding on the Highway. Confusion hallucinations and other mental consequences result sometimes. School and other careers have been wrecked because the marijuana jags gave users the adjective 26. Fragrant 28. Freight ii. Lever 52. Hatchet 33. Be obligated 35. Epochal 39. River Bank 41. Expiration 13. Chalice 44. Vote for 46. Grandiose 48. Fist of candidates 19. Conceive a notion 50. Mud Volcano 51. Humble or. S. A. Fuller acting chairman of the transportation committee economic development program Humboldt county As-1 feeling that the things they used listed by supervisor Norman to regard As important really Robertson will be studying the weren t As important As the self general outline for the trans satisfied dreams induced by the % z 3 4 5 i 6 7 s 9 Roll i 12 n 7/, a 14 n 777 14 a % 18 19 20 21 21 a 23 4 % % 24 25 a Quot a 24 27 20 29 30 7. 31 a a a 32 777 33 34 35 34 37 36 39 40 a 41 41 % 43 44 45 777 a 44 47 48 a 49 so % 51 y4 6. Drop bait lightly 7. Pitcher 8. Rater bottle 9. Font 10. Give in 11. Horned vipers 17. Exist 20. False hair 22. Craggy Hill 25. Also 27. Lixi Vium 28. Hug 29. Armpit 30. Rescind 31. Ivr iting implement 34. You and i 36. Pert to branches 37. Friendship 38. Dress trimming 40. Book of the Bible 42. Extinct Bird 45. Golf Peg 47. Baste por tation Oedy report for Humboldt county tuesday evening at 7 30 . At the Arcata City Hall. Wednesday evening All persons connected with or interested in working on this report Are invited to attend a committee meeting being held at the Arcata City Hall 7 30 . Drugs. Other users have had a different reaction being plunged into agitation despair panic. Many end in mental hospitals. Why then do Young people and some not so Young smoke the stuff because they want to a see what its because someone else told them that it peanuts menting of the dangers i have listed. Dear or. Molner is it necessary to see a doctor about your hearing before you get a hearing Aid a mrs. C. J. Yes. I recommend seeing an ear specialist first to finl out exactly what Type of hearing problem you have and second if your problem is one that can Best be helped by a hearing Aid to get some advice As to what Type of Aid is Best for you. Note to mrs. C. A you can Stop worrying about the meat Tenderizer and your stomach. The heat of cooking makes the Tenderizer completely harmless to you after it has done its Job of softening the meat fibres. Haemorrhoids can be cured if troubled with fissures fistulas itching and other rectal problems write to or. Mol Ner in care of this newspaper requesting a copy of the Booklet a the real cure for haemorrhoids a enclosing a Long self addressed stamped envelope and 20c in Coin to cover Cost of printing and handling. Or. Molner welcomes All Reader mail but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received daily he is unable to answer individual letters. Readers questions Are incorporated in his column whenever possible. New residents at Royal Crest Campton Heights residents at Royal Crest Mobile estates in Campton Heights held their monthly social saturday evening. Hostesses for the outdoor picnic were mrs. Renus Oman and mrs. James Shelton. New Park residents include mrs. Anita Glover Mother of mrs. John Smith off Ortuna and her Mother mrs. Elsie Zimmerman both of Seattle Wash. They were special guests i at the August 12 picnic. Moving to the Park from a Placerville was mrs. Nora Stoltz Mother of Howard Stoltz i of Fortuna. Other new residents Are mrs. I Mary Owens formerly of Southern California Mother of Lee Owens and grandmother of Dale Owens owner of radio Sta i Tion Kif who reside in Campton Heights. Or. And mrs. Everett Draper of Eureka Are i in the process of moving in. He is a commercial Fisherman j coming from Carlotta was mrs. Jerna Steeves. Alyus and Helena Rubinstein proudly in trod Nee a Radiant is Civ look in Eye make up. A illuminated eyes Rome meet miss Josephine Vose at Daly s Eureka All this week Helena Rubinstein s trained Beauty consultant will be in our cosmetics department monday through Friday to show you All the Superb new illumination cosmetics. To demonstrate Why they Are treasured by fashionable women the world Over. To show you How to illuminate your eyes. So that they Shine. Sparkle. Give your eyes that seem to glow from within look. The glimmering shimmering Way your eyes Tan look with Helena Rubinstein s new illumination Eye make up illumination cake Eye Shadow creates an exquisite Matte look with a gleam of frosting. Smooths on with sponge tip applicator. Illumination Eye Shadow stick is creamy color in a Radiant selection of frosty Lumina shades. Illumination automatic Eyebrow Pencil. A Small Miracle of elegance and precision in an exquisite Golden Case. Illumination Eyebrow Brush on strokes on Subtle flattering brow color with its special contour Brush. Illumination cake Mascara. A sweep of Silken splendor for lashes lovelier and More luxuriant than Ever. Illumination cake eyeliner strokes on easily with its Clever Sable like Brush. Daly t main floor Cosmato Csc Eureka Crescent City Fortuna where the squares Are is the Only place to be. It s cropped off toes and chopped Down heels done with the Young excitement of Bright colors and witty styling. A. Totally squared from Bow to Heel its the Best Way to say fashion for fall. 5 fall colors. As seen in Bazaar. By Jacqueline $16. B. The tied cutout in Green Rabuck upper. As seen in Mademoiselle. By Corelli. Eureka Only $17. Daly s main floor shoes eur aha and Crescent City

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