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Eureka Times Standard Newspaper Archives Aug 20 1967, Page 4

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Eureka Times Standard (Newspaper) - August 20, 1967, Eureka, California Sun., aug. 20, 1967�?pg. 4 the settles Standard established 1854 published daily by Humboldt newspapers inc. 328 e Street Eureka California a Telephone 707 442-1711 Don o Kane president and publisher second class postage paid at Eureka California. Yearly $24, monthly $2 mail rates zones i and 2, $2 per month. All others $2.25. Daily 10c per copy. Full United press International and associated press wire services. An a unwise precedent despite warnings from those who fear the action might set an Quot unwise precedent a residents of the Mckinleyville Feil Brook area Are moving ahead on their project to punch a Road Between the communities. Results thus far indicate that they May be Able to have their cake and eat it too. When it was proposed that the National guard Supply engineering skill and equipment to construct the Road the immediate reaction of Many observers was that the action would expose Humboldt county to a Legal can of Worms. Residents of other areas it was feared could justifiably scream Quot foul if they requested a similar project and were turned Down. But the Mckinleyville Field Brook residents working for the Road have proceeded with due caution. They have Learned that the National guard requires several criteria for such projects agreement by local labor and use Only of regular training time Are two. If the criteria can be met the Road May become a reality. But what about the warning of future disputes Over other Road projects it Well May be that the National guard is an untapped source of construction potential that could help Humboldt county even More than on just one Road Job. The guard has been approached by residents of starvation Flat for assistance in moving wrecked car bodies to the Bank of Yager Creek for flood Protection. Such work is excellent training for the guard construction units since it parallels the Type of jobs they would have in a National emergency. If the a a a unwise precedent turns out to be the beginning of a new Means of Progress More Power to those who Are responsible. Arson in the forests the California division of for a Stry is appealing to North coast residents to assist in stopping the growing threat of arson in our Woods. We second the Appeal. Arson the cd reports is the leading single cause of Forest fires in the North coast area this summer. Approximately one out of every four fires has been started by an arsonist. Humboldt Mendocino Lake Napa and Sonoma counties have gotten off relatively easily this year�?262 fires As compared to 479 for the january i to Augustio period of 1966. A wet april helped during the Early fire season and Day to Day fire starts even now Are below the usual rate. The arson problem however is not part of the improved picture. The cd says that citizens can be of great help in apprehension of Forest arsonists by observing and reporting to the local Forest Ranger sheriffs officer or Highway patrolman the License number and description of any unusual vehicles parked or cruising near the fire area before the arrival of Crews. When taking action to put out a Small fire be careful not to destroy any evidence of arson. A $100 Reward is available to anyone other than a Law enforcement official whose information leads to the arrest and conviction of an arsonist on state protected lands. Timber and Range land is the Gold of the North coast Economy. Protecting it should be the concern of every resident. Extravaganza needed a Eureka fireworks fund has been created by the City Council As a repository for Money donated for a fourth of july Celebration. The action should Lead to City consideration of a major annual event to promote tourist visits Here not necessarily on the fourth. Every City but Eureka it seems has its annual extravaganza fort Braggs Paul Bunyan Days Brookings Azalea festival Willow creeks Bigfoot Days Are examples. Not Only do such events bring in tourist dollars they provide a focus of Community spirit a commodity sadly lacking in Eureka today. How about Eureka Redwood Days Rowland Evans and Robert Novak Nixon to manage own Campaign Washington just when Richard m. Nixon a Campaign for the presidency is about to Start he faces the Bleak Prospect of once again acting As his own Campaign manager. Not Only did the sudden departure Back to California of Nixon a Campaign manager or. Gaylord Parkinson come As a Shock to his inner Circle. In addition Early plans to replace Parkinson with former governor Henry Bellmon of Oklahoma have run into severe difficulties because of Bellmont a own plans. If he takes the Job at All it will be Only on a Short term basis. The Campaign for the Republican nomination is far enough in the distance to give Nixon time to surmount these unexpected difficulties. Nevertheless the departure of Parkinson a to be followed quickly by his lieutenant political professional Robert Walker a raises the serious probability that Nixon will end up As his own Campaign manager. Considering the conspicuous Lack of Success that this arrangement has had in past campaigns Nixon a friends Are pressing him hard not Only to replace Parkinson quickly but to give the new Man All the authority a Campaign manager needs. Nixon has shown Strong reluctance in the past to Delegate authority to his managers. Thus even the Parkinson Walker team has not been entirely successful in gaining Complete authority Over the Campaign rom Nixon. Moreover old Nixon ites such As former governor Wesley Powell of new Hampshire have been grumbling about the Parkinson Walker performance. But matters have been getting better not worse. A Nasty internal dispute Between Parkinson and los Angeles financier Maurice stans a longtime Nixon insider and fund Raiser has cooled off. Certainly neither Nixon nor his intimates had Given any thought at All to try to break the contract signed with Parkinson and Walker earlier this year. Indeed there was no hint of Parkinson a imminent departure during a secret aug. 8 Nixon strategy meeting at his Pennsylvania Avenue Campaign head quarters Here. Present were his top eight or ten advisors from both new York and Washington. Parkinson parcelled out assignments to two or three states each to All the trusted Nixon men present. Just two Days later Parkinson exploded his Bombshell to Nixon because of his wife a severe illness he Felt constrained to return Home in san Diego immediately. Moreover Parkinson made it Clear that Walker considered one of the finest Young political technicians in the country also would go Back to san Diego at the end of september. To relieve the immediate crisis Nixon called on former representative Robert Ellsworth of Kansas who in the past year has become an increasingly influential adviser on a variety of subjects. Ellsworth agreed to move from his Law offices Here to the Pennsylvania Avenue Headquarters into the void left by Parkinson and Walker. But Ellsworth a Liberal coloration resulting from his membership in the a wednesday club during his congressional Days and his support of William w. Scranton for president in 1964 ruled him out As Campaign manager. With Nixon strategists worried about the loss of conservative support to californians governor Ronald Reagan a Campaign manager with More conservative credentials was needed. The answer was Bellmon a Coldwater Man in 1964 but committed to Nixon Long ago for 1968. When Bollman was contacted however complications arose. Bellmon who plans to Challenge three term democratic senator Mike Mon Roney for re election next year would have to leave the Nixon Campaign in april. Furthermore Bellmon revealed he has ironclad plans for a european tour to establish his foreign policy credentials against Monroney in october. At this writing there is no sure sign what Nixon will do. It is possible that Bellmon will come to Washington As Campaign manager during the month of september then leave for Europe and return again in november. Or it May be that Parkinson will be Back Early next year though this does not seem Likely. Was Monsoon Paia Plana postcard train Burgos Elcid easiest sword Iii Spain Drew Pearson and Jack Anderson Mcarthur s error recalled by general Washington scarcely 17 years ago Gen. Douglas Macarthur began his confident thrust into North Korea. The Story of what happened As his troops pushed toward the chinese Border is available in secret documents which no longer involve any military Security. The supreme commander did no to think the chinese would enter the War. Although his intelligence had detected a chinese troop build up in Manchuria. He assured the joint chiefs this was a not an immediate Index or warlike less assured the joint chiefs flashed their concern to Macarthur by Tel econ across the Pacific. Their message no. Tt-3848, dated october 4, 1959 warned a the potential exists for chinese communist forces to openly intervene in the korean War if . Forces Cross the 38th but Macarthur hard on the scent of Victory was driving northward. By october 7 he was in North Korea. By t h e months end his forces were fanned out across the top of North Korea approaching the Yalu. He was mopping up the last pockets of resistance when the chinese suddenly thundered Down upon Korea. Macarthur at first refused to believe what was happening. Four Days after the eighth army a northward push had been brought to a jolting halt he advised the joint chiefs in message no. C-6825, dated november 3, 1 9 50, against a Hasty conclusions which might be but he became convinced As the chinese drove a wedge Between his eighth army an d tenth corps forcing retreats. On december 7, Pearl Harbor Day a desperate Macarthur Drew up plans for evacuating Korea. The plans were approved by the joint chiefs two Days later but never had to be carried out. Today As the air War against North Vietnam moves Ever closer to the chinese Border a few cautious generals Are reviewing their military history. The situation of course is not the same. Red China is not now menaced by american troops. The russians who backed the chinese play in Korea Are now engaged in actual Border clashes with their erstwhile allies. And the aging red chinese emperor Mao tse Tung is unable to control the strife within his own Borders. Yet chinese troops and planes Are poised across the Border for a move into North Vietnam. Like Macarthur 17 years ago Gen. William Westmoreland the american commander in Vietnam does not believe they will intervene. The joint chiefs tend to agree with him. But some generals have not forgotten that the chinese if sufficiently agitated will fight. President Johnson is also under pressure As was president Truman 17 years ago to end the War quickly with a nuclear knockout. In Korea the eighth a r my urged the use of atomic weapons to halt the chinese Advance and the fifth air Force Drew up targets for a nuclear strike. But military surveys produced no troop concentrations or Supply depots Large enough to justify nuclear weapons. The mountains and forests simply afforded too much natural camouflage. The army s brain Trust the operations research office conducted a study in Early 1951 on the destruct ability of atomic weapons in Korea. The conclusion was that atomic weapons might have taken a heavy toll of chinese troops if the reaction could have been swifter. But every troop concentration that was located disappeared before bombers could have attacked. There Are even fewer nuclear opportunities in Vietnam where the enemy troops Are better camouflaged and dispersed. The strategic targets can also be knocked out More efficiently with conventional bombs. Meanwhile our generals with All too typical Hindsight prepared for a Korea style War in South Vietnam. The South vietnamese government pleaded for the United states to train and equip provincial militiamen to resist guerrilla warfare on their Home grounds. But . Generals thinking they knew better insisted upon building a conventional army to withstand a Korea like invasion. For 12 years the South vietnamese army has been trained to fight a conventional War along a defined front. Our own forces under Gen. Westmoreland a leadership quickly adjusted to guerrilla warfare. But the South vietnamese have stuck largely to the conventional tactics their american advisors taught them. Twelve years too late our generals have admitted their mistake and now want to revamp the South vietnamese army i nto a counterinsurgency Force. The South vietnamese will now receive the training and equipment that they originally requested. More than a few generals meanwhile privately believe about Vietnam what Gen. Mark Clark said about Korea. After he took command of the american forces in Korea he wrote a never again should we be mouse trapped into fighting another defensive War on that the republicans Man on the Senate Small business staff Dan Coughlin has resigned in the Middle of the drug hearings. He will go to work for the Upjohn company one of the big drug companies he supposedly has been investigating. One of the administrations top troubleshooters is leaving government. He is water Pozen who handled White House and congressional assignments for Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall. The 33-year-old Pozen will take Over As Washington partner for the Wall Street Law firm of Stroock and Lavan. Berry a world Quot forgive Alberto he has become Flower people tile South of Spain is impossibly hot now How the conquering moors stood it for 700 Summers i cannot understand the moors came from North Africa taking Over the land Imperial Rome could no longer hold they built palaces they encouraged the arts while the rest of Europe crept through the dark Ages. It intrigues historians that the mews never settled North of where an Olive can grow throw out that Man who Sagi Quot so they liked martinis a when Spain shimmers with summer heat you head for Tho Cool North you come Down from the Plains and across the Valley at evening and from Hie town of Burgos Rise Hie Cathedral Spires where Elcid is buried it is a pretty drive North from Madrid the patched Highway runs through rows of stubby poplars alongside a Stream we saw while sheep grazing guarded by a sheep dog while the Shepherd Lay sleeping Iii the Shade. Burros Trot aking the Back Mads of spam with Baske Twork panniers Hung on either Side the Day was sunny and Cool and Tat White Clouds floated Iii a Blue sky. Of a the Christian who harried the Moor it Cit was the lops a legend of antique Spain he Rode a horse called hah Ieca even hts chopper had a name cobol he was Hie fastest sword Iii Spain. His bile Elcid came from he arabic Quot Sidt my lord he Rode against the Moor with fire sword and tree rope As they said in those chivalrous Days. He got South As tar As Valencia where he made himself a Small kingdom. When he died lits knights could not hold it they came Hack to bingos with his body dressed in mail and he is buried in the great Cathedral. You reach the Cathedral through a Row medieval streets and a lot of Horn blowing by Ben Burroughs it is a magnificent building. Stone giants mount heavenly guard on every available ramp and Turret. The Interior is filled with carved wooden scenes of saintly life. Including their tortured Marly Doms which Spain loves. It was begun in the 13th Century. Catholic Spain was still warring with moorish kingdoms of the South. In France the monks of Cluny were the burning Glass focusing the tire of christianity on the infidel. The North of Spain was made up of a half dozen kingdoms. Suspicious of each other. Their Only binding Point their Mutual Church. Out of this Neil Eltary Lime grew the Cathedral of Burgos. It rings on the Eye like sword on Armor. It is warlike. A Stone Monument to god and Christian Battle arms. The Cathedral was begun by Bishop Maurice some say an englishman. It was elaborated through the centuries. Iii de Siloe a German jew did Hie works in Marble and Alabaster and Wood they Are his wooden Kings and Queens who Are grouped around the miracles. It is Over Rich. Even the Spires Are carved and ornamented. Still it has a military manner. The Stone saints on the Walls look Down with eyes like pistol barrels. Up on the Church Wall is the famous coffer of the Cid they say he filled it with Sand saying it was full of Gold he made Hie merchants lend him Money on it for the wars. He spoke arabic. He dressed in Bright moorish clothing. He lived like a King in the sunny Olive land until death Cut him Down at 56. Old Castine sent a rescuing army Down to relieve the Garrison the Story is that they brought Elcide a Bones out. Dressed in Armor. Mounted on Bavieca the War horse. The moors saw this and took off. And they brought Elcid Home to Burgos. Sketches after storm now that the storm is Over. And the wind has run its course. Timidly i open the shutters. To View the results of its Force. All around me there is confusion. ,. Shattered tree limbs Pepper the Way. As Snake like electric wires. Dangle and shimmy Henry j. Taylor and Sway. Rivulets run wild in the gutters. Carrying All sorts of debris. Now i venture to observe my dwelling. Just a Shingle gone of Lucky me. Dame nature is a fickle woman. Peaceful then suddenly wild. And i confess i love her More ,. When she is tender and mild. Swiss make Good things better Geneva Switzerland. A there is a touch of Switzerland in our Washington Monument and this is How it got there. When the great spire was erected the Swiss confederation sent a beautifully polished Granite Block six feet Long and four feet wide to be imbedded in it. The Swiss message a to the memory of Switzerland also prepared a Sandstone fragment inscribed a this Block of Stone is from the original Chapel built to William Tell in 1338, Lake but Switzerland exploded As if the mountains were split. The historical society led the protest against sending the blocks on the grounds that William Tell never existed. Swiss history and the intellectual life Are not tampered with in this Lovely land. And through the absence of wars and the Serene atmosphere the uninterrupted cultural lineage has been an unbelievably beneficial Ever flowing Stream. On Geneva a restoration Monument you can see an excerpt from an ordinance of 1536 proclaiming free compulsory education for All children. Most european countries did not have compulsory education for children until after world War i. Go to the University of Basel and you can see in the Library vaults the Erasmus papers. Erasmus of Rotterdam lived on one of Basel a narrow twisting medieval streets. And with his papers you will also find probably the worlds greatest collection of monastery parchments on which civilization was so largely preserved through the dark Ages. The monks of St. Gall even before the year 1000, started creating works of Art. Chaucer relied for his life on the hospice established by St. Bernard of mention when he travelled All the Way to Padua to see Plutarch. Early in the Renaissance Hans Holbein the younger made his Mark in Basel. Geneva was the source and actually the cause of much of the Mutual animosity Between Jean Jaques Rousseau and Voltaire. Voltaire born in Paris stayed away from Paris for 28 years. And when Royal France burned his books and sought his arrest Geneva gave him Sanctuary. Rousseau born in Geneva was banned from Geneva a son denied his own Home. Rousseau lived instead on the Lake of Bienne to whose breezes and Waters he owes so Many of his happiest inspirations relieved there from the desert that was his life. He set his a Nouvella Heloise at the famous 9th Century Chillon Castle near Montreau and to this Day you can see there byrons name where the poet scratched it on a grim Grey Dungeon pillar immortalized in his a the prisoner of Napoleons cultural favourites such As sculptor David do angers fared badly Here related in the Public mind to 30,000 Gold francs that Bonaparte liberated from the Treasury in Bern and that were part of his equipment for the Conquest of Egypt. But in the Day of Napoleons tyranny mme. Germaine de Stael a chateau de Coppet Drew As pilgrims the intellectual leaders of All free Europe. Here was an interesting woman mercurial reflective full of wonder. The most romantic Shade of All the romantic shades in the life of Balzac Falls on the Quay a projected Rock to be exact at Neu Shatel. Like a Pebble a lodged this Rock set in motion an Avalanche of major troubles for him. It was there that Balzac finally saw for the first time in their Long arranged rendezvous ukrainian countess Evalina Hanska and began the great turbulent drama of the heart that lasted 16 years in a Pursuit All Over Europe and ended in his marriage to her. In this period Buckhardt and Woelflin of Basil opened new perspectives to Art and culture and Swiss literature acceded to european status with Gotthalf a novels of peasant life. Fuss i of Zurich was a precursor of modern Art Giacometti of the Grisons paved the Way for abstract paintings. Be Corbusier of la Schauz de Fonda a architect Painter sculptor is often called the father of the plastic arts. Since the Renaissance and such contributors As Jacques and Daniel Bernoulli Switzerland has produced nearly a Hundred permanent thinkers. Today her amazing contribution included Jung Paul Klee Ramos de Croze Max Frisch. Etc.�?14 Nobel prize winners. The presence of Switzerland in our intellectual world has made the Good things better and the bad things less bad. Quick quiz a a who was the first u. S. President to be sworn in by a woman a Lyndon Baines Johnson. The oath was administered by judge Sarah t. Hughes of Texas. A a How fast must the winds blow to be classed As a Hurricane a velocity must be in excess of 75 Miles an hour. A a has any elected member to the u. S. House of representatives Beer denied his seat because of polygamy a yes in the Case of Brigham h. Roberts of Utah who was elected in 1899 to the 56th Congress. As a mormon he practice polygamy which had been outlawed by Congress in 1887. A a what political Leader bom in new York City was twice prime minister of Eire Ireland ? a Eamon de Valera

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