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Eureka Times Standard Newspaper Archives Aug 20 1967, Page 1

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Eureka Times Standard (Newspaper) - August 20, 1967, Eureka, California Mem Mem Mumm Mims weather afternoon Clearing More weather Page 2 masts she Sim is standards daily newspaper for Northwestern California and Southern Oregon vol. Chi a no. 200 a established 1854eureka, California sunday August 20, 1967 sunday i edition Mumm 10c per copy 40 pages today wlm mounties arrest Man in policy is eroding Washington apr Senate support for president Johnson a Vietnam War course has eroded so sharply he apparently would be hard put to Muster a majority for any Broad endorsement of his asian policies. An associated press canvass which found 84 senators willing to express an opinion either publicly or private showed 44 willing to say they generally support what the president is doing and 40 who disapprove of his actions for one reason or another. A breakdown showed 27 democrats and 17 republicans backing the president. Those opposing his policies included 26 democrats and 14 republicans. Those who criticize the president do so for sharply contrasting reasons because they include both the most convinced doves and most militant Hawks. Thus even though they list themselves As supporters some Hawks assert strongly their belief that Johnson should go All out militarily to bring the conflict to a Swift and victorious conclusion. On the other hand the doves complain that Johnson is escalating the struggle dangerously by bombing near China targets is failing to get the South vietnamese to do their share and is leaving no opening for a negotiated peace. The substance of the comments of individual senators indicates there is such widespread dissatisfaction with the Way the War is going that it would be risky for the president to seek any formal endorsement of his position As he did in the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution in August 1964. Two against in 1964 in All the Congress Only Sens. Wayne Morse d-ore., and Ernest Gruening Dalaska voted against the 1964 Resolution. But a number of senators including chairman j. W. Fulbright d-ark., of the Senate foreign relations committee have said they would not support such a commitment now. Still there seems no likelihood that any attempt will be made to put into operation the machinery noted by Johnson at his news conference Friday that is available any time Congress wants to rescind its 1964 action. Most of the senators had Given their views to the associated press prior to the news conference in which Johnson noted the 1964 Resolution could be rescinded by a simple majority vote in Congress without the necessity for his approval of action. Sen. Thomas j. Mcintyre d-n.h., said he still supported the presidents course a but i must admit that in a shaken a mood is changing a the mood of the Senate is changing Over Vietnam a he said. A a it a becoming sen. John o. Pastore d-r.i., previously classed As a Hawk continued on Page 2 killing of nine canadians 3 injured Iii plunge Over Cliff Crescent City three Crescent City men were undergoing emergency treatment at Seaside Hospital Here last night after their automobile plunged Over a sea Side Cliff and landed some 40 feet below. Richard Jones 25, Roger Dahlenberg 28. And Harvey Mahach 30, were found in the rear seat of an automobile on the Rocky Beach below Pebble Beach drive just South of Here. California Highway patrol officers said the Accident occurred about 7 55 . When the vehicle apparently failed to negotiate a slight curve in the fog and darkness. Mrs. John madding of 704 Pebble Beach drive heard a a crash and immediately telephoned the Del Norte county sheriffs office after determining an Accident had occurred. Hospital personnel said the injured were not in critical condition but added they were still undergoing examination to determine the extent of their injuries. Cause of the Accident has not been determined and is still under investigation. Paris thugs seize Gold Paris apr three masked men overpowered the night watchman in the Deposit room at orly airports freight depot Early saturday and got away with Gold bars jewels and Bank notes valued by police at $260,-000. He told police later the three quietly had Cut the huge Safe open with a blow Torch then calmly walked away with their loot. This was the biggest Holdup at the Airport since 1948, when Gold bars Worth $200,000 were taken by gangsters who later were arrested. . Bombers R.I. red Supply lines coming from Hanoi Saigon apr . War nes ranged along the South coast of North Vietnam sat a striking blows at comm Supply lines. Pilots reported trying or damaging More n too cargo barges and tear up two truck convoys Oor weather kept . Air it away from the immediate Unity of Hanoi and Haiphong i raids were concentrated on Southern Panhandle stretch South from Hanoi to the 17th allele that divides North and Ith Vietnam. He . Command reported ground War at a virtual a still sunday. But commit gunners shot Down two . Copters Over South Vietnam urday killing one american i wounding three others while the . Fighter nobers were raking North Tunam b52 bombers that can try up to 30 tons of bombs unfed a second R.I. in less in 24 hours saturday night on a major North vietnamese fixed base in the a Shau Valley in the Northwestern Corner of South Vietnam. Carrier based . Navy pilots reported destroying 21 cargo barges and damaging 74. Air Force pilots said they destroyed or damaged another 18, including three Large barges on a River 26 Miles Northwest of Dong hoi. That made the Days toll 113 River barges sunk or damaged compared to 108 reported Friday. In the ground War saturday . Marines used riot control Gas to flush four Viet Cong suspects from a Tunnel in Hills 27 Miles Southwest of Danang. The explosion of a grenade bearing chemicals that induce tears and nausea caused three men and a woman to crawl out of their hiding place after they had spurned orders from Leath continued on Page 2 a fire that broke out in o Gas stove in a Small Kitchen area in the rear of the Fiel Brook Market last evening engulfed the building in Only a matter of minutes burning it to the ground. Owner John Skendle was Able to run out and sound the alarm but heat and flames were too intense within seconds for him to return. The loss was estimated at $25,000. Fast spreading Blaze Burns Fiel Brook store to ground the Fiel Brook Market was burned to the ground Early yesterday evening by a fire that spread so rapidly the building was completely engulfed in flames in just the Short moments it took the proprietor to dash out and sound the alarm. Owner John Skendle estimated the total loss at $25,000. Including the merchandise and said it was partially covered by insurance. He indicated he Hopes to rebuild and told of prompt offers of assistance by his customers and neighbors. A a in a not so much worried about myself As i am about my people my customers a he said. Skendle disclosed he already had been offered the use of the Grange Hall to resume business. His is the nearest Market within at least five Miles. Skendle said he was alone in the store at the time and had gone to the rear of the 48 by 48 foot Structure at about 7 20 . To prepare his evening meal As usual. He said he had just placed some food in a pan and had lit a Burner on a butane Gas stove to warm it then returned to the front part of the Market. Kitchen aflame a a in a had some customers just a few minutes before and i went Back out front to take care of some business a he said. Skendle said he looked up to see smoke emitting from the rear and when he ran Back there a the whole Kitchen area was in he rushed Back out the front door to a Corner of the building where the Fiel Brook Volunteer fire departments push Button for the disaster Siren was attached. The Siren is atop a Tower in a Field behind the store. A i blew the Siren about 30 seconds a he said a then ran Back to the door but by that time the flames had spread through the building and the heat was too intense to go Back Fiel Brook fire chief George Luster disclosed the alarm Button served the entire settlement in the Backwoods area where there Are some 175 Homes within the five Miles Between the Market site and the Highway 299 freeway turnoff. Luster said the alarm system would be reinstalled today. Skendle said neighbors were Able to pull his House trailer out of danger. It had been attached to the building. He also Learned later other neighbors had been Able to save his compressor and refrigeration fan. An hour after the outbreak flames were still Licking at the skeletal remains of the wooden Frame and aluminium siding building. Skendle said he had recently re roofed it with Asphalt shingles. Spectacular Blaze scores of persons attracted to the scene ringed the area and had to occasionally Duck out of the Way of hot coals and Sparks sent skyward by the explosive popping of overheated cans of foodstuffs and beverages. Luster listed 32 fighters and eight trucks from his own department a Well As from Arcata and Blue Lake fire departments and the California division of forestry answering the alarm. Skendle a Bachelor said he was going on his fifth year in business there revealing he leased the building from mrs. Wilma Wimer. A i guess this is part of her livelihood a he said squaring himself for the walk to her Home Down the Road and the unpleasant but necessary task of informing her. Minnesota Man admits he killed family of five St. Cloud Minn. A a Small town sunday school superintendent has admitted shooting himself and inventing a Story in which he blamed Midnight marauders for the deaths of his wife and four Small children in their burning Home. Sheriff Peter Lahr said saturday that David Hoskins 30, had signed a statement saying he had shot his wife then set fire to their farmhouse to conceal the crime. No charges were immediately filed. The charred bodies of his wife Loretta 29. And their children Julie 6 Darla 5 Linda 1% and David 6 weeks were recovered Friday from the soldering ruins. The Hoskins farm Home is about 60 Miles North of Minneapolis iry Central Minnesota. A Hoskins states that after wounding himself with the death weapon and setting the fires he also tied himself to his outdoor clothesline pole and Only then realized that his children were in the burning House a the Stearns county sheriff said. A the further claims that he attempted to free himself to save the children but became entangled and was unable to free himself a the sheriff said at a news conference. Hoskins chairman of the Board of the Church of Christ at nearby Kimball Minn., where he had been sunday school superintendent for three years was found tied to a clothesline to e by a group of teen agers. Hoskins was naked to the a St and bleeding from guns i wounds in the shoulder and a Jomen. He was taken to St. C oud Hospital and a Bullet was removed from his shoulder. Crews Battle Forest Blaze in Thorn area a fire of undetermined origin in an abandoned lumber Mill was kept from spreading in the thick Brush country near Thom through a Quick response by California division of forestry firefighters. Five division Crews Thorn Volunteer firemen and two Honor Camp work Crews fought flames coming from the old Mill site five Miles South of Thorn while three air tankers dropped numerous loads of chemical retarded on the Blaze. Two Small Brush fires were ignited by Sparks carried from the Mill but they were spotted by a division patrol plane directing operations and then extinguished. The Blaze which consumed the Mill and Timber on a Halfacre area was reported at 4 . And officially under control at 5 30 . Crews remained at the scene until to . To Complete cleanup and securing operations. Cause of the Blaze has not been determined and is still under investigation by division fire prevention officers. Island fat in is on today a Salmon Barbecue Watermelon eating contest games and music Are All planned for the Gunther Island eat in today. The first boat will leave for the Island at the foot of f St. At 10 45 am. Carrying congressman Don Clausen senator Randolph Collier other officials and sponsors of the eat in. Public boat rides will begin transporting picnickers to the Barbecue at la . And will continue for the rest of the Day. A Price of $1.25 for adults and $.75 for children has been set continued on Page 2 murder weapon is also reported to have been found Shell Lake sask. Apr Royal Canadian mounted police at Shell Lake announced saturday night they have arrested a Man in the slaying of nine members of the James Peterson family. Police said they also have seized a weapon identified by the crime detection Laboratory in Regina As the murder weapon. Inspector b. D. Sawyer said that the name of the arrested Man will be withheld until he can discuss the Case with his superiors. The arrest was announced of negroes end hectic walk in Louisiana Baton Rouge la. A a column of negroes 130 Strong slogged through heavy rainfall to a slum in this state capital saturday completing a 106-mile protest March which caused Louisiana a mightiest display of Force in a racial confrontation. The City was peaceful. Police and state troopers including some on horseback protected the marchers on All sides. Patrol cars scouted ahead and behind the marchers for signs of trouble. Ten negroes began the last leg of the journey at the City limits in Early afternoon five Miles from their destination. A mass rally was planned saturday night to celebrate their arrival. Some 30 negroes arrived in a bus alongside the marchers and joined the ranks. Ahead of the column 50 singing clapping negroes waited beneath an overpass merging with the marchers As they passed. Others got in step As the column penetrated negro neighbourhoods. Few Whites gathered to watch. Those who did looked on from buildings Well Back from the Road a and out of the R.I.. No one heckled. Saturday t h e guardsmen were deployed throughout the City a but out of sight. State adjutant Gen. Erbon Wise said they were available for any emergency. Gov. John Mckeithen warned in a statewide telecast Friday night that 1,000 guardsmen in addition to those used earlier would be mobilized if rioting occurs following negro and Kun flux Elan rallies planned in separate sections of the City sat Ruday night and sunday. Ter 1,500 visitors paid their last respects to the Peterson family As seven coffins bedecked with roses and one draped with a Canadian Flag were lowered into a common grave in Shell Lake cemetery. Visitors came from As far away As Saskatoon 150 Miles Southwest to attend the funeral of or. And mrs. Peterson and seven of their nine children who were shot dead in their farm Home near this Community of 250 Early tuesday. A giant manhunt for the killer has been under Way. In Calgary alta., the Royal Canadian mounted police were questioning a Man in connection with the slaying. A spokesman declined to say whether the Man had any connection with Saskatchewan or whether he had been in the province recently but added a if we have to Well find everybody who was in Saskatchewan in the last few Arab states considering Oil. Seizures Beirut Lebanon apr a pan Arab economic conference in Baghdad debated drastic measures against the United states and Britain saturday amid reports it had agreed on gradual nationalization of . And British owned Oil companies in the Arab world. Reports received Here said Lack of agreement on other tougher measures might Force the 29 finance Economy and Oil ministers from 13 Arab states to refer the More thorny resolutions to an Arab Summit conference planned for later this month or Early september. The reports said the economic conference might be convened again after the Summit for discussions in the Light of a new guidance from the Arab chiefs of state. Rap Brown remains in new York jail on los gun charge new York a h. Rap Brown remained in jail on a Federal gun charge saturday night As the student nonviolent coordinating committee said no professional Bondsman was willing to put up the $25,000 Needer his release. A a acc spokesman said nearly $10,000 in Cash had been raised and that the sum usually demanded by Bondsmen for $25,000 bail was $2,500. The 23-year-old Black Power Leader and a acc chairman was arrested at 2 . Saturday outside a friends Manhattan apartment and put in the Federal House of detention. Browne a lawyer appealed for reduction of the bail set by . Commissioner Earl n. Bishopp but the move was turned Down by Federal judge Inzer Wyatt who denied that the bail violated Browne a constitutional rights. A fall of this convinces us a a acc said in a statement a that there is a definite conspiracy to illegally keep rap Brown in a acc also charged that . Commissioners who would have to receive any Bond Money were a making themselves unavailable for the release of or. Browne a attorney William Kunstler charged earlier that the negro Leader was a political prisoner. A the real crime a Kunstler said a is his being rap Brown and a militant Black Man in at the bail reduction hearing Wyatt said Brown has the right to further review of the bail after 24 hours under the congressional bail Reform act. Kunstler told reporters after continued on Page 2

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