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Eureka Times Standard Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1990, Page 5

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Eureka Times Standard (Newspaper) - April 21, 1990, Eureka, California Saturday april 21, 1990 times Standard Eureka California 5 Money matters Dow Jones Industrial average Down 15.99 to 2695.95 Friday stocks by United press International new York up closing prices Friday on the new York Stock Exchange Abbott Ems a mme i us a pm up 1. 1 Aicala 1.17s ally per l a. 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A Vul us a a a asap lass a it m1, a10 t Ain is at is in la in am it a u a maa a Toa Sia a is is i s a it a i la i Sia a. Isis t a Ai. Is. Aah s is. A. It ish m six a a a1a ii h we iian i Al h Maat h ii h us a1 the h 111 a Alam t my i Ith a Sim h aah Ahsa Aii ii a m h aah a a ii thous a a am it Ith is i us i my. He i mgt u Ami ii h or h n a i Malf ish he h u in u h hot a is h spi a my in i m it i a in a. Imiah it ton la Hood i is Capac i m ctr culms i to Chi Gap Mcdon Doyl my mud rot i aia Mami i m Monsanto i. A pm i als motors ii Nii nov Tolar nor i to in ammo no ind m Psi Power i n Northrop i m apr West Sis Nunci i a Omo de i n olm i of out Brm m Pac Ilcy i is pkg ase i is pc Tom i is mph amp Pinnoy i aaa pm pc i to Penn i of i i a Pepsico i m a fir i m Phi Aei i m Philip i is Philp i 00a pm St i Aoa Polar of m pig in pro ctr i in mph sch i m push Vonh pump Tea 0�?ntum Toa oust of 1 to Rai stun Ryt Timon i m Roy Motal i is Hobo it ton Roc i won it Roy Aid i so Sposop iss Sci Isa saah in a Alorton m Rich i m Waw Ator i m Sundys to a stun it Lutei i n who lots Whitmon i St we with i in Cor film Zmith i mouthed i to Salton i to Tondu m toted no i in Tomici Loa to Aco i a Tor int la top pc m Intro i m t to ii on of Traisia i of Tricont to trn i Lluc uncork to in Ime toe in a Apoc in in ttys in Brugt Isa us Woi a in unt Kab i is uht to Ima Ink Al in up him us Usi up in heis a a my in Iuah Aih a is i i i ssh in mum Usu a we h Mylish a in aau Al ill it Ian a we h Ian a ish a he u it. Six it him h ii. A in Ash in Al ish a shush Ian Al a Ian la Al Ash Ahmu h ish a of in h is a Sah Ash Asp. A no Joh a is h ish h Muju no h Al h m my h a. T to Ai u iou i 10 must us h to ish h u i Juau 11 As h or in no ish h Jet o ii h ii a Jet u Soso in Isael indy h m h �?�a1, u it Uin my u n h my h we u Soin h markets Bonds a lower. American stocks a lower in Light trading. London stocks a closed slightly higher in sluggish trading Tokyo stocks a closed mixed in moderate trading Dollar a slightly higher against key foreign currencies. Gold futures a slightly lower Cotton a higher. Cattle Trade a sales insufficient to establish a Market trend. Gold Silver new York up a Domestic Gold and Silver prices quoted in dollars per Troy ounce Friday Gold come spot close 376 60 off 0 70 Republic Cash 376 50 Oft i 0 Handy and Harman 376 of up 0 25 Engelhard corp 377 29 up 0 25 Silver come spot close 5 099 up 0 032 Republic Cash 5.115up 0 025 Handy and Harman 5 05 off 0 025 Engelhard corp 5.05oft 0.01 budget report Lowers stocks new York up stocks closed broadly lower in Active trading Friday following Treasury Bonds Down after the government reported a surprisingly big Federal budget deficit for March the Dow Jones Industrial average. Which lost 20 94 thursday fell 15 99 to close at 2695 95. Among broader Market gauges the new York Stock Exchange composite Index fell 1.51 to 184 06 and Standard amp poor a 500-Stock Index eased 2 97 to 335 12 the Price of an average share lost 28 cents. Declines pummelled advances 1,075-3% among the 1,968 issues crossing the nose tape unable to Mirror the slight rebound the Blue chips staged in late trading buying related to the expiration of april Stock Index futures and options sparked a partial rebound in the Dow industrials just before the close. Big Board volume totalled 174.260.000 shares compared with 152.930.000 shares traded thursday. Prices opened lower and drifted with modest losses until a midday bout of computerized program Selling. Used to profit on Price spreads Between stocks and Stock Index futures added to the Early losses stocks then fell further along with Bonds after the government reported a $53 3 billion budget deficit in March after a deficit of $35.3 billion in february in March 1989. The government ran a deficit of $35 8 billion. The March shortfall had been expected to be about $42 8 billion in afternoon trading the 30-year Bond was Down 27/32 to 95 18/32 with a yield at 8 93 percent the highest level in almost a year at the end of last week the yield was 8 59 percent landmark sold Marshall Field began catering amp company the retail landmark that to Chicago s Carriage Trade Long before Henry Ford made carriages horseless has been sold to the Dayton Hudson corp. Of Minneapolis Minn for $1.04 billion in Cash. The Sale came in an Effort to avoid a hostile takeover by British corporate Raider sir James Goldsmith. Phillips Petroleum levelled by $5.6 million Federal Fine 575 violations caused blasts that killed 23 Houston up a Federal safety Agency fined Phillips Petroleum co. $5.6 million thursday for 575 safety violations resulting in a series of explosions that killed 23 workers and injured More than 130 at a Texas chemical Plant last year the occupational safety and health administration also fined fish engineering amp construction $729,600 for 194 safety violations fish was performing contract maintenance on the Pasadena Texas facility when the explosion occurred last oct. 23. The penalties against Phillips total the second largest amount Ever proposed against a company for a single inspection a the initial explosion at the chem Leal manufacturing Complex had the Force of 2.4 tons of int and was equivalent to an earthquake with a magnitude of 3.5 on the Richter scale a said . Secretary of labor Elizabeth Dole. A this tragedy is magnified by the Clear evidence that this explosion was avoidable had recognized safety procedures been follows. Osha has uncovered internal Phillips documents that called for corrective action but which were largely ignored a Phillips based in Bartlesville okla., was not immediately available for comment the explosion occurred at Phillips Houston chemical Complex while workers were cleaning hardened plastic out of a polyethylene reactor Loop at the sprawling facility near the Houston ship Channel. Chemicals Are churned in the Loop to make plastic. Officials have determined a valve was open when it should have been closed allowing gases to spill from the Loop and ignite off a nearby flame triggering the series of explosions and massive fire. The blast damaged buildings Miles away and virtually wiped out one Section of the 800-acre Complex which houses four separate chemical planks. The bodies of three dead workers never were recovered from the rubble the Accident is believed to be one of the most costly insurance losses in history with estimates of up to $1.5 billion for insured property and business interruption. Workers have been toiling 20 hours a Day six Days a week to rebuild the Plant and Phillips said earlier this month it expects production to resume this summer prior to the explosion the Plant produced 17 percent of the nations production of High density polyethylene for milk containers Industrial pipe and other products judges can order tax hike supreme court finally rules Washington up a supreme court decision permits Federal judges to order cities and towns to raise taxes to remedy constitutional violations a such As school segregation a even if the measure Breaks state Laws against new levies the 5-4 court ruling this week struck Down a Federal judges personal order of new property taxes on Kansas City mo., As a Way to pay for a school desegregation plan in 1987 although the High court rejected the direct imposition of taxes by the Ludge in this Case it preserved the Chrysler mulls Trenton plan Detroit up Chrysler corp said Friday it was considering a $148-million project at its Trenton. Mich., Plant to build its most powerful v6 engine Ever and create about 550 new jobs the nations no. 3 automaker said it applied to the downriver Detroit Community last week for a 12-year tax abatement for the project at the Plant which now employs 2,700 workers and produces four and six Cylinder engines a Trenton is the preferred site for this project a company spokesman Alan Miller said adding that if the abatement is approved Chrysler would begin production of the 3 5 liter overhead camshaft v6 engine at Trenton in mid-1992 for use in 1993-Model year cars sources said the new Power Plant will be the first 24-valve v6 engine Ever built by Chrysler and be used in its new mid sized cars code named la those cars will be built at the Bra Malea Ontario Plant acquired by Chrysler in its 1987 takeover of american motors corp the new engines also Are expected to Power Chrysler s larger sedans like the new yorker and Imperial models. Chrysler s plans suggest it will further reduce its dependence on japanese affiliate Mitsubishi motors corp. To Supply it with v6 engines. Mitsubishi has been supplying Chrysler with 3 0 liter v6s for its cars and minivans which have already partly been replaced by the 3.3 liter version made at Trenton a your Call is that by the mid 1990s. Mitsubishi will not be used by Chrysler Over Here anymore Quot said David h Nash who analyses Power train plans for Auto facts inc a marketing and research firm in Paoli. A greyhound dial earnings increase just slightly in first Quarter report Phoenix up greyhound dial corp Friday announced slightly higher earnings for the first Quarter of 1990 net income for the Quarter thai ended March 31 was $16,890,000, or 42 cents a share up from $14,836,000. Or 38 cents a share for the same Quarter a year ago revenues in the Quarter amounted to $865,504,000. Up from $841,789,000 a year ago John w Teets. Chairman presi Dent and chief executive officer said the first Quarter of the year was traditionally the company s slowest but said the financial report was the company s strongest sector was its dial corp. Which had its 12th straight Quarter of record profits up 15 percent. Teets said dial bar soap had its highest sales Ever and revenues in the household and laundry division were up 11 percent the company a services group had a slight decrease in Overall operating income As gains by travellers express and the Dobbs companies were offset by declines in the food service area transport lion services also recorded a profit decline and transportation manufacturing showed some weakness in the first Quarter As production was interrupted by engineering modifications on a major transit bus order clues can help to detect defects in new cars before the Purchase when you buy a new car you can be assured that it will have at least some simple defects caused by careless Assembly or incomplete dealer preparation the failings May be easily correctable ones such As fluid reservoirs filled improperly or they May be More insidious such As mis align wheels of All the cars consumer reports has tested Over the years not one has Ever arrived in perfect shape Here show to uncover and Correct some of the most persistent defects consumer reports Auto engineers have found in the cars they pc tested a vast majority of the cars con Sumner reports has purchased suffer from misaligned front wheels sometimes the cards handling May tip you off the car May pull to urn Side or the steering May not feel quite right but All too often your Only clue is uneven tire Wear one Edge of the tire wears faster than the other or one front tire wears faster than the other a tire tread depth gauge its inexpensive and easy to use can Check or damage before it becomes serious if the steering wheel shakes at about 50 mph to 55 mph. Most Likely the front wheels Aren t properly balanced another common defect you should have the wheels spin balanced More often than not consumer reports test cars arrive with one or More unde inflated or overinflated saturday consumer from consumer reports tires keep a tire pressure gauge in Hie car and Check All tires when they re cold not after several mile of driving Don t Trust the gauge built into the air pump at the service station they re notoriously inaccurate Check the cards wheel lugs too often they re too Loose or too tight misaligned headlights were a defect in Well Over half the cars con Sumer reports has tested in recent years you can do a rough Check of the aim by driving Down a straight dark Road. If you can to see ahead Well or if either headlight beam angles upward or off to the Side the aim is Oft its important to Check vital fluids too most critical is the engine Oil. You should Check the dipstick after the engine has been stopped for at least 20 minutes. It can take that Long for the Oil to run Down into the pan and give an accurate Reading you should also Check the fluid in an automatic transmission the owners manual usually has instructions the Oil level in a manual transmission is harder to Check on your own most people would rather leave it to a Mechanic another common problem trouble spot is the speedometer Many read slightly higher a 2 or 3 mph a at Highway speeds luckily it s rare that the speedometer reads lower than the actual Speed to calibrate your speedometer bring a Stop watch Ami look for a Road with markers for a measured mile at a steady 60 mph it should take you one minute to cover the mile several of consumer reports test cars suffered from rain leaks the resulting mildew smells bad and it can cause an allergic reaction us aks also accelerate rusting where the water accumulates a High pressure car Wash is a Quick Way to pinpoint leaks Over the years the cars consumer reports has tested have improved noticeably ten years ago. 20 defects per car was the average today it s about nine unfortunately the possibility of buying a perfectly assembled and prepped car is still dim at Best. Want to help the class of 1990? Thoy need your financial support to have a Safe and Sobor graduation. Call your local High school today. Broad intent of his decree a that City officials themselves raise taxes to pay for the plan the supreme court approved a plan requiring the school District to Levy taxes to pay for the desegregation program. The plan allows the District to ignore state Law Banning certain tax increases. Justice Byron White writing for the court called the District judge s order an a extraordinary events that not Only Quot intruded on local authority but circumvented it altogether a but he concluded that a a court order directing a local government body to Levy its own taxes is plainly a judicial act within the Power of a Federal court a while All members of the court agreed with the result of the Case. Justice Anthony Kennedy joined by chief Justice William Rehnquist and justices Sandra Day o Connor and Antonin Scalia issued a warning about the path the court took a this assertion of judicial Power in one of the most sensitive of policy areas that involving taxation. Begins a process that Over time could threaten fundamental alteration of the form of government our Constitution Kennedy said the court s action comes in the longstanding school desegregation suit from Kansas City first filed in 1977 by the Kansas City Missouri school District and a group of children charging the state had maintained segregated schools in the District and failed to eradicate sell mid a Lier buys rights to Timber Sale Arcata a Schmidhauser lumber co. Of Eureka outbid its competitors and walked away with the Iloa Glin Valley Timber Sale offered by the Bureau of land management s Arcata office for a bid of $155,440, Schmidhauser bought the right to Cut an estimated 670,000 Board feet of Douglas fir in the Hoaglin Valley this works out to $232 per thousand Board feet other bidders in the March 29 auction were Louisiana Pacific corp Sierra Pacific industries Willits financial Willfong logging and eel River sawmills majesty interiors inc. Cle Sale up to 50% savings on carpet and Vinyl 102 w. Fourth St. A now Opeo Sal. Io-4 Al love 4 us mrkal Strum a it flu a Komi video camera rentals Eureka a Arcata Fortuna them. The Case took various twists and turns before Federal courts found the school system was a segregated Dua system and ordered a remedial plan to desegregate the wide ranging plan called for such things a upgrading schools themselves Lur my new teachers and creating Magnet schools to attract More White students. The Cost of the programs a estimated to be about $260 million part of the Cost was to be paid by the state with the rest to be paid by the school District the Federal judge eventually ordered an increase in the District s property tax and authorized the Sale of $150 million in capital improvement Bonds to pay for the plan adm Little i Ock Kush tim Cotton Many new Rayons Kouson Tunc factory outlet Southern seas ick 10th anniversary Sale help us calibrate v 324 2m set a Tufts. Ca m5q1 a with wild n crazy prices at Humboldt Bay plea Mart new name. New management shopping fun n food Booths the lace Man is Here the week do 40 dealers to serve you 1200 w. Del Norte at the waterfront hear the facts Probus child or child a problem the underlying Caum May not be obvious to Parnita of a Young child who seem alow to learn appears inattentive and Aho we no interest in group a Tivin in Many Cama that Pat Tern of behaviour us a sign of deficient hearing the child May be a mentally capable a other of the name age. But to unable to communicate at their level parents should be Alert for Migna of bearing impairment during a child Early years hearing problem May be eau de by Iline injury or by a birth defect in older to warn to talk a child must be Able to hair of. By age one. A child Doe not appear to he Irving to talk. An examination by an ear Boer dist should be arranged when children Are found to have a hearing impairment Many Benefit from the dilutions available today especially from the use of hearing Aid for Huch children acquiring a hear my Aid can open up the whole world. Brought to you a a comm urn to service by Hemenway hearing service 433 he Ndwton 443-8608

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