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Eureka Times Standard Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1990, Page 4

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Eureka Times Standard (Newspaper) - April 21, 1990, Eureka, California Opinions North coast Gerald Colby publisher Rex Wilson managing editor talk of the town what bores you Bayshore mall Eureka a Eureka bores me in a used to a big City like Long Beach. I just can to adjust to Stephen Johnson student Eureka a when in a working and its Between customers that a what bores me. I end up watching the customers walk Lucille Brunner Saleswoman Eureka there is nothing for the younger generation to do around Here. The younger people have no place to go on the weekend they might As Well get drunk on the weekend Quot Loretto Rester student Eureka a being sick bores me because i can t get my work done a although i do try to keep Busy when i am Mark dare Engineer Ferndale a prime time sitcoms bore me. They re inane mindless and completely without any socially redeeming value. They done to make me Staphan Millar manager Eureka a being stuck on the Road when they re working on it bores me. It bores me when you want to get somewhere and you have to Jeff Tobin student Mckinleyville a listening to a Boring lecture a math lectures in particular ecology lectures bore me even Kim Mccallan office assistant Arcata a this is what bores me Creepy people who put gum in my hair the Bayshore mall my Job Guys with 15 girlfriends and people who can to say a Kimberly Vincent student Arcata interviews by Tom Ange letters to the times Standard time for Humboldt county to stand up speak for itself questions for Humboldt county what a going to happen when we let an outspoken minority of the Earth first group who Are unwilling to Compromise decide our futures do we have enough employers in the area to absorb the unemployed Mill workers what a going to happen to business owners that Are unable to stay open due to decreased Consumers what s going to happen to health care providers that will have to depend entirely on medi Cal and medicare for reimbursement can we afford to have Hospital closures in our Community Are we going to have increased welfare recipients increased crime or More homeless people a it s time for us As a Community to answer these questions and to realize that if we re apathetic and non vocal Well let others make decisions regarding our futures Mike and Lynn Wheaton Carlotta Mission offers Safe place to go i am writing this letter hoping to be Able to help Blunt the criticism of the Eureka Rescue Mission that is sure to follow after your front Page Story about the homeless protest held on april i. I am not and i have never been a homeless person but i have seen the eyes of hungry children As they passed through the food line for Christmas dinner at the Rescue Misson without the Mission there could not have been a Christmas dinner for 350 people of which about half were children. We must remember that the Rescue Mission serves More than just the people who Are Able to protest the Mission offers a decent temporary and Safe place for farm lies to get Back on their feet and they also offer a temporary place for the people that May never get Back on their feet. I Hope that the local agencies who Are truly concerned about the homeless problem in our Community Are Able to work together on this problem rather than criticizing each other we All want the same thing Don t we a a Home for All of our citizens w Ilburn c. Horn Eureka cleanup rules and Walsh hiring considering anything constructed along Eureka s waterfront would Likely present a total Seal of Concrete or Blacktop the present cleanup standards Are obscene the solution is corrective legislation not a series of Patchwork gyrations the pending City hiring of former county supervisor Danny Walsh As consultant illustrates the Point. Councilman Davenport remarked. A a Walsh would be self destructing if he does no to produce a fact is Walsh has self destructed consistently Over the years if Heddin t self destruct in Sacramento he would still be on the state water resources control Board Walsh self destructed in a bungling attempt at a state Assembly seat As a supervisor he alienated his constituency by secretly trying to undermine a single family area of Myrtle town with his own planned unit development. Danny w also has bloated himself at the Public trough for Over a decade Ile should be donating hts time in gratitude if he needs welfare he can apply at roster Street if he needs a platform to relaunch a political career there s a group of us in Myrtle town who would gladly build him a scaffold. As for our aging City fathers beyond seeking Relief through our duly elected legislators they must Correct their severe prostate problems dribbling away precious redevelopment funds on a tar baby like the adorn project must Stop funds must be Catheter red into Clearing blocks for county services or Well see not Only the jail but the courts Law enforcement the county seat and essential downtown foot traffic trickle off to Mckinleyville. Dave Kelly Eureka panel members laughter shocking while watching the Pacific fisheries management Council hearings on Keet to. I was shocked at the behaviour of one of the members. A gentleman from Trinidad was giving testimony regarding the Impact of past decisions of the Council and the effects of those decisions on his personal Way of life the Man had lost his business his Home and his idyllic lifestyle Here on the North coast. During this testimony one member of the Council began to laugh this was probably the most disgusting arrogance i have Ever w witnessed since the Phil Burton hearings on the taking of private property for the formation of Redwood National Park this individual s behaviour was truly outrageous. It is time for the people of the North coast to realize that Many of these bureaucrats have a political agent a it is time for everyone to realize both in the fishing and Forest products Industry that this political Agenda which is not based on science or fact is being implemented against the will of the people. This Point Cal Agenda if allowed to be put in place w ill remove the cherished lifestyle we All enjoy Here on the North coast. It is time for All of us who live and work Here to Contact our elected officials these officials appoint or at least should hold accountable these administrative folks who if left to run rampant without question will regulate us All out of business John a. Campbell Redway drama criticism helps local theater at Long last you have found someone to review theatrical productions who has their w its about them Fher it this area has been Rich with local theater for Many years it per capita beyond most Urban areas it and it has been a task to decide which show to see and which to maybe skip although i believe that every show should ideally be judged by each individual on its own Merit the task becomes an impossibility in this hectic world in which we live one must make choices thank goodness for Beti Trauth. I have read several of her reviews throughout the past few months and have found each and every one of them interesting Reading of its own occasionally i will have seen a play that she has seen and i disagree with her reactions but i respect it a and that s the Bottom line Beti s reviews Are thoughtful Well rounded and illuminating she takes the time to look at a production from Many angles and considers them instead of nailing the show a thumbs up or Down Quot due to the costuming alone or one sour note kudos to Beti. W to describes a production i rom the position of someone who really enjoys theater so do i Marianne Harker Eureka red Cross on quake Relief a recent Ann Landers column denounced the american red Cross for holding onto earthquake Relief funds and requested a response. Some Humboldt county donors have also expressed concern about this Issue which i would like to address the american red Cross responds annually to More than 50,000 disasters from Little publicized single family fires to major disasters in Humboldt county alone 64 individuals were provided red loss disaster assistance in i two the red Cross receives no government funding and responds to these emergencies regardless of contributions designated for disaster Relief extensive Media coverage of the Loma Prieta earthquake brought about unprecedented response to appeals for additional donations to assist red Cross disaster Relief Many of these donations were earmarked for earthquake Relief keeping within established guidelines the red Cross has been providing earthquake disaster assistance w hich continues today it has been longstanding red Cross policy to place into the general disaster Relief fund any excess funds contributed during an emergency disaster Relief Campaign never has any one Campaign raised so much Money therefore there was no mechanism in place to Deal with the new phenomenon of designated donations. A special committee was established by the red Cross to handle the allocation of these Dona Bons this committee has allocated $33 8 million to seven counties to provide extraordinary assistance to those affected by the earthquake demands by some government officials that the Money be used to resolve longstanding social problems unrelated to the earthquake went Well beyond the scope of the american red Cross charter and donors wishes and served Only to confuse the Public there was never any intent on the part of the american red Cross to withhold this Money from being used for disaster Relief. No funds designated for disaster Relief Are used for any other program. William , executive director. Humboldt county chapter Eureka medical staff Leader challenged drs Van Speybroeck and Hill recently responded to my letter regarding the election of planned parenthood abortionist Scott Sattler As chief of staff at St Joseph Hospital they stated that the staff operates independently of the a Hospital and the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange and therefore can make Independent decisions regarding the Choice of chief of staff clearly the medical staff should reexamine their bylaws which per Mit the election of an abortionist to their presidency the privilege of affiliation w Ith the Sisters and their Fine Hospital should carry with it a corresponding obligation to support the values of which that Hospital stands perhaps the bylaws can be amended to provide that doctors who do not uphold he Sanctity of life philosophy of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange and the Catholic Church could not hold elected office or be on sensitive committees this Type of amendment w Ould help to prevent future embarrassing and scandalous situations from of curing the Public does not see the difference Between staff and Hospital. When or Sattler defending a Bor Tion in a televised debate stated that he was on both the bioethics and executive committees of St. Joseph Hospital what was the Public to think0 certainly the situation is confusing to say the least we must remember that even though abortion is Legal it is still the killing of an innocent human being at eight weeks before the Mother even looks pregnant the tiny unborn child has fingers and toes a beating heart and brainwaves. This defenceless person is torn to pieces during an abortion St Joseph Hospital has always had a policy of not being an abortion provider based on these facts surely the medical staff can see the incongruity of having an outspoken abortionist As chief of staff at this Hospital. Hope Mcneil Eureka congressional candidate scored re times Standard april 3. Page i who a this Gregory Dymszo of Guerneville Clown just what working people need is another anti Forest products welfare and Doper candidate again it s time for woodworkers to be heard its time to stand up and defend ourselves against environmentalists preservationists refuse to work welfare bums and hippies w hich ironically All Are the same thing on the North coast. Maybe the clock should be turned Back 25 years to the a Good old Days remember when Quot Chainsaw style haircuts were popular among hippies0 remember How much fun hippies had being thrown out of bars0 remember when hippies left areas because Quot redneck business people sell or rent to them0 remember w Hen hippies happily drove on because Quot caring a locals advised them that Volkswagen vans just Aren t Safe in this neck of the Woods Quot remember the hippie nickname0 that a right pukes. As for Gregory Dymszo he does t deserve acknowledgement As a valid candidate for anything retired at 40, he claims to be a Vietnam vet. I la bet he supports Jane Fonda. Brian Dale Arcata other ways j to spend Money your article of March 26, "2 area High schools face budget cutbacks Quot reflects one source journalism which May leave readers with the impression that the Way Arcata and Mckinleyville High schools can control their budgets is by eliminating teachers and needed new equipment both categories which affect instruction directly. Nor does your article raise any critical question about the causes of the so called deficit have the two schools actually lost a 50 students0 Over what period of time0 according to Public records the schools enrolment for the 1989-90 school year is the same As it was in 1982-83. If there Are budget problems Why does the District move toward expensive construction and site beautification projects rather than purchasing needed equipment and attempting to lower class size Why was there a budget overrun in 1988-89 of More than $170,000 in areas such As Quot site and building improvement a a other services a leases and repairs Quot and Quot other supplies0�?� Why is it that the teachers Are targeted for cutback when their salaries consistently run under budget0 Are the facts of the schools budgeting and spending patterns revealing the districts real priorities according to your single source there should be about $750,000 left in reserves by the end of the year. Omitted is any reference to All the other District Quot Reserve Quot accounts which added together reflect Over $1.3 million an astonishing degree of fiscal Security. No the schools mentioned in your article Are not As financially strapped As was implied and yes. There Are other w ays to spend the Public a Money without Breedy impacting educational service to students and eliminating teachers the heart of any educational program for starters the District could Cut frills and begin to closely Monitor budget overruns in areas not primary to the education programs and rather than using lottery Money for Quot custodial and maintenance and Quot other services Quot it could be used for its intended purpose a to improve education. Allan Edwards teacher Northern Humboldt i Mon High school District Mckinleyville times Standard established him published by Humboldt newspapers. Inc. 930 sixth Street Eureka Ca 95501 Telephone <707 442 till published daily except on Legal holidays second class postage paid at Eureka. Calli uses 30-740 subscription rates Home delivery. Super month the times Standard is not responsible Tor Advance payments to newspaper car tiers for More than one month mail rate to All ones is s9 per month mail subscriptions payable in Advance notice of your times Standard has not been delivered by 6 p in monday through Friday and i 30 a m saturday and sunday please Call your Carrier of you Are unable to reach your Carrier you May Call 442 us until 7pm week nights and until 9 a in saturday and sunday business office hours Are from a a in to 5 p m monday through Friday and 8 a in to noon on saturday we Reserve the right to adjust the term of prepaid subscriptions upon a 30 Day notice postmaster Sand address changes to the times Stan Dard Box 3580. Eureka calif95501 policy Foh errors the Silvertri aortas that the publisher shall not be liable Tor damage arising out of errors and advertisements beyond the amount paid Tor the spare actually occupied by that portion of the advertisement in which the error occurred whether such error is due to the negligence of the publisher servants or otherwise and Mere shall be no liability Tor non insertion of any advertisement beyond the amount paid Tor such advertisement doonesbury gaily Trudeau this is your Page we Welcome your comments on current issues. Mail letters to letters to the editor times Standard . Box 3580, Eureka 95502. Here Are a few simple guidelines. A letters must be prose of no longer than 300 words. No poetry please a they must carry the full name of the writer please print or Type your name we Don t want to misspell your name any More than you want it misspelled i All letters must include an address and phone number for verification or follow up questions the latter information will not appear in print the times Standard does not withhold names on letters to the editor a each writer is limited to one letter every 30 Days a letters Are subject to editing for clarity and space considerations

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