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Eureka Times Standard Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1974, Page 1

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Eureka Times Standard (Newspaper) - April 21, 1974, Eureka, California Sunday april 21, 1974 Eureka California established 1854 36 pages vol. Xxi a no. Hoft fair throughout morning and afternoon but Clouds and a distinct Chance of rain should Roll in this evening. Temperatures should remain mild hut the winds will pick Hack up into the 20�?Ts. Details on Page 3. Cosell for Senate new York up a sports commentator Howard Cosell said saturday he has been considering opposing sen. James Buckley r-n.y., in the 1976 Senate race because he wants to a do something More meaningful with my a like any Normal human being. I m getting along in years and i want to do something More meaningful with my life before it s All cashed he said in a Telephone interview. A a in a dissatisfied with conditions that exist in government today and i want to try to do something about it a he said. He said he chose Buckley s seat because a sen. Buckley is not my Breed of cat As a Public servant. I do not agree with his starkly conservative policies. I think he s been an Anonymous senator except for his statement calling for the resignation of president lips must stay sealed fort Lauderdale Fla. Up a Twenty three couples remained lip of lip saturday night in an attempt to establish a new worlds record for non Stop kissing. Ore of the original 45 couples left in the contest Are Bona fide honeymooners who hone a it it win the first prize of a trip to Toronto offered by the tavern sponsoring the even. After nine hours the kissers were still going Strong having broken what organizers sail was the unofficial world record of seven hours. The winning couple will face challenges from Champion kissers in Miami and Tallahassee Fla. A Zebra Hunt expanded san Francisco up a massive Quot Stop and search Hunt by police for the Zebra killers was expanded saturday As protests mounted from the Black Community. Volunteer reservists and sheriffs deputies who normally Man the jails and courts joined 150 police officers assigned to operation Zebra. The City was under an order by . District court judge Alfonso j. Zirpoli to appear tuesday and show cause Why its random Street searches Shou d not be halted. The action was filed by five prominent leaders of the Black common to Ard the National association for the advancement of coloured people who said the searches limited to Blacks were unconstitutionally discriminatory. Taconite Plant closed Minneapolis Minn. Up he longest environmental trial in . History ended saturday when a Federal judge ordered the closing of a Taconite Plant which he a d. Vas dumping Dai Ferous wastes into Lake Superior Quot threatening the lives of saying the wastes con Tain Asbestos fibres that can result in various diseases including cancer. District court judge Miles lord ordered the closing of the Reserve mining co. Taconite Plant at Silver Bay Minn., effective at 12 01 a m. Sunday. When its Iron Content is High enough Taconite is used commercially As an Ore. Laird issued his ruling at the end of an 812 month trial brought by the . Government the states of Minnesota. Wisconsin and Michigan and five environmental groups. Tunney an individual May Battle watergate in this a year of continuing watergate and related political scant Jas the Public need t stand Idle thinking there is nothing an individual can do sen. John v. Tunney d Calif., believes. Tunney speaking to the times Standard saturday afternoon in the newspaper s conference room said that an individual s View does carry weight and that if enough individuals let their representatives know How they feel the message will get across. A one of the things i think the individual can Tunney said a is stay interested in politics and demand of their political representatives that they take stands on the Issue. A i really think that a important a to attend Public meetings and rallies and demand that their elected representatives take those positions that they feel Are necessary in order to cleanse the what does one do when his representative rarely appears in Public to allow himself to be questioned on issues Tunney was asked. Letters in that Case he indicated Contact May be made in other ways such As letters and telegrams. A write the letters. Those Are a write the letters. Those Are very important i think. A keep the pressure on to get decisions Tunney said that in his Case when a number of letters begin a arriving in his office on a certain subject his staff a becomes sensitized to that particular issues and pays More attention to it. He indicated that letters to elected representatives Are Seldom ignored and Are one of the Best ways to let the representative know a person s views. Tunney also said that the press should also continue an aggressive policy of investigating watergate like situations and in questioning elected representatives on what their positions Are so that the Public will know. A without the press a and especially the Washington Post a we would never have known about he said. Quot it should keep on and make an Effort to find out How elected officials stand on the time Short in the Case of rep. Don Clausen. R second District the North coast s representative who has generally refused to comment on the possibilities of impeachment Tunney said time was getting Short. Clausen has taken the position that he does t have enough in formation on the subject and that it would be unfair to comment on Nixon a problems until More evidence is presented. A the s going to have to make a decision soon a Tunney said pointing out that he feels the Issue of impeachment is going to be decided in the House of continued on Page 2 Tunney your View helps Tunney asks disaster Aid for Humboldt sen. John Tunney will make every Effort to push through a version of a pending disaster Relief Bill that would provide Money to help cover recent storm losses in Humboldt county. The California Democrat pledged saturday. Tunney who gave the same message to a group of area businessmen and elected officials and the times Standard said that about $3�?Ti million for the area hangs in the balance. A the old Law required 25 per cent local contributions a he said while the pending new Federal disaster act that has passed both houses of Congress requires Only to per cent local Money. A but Quot he Iwin Ted out a the Senate Bill s Date is retroactive to Jan. I while the House Bill a Date is retroactive to Only april i. Quot if the House Date is accepted in the conference meeting to Iron out the differences it would mean that this area won t get any Money a because the heavy flooding was before april i. Continued on Page 2 the newspaper for Northwestern California Ford warns gof debate Over Nixon May Cost elections first Junior Queen Al Rhody festival crowned Taryn Taylor foreground is the first Junior Queen of the Eureka Rhododendron festival. Karen Phillips right is runners up. The crowning took place saturday during a Coronation luncheon hosted by the red lion motor inn where the Queen received a Silver trophy her Crown and a dozen Pink carnations. A Silver trophy was awarded also to the runner up. Following the ceremonies the two posed with the Queens court from left Lisa Shipley Sherry Young Debbie Gebro rim Crabb Susan Bauer t Olleen Larsen. All gowned alike in Pink formals the third Grade girls will make their first appearance saturday Riding on a Gold seated float in the Rhody Parade. The Queen is the daughter of Cherry Sanchez and when asked by the judges what she wanted to be when she grew up. The blonde Blu eyed Queen replied a a a professional barrel racer a because that s what my mom is a Annie bark to 30s to 1 a i ii ii Chicago up Quot Little orphan an 1 116000jot con Grossl a Lould Nie a the fuzzy haired moppet with big Saucer eyes of newspaper comic pages to a to a to ill a to watch it deciding whether to impeach depression. A newsprint re run of the 1936 adventures of Annie As a a Spunky National Washington up a con heroine began in sunday s color comics Gress faces a i Emma Over with Annie and her faithful dog. Sandy a on whether to let the world watch the Road As Many others were in that every step of the Way while it depression decides whether to impeach president Nixon. Or in of it invites Public scrutiny the temptation to turn the Oil Allf inside process into an impeachment we univ in Cireus probably strengthens a accent on people. 15-18 especially if television is Ann Landers. La watching. Citizen on the Street. 1ft closing the doors also classified ads. 27-31 carries hazards. Nixon a accuse. Ers then would be vulnerable to comics. Insert. The charge Thev were trying to e Ora Page. Railroad him from office. If tha entertainment. -4 charge takes hold. Democrats Hap Waters. 13 Jear an impeachment Backlay it a. Nations weather. 3 a a ,. I4 rep. Peter w. Rod no jr., d personal portrait. It ,. A ,. _ n.j., chairman of the House reporters heat. 8 judiciary committee seems. Convinced that Congress must i to local screen. 24 carry the Public with it at to log. -6 every stage if its ultimate a i decision is to be seen As buy sell classified Ada. 442-171 1 dictated by the evidence. Rut Rodino draws the line on permitting live television cover age once his committee begins examining the evidence and questioning witnesses. The chairman fears those hearings would turn into a highly political Shew on live television that is especially True now that he has agreed to give James d. St. Clair a big role in the hearings St. Clair is Nixon s chief watergate counsel. Rodino says he will be permitted to present evidence suggest witnesses Cross examine and make peeves. Republicans insisted upon that if live television is ruled out the committee must decide whether to let cameras and microphones record its sessions for broadcast later of the answer is no then it must ask whether paper and Pencil re porters can he admitted while others Are kept out. There Are subsidiary considerations the threat of leaks from closed sessions and the threat of prejudicial pretrial publicity. Leaks and distortions Are almost inevitable if sessions Are closed. A committee of 38 congressmen cannot keep secrets. But the rights of those already under indictment in the watergate cover up conspiracy or. Haldeman John i. Ehrlichman and others might be jeopardized through open sessions. Those trials could coincide with impeachment debates. Charges against the defendants Cou d be dismissed if a judge decides a fair trial is Impo it sible. The decision on coverage could color Al that follows it. So far there does not seem to be a party line split on the Issue. Later the House must decide whether to let television cover the impeachment debate which in get go on two to four weeks. Of the House impeached Nixon there will then be a Senate trial with television coverage again in Issue. Cover age by the print newsmen of both House and Senate debates is certain. In both Chambers the argument will be made that it will be easier for the nation to accept the outcome if it is witness to the process. Senate democratic leaders appear to lean toward to coverage if there is to be an impeachment trial. But scan tors Are less camera shy then their colleagues. San Jose Calif. Up a vice president Gerald r. Ford warned saturday that if the Republican party b e c o m est endlessly embroiled in the threatened impeachment of president Nixon a we will forfeit elections from coast to in a speech prepared for the Spring convention of the California Republican Central com Mittee Ford declared democrats want to turn the november elections Quot into a National referendum of presi Dent Quot their strategy is to avoid direct confrontation with in div dual Republican candidates and to run against the president although his name is not on the ballot Quot he said. Quot the Issue is not r.m.n., hut is As simple As a.b.c.,�?� the vice president said. A it is whether republicans can mobilize a return to the Abc s of politics on a personal and precinct a your task is very Ford said without mentioning watergate or impeachment directly. A the democrats Are seeking maximum exploitation on a National basis on what May be the greatest controversy Ever generated about a president of the United states a he said. A that problem is being resolved by the Congress in accordance with our Constitution. A if we permit ourselves to become endlessly embroiled in that Issue we will forfeit elections from coast to coast a elections that should be decided on the individual Merit of candidates and the Basic differences Between the two outside the Lebaron hotel convention Headquarters protestors carrying anti Nixon placards marched two and three abreast. Police estimated their number at 250. As for recent special congressional election losses suffered by republicans in supposedly Safe gof districts Ford said he did not a minimize them but at the same time did not a a subscribe to those who peddle despair and he added. Quot it is Clear that we must resolve to stay in the game and put a winning time in the Field. This cannot be done by pointing fingers and Wing ing hands. This can be done by organizing unifying mobilizing and working the vice president warned a Elf we Don t stand together if we done to bring people together you could have a legislative dictatorship in Hie Congress which would obviate the influence of the White House which would obviate to some extent the influence and Impact of the Judic a1 at a forum whore he was flanked by Maverick Republican rep. Paul no Mccloskey of san Mateo who supports impeachment of president n xon and by conservative rep John oils a lot of san Marino a former official of the John Birch society Ford told about 600 republicans Quot so i urge All of you not just for the Republican party which is the vehicle but for the country a that you embrace republicans who Are honest hard working diligent republicans who can make a contribution whether they Are on the same part of the spectrum or stressing the need for wha he termed a Strong two party system the vice president said it was his belief that a both major political parties of this country need an interchange of ideas from different parts of the political Ford said he disagreed with the As it Estment of some political pundits and democratic leaders that 1974 would be a a a smashing year of Victory for democrats. He said in travels to Massachusetts. New Jersey. North Carolina and Florida he found a Quot realization that if we Are going to maintain our part of a Strong two party system. Republicans have got to get together Young and old professional and working people. Housewives and Ford said if the party achieves a a total input from All segments of the population a we can achieve an election in 1914 that will disappoint some of those who Are predicting democratic smashing victories in 1974.�?� War death toll hits 1,000 Belfast up Northern Ireland s 4 i years of political and religious violence claimed Timeir 1,000th death saturday and Security officials said the victim was a youth shot Gangland style in a Catholic area of Belfast. Officials identified the victim As James Corbett. 2ft. A Catholic. They said he was abducted from his Home at gunpoint and killed in cold blood with two shots in the head at a West Belfast traffic Junction. Police and British army officials said he was the 1000th fatality in the wave of violence that has swept Northern ire land since August 1969. They said they had no immediate motive for his killing but Aid it appeared to be a classic execution in the style of the outlawed Irish Republican army. Troops of a British army Patio said it heard lie shots that possibly killed Corbett in the Catholic Springfield area in West Belfast

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