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Eureka Humboldt Times (Newspaper) - June 3, 1960, Eureka, California Oakland youth drowns in Trinity River / Gates doubts reds swimmer would risk War j goes under by bombing bases near Hoopa Washington m the . Defense chief thursday Dis a 20-year-old Oakland boy is missed As a cold War Bluff a new soviet threat to hurl missiles at. Rent ,. Any bases from which planes violate soviet air space. Secretary of defense Thomas s. Gates or. Gave this opinion at rain Swoen Trinity River at the Windup of the Senate foreign relations committees inquiry Hoopa. The sheriffs office report into the Downing of a . Spy plane inside the soviet Union on May de last night. 1 and the foundering of the Summit talks two weeks later. The victim is identified As Rob Gates assessed the new threat Ert Mckinley. He and a compan As a Bluff because a i done to believe Ion Ralph Ratcliff 22. Address or. Khrushchev wants to Start a unknown were swimming in a War which he knows will be the Riffle beneath the state sign end of his r0ute 96 Bridge at Hoopa when it Jiu Bolm vol. Clexx no. 133 phone i 2-1711 Eureka California Friday june 3. 1960 daily 10 cents 28 pages 2 boys die in stolen plane Quot rash under questioning the Pentagon chief agreed there were Strong in he disappeared beneath the surface according to a radio Mes i cations which he stressed Are Sage reaching the sheriffs office just speculation a that a military at 6 14 p. M. The tragedy faction May have risen in the curved at about 5 30. Of Pomona Calif. Map screaming Power dive into a .s.r. And Cut Down some of Ratcliff to a officers at t h e schoolyard m a stolen plane soviet Premier Nikita thru scene Mckinley went under once thursday fulfilled the vow of two so Chevy a Power. Bobbed up then went under again runaway Brothers 12 and 14, that new rocket threat directed he was not seen after that they would a learn to Fly or die allies hich Hathor Ameri deputies Charles Fisekas and can bases was made monday in a Leonard Lamoreaux were Dis speech by marshal Rodion y. Mal patched to the scene last night James Mcdonald and his younger brother Thomas crashed explode to c e to a a a. U ,. De and burned after erratically s s r should know bet expected to get into High gear uned and Mirneal alter erratically ter than the it Ca Ead h circling a residential District of i u j i a j this los Angeles suburb for 106. A St d a a ushered the sheriffs office was attempt minutes. 11, Small Brown pet dog died a or tha of Klinovsky malt be Good night. We m his and this started general the boys Only qualifications Ware believed the United states my j for flying was that James had could win. If 6 1 a read a Book about it. They tried Case of previous wit unsuccessfully to steal a plane 24 Nesses in the committees Post i it months ago and James later told Portem on the Summit 1 juvenile officers a i just know 1 Cohan re Gates testified in secret can Fly. Then he made his Fly or \ transcript was made Public and it a vow ter being censored for Security the Brothers a machinists reasons. The second consecutive Day of Brownh aired Blue eyed sons j in his testimony Gates replied to soaring temperatures hit the trying the single eng me plane carrying Snovsky Sovie defense minister. To help in a search 0f the River. But Gates said military elements due to the late hour it was not they will be Ost and slaughtered and devastated in a nuclear ing to notify the missing boys and be told one questioning sen parents in the Bay area last new nuclear ban proposal is offered by Khrushchev in Surprise note to Ike red Premier us ests launch in Quot devices ban in nor Cal North coast yesterday breaking described by authorities As Chron Many of tiv criticisms that have in runaways and by their school been levelled at him and other top. ,. Principal As a quite intelligent ministration officials since the sex sting heat records a at least Summit a Rashied in mid May be0116 Humboldt Community and they ran away from Home Here fore it Fot Oil the ground. Sending a a9-year-old Arcata to last tuesday. A boy scout mess made these major Points the Hospital with a serious Case kit in the wreckage with bits of was pr0per to ser a a spy sunstroke food led officers to believe they plane Over the soviet Union tw0 t. A Thad camped out since planning weeks area it i of the Summit Mem j 24,6 Central their adventure n8 because there is Quot really no Avenue suffered the attack about a wednesday night they appear time to st0p election of in 6 30 . He was under the care entry a hot wired the ignition of Porlant of the u2 the planet an old trick of car it a general a i think it thieves and got the engine Start w0ujd have been affecting our de at Cable Airport in nearby up ability to properly defend the _ _ land. United states if we did no to have and rates As the highest tempera the four place Piper tri pacer s information. Ture there on record parked in a shelter Type hangar,1 a an important source of it meanwhile the Mercury Rose was owned by an Upland construct Tell a cd Haq 1bee Cut off the High ?0s and mid<80b in Tion company which valued it at suspension of a l2 f rights 1 outlying areas of Eureka although $6,400. The Airport is open so Pri think a we had been Able to con he Day managed Only a a vate pilots can come and go at Mje pm a the it having been Fth a want hour. A caught and therefore Compro Southern Humboldt again re a Al Mise the source it would have ported readings in the 90s, with a x Iii been most 99 logged Ai Alderpoint. Censors struck out whatever about other methods san Francisco apr heat of a doctor and a special nurse last night a Reading of 88.5 degrees was reported from Rio Dell yesterday Moscow apr the soviet Union pro pod thurs Dav a ban a a All Means of launching nuclear weapons. The proposal would cover launching from seagoing bases planes rockets and a Pace satellites. In a Surprise move soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev addressed a letter to the leaders of All countries represented by diplomats in Moscow including president Eisenhower. It was the first word of Contact with the american president since we the mid May Paris Summit con in serve Sank Ference fell apart. M a a a Ltd he prop a a aits rate trained in eight printed pages was a rewording of the proposal made / i v f last september to the United Quot a lilt ill n.11�. M Ike mph Liam or. Washington red. Sychev s visit to America. Oral Reserve Banks in Philadel but it contained revisions which phia and san Francisco thursday started Western diplomats Here Cut their disc3un rate from 4 to searching to determine just what Al effective Friday had been then proposed and re. Whether it represented a real step Rae v c arge w a 4. V member Banks borrow ahead or five Steps the Reserve system. Quot it is important and we must study it for it contains matter we cannot ignore a said a Western ambassador Money Richard Dale Eureka High school senior is carried to a waiting ambulance after accidentally being shot in the Abdomen yesterday afternoon. Those carrying him Are left to right Clyde John son Deputy sheriff Eddie Hulbert assistant chief criminal Deputy an unidentified person and Sylvester Barnes of the City ambulance service. Standing behind Barnes is Stuart Mair the other person involved in the Accident. Residents of the heavily popu lated area said the Craft was skimming rooftops at less than 100 Gates said a Weitzel Thrush assails president in thus the Cut represents a move ment toward lower interest rate generally. A a a spokesman for the Board of in Geneva the russian Dele. A a. Governors of the Reserve system Gate to the three nation nuclear. Test ban talks said the soviet a a a a a to a rflic�?o0&Quot Union demands the right to w Spect every nuclear device used in 1 the United states forthcoming or a change in the nonmilitary research program he a mount rate since last septem also repudiated a soviet scientific when it was increased from groups offer to cooperate in the or can research program by conducting Federal Reserve Banks a series of non nuclear under while thursday s action applied ground explosions in Russia West Only to the Banka of Philadelphia Ern officials in Geneva said the and san Francisco it has been soviet position represented a the practice in the past when one a Sharp turnabout a or More of the Reserve Banks ambassadors were called to the changed its discount rates for the Richard Dale Eureka High school foreign office Early in the Day others to follow in a Short time senior was shot in the Abdomen Frach was handed the document yesterday afternoon during a scum with a covering letter addressed says Fie Over the Possession of a .22 to his chief of government. High school boy shot accidentally us studies feet when the Pilot suddenly gave it a us a u Turt be Bijj a a a 1 1 full throttle and plunged almost or ghz be used to ferret out records were shattered in Many disc Lac ice Trothi Holme Quot plummeted into then High i car As of Northern a a Central Humboldt county sheriffs offi t ii t in time hard packed Earth of to emerson>h<no3raphing military and pro a Toia thursday and the fore cers yesterday blew a thin coat la tt61 1 o i Jallos Junior High school Yard and sex duct on i is below. Cast was for continued fair hot eng of dust off the Vera Weitzel plodded. Fumes soon left nothing 3 from past u2 flights which and dry weather through Friday murder Case of 19.58 and dug into Washington a soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev. A a c. A a but a charred melted Skeleton of gales said were the responsibility at Alcait i we h renewed enthusiasm a a a Quot the present government of the .A.�?� has proclaimed a doctrine Caliper automatic pistol. Dale lives u. S. Ambassador Llewellyn. A a a a Iliia re ii i a St arts so a. Ass amp Rit Riu a a a a Fields aircraft missiles missile t new cd orc Xhu Len 3 Cec car8e has been thursday Khrushchev said this doctrine was not created by the Mair also of Freshwater chose from foreign minister Andrei a testing and training special Wear mar a was a a 6 labelled a a possible suspect in american people and a is not in line with the great democratic to go on a Hunting trip rather than Ltd Myko weather forecast s ii pr0dr the temperature also hit 107 it killing and is being thoroughly were shattered. .,�?~"00�?~rcierees. A new record. The ,. Was 102, in 1931. On storage submarine production atomic production. And \ e Tomp erasure also hit 107 3 Eureka and Vicinity a fair to thin of Lik it it the a a a Redwood City at 3 05 checked out. A Quot ,. �?�7&Quot Day tonight and tomorrow but a Nereas Fht a thief a Oathur ror did Litls Hirl Nof a Rourl for Jonnson of tfx3s, who pc tog meat am Monino tog. No 4. The spy plane photographs m i1 30 s ,1hat wether rec deputies a a not get around to out. .0 warm Loamy. The. High bom ,. Nil so re a a a a eth ords have been kept there. Questioning William Claude Turk is Alet her 010 news Man 60-�5. The Lov tonight 50-w. Norm snored soviet military strength fran i in had a High of a i Vesterdal but sent the div run Khrushchev obviously was trying. Or Northwest winds 5-i5 mph during the to be Loti Dessive but in some As Mancisio Nalt a a Nign of 95, Yesier Uay dui spent the Uay run. 11,./-, a ssh vet Someas the hottest Day in the City since Ning Down bits of information that div a be american people. A scr Ulics they advertised a 21, w1�,n was 96wi11 either Clear him or Point thet be soviet Leader has suggested 5. The defense Secretary does not believe the russians will at candlestick Park Home of the giants of the National base to the senior class picnic Seuer six hours later Khrushchev vis Day. Along Freshwater Creek in item a British plastics exhibition Washington ap1 the let the Howard Heights area they Here and commented a ave Wel states began a careful but a f if Elf if engaged in a Friendly wrestle Over come things like this which come ski Pica Midy thursday of the 1 x Al a. He Velvl 2? a _ a a. La feet nrrwv\4als or in car lie afternoons otherwise Light and variable. Offshore a variable winds 8-15 knots near the Central coast and mostly Northwest of North 12-22 knots near the North coast today and tomorrow. Fog increasing along the Central coast and spreading northward. Fair otherwise. Precipitation ?4-Nour total 0.00 total to Date this season 34.66 total to this Date last season 32.45 Normal to Date 35.75 temperatures High 67 Low 55. Sunrise 5 48. Sunset 8 43. Nut met Olla a f Kioes of a it . A . It of a 3 6 49 4.2 8 06 5.5 1 48 2.2 1 29 0.8 4 8 09 4 i 8 49 5.9 2 48 1.5 2 20 i 0 5 9 24 4.2 9 31 6.4 3 43 0.8 3 13 1.3 6 10 32 4.4 10 13 6.8 4 34 0.0 4 03 1.4 tempt to move their major mis Sale Nases because of what the Ball league. 20 or More fans were Ning Down bits of information that will either Clear him or Point the the soviet Leader has the pistol which in some Way Dis to our country in a Normal Way latest proposals for nuclear discharged the Bullet striking Dale what we object to Are things Fly armament put Forth by soviet about two inches above the Navel ing in Over our Heads uninvited. Premier Nikita Khrushchev in a Mair ran to a Home in fresh those we will shoot letter to president Eisenhower Finger of suspicion. Nothing hot another to it Al a Summit Confer Berchtesgaden Germany water from where an ambulance this was an apparent reference and other government Heads was turned up according to Dep end a a r the african elections it api Adolf hitlers sister Paula was called and the sheriffs office to the american u2 spy plane in officials said that on first sex Uty Harvey Larsen one of the in november died Here wednesday police said was notified. The ambulance drove cadent lamination Khrushchev a propose two officers currently working Lonion. One of four democrats she was 64. To the end of the Grange Hall then Khrushchev told Corre Tion seemed to offer no real Hope in november. to hic Saiu. Was Noui iwo. Me amour dance uru to Choem Khrushchev told United states Learned from the overcome of heat during the St. On the Case. To Seni a message to the soviet although officially known As Road and Dale was carried to the sponge nos to ask him no ques 0f breaking the East West Dinar work of the Louis san Francisco game and it was Larsen and Deputy Gene Eade just before the Paris sum Paula Hitler she had called her ambulance from the spot of the tons because he is to see them moment deadlock negotiations a this is quite an undertaking a were treated at the first Aid Sta Cox who brought Turk Back to Niit meeting collapsed told the self Paula Wolf to avoid identify Accident which was three or four at a news conference Friday Evi win resumed in a t0-Natk&Gtn Gates said. A you done to build the Tion were carried out on Humboldt county wednesday night Senate he regarded Khrushchev a cation with the nazi fuehrer. Hundred Yards away according to Dently to Tell them More in detail conference at Geneva next tues construction that is involved in stretchers. From Chico where Turk had been rep a an arrogant denial of Paula a j often said she never an estimate by Edwin m. Petter about his disarmament proposals Day strategic bases easily or quickly in san Sandro As the tempera picked up on the checks warrant the facts got along with the fuehrer it who son local supervisor who was in what immediately impressed that heart q Khrushchev latest Ture reached 110 degrees 2,300,from this county. Johnson was joined in the mesh a provided her with Only a Small the Vicinity Insl Ting Road work foreign diplomats was that in his. Q Cort Estrate in the first students of san Leandro High the Man was arrested at a pub Sage to Khrushchev by Adlai e. Income while he ruled the third the Accident occurred about 1 j0 new proposal Khrushchev went a a school were sent Home Lic swimming Pool by Butte couns Evenson. House speaker Sam Rejch and never invited Hor to and at 2 30 Dale was in the straight to the heart of the con u the heat set a record for the to Deputy Donald Metz. Rayburn a texans sen. continued on Page 3 tibetan guerrillas Walt be new warfare with chinese and 1� downtown kid torn a note a this dispatch Badakh area claimed by both in Pieve Ous 8h for june2 was 100 was cabled wednesday from Cal Lia and China degrees recorded in 1879. Wednes Culta India after being brought the has increased the ays Al downtown Reading out of Bhutan by mule the Only flow of tibetan refuges to thu Vas 103, breaking the june 1 transportation available. A Cor tan which admitted 4.000 last year the cd of $9._ Jing. Respondent Henry s. Bradsher on after the chinese crushed the a tour of he Himalayan kingdom Lhasa uprising and the Dalai a a of of wrote the Story May 27. Lama Flod to India prime minis a a i j.i1 by Henry s. ter Jigme Palden Dorji says about p ,.in 200 refuges have arrived Here in a Ollil pro Bhutan apr the re j1e past few a weeks. Volt a tibetan guerrillas against he fears that if they stay the chinese communist troops is Surg chinese wiil ing up anew in South Central second straight Day in sacrament there is some confusion As to William Fulbright dark chair St. Josephus Hospital. He was under Troverso in armament and pro on flowing weapons such surcer for several hours. The. By capable of Del Verng to reaching 110 degrees at the whether Turk is a resident of eur Man of the Senate foreign rela Ait i Fez 1 or .0 f inc a in 1ss Hitler too cd operation we and across National frontiers. Concentrating on con surgery for several hours. The posed Banning All the Means by a is detect Hospital reporte j last night that which nuclear weapons could be c ear 00,1105 As no or warheads. The the reka or Chico. Different addresses tons committee.,. A. Jul. We., a.1 try More and More from the world. In a. In rat edition to. A a a i of no tr0�?~ of the Means of delivery As Are listed at both offices. They told the soviet Leader that the last few years she lived on a 8con Dluz quota this abolishing rocket Dre Ventin a nuclear offices All americans were behind presi i 0ne Peculiar aspect of the Acci bases air bases such As the unit a of preventing a nuclear re Olenina Tresi to Lily government pension in a Deru was that the surgeon did not j d War has been promoted by Larsen views on clarified his Turk and the Weitzel Dent Elson Hower in a the Leonard m. Warsaw Poland apr forty stronger opinion on Case yesterday evening by say peace and urged Khrushchev not she died ing a the is Only a possible sus to let the Summit conference col pet. We be checked out dozens lapse. Of leads like this one before. Its Khrushchev a reply dated May fifth Al Ixia it just a routine investigation As far 30, renewed the soviet charge that As were the United states not the soviet o. A. It a a Jorli however District attorney Union to 0 r p de oed the Paris i Oil 1 a Jill Conry expressed a meeting and said a the present another was that the Union. And any other French government for Many the matter government of the .a. The pistol was not equipped with car Jer by sea or air that could months a trigger guard. It was also the Aunch nuclear explosives. Officials said one obvious Pur Sanie pistol which a brother of pose of Khrushchev s new Movo Dales was shot in the leg about lamer \ last. A t0 win favor with France to two months ago. I the hoj get of furthering his Cam a we were skylarking. Mair a Ihie a Quot a Kel Avill Quot pain to split the Western allies told Deputy sheriff Clyde John for All the equipment and sup the a it suggested the fax fare Munfor. The twice postponed 19th Annu pics it of Quot Quot Summ a a Bach with which the plan r Parenta of the boys Are or. And vacation whether it be camping. Was launched ind Cates Thal Khrt a. A is sure no t7, Al a i t i. A v i 01 Amor. Parents of the boys Are or. And vacation whether it be cart desc a 1 cer t la Ems a and 30 civilians were stating that Turk is definitely , has shown that it seeks Al american legion Field night mrs. Richard Dale of Freshwater Boatmen hiking water skiing is Trade up undeveloped reported injured in anti govern suspect Conry notified the Sher not to improve the relations be is expected to be graced by warm and or. And mrs. Stuart Mair in the weekly sportsmen s g is ii Aat country. Dorn Aiso said new de runic Moriau in a Ciann Iff Offir a a pm Frh a of his a ten. U a r j 1,1 us Ray a a a Sychev is mainly interested in its say reports reaching this Trade country. Dorii Aiso said new Del ment riots monday in the Western diffs office yesterday of his Intel tween our two countries Lut 7o a expect 10 dc�?�1 a do a Quot Al 3u, a Man a a the weekly s us propaganda value. If he had con Cen or m Northwestern Bhutan. I notified 3hutan. A month Aeo polish Rita of i Luna Tion to enter the Case. Mestrov those positive results y weather tonight at appears every fuda it in i 5jderec As a serious negotiate look guide classified columns. Class 29. Ing proposition they said he merchants list their Best buys would most Likely have waited i notified Bhutan a month ago polish City of Zelona Gora. Tion to enter the Case. Destroy those positive results information from several offi that Inda would no longer accept the violence was reported one of two leads volunteered by which were achieved in soviet d Ura starting time is 8 o clock Unwar a Fortune Ciai sources in the tibetan Border tibetan refuses. No reason was touched off when local govern Chico authorities yesterday morn american Ria on within the last the colourful pageant will Fea Jericho n y apr a Region of this Independent Hima Given. Ment officials tried to take Over ing connecting Turk to the Case year and As a result of Ture More than 1000 students of Dozer operator cleaning off a a Ere an you can 566 at a Ance for be reopening of negotiations Layan kingdom and from Runoff i about 400 tibetans fled to the part of a state owned building be was cast away after i Vestiga our meeting and tasks with presi Iii Rai pump tar and High schools cant lot thursday dug us a Metal who carries the gear y011 will need at Geneva Cial informants says truckloads tiny Indian protectorate of Sikkim ing used by the roman Catholic Tion Here Larsen said. A Blanket cent Eisenhower during my visit a 8 a a a a a Quot not chinese dead have been a Day or so ago this is one of Church. Found in turks car is not one of to the United states last septem brought by night to Gantse the largest groups to flee Tibet about 5,000 persons were be those stolen from the dead to a a a Southwest of Lhasa the main tibetan Trade Center and former Khrushchev advised Eisenhower headquarter of the exiled Dalai Lima. Trouble also was reported brewing in Western Tibet near Theka aaa for a summer of fun and outdoor in band and marching units. There containing More than 170,000,in Bills. Police said they have no a a Vang. That he had untended to put Forth be bulging and Baton i it Ojea j0w the Money got there. If you Are a business that Spe his plan at the Summit which in recent months a lived to have taken part in an vehicle he said. Referring to the u2 recon Ais twirling contests. Bills�?20s, 5ds and 100s�? Cia Lizes in sporting equipment Call would have afforded him a global resistance to the chinese this All Day Street Battle that resent he and Cox still Are checking Sance plane flight Over the featured event will be a March were wrapped in Brown paper. I 2-1711. Ext. 207, to place your sounding Board. In View of the Spring is thought to be the most bled religious riots in the Southern out a smudge of Green paint Al user As the most vivid express ing and Baton exhibition by Rob placed in a foot Long Gray steel name before the sports enthusiasts collapse of the Summit conference severe since the chinese cracked polish steel town of Nowa Huta Negedly found on a car formerly Sion of a . Policy he said was Ert samples nationally famous Box and buried about two feet of the nude area served by the Khrushchev was unable to inv Down iat year. A five weeks ago. Continued on Page 3 continued on Page 3j performer. In the ground. Eureka newspapers. Duce the plan Ai Paris. T

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