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Eureka Humboldt Times Newspaper Archives Jul 14 1957, Page 1

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Eureka Humboldt Times (Newspaper) - July 14, 1957, Eureka, California Slac a Tummy it Simes vol. Clix vol no. 166 Eureka. California. Sunday. July 14, 1957 daily 10 cents 48i paomss.t�o�?�1?���?� woman pedestrian Dies when hit on h Street sweeping changes proposed in. Civil rights Bill Washington a it Russell a a yesterday of the enforcement Teeth rights Bill. With supporters of the measure fighting against Promise moves a Mundt announced that he will offer statute which would delete enforcement authority for civil and rights other than those involved in voting. The Senate meanwhile end-1 �?1�? body of Man stuffed in trunk found new York we a the body of an unidentified Young Man was found stuffed in a Small trunk on railway of a. Crescent City Man Dies when Auto plunges into Smith River Canyon two persons one of them an elderly woman pedestrian were killed in widely separated automobile accidents on rain com sub shorts and with the Mouth Seal Darrell Barton Bishop 38, of Crescent City was killed when of with adhesive tape was his automobile left Highway 199 8vfc Miles East of the 101 trapped in plastic sheeting intersection and plunged 200 feet into Smith River Canyon. A up a it of a two Day old police the a newspaper. The Man was about., circumstances of the Accident a a. ski a a doing Mircu itunes is lots of fun but id rather them just for the kids of Eureka if they really want is jealous Man traps kills kids nine to 90 Chipping in to buy Chimp Champ nine dead in Chicago rain storm to take up the Bill. Mundt said he is in a a Neutral Corners in the civil rights Battle because South Dakota i i n \ 111112111 has few negro or minority to ters or problems. Oklahoma City Ltd a it 30 years old. A tag on the trunk gave As which Fia med mrs. Hutche the destination songs life. She is believed to a Hal Jefferson ambassador Bave been struck by a car drive hotel i of Angeles in by Janice Kinshella 18, of Agency employees told police 2340 17th Street. Witnesses the trunk was left will them said that miss Kinshella swerve a yesterday for shipment by a i a i have been responsible for the death. A second is or Prodi Ems. ,----1, ii Sui Puichi by a. J , and a emotion has displaced Rea Quot \ Horce Wiase ser Earl Man who a me to the office at. a described As a one of the finest 42nd Stree a in his unit was shot to by taxicab. Woman s Chicago a a record 24-hour downpour left Chicago swamped yesterday Billy the Champ of the chimps saw his dream of retire with mounting damage Esti ing in Eureka begin to become a reality Here yesterday As j la youngsters literally from nine to ninety joined in the Campaign for contributions to raise his Purchase Price. Not Only Are the youngsters of the City Chipping in but also the kids from Areata Blue Lake Klamath Fortuna and Telephone son in Many parts of the Northr i Ilu u a one of the finest 42nd Street and 10th Avenue and Mundt said adding 2�&Quot a quoth vent is u that his proposed amendments i,./7 i # a a in the body was wedged tight Driver to Sundquist is being a mss amp a a by Eureka police Black imitation mated in the millions of dollars. Hardest hit by the torrential Rains were the City a subways. Gas and would remove most Contro Versy from the Bill House were previously Russell Comman the v Cim a s s a a Der of the Bill s opponents. Had a Ark 0hmann. 2d, former offered a series of Amend a of Eastham Mas ments. One of these would Poce Sald he apparently strike out part of the Bill which was Quot the tide phone suitors who mined would authorize the attorney a had phoned Kim in Canavan 15 general to bring civil suits to times during the past week at was made of leather and measured 30 by 42 an Eye witness said that mrs by 22 inches. Police said death Hutcheson was in the Middle apparently occurred Friday of the intersection crosswalk from a cause As yet Undener when the Kinshella car approached. The car swerved to Dulles urged to tour satellites systems other Humboldt county Way Points Are coming in for their Power companies share of former. A co ownership of the world famous circus per reported in nearby will county in Chicago two persons at least nine were dead As a result of the storm in Chicago four year old Kim Stevens of he found the right one and let i and another storm death was Eureka emerges As the Young himself opt. It contributor thus far in the and Tilry is quite a Ham. He k i a run und raifdn8 drive knows he s a big shot among drowned three others were while William Reid also of eur the chips and Lenz suspects electrocuted and four suffered in i a a. Tw30unig qual that he once was handing out heart attacks three while bad t0 some 0f the thing the floods in their Homes. Desros lesser luminaries in the sup Utility the porting cast of the act. Into the ivies As the eldest. Meanwhile Roland hers superintendent of City Sparks disclosed that he is company losses ran millions of dollars. Billy also digs his Emily Post. Losses to business could not be 30,000 telephones noon Well versed in making were knocked out by the six going ahead with plans for con he is known As being quite a estimated St auction of the facilities which hand at social teas of an after at least will House the Champ. Desrosiers met Writh circus Small chit Chat with the Mes and a Quarter Inch rainfall Fri Man William Lenz owner of Dames on the one hand while Dav night and Early saturday the Champion Chimpanzee and balancing his cup and doily1 Unity. They worked out plans for a lox with the other. 14 Cage which will have a be _ a nov nil i norths in not new a Quot old like a re mind the pouring Over a or links in one and sanitizing. There will also youngsters that the Eureka of underneath downtown Chicago sweating Sand bag Crews Well that s it for today but fought to keep water from a a a a it a a. I i nov i the cite s main he a weatherproof House and a newspapers inc. Is offering a transportation t h Ket Wirra i fit a Hea Ingster one Large segment main sources of e subway. ,. ,-------0�? of the tubes retiring who can submit a new name for already was inundated with Billy. Of course in the event of to while sets with which the circus performer can away his Idle hours. Desrosiers expects Chimp s new quarters will Bej ready by mid week and the latest co owners prospective tenant can move in ame by the end of the week. That the new co owners can Chip r. D in their Nickels and dimes and War no h dollars fast enough to make up o a a$350 by then. P Usan a a ii lir a Donna Hulbert As for Billy himself be seem Bihy Devir Stahar highly elated with the pros Susan Evans pectin yesterday hopping on his Susie Landon Bike for a couple turns around Roberta Dake the Center ring and getting Melva Ferou slightly angered because he could t go faster. A a know Lenz says Billy the Cleverest of All the chimps Amador Rossi he has Ever seen and there Isnit total to Date any trick he can to . A 8 feet of water a tie the prize will be divided gushing runoffs the among the winners. And Here is the list from 6 the the one of those killed by of the storm was an infant girl. A 7-months-old girl Atelth Toney drowned when she rolled out of her bed into a foot of water ii the bedroom of the family s basement apartment. Although the forecast for Lane Everett Maryann Everett is Kim Stevens age amt. .20 56 10.00 90 5.00 11 .25 11 .10 9 .12 11 1.00 13 .25 11 .10 11 .25 14 .25 12 .25 4 1.00 ? 1.00 $19.77 off the recently embankment of completed con Washington a a proposal that Secretary of state Dulles make a personal tour of communist dominated Eastern Europe in search of a More durable peace was advanced yesterday by sen. Mansfield a Mont Mansfield who is assistant democratic Leader of the Senate included his suggestion in a Globe ranging 12,000-word speech that touched off a live attempt to avoid the woman a foreign pol cd di5cu5slot a a who was wearing dark clothing Nat it Quot Oor Kio hate on and carrying a dark umbrella 1 rights legislation for the car driven by miss Sund which the saturday session was temporarily the left Side of the Street in an the trunk was opened when prevent infringement or threat tempting to make a Date with Emple yes detected an odor ened infringement of civil her after her husband left for the Las on the trunk was a rights in general. He could seek Wyoming. Standard printed form and car injunctions in Federal court and at the suggestion of police. Ried bunks for a number of anyone violating the injun mrs. Canavan agreed to meet pieces and these had Tion could be fined or jailed the a Telephone suitors who id been hrs a in with a pen with list was following the Kins convened was for contempt without jury trial in affied himself As a Doug one or number of pieces be a car. Investigation has not Side tracked. Russell has contended this and �?o$100�?� for value. Yet revealed whether the Mansfield criticized Eisen portion of the measure is aim _ Ohmann who said a this is _ the grisly find was sent to was struck by the Sec Ower administration policy As based on a a fear Laden Infra opinion and at bringing about to a Canavan. Canavan was,00 a full autopsy was set for general Hospital in order to help ii integration in the South. He Waihung in the apartment Arm today a a has said it makes possible the Eda 5abber pistol. De at enforcing the supreme. Edwards a when he arrived was re revue Hospital for an Imond car court s school desegregation by Ibe woman s husband. Mediate preliminary Examina a miss Kinshella was taken Tion of the soviet threat which can a Doniv Lead to a a use of troops to reach these1 v detectives Don Cochran and objectives. Meals were he route to Mundt told a reporter that e apartment when the shoot his substitute proposal is in occurred signed to place before the sen said Ana Van a 21 ate a a measure �4tuonvaminhg with he r National guard. A picture kissing via Iii Bucu Nus amp in Ann Ohvo reports that Southern five killed in crash �55 tel car Gallup oui one Wun 0f summer train incr a it i so. A a Ohk Skol a so it a ought to be big enough and mrs. Hutcheson is survived confident enough to initiate a by a daughter mrs. Barbara positive policy for peace. For one thing he suggested Mutual advantages might result if the United states expands its Trade with other con Daly 2403 i Street and a son James Hutcheson jr., of Lafayette. Her Home was at 2122 g Street. Funeral arrangements russells action in n picture Gallup . # five Cal i pending Al Cooper Mort facts with Eastern fur Opean three amendments confirm Riih Krs Canavan kissing her formans were killed and two y. Carnations a As the occasion pre tier c a conforme Ltd husband goodbye appeared in other injured critically in a Bishop a former Eureka pm sents ends of the Bill not Mhz no l0caj newspaper. And Coch h e a o n collision yesterday of he a Quot a of America. Uis criticism of the adminis to Filihi s re l a it no a Ste Quot i3 e Young Gnu saw be afternoon on . 66, just East had re pin by been promoted traction brought several re pub All votes nenet i. U 1? receiving Telephone of he new Mexico Arizona line and a a is feared to Crescent Laicans to their feet in defense fore the a Quot a Quot a hat ume a Quot new Mexico. City. He was killed when a of president Eishenhower a Russell said in an interview that r.n�,"�?T� so d., a a the dead were identified by Rowny a a Secretary Dulles. Democrats cuss a tn4 r mrs ref it a a Canavan said when the tink forcttase0 calf a he ,h7 b,7 patr0 to Quot a Lite 111.1 let them Home to a vote. He or airman entered the Oarl son 4. My a a a jj�?T.thejr�?~.ha.�?~ a shop waa a Emp no to u.3. Jumping plunged off Highway 1 6 20 . Saturday. Highway patrol officers said. Base calif., and entered a or or or when Buster against final passage of but the Man a a steady Cochram 16�&Quot m Chac Lehti Quot would not forecast however quient he stepped out of whether there will be a Fili bedroom and told him to and her the Bill. Grabbed automobile fell car. 70 to 80 Hen at i i the i surplus feet t l is i train wreck tempting 1&Quot hem Timss Ctol car was reported in 0 us isl ipad and then irks Canada after Brief scuffle Ohmann St Mary a nil need 200 feet Down into san Francisco a Law darted through the door and a up her he Smith River Ranton Bishop ter b Pearson it former Canad. Canavan fired five shots at one /unin0 48, of Novato was thrown from the car and an external affairs to him. Calif., a passenger in the Rippy killed instantly. Nun ister a i did t intend to kill the w?.�.,n St Mary a in Rolf. Accident Rex cleared last night Canada is Crossett Ark. 1� _ ten he said. Of i in team Crit Cai and Tion. By a ten Emny on of Chehal by Buff locks aral St cars a to k Island freight think i hit slate policeman a. Maho Washington ports to the United states and by midday water reached to train crashed through a wooden. Ohmann was struck by four Neysa a the Cochran and rip Bishop whose Crescent City by us a Quot Ping of farm sur w2s 1045 Jaccard a uses abroad in fact Lenz had to caution 1 Avail Urvi the Park super not to use any a Otiis screws in constructing the Cage a 1 l Hiat offs fhe Slot in the Quot reads a three pumps to keep the Runoff were Kelley a sons Don 19, and and take them out of course a Alaska pan of out of the North South state William Cecil 12, and Kelly she prefers a screw drivermhev11. W sch v1 81�?� have Jeen a Street subway Nephew Joseph Lee Kelly. 12. Come out easier but anything a abm Arlene was so a11 of Hamburg. Ill nub Thorn tar n a filled Friday by men aboard a i a it 11 1 Vilian Landing Craft near dutch Jup. Lull Eccl Harbor Alaska the Kodiak the top of the tube in the Sta Bridge near Here yesterday and bullets. He staggered into the by cars collided Headon during address Tion at Congress and la Salle buried four fishermen under Yard. Collapsed and died. A rain Shower streets and service was Cut tons of pulpwood killing one assistant Oklahoma county a third car was from the Loop turn around to and injuring three. Atty. Harold Theus said he when it collided Street was an employee of the Pearson in a speech at the involved Bank of America in Crescent american society of new spa with tha City. Funeral arrangements per editors convention ban Logan Square. Dead was George Kelly s2,�e? pm a Quot to file charges wreckage but me of he a Cut we a no to Wetre Quot Tortu Etc a id so Iam Cron sur workmen used sandbags and of nearby Hamburg. Injured a Salust Canaan. Pants was injured. In Crescent City a Quot that will make them turn will . And latches and padlocks Are Van Uuk Rtia Sra Ine a Arak t no mystery to Billy. Sometimes naw ,7iak j11 Amoa Lenz would toss his ring of a a a a a a officials said no Amer a keys into Billy a Cage and the a so dbl marines were Esperet Tacq Oak latter would try them All until g in he area at the time. 11u<iu a�11 a a a a a head on collision Between Kelly and the youths had been fishing from logs near the Bank of the Saline River in the Remote Stillion Community when the rail cars plunged through the trestle. Pants was injured. the inquiring reporter a what you county a today a question think is the greatest cause of accidents in Humboldt i want to help buy the Chimpanzee for the Eureka City zoo. a weather i a loaded lumber truck and a forecast a Das Senser car of the Samna Eureka and Vicinity a Niht i to or on me a mod and morning co Tai of or Low Over Road brought death to a Samoa fast Etc run in the afternoons today tonight and monday. Cooler today the High both Days 60-66. The Low tonight my name image my address i Mother of three and seriously a injured a Fresno Man at 2 1 saturday. Dead was mrs. Helen Turner 21. James Lee Payton 25, the i Driver of the car in which mrs. A Turner was Riding was in ser-1 ious condition at Trinity hos i think the Chimp should be named. I p be reportedly. I suffered severe head injuries. Mail to Eureka newspapers inc., 328 e St., Eureka tw0 fractured legs and extreme a i Shock. California. A a i i want to contribute. To help buy him. 51-56. West to Northwest winds 6-16 Miles per hour offshore West to Northwest winds 10-20 Miles per hour today and monday. Fog and Low overcast Clearing locally in the afternoons. Precipitation 24-hour total of 08 total to Date this season 0.14 total to this Date last season 0 05 Normal to this Date. temperatures a High 73. Low 54 Sunrise 8 58 pm. Sunset 8 48 . Humboldt Bay tides of. A m it it. A m it. P m. It t3 1 03 6.4 2 43 5 1 8 05 -0 7 7 55 2 5 the California Highway a i Ris 5.7 34752 Iii of is a 3.3 3 00 5 3 4 21 5.3 39 0 3 10 10 2 2 3 45 4 9 4 s6 5 4 10 11 0 7 11 03 2.1 4 35 4 4 5 33 5.3 10 46 1 3 bartender Koch let Himes Fields Landing a careless driving i sup a Drunken tool said Payton s car drifted a a continued on Page 3 Jis Eureka High school student Arlene vouch 1010 West Henderson Street Bulldozer operator Albert Hailstone Orick appliance services a. J. Albo co 3405 Idaho Street a i think plus disposal overseas endangered Canadas traditional markets for wheat. A if we lose them a or a Large % part of them a i can assure is you there will be a howl across a the Border that our relations a generally will suffer a said amp Pearson a Liberal member of parliament. The conservation party recently took Power in Canada after an election Campaign in which the winners criticized expanding u. S. Investment and influence in Canada. Pearson said wheat produced a far greater proportion of National income in Canada than in the United states. He said Canada could not afford a to match your new sales methods giveaways easy or tied credits and acceptance of local Pearson declared that unless Canada can increase exports Toa. A the i United states she obvious disregard for other Peoples by will have to take some kind l0f remedial housewife mrs. J. Hobbs Mckinleyville teen agers Margaret Lindgrew 3573 m Street

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