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Eureka Humboldt Times Newspaper Archives Feb 4 1962, Page 1

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Eureka Humboldt Times (Newspaper) - February 4, 1962, Eureka, California I i doomsday seems a a amp to be a Lillie late this year Buenos Aires Argentina apr defying his powerful. Critics at Home president Arturo vol. Viii Frondizi declared saturday a Gentina a refusal to vote for sex of Cuba from the inter Sheji Umb olm Simes no. 30�?phone i 2-1711 Eureka California sunday february 4, 1962 48 to or a deluding 8-���� comic let uni Ito 16 a a a a a Vuga Ine Section new Delhi India apr thousands of terrified indians Shiv ered through a wintry night under the stars saturday night await ing doomsday calamities they feared would be unleashed by a rare american family was a blow for grouping of the planets. A the Basic principles of self deter but As the first Day of the three Day doomsday period passed Mina Tion and quietly an increasing number of stargazers began finding mitigating in warning to the United influences in the heavens. I some holy men said prayer i a 1 meetings being held throughout flow Clowell 111 the hindu countries of India and Nepal had appeased the gods of destruction and fire. Others said the Moon had taken a favourable shift. Millions of superstitious hindus c still were fearful because the censorship hassle cd Washington a sen. Be Bave settled a danger time forecast by the As Francis Case r-s.d., said Satur cry Sis web bus armed forces Trolo Gers continues through Mon Day congressional self respect re cd Jofs angered by Argentina a so Day wires a showdown in a Row recalled soft stand at the Hemi. The astrologers had predicted tween Secretary of defense Rob Ert s. Mcnamara and a Senate investigating subcommittee. Mcnamara and the sub commit ,. Frondizi then summoned Home tee were reported still at logger-1 Heads Over the Secretary a refusal representing the swallowing of the to Tell its members which Penta Moon by a Serpent. Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter and Saturn Are All lined up comparatively close together with the tary officers Sun and the Moon. The conjunct the Secretary said he would. Tion will cause an eclipse of the shoulder full responsibility rather in a no Sun monday visible in Borneo and than let subordinates face possible but now reliant defense o out at sea in the Pacific. The a criticism for having obeyed his i i Argentina s position in the Speed eclipse will not be visible in the receives. He explained he Felt it a fat Arana seemed certain to set United states. Would injure department morale to or Sis boiling again. There was slightly less traffic expose subordinates. Frondizi accused a reactionary than usual on new Delhi streets Mcnamara has disclosed the sectors in the United states of saturday. Censors names but not what Spe conspiring with the ii direct and some worried about a great Cefic censoring they did. Indirect agents in latin american a warning a states and 13 latin american nations voting to expel Cuba at Pun Sta Del Este Uruguay Frondizi said the death of these princ Ples would turn the hemisphere Over to a the Law of the Frondizi spoke out in an and i dress at Parana at a time when 700-mile stretch of fog ties up transportation great natural and Man made disasters during the period of the conjunction of planets eight by hindu count including the Sun and Moon and an imaginary one a spheres foreign ministers meet ing they had demanded he break relations with communist Cuba. Ambassador Julio Amoedo from Havana and a communique an a u a u a bounced that Argentina would Eon censors had altered the texts r. A vote to oust Cuba from the or of specific anti communist a meation of american states is prepared for delivery by Mill-6,.j or a when the Issue came before the group s Council meeting in Wash prayer meeting scheduled for the countries to Foster subcommittee members Case. Capital. It began m a Token Way been talking of against the National because the special Pavilion in f s d. Which fight for the dignity and m Quot hich it was held had to be re Back demands for dependence of their Peoples. Built to conform with an aus i the information. Mcnamara has Frondizi emphasized Cious formula. Most prayers and a adj catch beef that of anyone is Gentina demonstrated its the sacrificing of 3 a it tons of Otley for contempt it should tempt for communism in Cuba Byj that ars con Quot if icing Ings in a sacred fire began late. Was it too late be he and not any censor who voting for the Resolution saying refuse on his orders to Castro communism was incompatible with the inter american sys the question a. A i might to do any Good. A Chi answer questions. In Singapore. Buddhists and���?zcl.,. Of Inri in a re Ivor to a peace conference Between me offset the disaster predicted by a a Amara and a delegation from the i but he defended the abstention astrologers. Yellow Robed Budd subcommittee ended Friday with of Argentina Brazil Bolivia Hist priests led massed chanting both sides described As giving no Chile Ecuador and Mexico at of prayers at sri Lanka Buddhist sign of budging. They Are to meet Punta Del Este from voting sane Temple where another All night again this week. J tons against prime minister i id-1- session is scheduled sunday night. The inquiry is in Castro a regime. He Sau s i a i a hindus likewise were asked to Al Case told a reporter Quot the sub-1� Rte a Quot us a Vlf in advises tend special four hour prayer ses a committee in self respect will have p a asians lasting until monday night t0 assert the right of Congress to a political Quimo it i in i but reputable chinese astrology Jask questions of members of the to self to a con Inua Ion o it ers in Hong Kong dismissed the executive Branch of the govern most aggressive act via is 0 of it a hindu predictions As a sheer non Mentton my Wing and left Wing extremes s. Tsai Pai i refugee As he said that it the officials done to tro Loger from communist China Jwan answer they could then said the congregation of planets Cjan my executive privilege a actually will bring further pros a which Mcnamara has said he does purity to Mankind. Not Ward done _ a and dle sub japanese soothsayers and As committee then should determine tron omers also brushed aside As t airports in 6 principal cities forced to shut Down Hwy. 40 closed apr spreading fog snarled air and land travel across hundreds of Miles of California saturday. More fog is due sunday. The big los Angeles and san Francisco airports were closed for hours. Air terminals at san Diego Long Beach Fresno and Sacramento also were socked in. The san Joaquin Valley had blinding fog for the seventh straight Day. Reno had fog for the ninth straight Day. A a series of traffic accidents on i the fog shrouded Yolo causeway mini Idamc saturday injured 20 persons and closed . 40 to East bound tray fit for More than an hour. It thl Iii cello twelve of the injured were or a treated at Woodland hospitals i Olla la i flt Only one. Mrs. Rieka Strauss a of Belmont was hospitalized. Anaheim a it a in a Drant the worst Accident occurred in in finish to a hectic election liar the Middle of Theja mile Span by Keaton of los Angeles defeat a big truck and trailer collided de Michael Hudson of Burlingame with a pickup truck which had for the presidency of the a Al Tor stopped for a minor Accident a Young republicans saturday a Lite pickup separated from a a a unthinkable the predictions by f Quot Quot the hindu astrology its. Western Europe showed no in f i i i in due fears of worse crises than1 till i Iii ii a usual. 2 enter race for Trinity sheriff Job san Francisco a an Electra Jet stood on misty san Francisco Airport saturday As crippling fog covered the state from san Diego 700 Miles North Vii imports of material sold cuban products banned by Juk Ward. The san Francisco air facilities were closed Down for More than an hour. Up telephoto Pic led motorcyclist near a after to be i ired Washington apr sen. Harry f. Byrd. D-va., proposed saturday that Congress direct president Kennedy to sell s3.4 billion in stockpiled strategic materials and use the receipts to balance the budget. A if could get Money death crash 32, of f, was night. Keaton 37, described by associates As a moderate won on the third ballot at the state convention at the Disneyland hotel. The vote Battle had been billed As a showdown Between the mod crate element of the Republican party and the conservative Wing. Hudson called his defeat a loss for conservatism. A third candidate. Jim Keyes of Laguna Beach was never a serious Contention. Washington apr president Kennedy tightened the . Economic squeeze on Cuba saturday ordering a Complete ban on and a Jit from �nilp0-ts a cuban products. The action will Cost Cuba $35 million Ilo Spita a year. Also suffer acc a collision Between his motorcycle bus. Attaches said Blake camper trailer it was hauling and plunged 30 feet to the ground below the causeway. The pickup Driver 36-year-old Aubrey c. Jones of Walnut Creek was not Hurt. His wife and two children who were in the camper also escaped injury. A freakish Accident on the fog covered san Mateo Bridge across san Francisco Bay seriously injured a father and son. Timothy Mccoy. 48, Al Grenada horse Trainer was passing three cars when a car coming his Way loomed up in the fog. Mccoy swerved desperately. His car bounced from railing to railing. All four cars missed him. Mccoy a son in to Childre Community services District and fire chief for the Community announced his candidacy. Also announcing was Charles National aeronautics and Dinwiddie of Weaverville a re Washington it apr the space Agency plans to launch the fourth tiros weather satellite this week the space administration said the tired Navy chief Boatswain a mate launching was scheduled a in the Guice said he has seven years near tiros in will be almost identical to its predecessors except for a Dupont tax Bill signed by president Washington a president Kennedy signed into Law saturday a Bill to ease the tax Impact of an antitrust decision against the Dupont co. At the same time the president gave his backing to Justice department efforts to keep control of the general motors corp. From the do in ont family. Dupont had urged passage of that Wou Tabort the antitrust servin8 the relatively Large cover-1 election if a d o c t o r pronounces f nonessential Federal expend Victory won by the government age of the earlier satellites. Him physically sound. Tures which he Heads it against the giant company. The supreme court has ruled or g i g \ that Dupont must get rid of its a cd a a cell up 08cs 63 million shares in pm Worth i $3.5 billion. How this is to be done re l a a i. Still pending before a is. I q Sci Illet nil us strict court in Chicago. A decision a v is expected late this month. Weaverville a the race for this excessive accumulation of Trinity county sheriff gained two materials flowing into the treas administration officials said that the embargo effective next More entrants yesterday. Ury might be Able to balance wednesday will be a severe blow to the ability of prime minister Guice of Trinity budget and keep from increase Fidel Castro to Export communist subversion to other latin american chairman of the Trinity Center ing the debt limit a Byrd said in a jury. I considerably improved Lens tem for one of its two television cameras. The Lens should reduce distortion and provide a considerably clearer picture image while pre Law enforcement experience in Tehama county and Dinwiddie said he served As a Deputy sheriff in Riverside after his release sys from the Navy. Already in the race is Tom Kelly a former Deputy sheriff i inks poised an interview. Byrd disclosed he has agreed to Clear the Road for an a special committee headed by a a jims sen. Stuart Symington d-mo., of what Kennedy called the excess in i g t a t l Sive stockpiling of $7.7 billion in it it Quot Quot of 111 c do War emergency hems. Paris apr tanks were poised i Ciais said a so that airline and the Senate is of spec e 0 c outside Paris saturday night and Eie phone service to Cuba would asked to approve a $30,000 outlay More than 25>000 police no be affected. Tor a staff to inquire into the Situ s Ood or it Jav in Hui City t Repp Trade embargo officials action before the group begins he lips Jsang which a great Many said is Onjo one several Steps hearings in about a month. Frenchmen think will be attempt it Ennedy and Secretary of state. Senate Republican leaders had de by the a a a a who was asked to resign by Sher urged Byrd a conservative critic a to break Iff Harold Wilson when Kelly 3n- Many administration policies bounced his candidacy. undertake the inquiry through Ilson said he will seek re e j0jnt committee on reduction the winning margin was pro Blake. A. Of w., Fey san a Clara county near death with a fractured Skull delegation which threw five of and a brain injury in general its votes to Keaton on the third Hospital Here last night following ballot. Until then it appeared the somehow deadlock would persist possibly into a fourth ballot. Keaton took i6ov2 of the 308 votes. It took 155 to elect a Fiat tried leg in. Though both candidates claimed the collision at Arabella Avenue t0 be conservative Keaton said and Madison ave. South of the a he was a conservative Only in the countries. Eureka Eirv limits in the Pinehill sense that the Republican party his Dollar income last year was District at 3 of clock yesterday of is a the party of con scr Tisani under $1 k million officials said ter noon. Keaton said Young republicans so the new . Action will reduce according to the Highway a oust work for whatever Candi it by one third this year. Roj Blake who lives with his dates win in the june primary. While clamping the embargo on wife at 315 artino twas South he emphasized that he Felt Mem imports Kennedy specifically a found a a Arabella coming Uphill hers of the organization should it theorized the continued Sale of . When his a Cycle collided with Thelma n Neutral during the primary Kneule got lost in fog food and Medicine to Cuba. Offi i Ney which was making a left Campaign and then attempt to of Elk Grove Sheji he across Blakes traffic Lane a throw Public support to those Arabella to Madison. Nominated. �?o1 sincerely believe the re pub i bound Jit turn from after striking the rear Section. Is the right Wing secret up prospective army inde in the bean Cycle party be S.D. i he son. Daniel 7, was tak old rent a Hospital of the in Oakland. He was in with a severe head in of was taken to Merritt Hospital Oakland with rib and shoulder fractures. Three convicts a san Joaquin county burglar and two los Angeles narcotics peddle so sneaked away from san Quentin prison Camps under cover of fog. An 80 year old Man. Martin Friday ent out to mail a letter. He Hasni to been seen since. A sheriffs party is look ins for him. Iris area by spread of there. It was heaviest in move arty cannot to a hyphenated hundreds of fender bending a Keaton told newsmen. Incidents were touched off in the. Republican party is the heavily populated los Angeles Dean Rusk Are planning. Their jul ill a a a a party of conservatism and there metropolitan aim is to fasten a kind of eco patrol said Blake was a quid no distinction made be Hie fog Pendency for Algeria. Nomic military and political a thrown off the motorcycle at the tween conservative re such places a Gardena Torrance in Algiers and Oran where the stranglehold around the Island Point of Impact. Publicans and any other kind. A terrorist european underground country which All other american the empty bus was being Keaton an attorney is a native has gunned Down opponents in the governments now officially regard driven by Robert Bettencourt 33, of Czechoslovakia but now is an a Palm lined streets in an Effort to As a communist beachhead in the of Eureka who was uninjured american citizen he came to the for a time it appeared possible keep Algeria French troops and Western hemisphere. A Jitney line owner George Dickey United states in 1947 and attend that there might be collateral a police also stood Edgely Alert the . Government itself is said the bus sustained some $200jed the University of California at Culver City san Gabriel and Lynwood. The weather Bureau forecast More fog for sunday around san d a to and los Angeles and in the in the first six anti the Senate passed the Bill by1 for Central parking voice vote Jan. 23. The House had passed the Bill last year. The effect of the new Law is to Walter g. Mccrea prominent automobile dealer whose Ness is located at seventh and g streets added his voice yesterday in gently the White House said hearings by both the Symington French and algerian nationalism and Byrd groups but Byrd made negotiators Are widely reported a it Clear saturday his committee a though without official Confirma a will not play a direct role in the Tion to have reached at least a inquiry. Basic agreement on the eventual Kennedy called for an i Vestiga Independence of Algeria after Sev Tion by a Senate armed Servic Esien years of bloodshed. A subcommittee on stockpiling. Some Felt the ruling rebel bodies Husi which Symington Heads. Subset might approve or reject the set Confin und on Page 3 m damages Berkeley. D on a a a and a very Happy doomsday to \ of by a staff reporter City editor says to no a a element by feb. 6 or 7, before his softest voice which was just a in reduce by More than half the tax in a p sit Jon to a tentative plan to acquire property in the Central was up to the Senate to decide the beginning of Ramadan the Low growl to go out and get bite on Dupont stockholders who a egg djs rect for parking in connection with a $610,000 Bond Issue a which committee should do the month when moslem fast each Deal Story on doomsday. He say would receive the 63 million pm Mccrea a location is one of several Sites recommended in a Job. Lav from Sunrise to Sunset. Us coining maybe. I said when shares under the compan a s in it jmj nary rpp0rt to the Eirv parking commission thursday for a Byrd said his committee which fears of a Putsch by the secret a��1 he said Over the weekend planned distribution. Qui Sitison to provide More downtown parking. Does not have authority to sponsor army in Algeria with a companion this makes me very S.D.because. Without the new Law. The Stock a Friday mrs it Myron Walshjr a legislation will continue to As it uprising it holders would have had to pay clarified the position of her fam 1liniinaled fore i Horn Pii vah �sernj1je and publish reports aboutj0f daily conversations among full income tax rates on the mar regarding the lot. She said a development and prevent Eompe-i St said a whole raft of planets Are cause i do know of Point lined up in a platoon formation Wise people there according to these holy men and a the Temple Bells Are chiming seem to be on the defensive a a Many cities of India. 1 said team with a hum season record a and die voices of millions Are i told him if doomsday was raised in prayers to save human coming what was the use of writ Jay from dire catastrophe my the Story anyhow but maybe a a read the papers a a very dooms Vou done to know the Eirv editor Wise Guy said. A know Strolo very he said Clearing his parched Throat. We lifted our glasses Anil drank i it ply. And toasted to each us own so. If doomsday comes Well be seeing you in. Well some Dace. Ket value of the shares. This total tax could run to More than $1 billion. Weather forecast wish to sell their and f streets to anybody. Magnin a either for parking or building. J the Walsh family will build for it no to Dreka by the of Down town business locations. Stockpile holdings. He has a frenchmen. The announcement of dinner. Ment might ignite such uni desperate Effort. The Walsh family does not tuition from entering the downtown cd Kennedy to lift the secretin a rce Ivy in soil their property at Sev area Competition such As Macy classification which covers about final to mention Only two would be discouraged from enter band a intend Tornat France Are the subject i to a thinking maybe Day might spoil the wife a sunday a doomsday Quot he barked and its have predicted revolutionary occurrences. But 1 was gone. 1 do not know any hindu Ai $6 billion of the materials on whether president Charles Del soothsayers Are praying Ltd Eureka and Vicinity considerable coastal Low cloudiness with patches of night and morning fog today and tonight. But partial Clearing Likely this afternoon. Mostly Cloudy with a Chance f site of rain tomorrow. Not much change in temperature High both Days 48-55. Nim Low to night 47-48 winds becoming mostly southerly a-16 mph today and possibly increasing tomorrow a tenant or themselves. A at present or. Mccrea is enjoying a Good business at thet failed to itemize or even mention a the parking commission has All the in continued on Page 3 do not wish to dispossess the Cost to the City in lost Revenue a from property taxes lost License the following is the statement if is anti la so sales tax. The Stone issued yesterday by Mccrea Aari Youngberg report stated that offshore a southerly winds 10-22 knots Point Reyes northward and West to Northwest 8-15 knots elsewhere through sunday night. Possibly increasing southerly winds monday. Variable Low Clouds with patches of tog. Temperatures a the High yesterday 50. The Low 47. Precipitation 24-Hoor total total to Date this season Tupta it to this Date last season Normal to Date a Sunse 7 24 Sunset 5 3. Act on the proposal of the parking produce commission to Purchase six Down Mie of own business lots they will have a on he i an annual Gross Rev of 1m9 21.44 71.10 Able property from the tax Rolls ure. Paving installation of me a under the Assumption that they few a met 1 r a he is. And Upkeep i Are needed for additional parking. Would not have to be deducted a this valuable land would Bei continued on Page 1 birthdays 2 Art Buchwald 4 Cal orc Roundup 4 s Church news 6 classified 20-24 comics 18 Peter 4 Mclemore 4 obituaries 20 Drew Pearson 4 Frio Sevareid 4 society 117 sports 10-11 Gaulle supremely confident of his own judgment and ability to Lead the nation will make some an nou Cement in his idely heralded radio and television address Mon Day night is still problematical. For the secret army time seemed to Law it running out if it Hopes to stage a coup. To achieve a mens a 1 asked him How he knew and he said r tons of hindus and Trolo Gers in Eureka so 1 dropped he into the California Annex Only be to Avert world catastrophe ing in Algeria and France Espe Jan dark at Tahoe to i get formed Squaw Valley a California and Nevada state Park a commissioners recommended saturday creation of a Lake Tahoe limply the Park including property in both Hindustan times explains this is states and run by a by state comp a police said two witnesses reported seeing _ a a act commission. Boundaries of the prox used Park tid out. Bui generally would run try in the is conjunction Erra Foothills in Nevada to the due found to bombing local observe its do not expect things to go so tar in Humboldt a a St to no me is a 1 said carefully a have called the whole to Long an absolute farce. Even some hindu astrologers say its los Angeles seized saturday on what they said a �sran8<�?~ car near a c May in their first solid North hoi a phobia caused by the conjunct clue. Wood Home of the Rev. John of 8 planets Simmons the night the ministers a but no two hindu astrologers Vul no so Hal Ca y the search for the bombers of to it it House wag bombed Fernando Valley ministers one witness saw the automobilef1. Before and or bodes be said. Summit of the Lake Tahoe Basin. On what the Ary. The precautions taken in seen near one of the houses. Paris seemed to doom any such attempt. But in Algeria the situation is different. There the secret army led by Raoul Salan a fugitive sex Idone Rai under sentence of death the Only previous clues were the fragments of the two bombs the other after the bombing Hinson said. The second witness told police the car was a burning rubber in an apparent attempt to make a Quick Geta Way. A this is True a i said group says there will he one commissioners said. Unit a financing Purchase of Indevel and unexploded bomb found dec 7 outside the United nations in. A a formation Center Here. One witness supplied.mj1 ice with or it or a. Detective sgt. Harry Hansen a partial License number. A these aspects a Versal catastrophe. Others Hist the reverse a there its residents who would use the exe variable a a facilities commissioners decided. Oped private properties within the proposed Park should come from v each state based on the number of

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