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Eureka Humboldt Times (Newspaper) - December 18, 1960, Eureka, California A a jumbo pm Stu Jsu established a a published by the Eureka newspapers inc. Don 0�?~kanb a a a. Bye Al Day if the shoe fits president end general mane str a vice president published prom in f Street Iviry Day except phone Hillside i Ini monday member of the associated press entered is second class Melter it the pest Ohice it Eure he get itemize wider the act of Congress of Mere 3, 137f subscription rates oily a one a a with in Advance fish with in Advance. Daily is Meths in Advance. Daily one Yew in Advance mail rates zones s and 4 per month in Advance zones 1 and 1 per month in Advance. All other zones per month in Advance. A to a Humboldt times sunday dec. 18, 1960, Page 4 duties go with rights often it is necessary to remind men that the uses of Freedom require emphasis not Only upon individual rights but upon duties. The same strictures should be Laid upon those Peoples who Are merely enjoying or seeking Independence and Liberty. Rightly enough they pursue their goals in the name of a the but too frequently the Only people they Are thinking of Are themselves. They seem almost unaware of the burdens of Liberty As they seek privileges. Some will contend that it is foolish Ever to expect human beings to look much beyond their own noses. Yet if that notion were to gain acceptance Mankind might As Well in pfc Forward to doom. A none of us living on this shrunken Globe can float in isolation winning our National and personal objectives without regard to the Fate of others. Many in the world nevertheless conduct them. Selves As if their own aspirations were the Only ones that counted As if the Battle of their limited front were the whole w a for Mankind a betterment. It is understandable that their own concerns should be uppermost in their minds. Still All but the most tragically untutored should find it possible to grasp sooner or later that their Independence can be achieved and can flourish Only in a w orld political climate that Fosters Independence. For an example neither the algerian rebels nor the europeans in Algeria have been behaving for a Long time As if they knew anything existed beyond the narrow cosines of their own lives. Each seek own goals with selfish concentration. Whatever the sins of the various participants in this festering crisis it should be Plain even to the relatively unsophisticated that All have a stake in the continuing economic and political health of a free France. Both the rebels and the europeans in Algeria have legitimate claims and interests. This should Long since have been apparent to both. No solution satisfactory to both is conceivable. What is called is an that gives them some reasonable substance and yet preserves a solid France As one guarantor of the climate of Independence. Among today a upward struggling Peoples there is too Little of accommodation. And too much of a fall for me at whatever a the deep irony re that the final Cost May include the very Freedom and Independence they seek since in their selfish passionate nearly Blind quest they often spurn the help of the real guarantors of Independence and accept the scheming assistance of avowed enemies in the communist realm. The Washington merry go round by Drew Pearson the same question confronts a lot of people now when there a less than a week to Dean up the Christmas i can to remember the first name shall i Send a card Well just my Hunch that you ought to do it anyhow. It seems to your reporter that you re going to receive a flock of greetings which cause you to scram into the memory Book too. Somebody you be forgotten Hasni to forgotten you. I mind last year after Christmas when i decided to write a whole column in verse with names of people rhyming into appropriate lines for this year. Washington whats really been at stake during the backstage huddles Over picking Kennedy a new Secretary of state is the future of that controversial key City of Berlin and willingness to negotiate with Khrushchev. In other words the question of a Tough policy or a flexible policy Over Berlin the question Perii aps of peace or War hinges in part on Tihe character and background of the new Secretary of state. Dean Acheson t h e former Secretary of state who lives Only a few blocks from Kennedy of p Street in Georgetown believes in a Tough done to yield an Inch policy. He was against Adlai Stevenson because he feared Adlai would not be Tough. When Acheson was Secretary of state he followed his policy successfully. At that time the Usa had easily the strongest air Force in the world. David k. E. Bruce who lives at the time the Usa faced another even More Seri his showdown with the communist world a the korean War. Rusk lived therefore through the most difficult period of the postwar wrangling with Moscow. He was one of the a Young colonels a transferred from the Pentagon to the state department by Gen. George Marshall then Secretary of state. Yet As a state department official he som Tinnes wrangled with the army Over the ticklish question of Quot hot Pursuit a across the Yalu River into red chinese territory during the korean War. And it w As Rusk who was called to the White House late one night in april 1951. To help Harry Tuniman prepare the press release firing Gen. Douglas Macarthur As commander in the far East. Rusk is not a member of the done to negotiate with Khrushchev Camp. He is no appeaser. Khrushchev were so bitter that even his enemies inside the Kremlin closed ranks and came to his defense. For the first time according to word leaking out of the Kremlin diehard stalinist realized that aggressive chinese communists Are now out to take control of world communism. And to keep their jobs men like Mikhail Suslov suddenly moved Over to Khrushchev a Side to help him meet the chinese Challenge. None of them Ever thought Liu Shao would dare attack Khrushchev so viciously on his Home territory tie american reports that lius language was so brutal it shocked even the communists who Are accustomed to brutal language. The truce that was finally patched up from this vitriolic debate Means that Khrushchev is Given six months to make Good on his declaration that seemed possible then to get. P. I a r intransigent possible to get alone with the Stan Delaplane s postcard to come to the Aid of the new teaching techniques by John w. Gardner president of Carnegie corporation one of a series of easy to read condensations from chapters written by eminent american authorities for Book publication by Prentice Hall with the report from president Eisenhower a commission on National goals. Edited by Ray Cromley for newspaper Enterprise Assn. Copyright 1960, the american Assembly a a a in seeking the most effective ways of accomplishing our educational purposes we Are going to have to take an experimental View of established practices. A few examples will suffice a the self contained classroom the elementary school has been saddled with an inflexible tradition of the self contained classroom in which one teacher stays with the same 25 to 30 children All Day and teaches every subject. It cannot survive the requirements of modern education. A division into grades some of the More advanced experiments in elementary education have partly or wholly abolished the division into Grade years. One school has done away with the first three grades divides the children into nine ability groups and allows them to proceed at the Pace that suits their capacities. A utilization of buildings most school and College buildings stand unused after 4 . Weekdays All Day saturday and through the summer. A summer school the summer session provides an important Opportunity to supplement the school program for students who wish to take remedial work for students who want advanced courses and for courses students May not have time for in regular session. By 1970 All but the smallest unified school districts should operate voluntary tuition free summer sessions. Every College and University should hold a summer session. A television the educational use of television holds great Promise. One of the challenges facing education in the 1960s is to learn to use it Well. By 1970 every school should be equipped for instruction by television. In the 1960s, government and education must undertake reappraisal of the Public service obligations of commercial broadcasters and of the availability of channels for educational purposes. A a teaching machines a another innovation that seems certain to have an impressive Impact on the teaching process is what has misleadingly been called the a teaching machine a and might better a of called a self teaching device. The social season is now up m us. To wit the office party without which a Good Many people would simply dry up and blow away. The Christmas office party has become a suspect but National institution a Little like a babied in Boston novel decried by All and patronized by most. After the 1957 season a that was the year the Dupont people took an estimate of Nylon Hose snagged on file cabinets. They figured if these runs were put end to end they would a stretch around the world 19v times after that year the National league of Little business women issued a warning through miss Eileen powder fast Secretary. A the state of the office party has reached a new Low in said miss powder fast. A career girls would do Well air crash. A new York apr a qualified informant related saturday that radar blips generated by the two planes involved in history a worst aviation disaster Here Friday were seen coming together by at least one traffic controller. Richard Witkin aviation writer for the new York times wrote that there also were hints from another informant that at Tejas had been made to warn to shun these roman orgies thirdly disguised by their official surroundings of office desk and adding a a Well somehow this All brings to mind the words of the poet Ogden Nash a Home is heaven and orgies Are vice a but i like an orgy once once in a Alt Happy to report that 1 am invited to a number of office parties and or orgies this merry Yule. The Best thing about the office party is that we no longer go to our own. Everybody these merry Days goes to somebody else a office party. A a cd Mon Over and meet a Bunch of Sweet wholesome kids in the joint a says the invited. A we gotta great Bunch working around but when you get there the office is Bare a Bare of the original work Crew. They have All gone to another office party and a new Bunch of Sweet wholesome kids from some other office has moved in. This Way we keep meeting interesting people and the Good word gets around. Am i Correct professor a a the office party relatively new in our culture. But when it got started it took hold like asian flu. The office parties of yesteryear were not such Gay and abandoned affairs. Office parties around the Vale of tears and toil where i misspent my youth started in the photographic darkrooms a the place where photographers develop their pictures. Cameramen Are notoriously better heeled than reporters. F or two simple reasons they can gimmick their accounts easier they pick up enormous amounts of Side Money making Side pictures. The office party started with one of these masters of Light and Shadow buying a Mickey and attempting to polish it off single of in the Shade of the Darkroom. This kind of action can be sensed a mile off. He was Shin joined by others of his kind. They then sent a copy boy out for another Mickey. And when this word got around the thirsty reporters moved in. The office party was on. A nowadays the office party has achieved a certain Well not status maybe but acceptance. The party is held in a room from which breakable objects have been removed in Advance. It is usually House mothered a there is always a lady in every office who has a passion for Amy Vande Bilting these things. I would not say it is staid. But it is not As voluntary. And among my office party Calls this year i look Forward to the Mickey in the Darkroom. And the nostalgic howl of the cameraman baying the Christmas Moon. Out too much sweat. So checking my file i can come up already with this much of it merry Christmas to you All. And new years eve lets have a Ball and that Sas far As it got. But that sort of thing Isnit going to lower my morale or my enthusiasm. It covered you All when i began it and it still does. It still Isnit too late to do your Christmas shopping if you la just take a tip from the Little daughter of a lady in town. The youngster had been shopping with her Mother but there was More to be done. One afternoon last week the Chick was inspired and proposed another trip to the stores downtown n. A not today said mama. A a daddy a got the car and forgot to leave the Money this the Little Darling so Nigger that off. A Why Don t we walk Mummy. And use your revolting credit card a from Kennedy a House on n Street also believes in a Tough policy. As u. S. Ambassador to West Germany and a close Friend of Chancellor Adenauer he tried to follow such a policy sometimes found that Eisenhower vacillated. But in the interim since Acheson. The armed strength of the United states has dropped drastically. And regardless of the political pros and cons our military men who have to do the fighting have made it All too Clear that we Lack the preponderant strength we had when Truman and Acheson forced their dramatic showdown with Russia Over the Berlin Airlift in 1949-50. Dean Rusk the Man Kennedy finally picked As Secretary of state served As assistant Secretary of state in the a Nicias years 1949-50 when Acheson staging the showdown Over Berlin. He understands the problem of Berlin. But even More he understands the far East served As assistant Secretary of state for far Eastern affairs and Deputy under Secretary of state would mean to go through another korean War. He understands the chinese. And he knows the political Pitfalls and the military magnitude of any military showdown with a nation teeming with 675,000,000 j topic. In Brief the new Secretary of state is a middie of the loader with experience in the past and his eyes wide open regarding the future. The american embassy in Moscow has now diagnosed the communist Summit conference and sent word Back to Washington that out of the chinese russian Haggle emerged a six month truce. At times the verbal slugging Between the chinese and russian reds was vehement and vitriolic. President Liu Shao delivered a four hour tirade . Denouncing his appeasement of the West and demanding to know Why he was giving so much Aid to underdeveloped countries when communist countries needed Aid themselves. The chinese attacks on in his theory of coexistence but have agreed to give him six months to try it. So Khrushchev will seek out a meeting with new president Kennedy this Winter and will Endeavor to work out a regarding Berlin the islands of Quemoy and Matsu and the formosan Strait. This will be Kennedy s biggest test perhaps the biggest of his entire four years in the White House. Yet it will come Only a few weeks after he takes office. If he can work out something with Khrushchev he May be Able to Start the world on the Road to peace. He will of course be under careful scrutiny even attack from the Dean ache sons of his own democratic party and from the right Wing of the Republican party. But if he fails the Deal Between Moscow and piping according to the american pm Bas v. In that Khrushchev a coexistence plan is scrapped and he then agrees to try the chinese doctrine that War Between a communist world and the capitalist world is inevitable. Here s a Holiday suggestion from that keen eyed police reporter Gary Rolfsness. He produced a tip from the police Hospital fire beat that was relayed from or George e. Hall a police surgeon at los Angeles receiving Hospital for 24 years who has developed a capsule that knocks John Barleycorn for a Loop. A a it a a Boon to two kinds of people a the doctor said a people who have hangovers and people who done to want to have he Calls them �?o0-d Caps for police chief ced Emahiser heard about the 0-d Caps and understood that he is giving them serious consideration. For patients in the tank of course to sort of Cap a Climax. Eric Sevareid across i. Ethical 6. Went ahead 9 used for gloves one or both of the planes of the 12. Rub out Liossis bitty of a collision. 13 prior m a try j a time the planes a 3 United air j4 personality lines pure Jet pcs and a trans j5. Indignity 1�. To. But 01 world airlines constellations 19 Pulpy fruit collided in the air resulting in 0. Warehouse the death of at least 136 persons. Quot the informant explained that 23. Insect a Blip on a radar scope shows a 25 had being planets Progress horizontally a Over the ground. Radar show 28 eternity ing Altitude still is in the de 30 a Radical a elopement stage. Hence he said merging of 33 scotch two blips might or might not River mean an impending collision since the two planes could be flying at different altitudes. However when a plane is being guided by radar operators in a Landing pattern any merging Blip is dealt with As a Hazard and the Standard practice is to broadcast a message calling 35 decompose 38. Rocky Eminence 40 bicycle part 44. Street Urchin 46. Small tumor 48 third son of Jacob 49 affixed a time 51. Greedy person Colloq. 53 1, Oloofa yen 54 interjecting 57. Stage of life .58. Atmosphere 59. Scoundrel 60. Sea god 61. Volu tid Gastropod 62 silly Blunder Slang solution of saturday s Puzzle Down 1 Asiatic tree of Rose family 2 Bird .3. Grated 4. Poisonous Snake 5 Lamina 6, Alliance 7 work unit the Best self teaching devices and programs have proven remarkably elective. Students seem to enjoy a a a a a be. W or Kine Nih them. Widely used they can remove a Load from overburdened teachers and give each Stu taped records of All conver Dent the luxury of a private Tutor who proceeds at a Pace determined by the student. This frees the teacher to spend More time on creative aspects of his Job. A teachers aides schools should continue to Experiment with differentiation of professional roles the use of teachers aides to carry out routine tasks a evidence that the two blips nations Between ground stations and the two planes Are being studied by the civil aeronautics Board to determine what attempts were made to warn is promising. So is the suggestion that the rank of master teacher be established for individuals at the highest Levels of ability training and experience. A vocational courses a High school vocational cont nut Ltd on Page s were seen merging was said to have been turned up by cab investigators questioning traffic controllers on duty at the time. 8 convey property 9. Custodian 10 refuse to consider 11. Marked with Small spots 16 umbrella part 17. Cat s cry 22 corrode 24 supreme being 27, Haid shelled fruit 29. Catnip 32. Necessary to a violin 34. Moray 35. Divergent 36. Fruit 37. Rag 39. Give an account of 41. Purpose 42. Broad thoroughfare 43. Stay 45. Sewing party 47. Nothing 50. Sturdy cart 52. Attire 55. Dessert 56. Beside a is signs of the times the main Hall at Eureka Junior High school has a tree that stands above a ton of gifts. The students and teachers have built up the stack with contributions of tinned food Cartons and boxes intended for needy families. The splendor of that tree is Best appreciated by anyone who has Ever been hungry. The splendor of the Christmas spirit in the hearts of students and teachers is evident to everyone. Down at the chamber of Commerce on Broadway they be discovered an artist in the attractive person of Kathleen Hal Worsen assistant to Dick Denbo the manager. She lugged in a twisted piece of Driftwood from the coast gilded it and arranged sprays of Evergreen in a singular windblown design above it. An inlaid Redwood panel in the background with similar flowing design adds to the illusion of a Gale sweeping in from the sea. In be seen less impressive Driftwood exhibits in ranking Art shows. Keep Mem coming a wonderful thing about Christmas when letters bring Comfort and cheer. A flock of Mem come from old pals who be played dumb since just about this time last year. By his act in Askuig Adlai Stevenson to speak for America at the United nations John Kennedy has done the country the in and himself a favor but he has done no favor to governor Stevenson. The Democrat twice fated to carry his party a weight in hopeless races against a National hero is now asked to perform another near Miracle the most immediately critical task any american statesman could face. He is asked to help re Start the machinery and drive of the United nations now sputtering closer to Complete paralysis than at any time in 15 years. In the first year of the Kennedy regime the world will find out with finality if the in really is to be a powerful instrument for world order or if another dream of peaceable men is to fade into the midst like the league of nations. Its Treasury is virtually bankrupt largely because of communist bloc refusals to Honor their debts. The Security Council May cease to function for months because of the quarrel Over composition. The secretariat still labors under the russian blackmail threat to ruin effectiveness by Boycott. And the whole prestige of the in so recently booming by reason of bold Start in the Congo is now on the verge of collapse by reason of inability to finish the Congo operation. Two powerful forties one coldly organized the other passionate and spasmodic Are whip sawing the United nations with cruel effect. The first is the communist world movement which seeks not order but disorder everywhere beyond own Walls and uses the in with utter cynicism to that end. In the 18, xxx dreary arrogant words of the manifesto for world communism Short of major War just issued by the Moscow conference there is not one mention of the United nations the second Force is the jealous drive for National prestige in the Small new countries a As witness the self entered behaviour of Nkrumah and Nasser in the joint Congo operation. A Strong United nations is immensely important to this collection of new Sovereign ties because it is the Only Means by which their whole can become greater than the sum of their parts yet by immaturity they Are paralysing the unas surely As Are the by calculation. One might add a third though passing Force the damaging influence of president de Gaulle a disbelief in any Supra Sovereign institutions of any kind. Stevenson can help if he cannot no american alive can help. He can bespeak the America that thoughtful men everywhere Long to hear once More the american accents not heard at the in since the ambassador ship of Warren austins our fundamental peace Bleness our straightforwardness our creative sympathy for the dispossessed of this world. It should not be the purpose of the american spokesman to score Quick debating Points the 2k ring and the Gromyka for the afternoon headlines. To do that of i is enc on any stage. He will be Persona More grata u on this stage than any performer we could Send. In the very special setting of the in the personal tone and bearing of the performer is of substantive importance. In this realm manner often becomes matter. Prime minister Macmillan demonstrated this in september. India Krishna m e n 0 n speaking didactic nonsense therefore. In stating that neither nor any other american will be any better at the in than the policy instructions from Washington. No More pertinent example in the reverse sense exists to disprove me non a logic than Menon. Incessantly has Nehru slight from new Delhi been refracted diffused and discoloured through is to reduce the United states the prism of the Menon person to the propagandist in level of laity. The communist bloc it is to there is a culture of the heart tarnish our name. As Well As that of the head. Stevenson is More than an in Stevenson thank god. Is at tel Lect in operation he is a kind Home and at ease in both. Junior editors quiz on Christmas count Down for Christmas no 6 the Long week is gone at last. Its the Day before Christmas preparations Are Complete. The Turkey is ready for tie oven the Cranberry sauce is in the refrigerator and All the details of the coming Day Are Well worked out. But there Are two very important presents to be put under the Christmas tree. We can let Santa Claus attend to the others but the gifts for father and Mother have a special place and Call for particular attention. So on Christmas eve. These special presents Are put where they will be Plain to Soe in the morning. In some families the opening of Christmas gifts is on Christmas eve. But in most Christmas eve is Miat wonderful Quot night before Christmas where All through the House not a creature was stirring not even a

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