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Eureka Humboldt Times Newspaper Archives Aug 4 1957, Page 1

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Eureka Humboldt Times (Newspaper) - August 4, 1957, Eureka, California Stye a a a Malm Simes vol. Clxxv11 no. 184 i 2-1711 Eureka. California. Sunday August 4, 1957 daily 10 cents 56 pan eggs Ger my Craft capsizes tugboat Man drowns in Klamath British soldiers gift tax father of five victim moving on rebels san Francisco strange encounter a i City prison Here yesterday finds John Rexinger left handing a cig Aret to Melvin Bakkerud who confessed the sadistic tor Ture rape of a student nurse in Golden Gate Park a crime for which Rexinger was held As a suspect for 10 Days until Golden a Gate Park torture kit confessed by Man Bakkerud admitted it. Bakkerud arrested on another charge was linked to the crime when police searched his room and turned up a watch a a similar to the taken from the victims escort. One Manama Bahrain a British troops commanded by a troubleshooting old Jungle fighter moved into simmering Muscat and Oman yesterday to Back up the pro British sultans drive to put Down revolt. Foot soldiers with machine i Quot Quot Quot Quot Quot 1guns mortars and armoured w x m cars were moving by air and Lac of acc loll sea. Their first objective was # Mizwa believed to be the Lwi i it i Headquarters of the Imam of v7 1111 Oman Leader of a Tough and in 1 trained band of rebels. Reports from London said Battle to Start when balt of logs a rounds flipping boat Sacramento. The makings of a Multi million Klamath a Klamath Glen tugboat operator drown Dollar tax Battle will he on Here Early saturday morning when his boat overturned hand tomorrow when the state 1 Brooks Riffle seven Miles East of the Highway Bridge on Board of equalization sets the tee Klamath River. Assessed value of property a Day Long search for the body of Elmer Galloway a owned by private Utility com ther of five children was unsuccessful although Eye wit panels Quot a saw the Man go under for the last time 200 Yards be statewide these valuations Low tee Riffle and 35 to 50 feet from land at 9 a. M. Are expected to total about Deputy sheriff Otto h Estt Skur co admits killing that a detachment of scottish no1 much Quantity but High has served notice it will launch a d Hal a Quot allow Quot a was by rap e United press telephoto Highland troops already had in in Atey seemed to be the ver tired the restive Domain on the do t on the opening of the Southern tip of the arabian coastal Deer season yesterday Peninsula. The reports also1&Quot Humboldt county. Said that seasoned scattered reports indicated troops had reached Ibri a fort More than 20 Deer were bagged Dulles makes report to Ike on conference Mother a a a a police said yesterday a Young ment talks in London san Francisco Man has admitted the a torture kit a rape of a girl in Golden promptly challenged Russia Gate Park a crime for which another youth has been held to join the West in lessening in jail 10 Days. The danger of a great atomic capt. Daniel Mcklem announced that physical evidence War by opening vast territories twi to in the kit including Handcuffs a Butcher knife and glasses to Aerial and ground inspect i to hjscc1 c worn by the rapist was found in the Home of Melvin n. Tion. W iv7 1 Kenrud 21. A a Dulles arrived in mid after Jill vac or to Csc held by the Sultan. The rebels 111 the Southwest Quarter of the have claimed they seized the county yesterday and most of erty is valued too High Comfort and had its British led tru teem ran about 100 to 110 pared with other property. Washington a Sec Cial Oman scouts surrounded pounds rotary of state Dulles flew air vice marshal Laurence Don Jacobsen of Ferndale counties Back yesterday from disarms f. Sinclair commander of Brit brought in the Buck which Battle against any reductions of a j to a i Vir Cuirn Iron Tler t and ainu a persian Gulf forces said weighed the most at the Rio that he expected a Short Cam food Mart in Rio Dell. Jacob pain once the attack Deer topped the Scales and Competition at 129 pounds. A test Case designed to secure or Rah drastic cuts in the valuations when the raft grounded in the the pc amp a is using its tiny Riffle. In attempting to pull the two 11�1�1��,�1 rail inn. M a swung Loo far across the curl a Hod n. Y. My a 5 rent and the boat swamped the a Quot Foo kit Ounla do tract overturning completely Zeig i 0�����?o��?T Bald last night Ler said. Alameda and Contra Costa a a a trim nil in a.,. A. Iia �vi1 nor ���1� a inv reductions a0tb of Klamath witness slated his advances for utilities 1? top a indent team the Bank identified As Eugene a a 1 a a a a a flu up subsidiary the Pinole Light a it Komi Galloway s tug and Power co., in Contra costal county As the subject in it fight to prove that Utility prop a Young Man had admitted stabbing to death a Mother and swede Wilson and his son her two children after she re he was Michael two los Mcklem said Bakkerud and the Quot she w3s t0rtured ,.ijerjp �.,.ej was burned Wuh a cigarette. A a a Ikeie yours escaped serious. The rapist had a torture 0n la pr6m we Quot a rth of he nigh old student nurse the night of july 20. John Rexinger 23. Who a packing c 0 m p a by clerk mation in diplomatic quarters her hair was Cut off and she a Quot a Garberville. A a ,r3ii�?z�?z my Flangel. Youths escape kit in which he kept articles used in the torture. He was Able to report 10 the foot Mcklem said that Rexinger president according to info when their car went Over a 200-embankment. The other counties will be watch the by a a d hat la it Hoal Lart it 22 of a it Doolittle St ing closely Camo up empty when it righted Brentwood. a Yunus county officials contend that itself after overturning. Gallo he lived next door to mrs. Six Deer were checked in for if utilities get the reductions Way the Quot reappear l. Swim Jmargaret Patricia Skiffington they seek it will mean a shift mag and made it into quiet 30, who with her two children of More than 30 million Dol water before going under. Gal Maurine 8. And Robert jr., Lars in property taxes from i Way was reputed to be an in were found hacked to death in utilities to owners of common exp Rie need swimmer Ziegler their Small ranch House in this not the least of the firsts prop cry Subhash Omps farms sail Competition there yesterday and four others brought by Hunters not entered in the tournament. Cenc Esaid he Arnfin greatly ambled a de scrip that he had succeeded m pull Highway 101 at 9 30 . Lived b Bakkerud Alt us a Given a he victims eng extern allies out of a the Driver Joseph g. Talley Sion. He continually denied his logjam of disagreement on in 23, 1469 Wallace Street los a i feel As though a steam Gudt Bov Vevers and investigate Section zones. The concurred Angeles was thrown out of yesterday was that of 15-year apartments and factories old Elmer Davis jr., of Belle View. On the first Day of the turn roof c i a of i season he got the first Deer of lit it it syr his Hunting career a forked ,, 0n Hom from the Bear River Vai Ley. Roller has pan Lifton re ing a hikers wednesday night in a Pian be presented to rus the car As it left the Road and a kuss13 n 0 mgt arrested Bakkerud on charges 83 at a meeting of the to. N received Only minor bruises. Supermarket robbery inside Job Long Island Community earlier Galloway was under instruct yesterday Lions to Cut the tug Loose when William Coleman the District a Ever the boat was headed a attorneys zone chief Here said says Moscow Chest a Rexinger told newsmen 0f at his City prison cell. And with what he proposed in essence Angeles received a fractured until Naroll offi or h h h y questioned about the rape was that Russia agree to Aerial a Finger Light lacerations and de on a Hothir a c Bakkerud readily admitted his and ground inspection o ver minor bruises in Riding the car eat pm uth m aass0 guilt Mcklem said and re great areas of Europe North Down the incline. Both were. Run via Ravin a to former marked was a glad it was America and the soviet Union taken to Garberville medical Tito of Yugoslavia and Nikita copyist. Rexinger had served a Over a i uaa11 Onuk Sharg sent a prism Quot a Mcklem it used across the current with the raft a pointing downstream Ziegler said. He evidently failed to notice however that the tug its towing apparatus designed for fore and aft towing was head Fullerton it a fhe my across the River. The tug $25,000 Daylight robbery of was owned by the Wau Gay Friday was an navigation company of burglar izing a pharmacy subcommittee on disarmament the passenger Larry Ray Iske l o food fat rect for a a Possession a of Nar Friday. �21, it if 1355s Portia Irtel loss by a a d a a a Bultel Zzz tut had officers arrested a fourth been working for the company tones House after his parents Man a cashier at the Market-1 for Only a few months. Had retired. He made advances. Harty gave this account of the slaying he his parents and mrs. Skiffington were in a bar together Friday night a n d returned to their Homes Early yesterday. He lived at 61 Doolittle Street and mrs. Sniffing Koa Jon at 59 Doolittle Street. Harty who is unmarried said he went to mrs. Sniffing London 4 a president an<1 denounced that All but a dragging operations were she rebuffed him and he pick the object is to preclude the Center for observation. Bakkerud. Possibility of a massive sur a Tho u who weighs Only 123 pounds prise attack in this atomic age. I l has is saying p in an Airport statement Apetz Man crash of sly Hari Previ l a i read a detective Magazine Dulles said that it is now up a a f la a a a Man a a a a Quot a a need last night. From her Hosp to Bod and Quot a t 0ry about a rap Quot Case 11 a get s o v i e t Union to re Quot a Hui ule a a Quot the conference bet Washow the Guy tied the girl up Spond finl his pm set Lovely Denti and raped her a 1 a if a a that a he had Cut Oft these proposals a he said a and Khrushchev met for two Days this week in satellite Romania and agreed on a a Concrete forms of cooperation a Moscow radio positively Ridenti and Rapet her a a a if the soviet Union accepts a that a him Hinr us asked Why he had Cut off the s in it teats a his victim s hair Bakkerud if the necessary details Are yester Ria a i sad a i wanted her to look worked out the risk of Surprise yesterday a Hospital spokes like he had his hair shorn attack. A Honeydew Mil worker received moderate injuries late conference Between the communist party and government leaders of Russia and few dollars of the loot has been recovered. Police capt. L. W. White said cashier James Ernest West 19, engineered the Holdup during which the Market manager was shot twice. Booked with West carried on until 6 p. A saturday with five or More boats in operation Ziegler said. Skin divers will be tried tomorrow in an attempt to recover the body. Galloway is survived by his de up a knife and stabbed her five times in the left Chest. Harty a account said their struggle had made considerable noise which attracted the Skiffington children. Coleman said Harty told him he a a had to kill them to keep Man said the nurse was yesterday afternoon when his j Yugoslavia took place on car went Over a 150-foot incline thursday and Friday. Sitting North of Capetown on the wild beside Khrushchev were Dep cat Road. Uty Premier a. I. Mikoyan and Louis Sani 50, an employee Otto v. Kuusinen. Former Boss of the Van Worth lumber Mill of the disbanded communist a i. A a will be greatly Dimin of shall Png Nihon a 4u a year ag0 As tee result of a shed. Man other than up h i head suffered in an a a and since a major War is admitted attacking her the 3u\i a Ici Denvy not Apt to be launched unless at Honeydew was taken to the International and now a full spokesman quoted Quot the girl t s Bakkerud read the aggressor can count on sur Redwood memorial Hospital in member of the party presid a i a Aid what i thought by pulse la f a a a a Quot of general Fortuna with hip injuries. He cum. Tito was accompanied by right at the time i never Mih bus kit in the War will have lessened. Then was reportedly travelling Tow two vice presidents Edvard for sure that he ire in Quot i a n k orae a �1� be More possible safely wards Ferndale when his ear Kardels and Alexander ran the 1,?<� a a besides the band to reduce the Burden of Arma Vav ent Over the embankment Kovic a who have spent considerable time in the soviet Union this summer a on vacation by official description. On sus wife Billie and five children.,. W not robbery were Donald the family lives in the la them quiet since they knew Lari Howard l4. Joe Maciel. Math Glen area. A him 20, and Paul White 17, All of a nearby la Habra. The police Captain said Trig German White fingered West after officers asked him Why he Quot had about $2,000 More of the loot in his Possession than Howard or Maciel. A a that was for the other a a the Quot Urs and her escort. I contained a a Pillowcase Quot with the in their Caran at is a nurse s shorn hair two Rolls of Niehl of j pm it Pfahl ape with which the victims sral Wea pm my wer bound and in women swi so Al up he �1 stockings the rapist w was handcuffed raped on his head cuffs knife razor and glasses about a mile and one half North Dulles recalled that soviet of Capetown at 6 30 . Sat Delegate Valerian Zorin had urday promised that the russian gov i Ern proposals careful consider Del Norte Deputy says he a Ore a a to Blue Light hovering it l . H sit cd. A a a 1 to a the inquiring reporter today a question daughter we a auses the m0st turmoil around House housewife mrs. J. A Thompson Fortuna bookkeeper Ron Mcphee 2702 j Street sons state employed Virgil Anderson Cutten a i Only have one child and that a a daughter. Id say How �?�1 have three daughters so Ever that a boy would cause id say boys definitely. I have i Haw to a a that i to More turmoil. A boy would no trouble with my y that 1 have five probably want to eat More Oij a i would say the daughters. Low in sky at Smith River Smith River Del Norte county Deputy sheriff Allan Morris said yesterday he saw an unknown incandescent Blue Light hover Over this Northwestern California Community at about the same time thursday night that an object generally considered a meteor illuminated the Western states. Quot i watched it for eight to ten a a red Back seconds standing motionless gone in the air. It May have been a Morris said the time flare but it certainly Wasny to 4 . Put. A meteor a said Morris. Teat night a Brilliant the object was Ike standing firm against rights Bill que de White Washington _ a a a Dent Euen Hower i report officers said the $9.280 act giant yesterday against the Senate a revamped civil share for White and West was r,gbl8 and rep Jpseph w. Martin jr., House gop Lead found buried in a cloth sack Era pronounce cd a rights legislation a dead for this session in a nearby Canyon. Cd Noress. Howard a share $7,533 was three lip administration was a i know this thing object swept across the heavens and was seen from South ten and then id have to Cook it., a Quot the by Al Ern California to Portland a meteor. I was in a Valley and no this object was definitely below ,. A of As girls and one boy. Id say that the rim of the Hills surround cite a it i a. A girls can be just As mischievous my the he said cloy u als0 was seen in far More. Housewife mrs. M. Nicholson Bayside a sons. I think they Are More As warehouse Man Burt Olesten 4033 d Street housewife Joanne Cole 3343 d Street a a. _ ,. Northern California but the Morris said he was driving time generally mentioned Here South on u. S. 101 near this was 9 35 Community when he noticed Ai Blue Light on the Highway. . Residents of Yreka 100 the chief executives Legal official when Annm k. Am a visors Are said to have told discovered scattered through cannot be Nai a Eisenhower the measure the out his Home police said bilk Cut in interview that Eis c. C eds up the i Xii ii pumice Sam. Titus. . A �.�.�. Senate May pas6 by midweek were in the refrigerator under Benhower regard the Senate t n.  7 pm div shelving paper in the Kitchen vers on of the Bill As completed univ an empty in j r v a Xii Nena k Shell for Protection of voting nailed to rafters and even Uny unworkable. He was said h. J6 Der a Rug. To be throwing i weight of 1>ut n ,. 6. I-i��?z�4,� Ern ment enforcement in other police reported Maciel Stach y Asan to House acceptance Fields de his $7,510 under a jacket in of. L x j his brother so a a a l fam a a Jthn Southern senators held Norwalk. Bery"�?odiscovered6 the a Money a majority of the a you a a d reported afterwards that and promptly reported it to he foresaw a probable dead e exp its a Enate vote with lock which would put the Issue Quot a reasonable time a perhaps Over to next year. Wednesday or even sooner. The three administration sen. Knowland r Cali leaders agreed that As the mat who breakfasted with Eisen ter stands Eisenhower would b Jwta a told reporters he Hopes sri a Quot car6 i Nisi by Martin told a reporter �?othe1 Southern senators h e i d a the brother who b r 1s not acceptable to us and if tag a se8sion on the Bill yes owl Edge of the Rob 1 Don t think its acceptable to Feday an sen it Russer to go Uwi Tuge 01 me Rod told reporters afterwards that police. Weather Miles East of Smith River re �0recast Kuweka and Vicinity can teal a of or Low Cloud night and nor me rather have no Bill at All than Ine by use will Send the Meas-tomorrow1"s.ih.t.fcrrtory his of accept the Senate a insertion of ure to a Senate House Confer for rth Start a Iii is s"1.?.10 a the jury trial amendment in a ence committee in an Effort to hour today otherwise 4-14 Miles Pei measure which it already had Compromise its terms. Knowland the Senate re pub c a a lican Leader did not Rule out some House democratic Lead some Compromise on the c0�?z. Ers voiced the opinion private by that the republicans a Don t Rov Rolal a a try trial Amend want a civil rights Bill this ment a blk cd he previously had he offshore a from Cape Blanco to dipped of authority to enforce Point Conception northwesterly winds cjv11 rights in general. 18-30 Miles per hour today and 12-20 mile per hour tomorrow. Fog and Low overcast Clearing Likely in the Aiter Noons. Precipitation a a looked up and saw this ported it a disintegrated a near. Of they contended the is a Aid made the measure a Binef o Izenhower administration is stall but he said he has yet ing and hoping to carry the is to see any Compromise he finds sue Over into the 19.18 election acceptable. Year it sen. Lyndon b. Johnson of a sons. I have All kinds of _ _ full of or a i he in a Rau sons and they re pretty seems to be a regular Tomboy. Lihz a Devi try than wild. 1 think that boys get into she wants to get into every 8irl5�?T More 1. J 100 Tete prebut fragments have �norm., to he. A. 1-. Feet in the air Morris said been found. To my re Ture a High m. Low is. In his official report. Most observers in the san suns Ltd 6 16 a m-8 30 p a a it was perhaps two feet in Francisco Bay area where it Humboldt Bay tides diameter a a Little smaller was first reported described it ii ii in a a m re it in. Than a Washtub. Small bluish As travelling East to West Here 4 i �4.o i no daughters i believe. Mine particles were falling from it in the far Northern Section of a. A a. There was no sound a a the the Deputy said he looked state in addition to the 5 in 03 4 2 9 00 a 4 0 11 04 4 4 9 54 0 4 7 11 i2 4 7 10 47 a 4 away time difference observers said # 9 110 is for a moment and when he it was travelling North. A Al go am 2 10 3 27 0.0 4 24 -0 2 8 14 -0 4 8 5� -0.4 a 32 -0 4 7 0� -0 3 7.36 0.0 p a _ a a m r m term called the Senate Bill Texas the democratic Leader 2 4i 2.� the its present form a demo made it Clear he Hopes the 3 48 2 3 cratic Bill and declared a we House accepts the Senate ver 5 3� 2 wont take it in the form it is Sion without a conference and in lip y t0 come out of the sen lavs the Bill on Eisenhower a 7 3� 19,ate. Desk

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