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Estherville Daily News Newspaper Archives Jan 10 1998, Page 5

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Estherville Daily News (Newspaper) - January 10, 1998, Estherville, IowaEstherville a daily news saturday january 10.1998 5entertainment i adv Ceann hears from the Wii veterans dear Ann Landers will you Quot please quit printing those Boring repetitious Quot How i screwed up my life Quot letters that undoubtedly come from the under-50 baby Boomers they Are causing your Over-70 world War 11 vet readers to Barf up their Raisin bran. This Over-70 vet met his Navy nurse wife 49 years ago in a Hospital full of iwo Jima wounded shipwrecked survivors from the North Atlantic and Buzz bombed sailors of Antwerp. Of course there s a lot More to my Story but this is All i am going to say. Keep up the Good work for your devoted readers of All Ages and Best regards to your butt kissing drivel saturated staff. . Laguna Hills Calif. It dear Laguna Hills Lollipop you sound like a real sweetheart and a War hero As Well. I love the Way you write. Please let me hear from you again. Dear Ann Landers while sitting at the Hospital bedside of my husband who is slowly recovering from a triple bypass i was thinking about our life together and recalled How various people have written to Tell you How they met. I would like to Tell you How we met. We were both in the Navy. He was a dentist and i was a wave. We were stationed in new York. 1 was working in the communications office and my co Ann Landers worker and i checked Coats and hats at the officers club. One saturday night we were checking and complaining about the snobbish officers who would make dates with Waves arid alien stand them up. This one dark handsome officer standing in line said Quot i would never do we laughed at him. He put a a Bill in front of me asked me out for the next saturday night and said if he did not show up the Money was mine. I took the Money spent it and forgot the whole thing. The next saturday morning he called and told me he d pick me up at 7 00. We could not Date on the base because i was not an officer so we went to the nearest Little town of Geneva. A Surprise snowstorm struck and we spent the entire night in the bus station Reading papers and drinking Coffee. He suggested that we go to a hotel and get some sleep. I said Quot no we could t have been More different. He was from Rhode Island and i was from Texas. He was French and i was Southern but somehow we worked things out and have been married 51 terrific years. We have six children and 12 grandchildren. He likes to Tell people that he married a wave and had six Little now i sit each Day by his bed and Hope that he will recover fully so we can celebrate our 52nd anniversary next Valentine s Day. Bettye in West Warwick . Dear Bettye i too Hope he makes it please let me know. As i Type Thasco hindi i am saying a Little prayer for that great a. Dear Ann Landers this is in reply to Quot a Florida Reader Quot who complained about the Boring repetitious Wii War stories. If it weren t for us Over-70 vets you might not be living such a Carefree life in sunny Florida. There were 16 million of us who made sure that you could. A Well known actress at that time referring to the american gis made the comment Quot they Are All that Are standing Between us and the hordes of count your blessings. One of the 16 million vets fort Lauderdale dear one of the 16 minion each and every person who served in world War n had a piece of the Victory that saved the free world. We owe them All an enormous debt of gratitude. Shin splints Are tiie runner s Bane dear or. Donohue i have pain on the inner part of my lower legs. My friends Tell me i have Shin splints and to run through the pain. What s your advice How should i treat them . Answer Quot Shin splints Quot b a catch All diagnosis that includes Many different problems. Usually it is an Inolan Matlon of Bone covering the Periosteum. However stress fractures of Bone and swelling of leg Muscles can masquerade As Shin splints. I m directing my answer to the Periosteum . Exc be in timing of the foot As it strikes tha ground creates pressure on the per Tosten that leads to its inflammation. Running too far and too often is and thermidor contributing element rest is the Best treatment for the urst few plan fatal Days which live now part for you a do la the painful Booc is the order of the Day. The patient should Felt Veeze water i paper cups then Ped bade an hich Tom the top of the clip to expose face and Massage the Paintal area Frith it for 15 minutes. From the the Hal Day to Day 10, apply moist heat for 15 my utes or. Donohue twice a Day. When the Pam goes and it Shoum by the 10th Day begin Runn Hig at a reduced Pace and reduced time. Check your running shoes. If the Huwer half of the sole is worn Down your foot is tuning i Quot pro Nat Hig Quot when you run. An Hisert can Correct pronation and take the pressure off the Bone covering. Your friends Are wrong. If you run through Patai you make matters worse. Dear or. Donohue a sprained ankle has put a crimp on my basketball career. Am i going to be sidelined for the rest of the season my says it s Only a minor sprain. Any tips to Speed Healing . Answer for Basket Bau players ankle sprains account for the lion s share of a Vries. When the foot hits the floor the foot turns by stretch Faig the outer ankle ligaments past Thor Point of elasticity. Some ligament fibres tear. Apparently Only a few of your fiber strands were torn. The initial treatment at an ankle Spratti is the Famular Rice approach rest be compression with an Elasik wrap and elevate a of the foot if your ankle is still swollen by the the you read this try contrast Baths. Get two buckets till one with com water and the other with hot but not scalding water. Soak the ankle i the hot water for three smut then keep it Faith the com Wati. For a minute. Alternate ii Etc hot and cold soaks live times. That creates a Pum taig action drawing fluid out of the swollen ankle. When you re Palnik be which takes a bout a month slowly no around the perimeter of your basketball court if you can do that with ease Start Runn Hig figures of eight to strengthen ankle ligaments. Your season in t Necessia ily Over. You should be Phi taig Agahi within ave weeks. Beetle Bailey a by Mort Walker the born loser by Art and Chip Sansom one no i a Kent. Tkv Pkt to it it 5tllltke5na5 were you a Tom to lost of Tok Yocal \ it two in Cal fizz a a Wmk a get twin Cmel Eti Frank a Ernesto by m thavis la it f set. A mv6 off Niht i at 0 30 a 10 45. Oops. J m Giry Whon food. Thi Ohr w �aa%ih6 to of people in tie news Quot puff daddy Quot London of British fans will be missing him. Scan Quot puff daddy Quot Combs has cancelled two Soki out conceits next week in Central England and London s Wembley Arena because he s sick. Quot ill be missing you Quot his Best Selling tribute to slain rapper the notorious b.i.g., was the third biggest seller in Britain last year. Quot puff daddy has unfortunately been taken ill and is currently in the United states under the care of his doctors Quot the promoters said. They said he was exhausted after a . Tour. Norm Macdonald and Chevy Cha a new York of Chevy Chase says Abc made a mistake in firing Norm Macdonald from the satirical news segment of Quot saturday night to guide quoted the Quot sol Quot Veteran As saying Macdonald was the funniest newscaster on Quot weekend update Quot since Well himself. "1 think he s the first Guy quite frankly and 1 Don t mean to sound egotistical but since i did it that seems to want to take a stand and look you directly in the Eye and say it and who mses me laugh Quot Chase said in the Magazine s latest Issue. "1 Don t tune in to the show that much to be honest with you. But 1 do love Norm. 1 think he s terrific on update Quot Macdonald said wednesday he was fired As Anchorman of the not so serious news sketch but still will appear in other parts of the show. Chase called Macdonald after he heard the news. Yve said 1 was better than him which was unbelievable because he was the Best Ever Quot Macdonald told to guide. Quot but he just phoned and said he could t believe it. And he told me there s life after Bill Patea Norfolk a. A Bill Gates and his wife Melinda have donated $1 million to a Charity that provides surgery to poor disfigured crossword Chi Kiren. Operation smile Sakl it will use the donation for a project to help youngsters in China. And that s just the beginning. Charles b. Wang chaiman of the software company computer associates has donated even More $10 million. Gates Learned about operation smile from Wang Microsoft corp. Spokesman John Pinette said thursday. Quot it s a great organization and they do wonderful Pinette said. Quot Bill and Melinda were Happy to be Able to i pm vide them with some financial Edward r. Murrow Greensboro. . A the bust of newsman Edward r. Murrow has a new Home. The Stone bust was moved wednesday to a Garden at the Greensboro historical society museum. Salvaging the bust became a local cause last month after lawyer Joel Bowden said he would Mothball it to make room for a sign at the fomer Murrow building. Bowden later reconsidered and donated it to the museum. A the legendary lbs newsman was bom in 1908 in Guilford county and died in 1965. Though his family left Here when Murrow was a child people Here Honor him As a native son. The statue was unveiled in 1971. Richard and Dwayne Croft new York a of. Brother Stanford Olsen was scheduled to sing the role of count Almaviva at the metropolitan opera in Rossini s Quot the Barber of Seville Quot on thursday night but came Down with bronchitis. His understudy also was ill. So the met got Tenor Richard Croft whose brother Dwayne Croft just happened to be the Star of the production As Figaro. The Brothers who previously appeared together at the met in Mozart s Quot cosi fan Tutte Quot seemed to have rollicking fun on stage portraying characters who pretty much act As Brothers. Dwayne Croft one of the met s Young stars clearly relished the night. Before the opening Cuita it the met announced he had decided to perform despite having a touch of bronchitis. Rosaanna los Angeles a the third time was anything but the Charm for Roseanne. The comedian filed for divorce thursday from her third husband former bodyguard Ben Thomas a week after police were called to quiet an argument at the couple s Home on new year s Day. Citing irreconcilable differences Roseanne also requested Legal and physical custody of their 2-year-Oki son. Buck with supervised visitation for Thomas according to the divorce petition filed in los Angeles Superior court. The couple married on Valentine s Day 1993, separated the Day before the incident according to the petition. Roseanne asked the court to Recog-niifc4jct assets As sep the in accor Danci Vith a pro nuptial agreement. Her lawyer Robert s. Kaufman was out of his office and could not be reached for comment late thursday. Frad Rogart los Angeles a it was a Beautiful Day in a Hollywood neighbourhood As or. Rogers got a Star on the Hollywood walk of Fame. Cardigan sweaters were the preferred attire for fans and even some at the ceremony thursday honouring Fred Rogers the gentle Host of the pcs children s show Quot mister Rogers Rogers showed up in a coat but later traded it for a Pale Blue Cardigan. The 2,101st Star was unveiled in front of the Hollywood toys amp costumes store in Celebration of the 30th anniversary of Quot mister Rogers thirty youngsters from Selma elementary school attended the unveiling and joined Rogers in a rendition of his theme song Quot it s a Beautiful Day in the Kos sword Lii Eugene st Farr across Ila Bolivia 4 Dia Stem Ata 8 Send via 12 inseparable 13jai Follower 14 sweater stuff 15 . Vip 16 Singer who shuns uppercase 17 competent 181967 movie 21 Branch 22 Highlander s Chapeau 23 fad 26 prepared 27 or. Rogers neighbourhood 30 Quot Battle per or 31 beatnik s apartment 32 diner crude 34 enduring 35 Gumbel s former Milieu 36 shape shifter 37 Arach nil s creation 38 Star of 18 across 45 Graf a 46 lose color 47 Teller Sebastian 48 Alkita of hockey 4� desire 50 Bagel accessory 51 Case for Wapner 52 sediment 53 Steward Down 1 mail 2 one More time 3 stoic philosopher 4aplenty 5 frighten 6 get one s second wind 7"�?sub. Sank same 8 Honey Bunch a vagrant 10 Kansas Day 11 begged 19 disconcert solution Tima 23 Mina. Qaq a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Sqq Sqq a by a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a do a a a a a a a by dbl a a a a a a a a a a Asia a a a a a a a he Buoi a a a a a dog a a a a a do bad Yaat Arday a answer 1-10 20tacmethe comestibles 23 comedian Margaret 24couronne wearer 25 it does the Hole Job 26 Blue 27ahen howler maybe 28ruffy accessory 29t3uysand Dotts character 31 Rolf come 32 Lee 34 it s unrefined 3srtotive american abodes 36 actor spiner 37 Shim 38 staffer abbr. 39-snuff 40 cherished i Tortoise s challenger 42bnjins Home 43 it s Over your head 44 Barbershop Cah r r t ii ii to 1-10 crypt jul pm a Ting. Dix dog Xiv by pct Luzg xxx pig Cid re Al Ray a xxx pc Stan a crypt pulp abused and exasperated Mej r gasps Stop bugging today s crypt quip clue z equals b the crypt pulp is a substitution of in which one letter stands for another if you think that x equal of it will equal o throughout the Puzzle. Single Letten Short words and words ii Slit an spot Troph give you dues to locating Vowel. Solution is by trial an Eisses Bybia i and error. Ine by Jacquelne Bigar your birthday today much happens on Many different fronts this year. Focus on your won. Tour be and efficiency. A lot of what is presented adds to your financial Success but could tax your Energy. Eliminating red tape is a must. Often t because you Are tin or stressed you could overreact. Pull Back and Leam to relax. Aries March 21-april 19 Home is where the heart is. Communications Are tense share what is going on with you. A dream could become a reality. A family member might want More time with you understand his needs. Still Don t cancel an Obliga toy appearance. Tonight invite friends Over. Taurus april 20-May 20 reach out for others and ask for what you want. Emotions Are High and confusion abounds. Another s Loving attitude opens a door. Let your Loving nature come Fortis. Nothing is unresolvable. Make a Long distance Call. Tonight mine at a favorite res Durant. Gemini May i june 20 be More aware of your financial situation. Consider limits carefully even if a partner encourages you to go overboard. Understanding your boundaries is critical to your Well being. Caring is deep in an important relationship. Tonight go for snuggles. Cancer Joe 21-Jbly 22 under sum More of where another is coming from. Loving moments Are Likely if you Are open. Touch base Wiki Othen and consider die and Downs of a situation. Your imagination makes a big difference to a partner. Tonight accept a Loving invitation. Leo july 23-aug. 22 much occurs behind a a scenes. Communications wit ii friends and loved ones Are a bit harried. Be Light wit ii Titen plans Are subject to change. You might need time off later in Day to get to Gettier with a loved one. Tonight relax in a fun Way. Virgo aug. 23-Scpl 22 aim High. You can make what you want happen if you can be Clear about your expectations. There it a lot of tension when you balance obligations with desires. Finish errands. Visit an older relative. Join a loved one and friends. There Are some special moment. Tonight enjoy a Friendship. Libra sept 23-oct 22 you gain a different pen Active. As Rodiers scatter and plans change. An outer might respond As if be is under the gun. Catch up on Caus and reach out for Odien. Connect Widi buddies in die afternoon and go along wit ii fim. Spot Iraneous plans. Tonight beam. Scorn oct 23-nov. 21 you might not like die manner in which Nodier handles Money dough Yeu Are somehow bonded to thus person. Wolc with a decision Diat night affect your Home life. Taice eff or a Day trip. Tonight where die music is. Sagisi Hakius no or. 2m>k. 21 you Clewry see the refutes of different View Pitnu and How of Kab Don t teem to Unden tand you. Plans an toned in die air. A Putner Calpet off in a Huir. You act to or Fri peace in your Favorule ways. Be Unden Tandig when Kex neoame experiences he Casianu. Tonight wine and Dine Nodier. Cape Oman . A pm. 19 you have pushed Way beyond your Unitt. What you find Ouinn Eom or it die result d your fatigue you we Maum too much of a Tum too. Take Ewe of you Neif by Iai diag a Nap. Ycu win a Brand new Penon. Tooi Ghl put your Best foot form my Anu Oklus Jan. Mab. Is you Shika your haad. Wond artak Liow eve Wyola not to com told. Be boost about . Dmm m is quite Pomiak own won t hear you. Still you and to Kiev Vitae or. A Meetis Tould be Nysla Hiohio Aad spacial keep a a Cost As Len Semi. Toni it take a Ai Al off Pisces p�bwl9makh 20 you my Audi ii very Hwd. Take care a Ishad a Tanum Tobor by Tate two inc to a worst a rials Maullar. You have Toiv hands flu. The food Newt is Del you in much far and def a a All a quiet time for later. Trail la glorify do i far menial Nimol Pui Pou awl

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