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Estherville Daily News Newspaper Archives Jan 10 1998, Page 4

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Estherville Daily News (Newspaper) - January 10, 1998, Estherville, Iowa 4 Estherville la daily news. Saturday. January 10. 1998 Estherville daily news opinion letter Welcome the daily news welcomes letters to the editor and guest columns on current events and a Small Price for airline safety although air Nurs often have been targets of terrorism abroad americans Jive been fortunate not to have experienced such attacks at Home. The reason for this is fairly straightforward All reasonable Security precautions arc taken at . Airports. The hard lessons of attacks overseas have been absorbed Here. Starting last week All . Airlines added one More layer of Domestic Security computerized Quot Proni ing Quot of airline passengers to screen those travellers who Merit additional scrutiny. The new system will Check such things As criminal history and travel patterns. This screening will help determine whether extra measures should be taken such As baggage searches or Matching baggage to each passenger. Matching baggage for example has been Standard practice on International flights Ever since the bombing of pan am flight 103, which was traced to unmatched baggage. The vast majority of airline passengers no doubt Welcome this extra bit of Protection but that has t stopped the american civil liberties Union and Arab american activists from complaining about supposed infringements upon civil liberties. They contend that people of Middle Eastern origin or who travel frequently to the Middle East will be subjected to inconvenience and supposed discrimination. Unfortunately n Large portion of the terrorist attacks of the last 30 years have Middle East connections. The Middle East also is Home not Only to numerous known terrorist groups but also to gov Emmetts such As Libya Syria and Iran which use terrorism As an instrument of the state. It therefore is to reason that arabs will be subjected to baggage searches and such More often than other groups. But it is Safe to say most of them will rest a bit easier on their travels knowing such precautions Are enforced in contrast to the professional agitators who spend most of their time in Washington. A Little inconvenience and perhaps a Little unintended offence to sensibilities once in a while seems a very Small Price to pay to prevent an Airliner full of innocent travellers from being blown up somewhere Over Nebraska. Air travel lest anyone forget is a privilege not a right. Airlines have a right to take All appropriate precautions to keep their aircraft Crews and passengers Bond is. The Media by Art Buchwald i went to see the latest James Bond movie with Quot my grandson Adam. This is what grandfathers do these Days instead of going fishing or sky diving with their families. I have seen James Bond up against the worst kind of villains including nazis eth Nic groups from the far East and corpulent Kab devils who wanted to nuke the United states. I suspect that i kept going to see the Bond movies because eventually i expected 007 to Triumph Over evil As Well As make out with the woman of his dreams. With the end of the cold War and political correctness triumphing Over Good scripting As i paid my $7.50 i wondered whom Bond would destroy this time. To my horror in Quot tomorrow never Dies Quot 1 discovered that the arc villain is a Media magnate. He is despicable that he willing to kill his own wife and finance a plot to Start a War Between great Britain and China just to have a scoop for his papers. Don t even think Rupert Murdoch. I was ashamed that Bond was up against a madman from my own profession that i buried my face in my hands every time he appeared on the screen. I stared with disbelief As he tried to destroy the Good Guys just he could control All the newsstand sales in China. When we left the theater my grandson 6egan Saask questions. Quot Why would a newspaper publisher want to kill James Bond Quot Quot Adam Don t think that All Media mag / nates spend their time trying to kill people or sink British warships. Most of the publishers i know have Nice Homes in Palm Beach and Are not even armed wih laser guns and automatic Quot won t the movie give the newspaper business a bad name Quot Quot no worse than it has now. My theory is that when they made the picture they wanted an adversary for Bond that the audience would truly Hale. Today Rovt goers Are no longer intimidated by South american dictator or russian generals. Recent surveys revealed that the Public is still scared silly by the Media. So the produce decided to Model the arc villain after a Media Mogul because he knew that the audience would really Root for Bond to destroy him Quot i was afraid that the newspaper Guy would blow up the world Quot Adam admitted. Quot he would hive but it would have been Badford Celadon a i Witt i Fotr Nues . Petunia Ciarle reporting we interrupt our coverage of the world Heartbreak and cruel it to report something that at least for a moment is reason to smile and feel Happ the Queen of Langland has seen fit to bes few upon a Singer one of Britain most esteemed and histor it drenched honors no no. Not Elton John Llinat you already know about John at the end of a year at which he Sang movingly at the funeral services for Princess Diana was knighted by the Queen his Knighthood received quite a bit of Nous coverage. But on the same Day last week that Elton John was elevated to Knighthood. Queen Elizabeth also bestowed upon another Singer an Only slightly commander of the order of the British Empire. The new commander did not receive As much Piibe Lisiy As Lilton John the commander is. F Pella Clark. Really. No satire Here in truly did happen pet Quot Lark is now commander pet Clark could t Sapiien to a nicer Gal and it on it Tilting that her Elevation to commander of the order of the British Empire should be overshadowed by Elton John becoming a Knight. Story of her life or a least of her career when she first Lecanu a Star in lie . It was in the Backwash in the of her fellow British subjects the beatles. In 1964. After the beatles became a in the ., record companies timed to Cash in on the lieu with Eer thing English the Dae Clark l the rolling stones the searchers. Herman hermits and i Etula Clark her first hit in the . The bittersweet touched with longing ultimately optimistic Greene Quot downtown Quot still holds up As one of the loveliest songs to come out of that Era. She followed it up with a string of top 40 records Quot i place Quot Quot my love Quot Quot a sign of the times Quot Quot Don t sleep in the subway Quot the much underrated Quot the cat in the window Quot and became if a Blip on the consciousnesses of american music fans at least a Perky Blip. Perky if memory serves. Pet Clark was the Princess of jerkiness she was As Peri As pert could Ever be. There was no pet Lamania sweeping the land during the years of her biggest records but people genuinely liked her songs. She appeared on All the to shows the male British bands did Quot shindig Quot Quot Hullabaloo Quot quoted Sullivan Quot Hollywood Palace Quot Quot where the action is Quot and if people did t scream with excitement at the sight of her at least they walked around the next Day humming her songs. And now commander of the order of the British Empire. Why Awell it turns out that Young americans who assumed that pet Clark was just another Young English Singer trying to exploit the beatles Success were missing the real Story one with which her countrymen were quite familiar. She was a Star in England when the beatles were babies before Elton John was bom a Shirley Temple of sorts a performer toward whom englishmen and englishwoman Felt great fondness before they Ever heard of Paul Mccartney or Mick Jagger. Petunia Clark bom near London in 1934 some reports say 1932, which makes her either 63 or 65appeared on the world War ii bbl radio program Quot it All yours Quot in 1941. The show broadcast messages to servicemen overseas the sound of the Young Gin voice affected listeners emotionally and by 19.43 she had her own radio show on the bbl Quot pet by 1944 she was popular that she was asked to sing at a National Victory Celebration in Trafalgar Square. She has appeared in More than 30 motion pictures and has recorded More than 1,000 songs. After More than half a Century she still doing it Many of her recording have been in French and she , Loo mostly appearing on local stages in Britain. Elton John when he sat at the piano and Sang Quot Candle in the wind Quot at the services for Diana in september was seen and heard by an incomprehensibly Large worldwide audience Many of whose members were moved to tears. His Knighthood followed accompanied by headlines. And pet Clark she has always brought More smiles than tears and has Seldom warranted headline mention. Still in a world that has quite enough tears it a brightening piece of news that her Queen has honoured her a even though last week Honor was widely overlooked commander Clark your troops Salute you. Jerkily.01998 Tribune Media services. Inc i trough you a Ere onto Theof a beetles redesigned a t0dy 5 Cosomer Winter despair fuels russian alcoholism by Jack Anderson and Jan Moller Saratov Russia on a recent Crisp Winter Day in this Industrial City on the Volga River two angry unsteady old russian men were flailing away at each other with fists and a rubber bludgeon. No one bothered to Stop them even though the blows coming More slowly As the fight dragged on might have done me fatal damage and the men not Stop themselves despite heavy wheezing from age and far too Many packs of cheap cigarettes. Illey were drunk. The wintry scene is not particularly unusual in Russia neither in this heartland area nor in Russia time european cities further West it is the result of Winter of depression and of the exploding National disease of alcoholism. One of the downsides of communism demise is that russians Are literally drinking themselves to death. The strongest evidence of this came at a Moscow demographic conference last september. Experts from Russia Britain and France were alarmed that since 1992 Russia has experienced the sharpest decline in male life expectancy in the world. Whereas a Young Quot american boy today has a 90 percent Chance of living to age 60, Only half of All Young russian men do. The team of experts studied the problem closely and came up with a startling con delusion alcoholism and a Rohol related diseases and crime Are the chief reason for the tragic decime m russian mortality rates the russian propensity Tor drinking their beloved Vodka is Well known and has Long been celebrated by their cultural and political icons. Nationalist presidential candidate Vladimir a Mirinovsky markets his own Brand of Vodka quoth is better to die of Vodka than to die of boredom Quot proclaimed the russian poet Vladimir Mazakovsky. But it is Only recently that a serious problem has reached epidemic proportions. Since former soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev was forced to end his government Campaign against alcoholism in 1988, per capita consumption has increase cd 600 percent. There Are several reasons for this one is a huge increase in Black Market alcohol often Home made from poisonous substances such As Industrial Ethyl solvent. Citizens Here who cannot afford state marketed Vodka take their chances buying bottles of Vodka from dozens of kiosks where the National Brand labels Are often customs have always contributed to excessive consumption at one Sitti Ilg. Once a Bottie of Vodka is opened it must be finished. A shot of Vodka must be drunk in one gulp. Drinking a half bottle of Vodka in 30 minutes is considered Quot moderate Quot drinking Here. In 1993, the average russian Man drank die equivalent of a bottle of Vodka every two Days what is new now is the a Wunt and constancy of Quot Binge drinking Quot Over the weekends. Researchers have confirmed there Are More alcohol induced heart attacks Here on saturdays sundays and mondays As a result of nonstop weekend binges than occurred years is always a serious contributing Factor. Russians assume that since alcohol Mies one feel warmer whereas in reality the body becomes colder and the Winters Are oppressive Here this season is the Best one for drinking. Quot the children come out in the summer and the drunks come out in Winter Quot one resident wryly observed to our correspondent Dylan Van Atta who routinely with friends walked drunks Home on freezing Winter evenings. But the service is not enough one recent morning at the Bottom of an apartment building Steps he came across the body of a russian inebriated in his mid-30s who died before making it Back Home. Finally a contributing Factor to the increase in drinking has been the huge letdown from the Promise that perestroika and Freedom once offered. Under communism everyone in Saratov had a Job usually in one of the huge defense Industrial plants that manual tured everything from chemical weapons to air planes. Many of those factories Are closed. Efforts to convert them to civilian manufacture has met with some dismal results. Saratov produced televisions and video recorders have own of poorer Quality and a met expensive than the japanese models that fill even some of the poorest apartments in this City. As a result. Siu a has an official unemployment rate of 25 percent. In reality it is much higher. Many Quot employed Quot russians spend All Day in the factories Evien though there is nothing for them to do and they Haven t been paid in months. Quot during communism everyone had Money from their jobs but there was nothing to buy Quot our con Sponden observed. Quot now. Russians have plenty to no one has any ei$97 United feature Syndicate in capitalists descend on Korea by Patrick j. Buchanan for those of you who spent the holidays sweating whether Citibank and Chase Manhattan were going to take a Bath in the asian crisis relax. These boys Are going to do just Fine. The vulture capitalists will be feeding on Korea carcass a Long Long time the crucial Date was Christmas eve when Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin somersault a and approved $10 billion in emergency Aid. Purpose give Seoul fast Cash to enable its Banks to pay off howling creditors i.e., japanese european and . Banks. Step two came dec. 27, when . Banks announced they would Roll Over their Loans to korean Banks. Sounds magnanimous until you read the Fine print. The Loans Are to be rolled Over in return for korean government guarantees of the new Loans and interest rates up to 6 percentage Points higher than the old rates. This used to be called loan sharking. Unsurprisingly . Bank stocks quickly sparked a year end rally on the Dow. By Way of analogy assume you were fired and could not meet the payments on a $100,000 mortgage. When you went to the Bank to beg for an Extension your banker said of we will extend your mortgage from 10 to 30 years but your 6 percent interest rate is going up to 10 percent and there will be a fat fee for the Roll Over. Would you consider that banker a buddy or a bloodsucker this is but the beginning. Led by p. Morgan . Banks Are Angling to have South Korea Issue $20 billion in Bonds and to give these Bonds to . Bankers in a Swap for South korean Bank debt. Idea Exchange Rotten debt for a food debt backed by a government backed by the if which is backed by . Taxpayers. Who might underwrite the new Bond Issue one report suggests that Goldman Sachs has the inside track. And there More to come. Seoul is using bailout Money to buy Korea first and Seoul Bank to wipe their books clean of bad Loans and to sell the pair. Leading prospective buyers according to Korea Media they Are Citibank and Chase Manhattan. As Korea Pungi Iii it osiris Andy and Stodt prices kill its Ooola Omyr 45 companies a Day go belly up. But to some that is not bad news. Quot korean companies Are looking Ripe to foreign buyers Selling spree Quot expected Quot ran the dec. 27 headline in the new York times. Transnational corporations Are poised to swoop in and snap up Korea properties As in a game of monopoly. Says sen. Robert Toricelli Quot the country is about to see a fire Sale of some of its major and when the . Corporations buy up these companies at bankruptcy Sale prices they will find that Korea currency collapse Means that the Dollar wages of korean workers Are now Only half what they were in july. In t the global Economy wonderful but even this is not the end. The Only Way koreans Are going to get the dollars to pay Back this Everest of debt is through exports to the United states. When th9se exports hit american shores they will take Down . Factor Iii and Force layoffs of . Workers. The richest most Mobile of . Companies however need not worry. Thanks to Gatt they can shut Down their . Plants and move production to Asia where workers now earn half the Dollar wages of six months ago. Let us list then the probable winners and losers. . Banks whose foolish Loans will be. Made Good by the if bailout and whose rolled Over Loans will yield an even higher rate of interest with More solid guarantees. . Banks May even be Able to gobble up much of Korea banking sector at close out prices.. Transnationals which can now like Birds of prey pick off Korea most priceless assets one by one. The loser South Korea. The nation has been humiliated its Pride broken. Seoul is now in debt bondage to the if the United states and Japan and much of what its hardworking people built up Over two generations will be sow off to scavengers at workers who have seen savings wiped out and pay Cut in half in dollars. They face a deep recession and years of if imposed aus pity As ish Merit for mistakes they never made.. Taxpayers who will be put at risk for scores of billions of dollars in bailout Money . Companies that will be. Hammered by imports and . Factory Wod cers who will lose High paying jobs. Desk the repeated Bunden. The investor class always seems to win despite blameless behaviour the working class always seem to lose out. But this is not the end of the Story. If americans in Tough tones were enraged to see Rich japanese snap up Rockefeller Center proud but newly impoverished South korean workers Are unlikely to a Eleroe the Yankee capitalism profiting from their misery. Get read for an a backlash against the if and us. E it pm a Batons Synod the. Inc

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