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Escanaba Daily Press (Newspaper) - September 5, 2015, Escanaba, MichiganOpinion4a the daily press Escanaba saturday sept. 5, 2015 Dan Mcdonald publisher Jason Raiche news editor Brian Rowell editor daily press Market magic Washngton people have Long lists of things they think the Market cant possibly do from building subways to fighting wars. Sometimes the Market does them any Way. War for example. Even conservatives who often Praise markets assume that Only government can fight terrorists. Tell that to Matthew Vandyke. Vandyke and his group sons of Liberty International spent the past months in Iraq training the Nineveh Plains Protection unit several thousand christians willing to risk their lives fighting against is Isis brutal forces there. I dont know if sons of Liberty Are As competent or More competent than the . Military but they re not using taxpayer dollars or getting the . Involved in a wider War. My to show on Market magic this week looks at other things markets do that were always told Only government can do like run courts. People frustrated by Legal bureaucracy and tired of waiting endlessly for government courts to make decisions now have alternatives. They can go to Pri vate arbitration companies and have their Day in court without Ever entering a government court room. An Aba sur vey of lawyers found 78 percent said arbitration was More efficient than govern ment. But maybe the for profit arbitrator is not fair or your opponent bribes the judge say Market sceptics. That can Hap pen. But if an arbitration firm gets a reputation for making Flaky decisions or taking bribes customers just dont use it. It goes out of business. Thatus How the free Market works. By contrast badly run govern ment courts like other govern ment agencies never go away. When they fail they just claim to be underfunded and demand More Money. Congress usually gives it to them. Our air and most of our water Are of course Public property. Its Good that we have an Epa though we could use a less oppressive one to protect such resources. But that also leads people to think we need More government Force to handle problems like californians drought. Economist Zachary Donohew Points out that californians water shortage Isnit just caused by drought though. Its caused by government refusing to allow the Price of water to be set by Market forces. Water shortages Are Man made says Donohew. We dont Send the right signal to indicate How valuable it is and we dont make it easy to move water from one use to the other. In most of America taxpayers pay for reservoirs and Aque ducts but water sent to con Sumers Farmers etc., is practically free. So people waste it. But if the Price were allowed to Rise to reflect its Scarcity every one would economize. You might decide you need to Cook but not Wash your car. Important activities like agriculture would continue but Farmers might grow grapes instead of oranges because oranges need so much water. Decisions like that happen naturally when markets set prices. A Price is More than Money its information. It tells people what is valuable. Then people adjust. When we forget that we panic needlessly. Even the Wall Street journal which generally understands markets recently reported on a looming Short age of airline pilots. But if there really is a shortage of pilots Pilot salaries will Rise. More people will train to become pilots and any shortage will be Brief. The Market steers people and resources to where they re most valued. That happens even faster if government does not interfere with markets by offer ing its own poorly run versions of the services people want. My fellow new York City subway riders believe govern ment had to dig the subway Tun Nels and run the trains because theress no profit in mass transit it loses Money but in fact most of new Yorkus subways were built by private businesses. They Only turned them Over to government because politicians forced them to. A mayor claimed a proposed fare increase to 5 cents was too much. Now a subway ride costs $2.75. I used the phrase Market magic but the Market is actually better than magic because theress nothing mysterious about it its All logical. The mystery is Why we keep letting government get in the Way. John Stossel is Host of Stos Sel on Fox news and author of no they cant Why govern ment fails but individuals succeed. For other creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists visit . John Stossel tragedy in Roanoke Washington the horrible murder of two local journalists in Roanoke Virginia has affected me More than i thought it would. Journalists Are taught Early on to compartmentalize. As a local to reporter i saw bodies from plane crashes and victims of mass murder. I Cov ered natural disasters and witnessed the aftermath of cruelty to children and other inhuman ties. The murders of 24-year-old Alison Parker and her 27-year old cameraman Adam Ward by a deranged and disgruntled Man whose shoulder Chip was As big As a Boulder took me Back to my Early Days in the business. At Ali songs age i was working As an army private with armed forces radio in new York. Most of us had civilian jobs on the Side to supplement our Mea ger military pay. Mine was As an Engineer at Wor to in the Empire state building. Most journalists Start out at Small stations or Small newspapers learning the Craft and Honing skills. The salaries Are puny but love for the profession and the p r o s p e c t s f o r advancement and higher pay keep most plugging away in Hopes of a career breakthrough. At Adams age i was working for an abc affiliate in Houston covering the space program the medical Center and general assignments. My cameraman and i were sometimes exposed to the elements and potential danger but we never expected to be shot dead while working not even during a prison riot. President Obama and Virginia governor Terry Mcauliffe were Quick to exploit the Inci Dent predictably calling for More gun Laws. Understand ably parkers father echoed their statements. In fact had an armed Security guard been pres ent at the shopping Complex where the shooting occurred there is a Good Chance the shooter might have been stopped before he got close to his targets. Laws do not Stop lawbreakers but Good Guys with guns can Stop bad Guys with guns. News networks and some local stations now have Security never considered during my Early years in to and radio beginning in the lobby. There Are coded passes for employees elevator cameras and Bullet and bomb resistant doors that can Seal off management and the offices of network stars at the push of a panic Button. Some of the Best known Media personalities even travel with armed Security. I never met Parker and Ward but i can identify with their ambitions. Each appeared to have Bright futures in journal ism. Both were in committed relationships. Investigators want to know How Vester Flana Gan acquired his gun. They will also want to learn Why his men tal problems unprofessional behaviour and displays of anger that led to his dismissal from More than one to station and put fear into his colleagues police were called to escort him from the Roanoke station after he refused to leave and began cursing his Boss and threatening revenge did not show up during a required background Check. These Are legitimate questions. Perhaps this incident will cause some to reconsider the Universal denunciation of the Media. Most reporters have families and Many work for lower pay than they might receive in other professions. Everyone working in local news no doubt has been affected by this incident. While notes and gifts of condolences Are being received at wdbj7 in Roanoke to viewers in other markets might want to Send their local station notes of appreciation for the Job they Are doing in bring ing needed information to the Public. That would be one Good Way to Honor Alison and Adam. Readers May email Cal t h o m a s a t . Cal Thomas letters Welcome the daily press welcomes letters of opinion from readers. Letters submitted must include the senders name address and Telephone num ber As Well As signature. Only writ Erst names and Community will be printed. Names cannot be withheld and letters should be kept to 500 words or less. Letters should be written on topics of general interest. Letters of a per Sonal nature such As thank you notes Are not published in the editorial Section. The daily press reserves the right to edit letters. Mail letters to letters to the Edi tor the daily press 600 Ludington st., Escanaba i 49829. Allow one week for publication. Letters to the editor May also be sent by going to our web site , clicking on submit news and clicking on letters to the Edi tor. By the associated press today is saturday september 5, the 248th Day of 2015. There Are 117 Days left in the year. To Days highlight in history on september 5, 1945, japanese american Iva Toguri Deaquino suspected of being wartime broadcaster Tokyo Rose was arrested in Yokohama. Deaquino was later convicted of treason and served six years in prison she was pardoned in 1977 by president Gerald r. Ford on this Date in 1774, the first Continental Congress Assem bled in Philadelphia. In 1793, the reign of terror began during the French revolution As the National convention instituted harsh measures to repress counter revolutionary activities. In 1836, Sam Houston was elected president of the Republic of Texas. In 1914, the first Battle of the Marne resulting in a French British Victory Over Germany began during world War i. In 1939, four Days after War had broken out in Europe president Franklin d. Roosevelt issued a proclamation declaring . Neutrality in the conflict. In 1957, the novel on the Road by Jack Kerouac was first published by Viking press. In 1961, president John f. Kennedy signed legislation making aircraft hijackings a Federal crime. In 1972, the palestinian group Black septem ber attacked the israeli olympic delegation at the Munich games 11 israelis five guerrillas and a police officer were killed in the resulting siege. In 1975, president Gerald r. Ford escaped an attempt on his life by Lynette squeaky Fromme a disciple of Charles Manson in Sacra mento California. In 1984, the space shuttle discovery ended its inaugural flight As it landed at Edwards air Force base in California. In 1995, France ended its three year moratorium on nuclear tests setting off an underground blast on a South Pacific atoll. In 1997, breaking the Royal reticence Over the death of Princess Diana bri taints Queen Eliza Beth ii delivered a televised address in which she called her former daughter in Law a remarkable person. Mother Teresa died in Calcutta India at age 87 conductor sir Georg Solti Jorj Sholz tee died in France at age 84. Ten years ago president George w. Bush nominated John Roberts to succeed the late William Rehnquist As chief Justice of the United states. President Bush and Louisiana gov. Kath Leen Blanco during a Gulf coast tour consoled Hurricane katrina victims and thanked Relief workers. An indonesian jetliner crashed killing 149 people including 49 on the ground 17 Pas sengers survived. Jerry Rice ended an nil career that included three super bowls and records for most career receptions receiving Yards and receiving touchdowns. Five years ago a los Angeles police officer shot and killed Manuel Jam Inez a guatemalan immigrant in a Case that sparked angry protests. A civilian oversight panel later said the officer was justified in using deadly Force against Jam Inez who witnesses said was drunk and threatening passersby with a knife Jefferson Thomas one of nine Black students to integrate a Little Rock High school in americans first major Battle Over school segregation died in Columbus Ohio at age 67. One year ago the . And 10 of its key allies meeting in Wales agreed that the islamic state group was a significant threat to nato coun tries and that they would take on the militants by squeezing their financial resources and going after them with military might. Ukraine Russia and Kremlin backed separatists signed a cease fire after five months of bloodshed. Former lbs news and can correspondent Bruce Morton 83, died in Washington. Almanac what would William Mckinley who served As president from 1897 until he was assassinated in 1901, think of a chief executive who refused to obey the Law of the land modern Day americans can Only speculate about that. But they have first hand knowledge of presi Dent Barack of amass predilection for insisting the Law is what he says it is not what Congress has written in the statute books. Obama did it again this week declaring that henceforth the highest Point in North America will be known As mount Denali. For decades the official name had been mount Mckinley. Regardless of How you feel about How the Peak is referred to and there Are Good arguments in favor of Denali the Bottom line is that a Law enacted in 1917 and never changed gave it the late presidents name. That May be the Law of the land but Little details such As that never stopped Obama before. In fact he has been arrogant about it declaring no one could prevent him from using a stroke of his pen to create in effect his own Laws. He did it so Many times with Obama care that it is difficult to keep track of the changes he ordered in the Law his administration wrote. But now by order of the president another Law has been trashed. One wonders what other statutes Obama will overrule during his remain ing months in office. Refusing to obey the Law

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