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Escanaba Daily Press (Newspaper) - May 25, 2015, Escanaba, MichiganOpinion4a the daily press Escanaba monday May 25, 2015 Dan Mcdonald publisher Jason Raiche news editor Brian Rowell editor daily press remember our veterans today even taking into account the Many challenges facing our nation we americans enjoy liberties Security peace and Prosperity that is the envy of most other people in the world. Those who guarantee All that to us the men and women of our armed forces willingly sacrifice liberties Security peace and Prosperity for them selves. Sometimes they give their very lives for us. Today we Honor those who made that ultimate sacrifice. As americans have done for generations we As a nation pause on memorial Day to reflect on the gift Given Over and Over again to us for More than two centuries by those who died while in service to our country. It is a gift willingness to Lay Down ones life for fellow americans beyond repaying. Merely in statistics the number is enormous one count of americans in uniform killed during armed conflicts totals 1,319,943. The number could be much higher and it does not include the Many who have died in so called peace time. No War officially involves the men and women of the army Navy air Force marines and coast guard this memorial Day. Yet while we enjoy peace and Security Many of those who serve Are in danger in Covert missions humanitarian work and training exercises. Just within the past few weeks six marines were killed when their helicopter slammed into a Mountain in Nepal. They were taking Aid to Vic Tims of the massive earthquake in that country. Two More marines perished when their aircraft plunged to Earth and exploded during a training exercise in Hawaii. Men and women who enlist in our All Volunteer military give up most of the blessings they ensure for us. Their Freedom is restricted severely. A separate often stricter code of Law governs them. Their Security lasts Only As Long As their country does not need them for dangerous work. Many could earn far More in private sector jobs. And for them there never really is peace of the kind we take for granted. Throughout our area this memorial Day week end there have been and will be solemn Cere monies paying tribute to our honoured dead. Nearly All will have been organized by veterans who understand service Honor and sacrifice far better than civilians. It is appropriate in a Way that our honoured dead Are saluted by their former comrades in arms. It is not appropriate for us to take those who served and do so today living or dead for granted. We owe them virtually every Blessing from which we americans Benefit. So today whether you attend a memorial Day ceremony or not pause for a moment to reflect on that. If you can thank a Veteran. And thank god for them. May god bless them and keep them. Memorial Day a time for reflection action Washington on a cold Day in 1945, Elizabeth l. Kin Nunen of Munising Learned that her son Eiso was killed in the Battle of bulge during world War ii. Seven years later during the korean War her Sec Ond son Oscar was also killed in action. The Kinnunen family like so Many others answered the Call when our nation needed them most. Tragically one Mother in Northern Michigan had to suffer the loss of two of her sons in the line of duty. This memorial Day As i join with veterans and others from Northern Michigan at the Rose Hill cemetery service in Beech Wood we will be keeping families like the Kin n u n e n s i n o u r thoughts and prayers. So Many have sacrificed to keep our coun try Safe and free. We must never forget that everything we enjoy today is made possible through their bravery. Just last month Over 100 world War ii and korean veterans from the upper Peninsula travelled to Washington . To visit the monuments that have been erected in their Honor. From meeting with these Veter ans i Learned that Many had friends who were unable to join them that Day because they never made it Home. Our memo rials in Washington serve As a perpetual tribute those who were killed but our commitment to the fallen cannot Stop with monuments and kind words we must follow through with actions. One of the most important things we can do to Honor those who have Given their lives for their country is to ensure that their Brothers and Sisters who did return Home receive the care and benefits they have earned. Thatus Why this year i helped to put together three veterans assistance fairs in cities across Northern Michigan. There Are so Many programs available to those who have served and these fairs have helped pair local veterans with experts who can get them the help they need. Every one of our service Mem bers who returns Home from War is a Blessing and we must ensure that they have Access to health care employment and support. This thursday it will be my privilege to join with the citizens of Munising in dedicating the Munising Post office to Eliza Beth Kinnunen. This memorial cannot bring Back the sons of mrs. Kinnunen but it helps recognize the sacrifice Many families have made to keep our coun try Safe. On memorial Day and every Day we must never forget those who gave their lives in defense of our nation. Through their courage we Are provided an Opportunity and an obligation to give Back to All those who risked everything for our free Dom. Congressman Dan Benishek represents Michigan nos 1st District which includes Delta Schoolcraft and Menominee counties in the . House of representatives rep. Dan Benishek Kaines quest for War legitimacy Washington the revolutionary War and civil War ended in Virginia which was involved by the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon in the beginning of to Days War with Radical islam. Now a Virginia senator is determined that to Days War shall not continue indefinitely without the legitimacy conferred by congressional involvement congruent with the constitutions text and history. Tim Kaine former Richmond mayor former governor and former National chairman of the democratic party represents the distressingly Small minority of legislators interested in Craft ing an authorization for use of military Force Auma. This is easier vowed than accomplished. Kaines interest in Congress role in the making of War Quick ened in october 2002, when president George w. Bush on the eve of midterm elections sought an Auma regarding Iraq even though the invasion was not imminent. The univer sity of virginians Miller Center released the report of the National War Powers commis Sion Wacco chaired by former secretaries of state James Baker and Warren Christopher. It recommended a new codification of the Alloca tion of War Powers Between the president and Congress. On sept. 7, president Obama said he was going on the Offen Sive against the islamic state. In August he had gone beyond Protection of threatened consular staff at Erbil an Emer gency presidential responsibility requiring no congressional authorization. When however he unilaterally undertook also in Augusti l i tary action to protect a dam about 80 Miles from Erbil Congress with the lassitude of an uninvolved Spectator did not express itself. Instead it recessed unusually Early seven weeks before the 2014 elections. Such dereliction of duty Kaine says is As unacceptable As pretending that the Auma of sept. 18, 2001, suffices to Reg ulate presidential War making discretion in the current context. Lacking both temporal and Geo graphic limits it authorized Force against those nations organizations or persons who planned authorized commit ted or aided the 9/11 attacks or harboured such organizations or persons. The islamic state did not exist then and today is a hostile rival to Al Zaeda. Even while the twin towers and Pentagon still soldered Congress rightly rejected language authorizing Force to deter and pre empt any future terrorism or aggression. While now claiming to need no authorization beyond that of 2001, Obama suggests an Auma that would permit Mili tary action against the islamic state and associated forces which would include any group anywhere seeking a Charisma injection by claiming adherence to the islamic state. Because the definitions of to Days enemy and the nature of to Days War Are Blurry perhaps any new Auma must be extremely elastic. Sen. Marco Rubio suggests one authorizing whatever Steps Are necessary to defeat Isis. Period. To at least partially immunize the future from to Days paralysing ambiguities about the executives and Legislatures respective War making responsibilities Kaine and fellow sen. John Mccain propose legislation essentially incorporating the National War Powers commission recommendations As follows unless Congress declares War or otherwise authorizes any significant armed conflict lasting More than a wee kit must within 30 Days of the beginning of such a conflict vote on a joint Resolution of approval. This protects presidential Power by reversing the presumption of the 1973 War Powers Resolution that inaction by Congress suffices to establish congressional disapproval. The Kaine Mccain legislation would however constrain presidents by institutionalizing consultation the joint Resolution would be proposed by a Perma nent joint congressional consultative committee made up of the House speaker and Senate majority Leader the minority leaders of both bodies and the chairs and ranking members of the four most germane commit tees of both armed services foreign relations intelligence and appropriations. Demographic and geographic factors have driven Kaines interest in foreign and military policies. When he was born in 1958, one in 100 virginians was foreign born today one in nine is. From its South with the worlds largest naval base nor Fol to its North with Quantico where Marine corps officers train and the Pentagon and associated military contractors Virginia is he says the most militarily connected state. As of amass War strategy col lapses he should Welcome com Pany during his stumble through the gathering darkness. As always however his arrogance precludes collaboration with Congress. And Congress knowing that governing involves choosing which always involves making some one unhappy is Happy to leave governing to him. When Kaine began running for the Senate he says he was warned that he would join the unhappiness caucus composed of senators who previously had experienced the pleasure of exercising executive Power. He is however finding satisfaction of sorts reminding the National legislature that the fault is not in the stars but in itself that regarding the most solemn Busi Ness it is an underling. George wills email address is . George will almanac by the associated press today is monday May 25, the 145th Day of 2015. There Are 220 Days left in the year. This is the memorial Day Observance. To Days highlight in history on May 25, 1965, Muhammad Ali knocked out Sonny Liston in the first round of their world heavyweight title rematch in Lewiston Maine. Alias Victory generated controversy Over whether head truly connected when he sent Liston crashing to the Canvas with a right to the head or whether it was a phantom punch implying that the fight had been fixed on this Date in 1787, the constitutional convention began at the Pennsylvania state House Independence Hall in Philadelphia after enough delegates had shown up for a quorum. In 1810, Argentina began its revolt against Spanish Rule with the forming of the Primera Junta in Buenos Aires. In 1895, playwright Oscar Wilde was convicted of a morals charge in London he was sentenced to two years in prison. In 1935, babe Ruth hit his last three career Home runs nos. 712, 713 and 714 for the Boston braves in a game against the Pitts Burgh pirates. The pirates won 11-7. In 1942, . Army it. Gen. Joseph stil Well frustrated Over being driven out of Burma by japanese troops during world War ii told reporters in Delhi India i claim we got a hell of a beating. In 1946, trans Jordan now Jordan became a kingdom As it proclaimed its new Monarch Abdullah i. In 1959, the . Supreme court in state athletic commission v. Dorsey struck Down a Louisiana Law prohibiting interracial boxing matches. The Case had been brought by Joseph Dorsey jr., a Black professional Boxer in 1961, president John f. Kennedy told Congress i believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal before this decade is out of Landing a Man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth. In 1968, the Gateway Arch in st. Louis was dedicated by vice president Hubert Humphrey and Interior Secretary Stewart Udall. In 1979, 273 people died when an Ameri can airlines dc-10 crashed just after Takeoff from Chi Cagos Ohare Airport. Your lawmakers state rep. De Mcbroom s-1487 House office building . Box 30014 Lansing i 48909 toll free 855 347-8108 855 dist108 email state sen. Tom Casperson . Box 30036 Lansing i 48909-7536 phone 517 373-7840 gov. Rick Snyder . Box 30013 Lansing i 48909 phone 517 373-3400 phone 517 335-7858 constituent services email

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