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Escanaba Daily Press (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Escanaba, Michigan The Escanaba Baily vol. Xxxii no. 83 i associated press leased wire news service Escay aha Michigan sunday it be 23. 19 to upper Peninsula s leading newspaper 16 pages signs deals denied in Republican party Bahle race is wide open for presidential nomination by Bich Xii i. To neb Philadelphia june 22 a Pic leading contenders for the Republican presidential nomination arrived in this carnival Bent convention City today denying fast flying rumours of impending a a deals a and looking Forward to the party s first wide open contest for the nomination since 1920. Wendell Mellkie the new York utilities Man risen from dark horse ranks Thomas e. Dewey the Young new York District attorney who swept the preference primaries and senator Robert a. Taft of Ohio fresh from the firing Lino in Washington reached town to join senator styles Bridges Frank Gannett and governor Arthur h. James of Pennsylvania contenders who had previously taken their quarters Here. Vandenberg in town one of the prominent contenders. Senator Arthur Vandenberg it of Michigan was not due in town until tomorrow. With the arriving candidates same a Rush of delegates and party Camp followers who jammed hotel lobbies bars and restaurants talking excitedly of this Rumor or that and arguing endlessly about platform planks and candidates. Dewey holding a press conference. Said flatly that there was no truth in reports that his forces were teaming up with those of senator Taft in an Effort to a Stop v no. asked whet. Be would accept a vice presidential nomination he said a i Trust the question is academic. Rebind closed doors at the same time platform subcommittees were it work behind dosed doors including the group at work on the foreign affairs Plank. All the groups had been advised to have their planks ready for presentation to the drafting committee by Early evening. Alf m. Bandon chairman of the foreign affairs sub committee asserted however that that was impossible in his Case. Landon a View repeatedly expressed Bas been that the Plank should not be written hurriedly because of the Uncertain status of events abroad. The Plank is expected to emphasize peace and preparedness urge some degree of assistance to the allies and stress the Republican party As the a a peace party. Seated in a Pullman chair Between North Philadelphia and thirtieth Street stations Winkle Pooh poohed All talk of a a Stop Winkle movement with an Asser Alexandria attack May put Egypt in War against Italy Alexandria Egypt june 22 to a four italian air raids on this Allied naval base were beaten off today by the anti aircraft guns of the British and French fleets. Four of the attacking bombers were shot Down. Coastal batteries joined in a heavy bombardment of the enemy squadrons. Bombs fell in the Harbor but lilt no warship and Over the City a seafront. Four billion is voted for big u. S. Navy billion Dollar tax passed Congress takes recess crosses sprout where wheat grew ill i l Ith it. By the associated press Washington june 22. Up a the raiders a apparently from a $4,000,000,000 warship construction program to make the american Navy the greatest assemblage of sea Power the world has Ever known was voted by the House today after scarcely two hours debate. The Swift action together with final congressional Pili at Egypt might j Proval of a $1,000,000,000 tax Tare War on Italy. Defense Bill and a $1,768,913, Italy a dodecanese islands Aero Tho Mediterranean came in Waves which were driven bark by the cooperative action of both fleets. Italian planes also bombed Jib uti French Somaliland several times today but there were no casualties and no known damage. Malta was bombed the Day before. The attack on Alexandin led to prediction quickly Dot Quot a v. To i w. A a \ amp p it Quot a 4 of i of in a Jeta ? v n v. I Pron. Ii meet. 908 emergency appropriation two persons were killed and 23 1 a including two italians a were i for the army and Navy Shar injured in the raid a British naval cd attention at the Capitol communique said. With reports of Strong oppose these civilian casualties appar-1 entry resulted from the fact that anti aircraft lire and lighter planes forced the raiders to veer eastward along the waterfront. Only last night French official sources predicted that Frances big Mediterranean Fleet and Middle cast armies in Syria would fight on beside the British re girdles of the Home government s derision As to armistice. Today s action bore this out. The British air Arm likewise has been striking offensively. After a Dawn bombardment to Obruk italian Libya heavy smoke poured from a Large warship in the Harbor the British reported. Waiting begun by Vandenberg support at convention expected to grow on each ballot it in a a. / food experts Middle Ages ram like this next Anttn pestilence death an crushed nation bows to Hitler actual armistice awaits negotiations j with Italy Churchill i res Trench to fight at Britain s Side British or i Appeal today i at Britain Stion last nig pal be i tragic picture Are at the front it a War is in the mine Are Cham Europe St Ai it a on casual Dale Over i in at their i in Tut Asso Tatei Prene minister w Inston Churchill Sun to frenchmen Everyll Ide against Vermar i to a German armistice a act Ade a flaming be to fight on despite French capitulate which he said no free my will i rope t Iii continued on Page two weather lower lakes moderate to fresh winds on Erie mostly South and Southeast and variable on Ontario becoming Moderato South and Southeast showers and thunderstorms on Erie and on Western Ontario and probably on Eastern Ontario by afternoon. Upper lakes fresh to locally Strong Southeast and South winds on Huron Southeast to Southwest on Michigan and mostly Southeast to East on Superior showers Aud thunderstorms sunday. Small Craft warning still indicated. Lower Michigan showers and thunderstorms sunday continuing into monday morning warmer sunday cooler monday in Western and South portions. Upper Michigan rain with local thunderstorms slightly Wanner sunday monday tied with showers in East. Philadelphia june 2 2 up a the strategy of u. S. Senator Arthur in Vandenberg in his quest for Hie presidential nomination at tile Republican National convention will he to play a waiting game. That is the consensus of party leaders who believe that Thomas e. Dewey will begin the balloting with an estimated 317 votes enough to put him out in front of the Field. They predict senator Robert a. Taft of Ohio will run second to Dewey on the first ballot with 238 votes while Vandenberg w Ith i by. Governor Arthur in James of Pennsylvania with 7 4 and Wendell l. Willkie of new York with 72 will be closely bunched. On that basis 200 votes will remain to be divided Ahong to other candidates. Frank d. Mckay Michigan new National committeeman one of the most influential figures in the states delegation and reputed a a Bossy of his party s out state Michigan forces has already Given inkling of his belief the growth of Vandenberg support after the initial ballot will be slow but steady. The prediction is freely made Tion within the Senate and naval committee to confirmation of colonel pm rank Knox a nomination to be Secretary of the Navy. The naval Committer voted at a closed session to ask Knox to appear before it for questioning on his views toward ignited states policy and i the War. One member who said he favored approval of the nomination told reporters that a informal poll indicated that if a vote were taken today the nomination would be rejected 11 to 5. Number of ship secret whether or not the committee approves the nomination this member said May depend on i Knox a statement of his attitude j toward possible United states in-1 Terven Tion in Hie european War. The Navy expansion Bill swept i through the House with a chorus of a a ayes on a voice vote. Tile exact number of new ships propos j cd in it is a military secret the j measure cloaking this by providing Only for 385,000 tons of battleships 200,000 tons of aircraft carriers 420.000 tons of cruisers. 250.000 tons of destroyers and 70.000 tons of submarines. There have been unofficial estimates. However that completion of the program together with other naval construction already authorized would give the United i states a Fleet of 618 warships f capable of meeting simultaneous threats in the Atlantic and r Pacific. This Fleet would be comprised s of 26 battleships. 14 air plane c and Independent French government could have accepted. Frankly going Over the Heads of the Bordeaux government Churchill said that the German terms if accepted by All frenchmen would Force the French to work against their allies would use the soil of France As a Means of attacking Britain and would turn the French Navy and Empire Over to Germany. He declared. Britain will a pie a and a British Victor oration and Freedom. Terms not disclosed actually the terms of the grim document we Trench plenipotentiaries signed last night in Depths of comping be Forest were not disclosed. The French government described them Ai that if they bait not been honorable Frau 11 in my Cou a ease i with it a flew in fish the cause is Frances Only Ich wet eyed the gloomy a hard but c would have Side of Franca hour after experts Forest sowing was meagre irs still travel on i rim crop or or late. It will be stomachs. Sold ire world a Supply shins that might hear or Romen Ann will get the food in to misery a Iii 1111 o i it la germans think Britain is Ripe Isles Are Ideal setup for attack says news service opposition develops for Knox nomination Rumania jumps on nazi Wagon King Arni tells nation to revise their whole mental attitude that had it bled for i Diers e to ice a n t Senate balk retain thai Henry Philippe Petain Emier who requested the got a vote of Confidence he French Senate ices ally. Great Britain roof of her determination t on alone and unconquered bouncing heavy Aerial at nyx a great Krupp by the ams Riard pre Washington. June 22 Oai Tion within Umi Mhz Committer to Confirma a i z i Pic Ved to Nal san by i to in to Cert t Wor Facto Breud go by the associated pre Berlin june 22 Engla a Ripe for Well info nazi quarters said tonight. D i a Ted Der vie icy to no the her quest re c in and on storage Al Roth Active part y sending g planes h base at my also h somali scribed As continued on Page two British fliers bomb Germany Krupp Plant at Essen aircraft factory at Bremen hit As this View i Many the Day s co of increased or England from the sea. Nearly Loo of it ver English conf ast night in Anotol Stratton of air Poi go Back. The German or that adequately a not fear sea Powe the news Servi it denied in in in in que of in Belo and it is ii poll cat it ii of d c Deu Tach i land is tack in Quick a for bid the n land is its own germ relent a and Bell my dec an idol that it St rust la com mutinies mass Demon a. They will s emphasized d planes need Dienst aus d that eng subject for at a a a setup for or forays and a Tion i he exp tether o id b used the not the franc la. I Igne loser mar 1 11 r of 50 p de its to idd. C the i Dienst out i t i in state extends jail inquiries sheriffs must live their qualifications to hold office one Alan weeps w nazi h of hit in. Was Hief and i t Ai land i handbook of state finances planned not Fri ends. And i to had old London june Royal air Force s 12 a pts tinted Countley great germ that Dewey 8 total will never mount much higher than on the j bombs Down on to Krupp armament works at it and the big Folke Wulf Aire Plant at Bremen during of f r cent a of shipped sin he War a it said. By first ballot. Many observers say lie will fad1 from the picture completely by the third or fourth ballot. And Vandenberg supporters Are confident they can pick up. Many of the delegates w to desert Dewey. Taft is generally regarded As having lost ground during the convention preliminaries. On the i other hand Dewey and Vandenberg alike gained some strength night s far ranging the air ministry Aerial ran i bounced t of a will Lief use jobs aliens if to for an hour bombers Hamir and other Obj and the net Bel numerous exp and a half Brit in ared away at thee dives in German lands touching 01 visions and fire a spa no a unset-1 by consistently urging that the Republican party adopt a Strong Escanaba 5a at High last j5tand against the entry 6 80 p. M. I hours j United states into War of the the aet me is tem per a til re Alpena Asheville Bismarck Boston. Buffalo Chicago _ Nicin rial i Ltd level and Denver de due Fri a or it j rec Indi Jac ran remit. Uth Nevil in Raj a a High yesterday 57 Marquette 59 is Memphis 91 s3 Miami 90 Milwaukee _ 74 . P. Is Montreal 64 new Orleans 9 4 new York -.72 Oklahoma 91 Omaha 8 4 Phoenix 97 Detroit policemen win pistol honors while nazi attackers were carry ing out their third major raid of preside the week on England. The nazi held Wille Soord base in the Netherlands the Fet Seler aircraft works the Rothenburg Ai drome and air bases at Kassel and North of Hamburg were among objectives of the r. A. F. I along with a number of other proviso barring e in the Hunts to i a in Thim in new r int of Al Atlon bund i would is comp Day. Were Dis urn Brit Ion t Italy g a deft continued on Page two in erected by july i spa w is will h fall on scissors kills Small girl traffic toll military e in a in if in i n t v 63 5 4 59 60 89 64 6u Jackson Midi june 22 of a minut the favored Detroit police depart j Naiss Ai Blent team swept honors today int enemy the first Days Competition of the j Sevi Michigan state pistol tournament j the Falt Harry Reeves blazed his Way group to three championships. Albert Pittsburgh 69 Shapiro to two and Alfred hem port Arthur. 53 Ming to one. Assisted by Maurice 90 Lalonde the police gunners won 92 the team championship. 72 in Tho exper classes Stanley 60 i Carlson and Robert Reyo of the Michigan state police dominated rth Poi Aire ply hit to d Brit i Bluegill festival held a t Hastings for Louis t Lak a it Mir 7 6 i 6 t 2 to Lei Jln amp Nina. So yellow items. Day. Said to h. And Anim Osna Bruc the town violent rec t hits at Breme one a i re i has Suh a a in a j Rhein. Milwaukee swimmer saves Heifer and six baby muskrats Bradley Mich the Rev. Vie to Kun let in w a or ins i june 22 of a for Kier 23. Pastor of Yale was y when an automobile s was Riding collided driven by Murvis Noa Kins. Three other perjured. �?�a1 it Ion trains b and Bremen an f Rhein explosions Moilov the Focke jul l id inc c Adi is a i i ii hotel Al v \ Dien mich., june ices for will former Man inn at Grot Northern. 22 Iger of Abush. Kerf Fri of grand rapids mick., june 22 pm a Auto truck collision at m-21 and Burlingame Road today Cost the life of John Holwerda. 22. The truck Driver Frederick Dougan of Benton Harbor re Jug. I moved Holwerda from the wrecker his burning it Man died Enro or it he prot cd Tat Exun i age Young fit a1 but the to a hot

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