Clipped from CA, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Winnipeg Free Press, December 9, 1983

mm»lt;• »l» i .4 * ■*»,♦/.» J.K \*+§mmmMacLaine and Winger star in Terms of EndearmentWHAT ARE the terms of eti-dearment? In writ* er/direetor James L. Brooks’ excellent human drama they have a costly emotional toll. In his wicked social satire they will make you laugh until you cry.Terms of Endearment is one of those rare films that can encompass most aspects of personal experience without lying to an audience or betraying its characters, Of all the holiday movies, it is the one to see. It’s impossible to Imagine a more richly rewarding or entertaining picture this season.Based on a novel by Larry McMurtry (The Last Picture Show), the story rapidly details the turbulent relationship between a mother and daughter, Aurora Greenway (Shirley MacLaine) is a refined, headstrong Bostonian transplanted to the wilds of Houston after the Second World War. Quickly widowed, she is defiant about her independence and determined her daughter Emma (Debra Winger) will never want.Refuses to attendHowever, Emma has somehow escaped becoming the stern, icy woman Aurora personifies. Her joie cle vivre is unnerving for her mother and when Emma finally walks up the aisle, her mother refuses to attend. You are not special enough to overcome a bad marriage,” Aurora warns. And while Emma is hurt by the comment, she is not surprised.In a perverse sense, one hopes Aurora will experience the same feeling of shock she is quite capable of inflicting. And she does. The shock arrives in the form of Garrett Breedlove (Jack Nicholson), a high-living former astronaut who moves in next door and scandalizes the neighborhood.Brooks uses McMurtry’s story framework to enhance a series of situations and circumstances. It is observation without malice. The characters are human rather than villainous in their failings and all have the capacity to change.Confronted with pitfallsSo, Aurora becomes most important to Emma. As wife and mother, Emma is confronted with the pitfalls of modem life. Her husband, Flap (Jeff Daniels), an English professor, uproots the family to Iowa and leaves Emma the responsibility of tending three children.The sense of social isolation she grew up with plagues Emma's life and the oniy friendly port belongs to her mother. As such, Terms of Endearment is a tragedy. Yet the movie is genuinely funny in a way only the truth can elicit laughs.When Aurora lets down her guard and allows herself the freedom to fall in love with Garrett, it is at turns pathetic, genuine, moving and hilarious.Endearment,season’s bestdirectorial debut with Terms of Endearment, He has an acute understanding of how to fill a screen with feeling. However, more than anything else, the film remains compelling because it gently seduces an audience into an emotional involvement with its characters no matter what road they follow.ITERMS OF ENDEARMENTiDirected by James L. Brooks; screenplay by Brooks, based on the novel by Larry McMurtry; cinematography by Andrzel Sarfkowlak; production design by Polly Platt; edited by Richard Marks; music by Michael Gore; produced by James Brooks. A Paramount pictures release. At the Capitol 1 and 2. Mature, not suitable for children.Emma Greenway Horton Debra WingerAurora Greenway................Shirley MacLaineGarrett Breedlove...................jack Nicholson.Flap Horton ....................DanielsSam Bums ..... John LlthgowVernon Dahlart.........................Danny DeVitoRosie Dunlop............... Betty KingPatsv Clark......................... Lisa Hart CarrollTeddy Horton ................ Huckleberry FoxTommy Horton ......................... froy BishopMelanie Horton ..... Megan MorrisMoviesLeonardKladyAlthough the skills of MacLaine, Winger and Nicholson are hardly in question, one appreciates what a fine actor can do when enacting a witty and emotional script. Winger has never been better and one has to dig back some time to find something as challenging and satisfying in the other performers’ repertory. There is definitely an abundance of Oscar quality work among the superb cast.Brooks, best known for his work in television’s JWary Tyler Moore and Lou Grant shows, makes a sterling