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Englewood Sun Newspaper Archives Dec 5 1999, Page 5

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Englewood Sun (Newspaper) - December 5, 1999, Englewood, Florida Sunday december 5,1999 Sun Herald National news de no front Page 5 in Brief a a Arizona experiments with voting on internet it Phoenix a hoping to a Appeal to Young computer savvy voters and raise interest in their a party s presidential primary a Arizona democrats plan to hold that elections experts say will be the first binding internet balloting for Public office. Choosing candidates from Home with a simple Click of a computer mouse could boost burnout for the March 11 primary though some worry about the potential for fraud. A this will be the first thing to ome along to motivate people to ote since the repeal of the poll a a said state democratic chairman Mark Fleisher. I but Deborah Phillips president of the voting integrity project in Arlington va., has concerns. A anyone who a spent an hour on the internet knows the potential for things to go wrong a said Phillips a frequent internet user. She cited potential problems As hackers people trying to cast someone else a ballot loss of voting privacy and a Lack of Access to computers in some communities that might skew results. Swindlers jail time depends on payback new York a the pain of investors who lost millions of dollars will play a role in How Many years a Syracuse businessman spends behind bars for engineering the biggest Pyramid scheme in . History a judge says. . District judge John s. Martin or. Was supposed to sentence Patrick Bennett on Friday but said he would wait until Jan. 28 so prosecutors could determine whether the Bennett family was benefiting from his crime. A the proof at trial suggests that for years or. Bennett and his family were deriving All of their Money from fraud a the judge said. The judge noted that Bennett a wife still lives on a 100-acre horse farm and still controls a hotel. The family also retains an interest in the Vernon Downs Racetrack near Syracuse. Bennett a lawyer Michael d. Pinnisi said his clients wife and two Young boys were a slipping into debt because the family income was Only $2,000 per month. Outside court Pinnisi said the judge a was Clear that everything the wife has should be surrendered to the court or he stays in jail a lot longer than 15 cruise ships vow not to dump waste near coast Juneau Alaska a a cruise ship Industry group pledged on Friday not to dump untreated sewage or ground up garbage along a stretch of alaskans coastal Waters known As the inside passage. Responding to concerns about the millions of Gallons of waste cruise ships discharge in Alaska the North West cruise ship association promised there would be no dumping along unregulated stretches of the Southeastern Panhandle. The association represents the eight major cruise lines that operate in Alaska. Public awareness of the Wastewater pumped into alaskans Waters grew this year after the Miami based Royal Caribbean cruise line agreed to pay $18 million in criminal fines for polluting coastal Waters including $6.5 million for polluting alaskan Waters. Gateway Stock slides after rumours about ceo san Diego a speculation that Gateway founder Ted Waitt is preparing to step Down from his role us ceo of the personal computer company caused shares to drop slightly Friday. A company spokesman said Waitt had no plans to leave Gateway but he confirm whether Waitt would remain chairman and pass the ceo Baton to Jeffrey Weitzen Gateway president and chief operating officer. Waitt who founded the company known for its cowhide designed boxes is expected to make the move by the end of the year according to Fortune Magazine which cited Anonymous sources. Compiled from Sun Herald wire services a Lander from Page 1 Nasa investigators later determined that engineers failed to convert data into metrics in a critical navigation program causing the satellite to Fly far too close to Mars. Its believed to have burned up in the atmosphere it was to study. The 43-Page report released nov. To did not Stop with the metric mix up however. It faulted navigators for taking Short cuts and not knowing enough about the Lander. It also found that too few people worked on the program and that they were overworked and under trained. Investigators also reported that questions about the orbiters trajectory raised by navigators were not relayed to other groups within the project including the spacecrafts builders at Lockheed Martin astronautics in Colorado. The Polar Lander a Mission also came under unprecedented scrutiny because the same organizations and people who flew the orbiter were behind the latest Mission As Well. A this report was sort of a preview of coming attractions for All things that could go wrong with Polar Lander a said analyst John Pike of the federation of american scientists a week before its arrival. A i would Hope that would Force them to think again whether they re trying to do too much with too officials denied the report was an indictment of the Agency a mantra of building a faster better cheaper spacecraft to explore the solar system. They pointed to successes like 1997�?Ts Pathfinder and global Surveyor missions. Nasa administrator Dan Goldin said Friday the Agency would stick with its approach. A would you rather go Back and spend $2 billion to $3 billion a spacecraft and Send them up every to years and lose one of them a he said. A when we started we said wed push the boundaries and wed lose some but we Haven to lost this one the Lander and orbiter that were to have explored climate history and search for water this year Are part of a red planet Campaign that launches an orbiter and Lander every 26 months when the orbits of Mars and Earth Are properly aligned. The policy in fact was implemented after nasal a $1 billion Mars observer probe vanished near the planet in 1993. Even if both this years missions to the red planet have failed the total loss is Only a fraction of Mars observer. In the Wake of the investigation report More navigators were added to the Lander project and every aspect of the Lander Mission was reviewed. Another concern a the cold Start of thruster rockets during descent a was addressed by turning on Heaters before the Lander a Mission began. The unprecedented scrutiny of the project after the orbiter disaster in fact is one of the reasons Mission controllers remain optimistic about hearing from the Lander. A there would seem to be greater cause for anxiety than they have publicly conveyed thus far although i would not question their observation that there Are several More Days Worth of opportunities to hear from the Lander a Pike said saturday. A they do have a whole sort of sequence of things that would allow them to establish Contact a he said. 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